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Summary: Whilst working undercover as a prostitute Olivia is caught in an explosion, moments before she is due to be relieved of the duty. She's not seen again, presumed dead. However, years later she turns up at the SVU, convinced she is the person who she was portraying whilst undercover.

Elliot and the team try to help her to remember, try to get their friend back, try to get her away from the life she has made for herself, little do they know the life isn't ready to give her up. Her pimp wants her back as does someone else, someone who is after both her and her pimp and will stop at nothing to get them.

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Elliot was sat in the back on a black unmarked van. He, along with the rest of the SVU and many, many more officers were geared up with weapons and protective clothing, ready to raid a whore house where women and young girls were being forced into prostitution.

The whore house belonged to a Leon Morton. He was a noted pimp and a very wealthy and violent one at that. Never before had the SVU had enough to bring him in or keep him in custody, never had anything to bring him down, evidence was never enough, witnesses had a tendency to vanish into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again, and that's the way it always was.

The team in the van was not alone, dozens more officers waited in other vans, all of them ready, just waiting for the signal. The more they waited the more agitated they all became.

Someone who was not waiting in the vans was Olivia. She had already infiltrated the whore house, undercover as Rachael Cameron, a whore, one of the classier kinds. This was exactly why Leon had made her his and only his. He'd put her second in command over his girls.

She was his and none of the other men or visitors in the whore house was allowed her. Everyone knew it, everyone obeyed it, no one questioned it and that was how Leon swore it would always be.

Back outside the ambush was moving in, slowly. They were ready, and any second now they would get the signal and that would be it. They would pull up right outside the whore house and begin the raid. They just needed the word.


Finally, with hearts pounding, minds racing and guns ready they heard the word, the signal to move in.

Go, go, go…

All parties moved in, pulling the vans up on the lawn outside the house. Elliot was nervous as hell, any minute now he would be arresting Leon, reading him his rights, freeing his sex slaves, getting Olivia back. Freeing her from her undercover gig, that he knew deep down she really didn't want to do, she hated undercover work, ever since Sealview.

As the van he was in the back of pulled to a stop everyone jumped out and all went running towards the whore house, all yelling.

They had barely moved a few feet away from the vans when a huge blast of hot fiery air blew them all back. The sounds were deafening, the air burnt their skin and their throats as they choked and tried to breathe through the thick smoke that bellowed from the house.

Elliot looked up at the house, what was now left of it. Slowly and in some pain he pushed himself up to his feet. Immediately he began running towards the burning house, however, another explosion sent him soaring backwards, crashing to the ground.

After a minute he sat up, looking into the orange and red flames, listening to the crackling of the burning house, the roaring of the angry fire. Suddenly the house collapsed, caving in on everything and everyone who was inside, on Olivia.

That thought suddenly hit him, hard, "Olivia!" he cried into the flames.


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