Disclaimer: I do not own Filler Bunny, Johnny, the unicorns, Candy Mountain, or any of it. I just made up the twisted plotline for this godawful fanfic.

One day our favorite Filler Bunny was walking about in the cardboard hills of Candy Mountain, when all of a sudden two young unicorns approached him.

"Heeeey, what are you dooooing here?" the blue one said in an annoyingly upbeat voice.

"You're not supposed to beeeeeee here!" the other one chimed in.

Filler Bunny happily laughed along and said, "I'm in need of answers. You unicorns are some of the most entertaining, highly rated icons of modern day pop culture. How do you obtain such greatness?"

The two unicorns looked at each other and mumbled some words Filler Bunny couldn't understand.

"Maaaaaaaarketing!" yelled the blue one.

"Yea! Tee-shirts, pins, hats, bookmarks, rulers, accsecories, catchy lines, plot twists, Hot Topic! Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Kaboom! His head exploded and blood and unicorn parts went flying everyyyyyywhere!

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" the red (or is it pink) one shrieked, backing away from the corpse of his friend. Only to have his head explode too.

Filler Bunny stood on the top of Candy Mountain watching the scene below him emotionless.

Suddenly, Charlie came from behind him.

"Is it done?" he asked darkly.

"Yup!" Filler Bunny pulled out a small remote with a smiley face button in the middle.

"Looks like Johnny isn't the only one who can make head 'splody anymore!" he handed Charlie the remote,

"Now please do it to me."

Charlie pressed the button and his head went esplody too.

"Aaaw." Whned Filler Bunny.

a.n: no sequel, had 10 minutes to kill.