"What would you expect with a conscience so small,
Heavy metal and mullets is how we were raised,
Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised,
And we like having fun at other people's expense,
Cutting people down is just a minor offence,
And it's none of your concern,
I'll guess I'll never learn,
I'm sick of being told to wait my turn.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2005.

Troy Bolton's legs were working as hard as it could cope, a victorious smile playing on his lips as he looked back, noticing that the noisy black and white sheriff's car with blue and red lights on top seemed more distant than ever now. His dirty blond hair was constantly falling in his eyes, obliging him to flick it out of his vision several times. He needed all his senses working correctly now.

He was running and he loved the feeling of the wind against his face. Troy could swear his heartbeat was so loud that even in a hundred meters away one could listen to it – a consistent and noisy thump, thump that was probably being used to track him. An obscure laugh escaped his thin parted lips at the same time one of his hands travelled to his ribcage, blocking the pain from his body as he laughed, breathed and ran at the same time. He could feel the adrenaline pulsing through his veins and it was so fucking pleasurable. Troy loved everything about it.

"Run, man" a distant voice warned him and he looked back over his shoulder, watching as the vehicle drove closer and closer to his friend's tired body. The annoying siren was echoing painfully through the dark night, but nor Troy or the policemen seemed to worry about interrupting other people's sleep. They were having fun playing cat and mouse.

"Shit" Troy muttered as one of the men dressed in black jumped out of the car and locked his friend between his chubby body and the wet pavement of the street. Fuck, he whispered quietly to himself, rubbing a calloused hand across his sweaty forehead, forcing his strong legs to its best performance. If he was caught, he'd be in big trouble so he had to run, as fast and as far as he could. It wouldn't take long till he got home.

He shook his head furiously, murmuring a few curses as he tried to work on normalizing his breathing. His legs were getting weaker and he was afraid it would fail him any time now. With every step he took his muscles contracted painfully and a groan of agony got stuck in the back of his throat. It was like his bones were compressing directly against the other, making his body tremble with every impact of his feet to the floor.

Troy looked back again and swallowed. The car was almost glued to his butt now. He could see the victorious smile that was once on his lips in the middle aged face now, as if he was congratulating himself for catching the teenager. He scoffed, like it was something huge to catch anyone when you had a car. If Troy was the one driving, he was sure the guy would be already behind bars. He bit the corner of his mouth, his eyes wandering helplessly through the dark street; he needed a quick solution to get rid of the tall officer that was after him.

He stopped momentarily, one hand flying to his ribcage again, breathlessly. He cussed loud, his large hands rubbing across his face in frustration. Troy was in an endless road and he could hear the sirens getting closer. His body wasn't obeying him anymore and as much as his brain ordered to run, he had no strength any longer. The car stopped brusquely and the loud noisy of the siren finally silenced. He would have to surrender after trying so hard. Troy slowly turned around, his eyes suddenly hypnotized by the ground. His cheeks flushed a tone of pink, partly caused by the running that seemed that would never stop, partly because he was embarrassed. Troy Bolton hated to fail, he wanted adventure, he wanted to laugh about making people look like fool and he wanted more trouble.

More than anything, he wanted to get through it without suffering.

The tall, bald middle aged policeman smiled darkly, his yellow teeth showing between his lips, except for one missing front teeth. Troy felt sick and the bile rose up in the back of his throat. Officer Jones walked towards him; the eight steps he was supposed to take to close the gap seemed to be turning into a thousand. It was like everything was in slow motion now; the minute he took to take to Troy felt like decades. Decades of non voiced agony.

"So boy" Jones said cockily, "Seems like you're busted"

"This is unacceptable, Troy. Your grandmother lives here, it's a small neighborhood, people talk!" Kate Bolton inhaled deeply as she stormed out of the Police Station, glaring back at her 17 year old son that was smiling at her with a playful smile, "Don't smile at me, Troy Richard Bolton. Can't you just behave for 2 weeks? Gosh!"

