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Chapter 11

Elliot was leaning against the observation window in interrogation room 2. He was glaring at Carlos who sat smug, seemingly clueless of the situation he was in. Or perhaps he wasn't clueless, just an arrogant prick.

"Aren't you supposed to interview me now and not just glare at me?" Carlos asked, breaking the silence that had gone on for a little over ten minutes, but Elliot just continued to glare at him.

"I've already told you twice that I don't want a lawyer, so what are we waiting for?" Carlos asked. Although the tone of his question had sounded it he was not even slightly annoyed. "If you don't wish to talk then I shall about Rachael, perhaps, or Olivia was it?" Carlos smirked as Elliot began to pace the room, walking closer and closer to him.

"Whichever name she chooses to go by she is still the same woman. She is still the woman who I most enjoy fuck…." Carlos didn't finish his words before Elliot ripped him up out of his seat and pinned him against the wall, cutting off his air supply.

"I don't want to hear about the things you did to her." Elliot spat at him.

"You need too. You need to know how good she was at her job, how much money she made her pimp, the low lives she's been with. Cops, judges, you think they didn't know who she was all along!"

Elliot thought about his words, they made him wonder whether they would have found her sooner if these men, these supposed cops and judges, would have just come forward. But why would they, they had paid for a prostitute and got one and even though they had known who she was and what she really was, they had abused her. Elliot had seen the way other cops had looked at her in the past, but he had never dreamt any of them would violate her so.

"I want their names?"

"I want a deal."

"No chance." Elliot snapped.

"Then you'll never know their names."

Elliot was about to lose it, he was about to knock Carlos's light out when there was a knock on the door and Munch casually stepped inside.

"El, we don't need a thing from this douche bag. His personal guard just spilled all, the idiot didn't even ask for a deal."

"Tell him to give us the names of the people…" Elliot couldn't bring himself to say the words 'Olivia slept with' "The people on Rachael's client list." those words weren't quite as sour in his mouth.

Carlos suddenly lost the smug look from his face. He'd been counting on a deal and it had just gone out of the window.

"Too bad." Elliot said, the smug look now on his face. "Maybe you can make a deal with your fellow inmates when they start using your sorry ass as a play thing." He let go of him and forced himself to walk out of the room before he put Carlos's head through the wall.


Olivia was sat up in her hospital bed. She had her eyes closed but was in no way sleeping. She had too much racing through her mind. She was suddenly remembering everything. Every little thing that had happened in her life as Olivia Benson, up until she had become Rachael. She was then remembering everything about her time being Rachael; being a prostitute, the clients, both good and bad, the sleazy motels and the posh hotels.

The thoughts stopped racing in her head when she heard footsteps approaching. She opened her eyes and saw Elliot now standing at the foot of her bed.

"Hey." she said to him.

"How you feeling?" he asked as he sat on the bed next to her, facing her.

"Sore, all over, but I've had worse." she said with a confident smile.

"Carlos's bodyguard spilled everything. They're both going away for a very, very long time."

Olivia nodded her head, allowing the words to register, before she smiled. "Good. He can't hurt anyone else now."

"Well I'm just sorry we didn't get to him before he hurt you." Elliot said, feeling a little guilty.

"Believe me, I'm just happy you got there when you did. It sickens me to think that once I willingly did 'things' with that man; knowing what he was, what he did to women, young girls."

"You had no choice Liv, that's who you had to be. Who you thought you was. You never have to go back to that."

"But I also can't go back to being Detective Olivia Benson. I can't be a cop anymore Elliot." Olivia said knowingly. Part of her would have liked to continue with the job she was once so passionate about but part of her didn't and she doubted whether IAB would even consider it.

"Your job was your life." Elliot said.

"And because of it, I've missed out on things."

"Like what?" Elliot asked, although he had a feeling he already knew.

"Like relationships, one's that work. Being a mother. If I had never gone working undercover then none of this would have happened and you and I could have been together all this time. God knows where we could have been by now, or what we could have had, a family perhaps."

"Well I don't intend on letting you off the hook now." Elliot said with a smile. "Liv, I wanna be with you still. I wanna be your life now." he told her.

Olivia sat forward, wincing at the pain it caused her. She placed a soft but loving kiss on Elliot's lips. She then sat back so he could see her face, and the smile that was on it. "You've always been my life." she told him.

"If you want to have kids then we can start working on making a whole bunch of them as soon as you're feeling up to it."

"El, I'm no spring chicken."

"Me either, but sometimes, when you want something badly enough, you get it. I wanted you back, every single day that you were missing and I got you back." Elliot said, this time he moved forward so he could kiss her.

He sat back and they both smiled lovingly at each other. Finally Olivia spoke. "Dr's say I can go home later today if there's someone there to take care of me. Guess they think I'm feeling better." Olivia said, flashing a smile that made Elliot's heart skip a beat.

"I would have to agree." he said before he placed his hand, softly, on her face and then kissed her again. This time the kiss lingered, becoming deeper and more passionate until Elliot pulled away.

"Take me home." Olivia said to him.

Elliot leant forward and kissed her again. He was going to take her home and he was going to take care of her forever. She was back in his life and he didn't want to lose her ever again.

The End

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