Title: Elrond & Estel: Manners
Author: Sivan Shemesh
Beta: Aranel
Disclaimer: Not mine, Tolkien is the owner, I just playing for fun.
Rate: K+
Warning: Family, bit of angst, AU.
Summary: Erestor's eyeglasses were stolen. Who did it? And why?

Author Note: 1. Estel in only 6 years old.
2. Written for Back to Middle-Earth Prompts: Day 1 – "Learning to make a Fire" - Margaret Atwood once wrote: "We are learning to make a fire."


Elrond was simply in shock as he watched Erestor blaming everyone and everything for his eyeglasses that were apparently missing, or rather stolen. The healer had no idea what was going on with his advisor, so he collected himself and walked toward him.

"Not here, Erestor, follow me." Elrond told him as he led him toward his room.

"Could you enlighten me about the situation, Lord Erestor?" Elrond asked as calmly as he could.

"My eyeglasses; they are gone!" Erestor replied, still furious and frustrated from his loss.

"Do you have any idea where you last left them?" Elrond asked.

Erestor shook his head as he replied, "I do know where, but they are not there."

Glorfindel bursts in Elrond's room had something in his hands.

"Where did you find it?" Erestor asked him.

"It was rather odd. I found it near a bunch of branches on the ground, as though someone was trying to start a fire." Glorfindel replied, his mind wondering who would do this.

Even as the elf lords fell into thoughtful silence, Estel entered his ada's room, surprised to find all the three lords in it. He was looking for something in particular.

Then he saw it in Erestor's hands.

"Why did you take it?" Estel asked.

Erestor looked at the eyeglasses he held and stared at the boy. Not knowing what he meant, he asked, "Take what, Estel?"

Estel pointed toward the eyeglasses as he said, "This!"

"This is mine, Estel." Erestor explained to him.

Elrond walked toward his son and knelt beside him as he asked, "Estel, have you taken something that it is not yours?"

"I did not!" Estel said to his foster father, and then he added, "The twins took it first and I wanted to try what they did the other night."

Elrond lifted an eyebrow, curious at what happened, "Have you been following your brothers?"

Estel nodded.


"I was curious about what they doing in the night and not sharing with me about." Estel replied sadly, and Elrond noticed how the boy looked at the floor as he spoke.

"And what did they do, Estel?"

"Nothing, as it seems. They threw the eyeglasses aside and after they left I took it, wanting to try it at first light."

"Wanted to try what?" Elrond asked kindly, as he walked toward the boy, curious to find what was so interesting that required eyeglasses.

"I wanted to try to make a fire, so I pointed the eyeglasses against a ray of the sun, and then Glorfy came and ruined the grass." Estel replied, not daring to look at his foster father.

Erestor swallowed, making sense of the knowledge he gathered from the boy, and then he knelt beside him and spoke, "I believe that you are a very clever boy, Estel, and succeeded in what the twins failed to do," Erestor smiled, seeing how Estel lifted his chin and smiled back. Then he continued, "But next time when you plan to try it, let me know so you can borrow my eyeglasses, and I can see how you do it."

Estel nodded at him.

Elrond smiled at his advisor's words, and then he spoke to his son, "Estel, son, I just want you to know that stealing is not the answer, and from now on, you need to ask for permission, if you want to borrow something. I do not want to see any son of mine steal for an experiment. Do you understand?"

"I understand, ada, and I will not do it again."

The End?