"Mama, come on. I didn't do anything wrong. I was just jogging" he protested, following her right behind, raising his hands in defeat to try to show his innocence, "I swear"

Kate sighed, turning back to poke her index finger to his chest, "Troy, you are almost 18. I get you and your friends drink now, I'm not stupid or naïve enough to believe you don't do anything when you go to parties, but you still live in my house and I still have rules for you"

"Ma, we're technically not home, so I don't have to live by your rules" he joked calmly, but his mother just narrowed his eyes, showing her impatience. "Alright, I'll promise to behave till we go home. I'll be a new Troy" he offered helplessly.

She closed her eyes, shaking her head slightly. Kate looked up at her son, standing on her tiptoes to brush his sandy hair off his eyes. As much as she tried to be mad at him, Troy was her only child and it was impossible to resist his smile or his piercing blue eyes when it seemed so sincere like they were right now. She knew he was a great actor when he wanted, but she couldn't help but have faith in him. "I won't yell at you for drinking when you're at a party, Troy. I did the same thing when I was your age, but when the cops say it's time to go home, it's time to go home. Do you understand?" she cupped his face with both of her small hands, "and by go home, I mean you'll go directly to your grandmother's house and sleep, not argue with the policeman. Agreed?"

Troy rolled his eyes, nodding his head lazily, "Yea"

"Great or I swear I'll tell your dad next time" she threatened, but a tiny smile appeared on her face, "Let's go, get inside the car"

He opened the door and sat on the passenger seat, silently thanking that his mother went to pick him up instead of his dad. Jack Bolton would nag about him being irresponsible and all that boring shit he knew by heart now. Only the thought of receiving a lecture of the older Bolton made his stomach twist in disgust. His father could be such a pain in the butt sometimes. He didn't understand young people liked adventures - he was probably born 40 years old.

"I seriously thought you were going to be a calm child when I first looked at you," Kate made conversation as soon as she hopped inside the car. Starting the vehicle and pressing the gas pedal down, she continued, "You looked like an angel, Troy. And now" she shook her head, "You act like the devil"

"Ouch mom" he chuckled lightly, "That's mean"

Kate rolled her eyes, laughing under her breath, "And I bet you're proud you're like this, oh God. What did I do wrong, huh? Why couldn't you be like my friend Maggie's son or maybe a dork, a religious kid? It would be a lot easier, Troy. I'm tired of getting you out of trouble"

"A bible freak?" he grimaced, shaking his head. "You know you love me the way I am"

"I do, I had you 9 months inside of me. Thirty six hours of labor, Troy. I'm obliged to love you" she teased in a good mood, "You just don't ask to be loved, you demand it"

Troy laughed loud, patting his mother's knee, "That sounds exactly like me. I'm so glad you know me so well"

Kate turned left and stopped the car in front of the neighborhood's supermarket, "Yeah, I know. I'm so glad you're so helpful to your mother, though. As a punishment my beloved son, you're going to help me shopping for groceries and tomorrow, you're taking your grandmother to the doctor… at 8AM"

He let out a frustrated groan that was silenced by her soft laugh. Shutting the car's door he stormed after his mother. At least being there in Albuquerque had its benefits: everything was tiny and closer, you didn't need to drive miles to get where you wanted to go nor waste the whole afternoon to shop for food like back home in Arizona.

Troy Bolton used to spend two months every summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico until he was 12 years old. By that time, he began considering spending his vacations at home. The river and lakes of his childhood didn't seem quite interesting anymore. He loved videogames, going to soccer camps and just hanging with the guys from school. It was everything his grandmother's house couldn't offer him. She didn't have cable TV and he was not allowed to take his videogames there, mostly because Kate would nag about getting out of the house to breathe the fresh air of the nature. It sucked ass for a kid.

When the Sun Devils offered Jack a job as their coach at ASU, Troy found the perfect opportunity to stay home. It was simple: he loved sports and he didn't have to pretend he liked to go to his dad's work everyday of summer to watch the guys from the team practicing, because he truly loved it. Being the son of the coach made him famous not only in his neighborhood but at school too. All his friends - sports addicted too - would kill themselves to have the opportunity to go with him one day. Troy had a great reputation, he'd get to play basketball and he stayed home. It was the best plan to get rid of Albuquerque and it always worked.

This year though, his grandmother Olive was sick and the whole family went there for support. Troy complained, obviously – he didn't want to go there for a whole month even though he liked Ollie a lot. He tried to find a part job and get busy with some school projects, but by the time he got an interview, Kate had already bought his plane ticket to New Mexico. However, as ironic as it could be, Troy was having a great time there. His grandma's neighbor had a son his age and time was passing by fast, all because of Jason, his old Honda Civic and the parties they attended on the weekends. He couldn't be more thankful to his new friend.

"Troy come on, snap out of the trance and help me out" Kate elbowed her son and motioned for him to follow her.

"What more do you want me to do, woman?" he asked impatiently, flicking his hair out of his eyes.

"Get your dad some coke, please"

The teenager sighed deeply, like pushing a loaded trolley around a supermarket wasn't already hard work. "Can I get some chips?"

"Yeah, whatever" his mother waved him off, concentrating on the list in her hand. Troy turned on his heels, disappearing along the aisles, ignoring the fact his eyes were itching badly because of the lack of sleep. He was proud of himself and no awaken night could take it away from him. He had hooked up with a college chick, 20 years old and really experienced. If he licked his lips, her taste was still there. His back was still marked by her nails and teeth. His dick still had the smell of her pussy and his mind had fresh her loud moans. Troy had made her scream and beg for more and he could bet Susie, Julie, Tara or whatever her name was, never had an orgasm like she had last night. She would remember him for a long time and he liked being a mark, a pleasurable scar in everyone's lives.

Like his mother had said, he didn't ask to be loved. Troy Bolton demanded it.

Finding the coke and the chips, he made his way back to his mother, entertaining himself with a Hoop Magazine, drowning in the world of Bryant, Lebron, T-Mac, Iverson, Wake and Paul Pierce. His eyes blinked as he scanned enthusiastically the graphics, photos and new techniques his favorite sport in the world offered these days. As Troy walked, he was so deep in thought about basketball that he neglected to watch where he was going, suddenly bumping into something, falling over on his back. He quickly collected the bottle of coke from the floor and the chips, looking straight ahead, surprised that the impact made a girl fall down as well.

Awkwardly, Troy studied the young girl as she massaged her leg slowly, her dark hair working as a curtain to cover her face from him. She bit her puffy lip and looked up at him. As their eyes connected, blue and brown, he felt a shiver run down his spine. She smiled at him casually and he noticed she didn't look older than 15. Her long hair was up in a ponytail, letting him have a glimpse of her light brown eyes. As she fell, her pink summer dress moved slightly up and Troy was delightedly stimulated to check her perfect tanned legs and slim, delicate and gorgeous feet through her sandals. He licked his bottom lip, how he loved nice feet. If there was one thing that could immediately turn him on was perfectly sculptured feet and the girl he knocked to the floor had a great pair. To make everything better, her face was lovely shaped – she was definitely cute material.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention at all" Troy said, taking the opportunity to touch her bare knee as he offered a sympathetic smile. He frowned as his hand literally burned and his dick twitched slightly inside his pants with only a quick contact with her skin. What the hell was going on with his body?

"Don't worry" the girl smiled, standing up to dust off the back of her dress. Troy jumped up, smirking stupidly as she gave him back his magazine, "I often read when I'm in line, not walking around"

"Thanks for the advice"

"You're not from here, right?" she asked and he nodded, "I knew it… what you're doing in Albuquerque?"

"Visiting my grandmother" Troy's legs started moving involuntary, following the girl, "I'm here for a few weeks"

The brunette glanced at him over her shoulder, "Enjoying it?"

"It's fine" he shrugged, "I've been to a few parties, so it's cool"

That worked to make the teenager stop and she turned around, placing one of her hands on her cocked hip. Troy looked her upside down and his lower body burned with pleasure. He fucking wanted her for him. "Parties are always good"

"Have you ever been to one?" he asked flirtatious and she rolled her eyes, laughing amusedly, "I'm 17, going to parties is my thing. There's one tonight, if you feel like going" she grinned and looked back to spot a middle aged woman walking towards her, "I gotta go. Don't forget to watch where you're going next time. You never know when you'll run into a wall of bricks"

Troy still had a stupid grin on his face as he watched her run away, swinging her hips seductively in the process. He wetted his bottom lip with his tongue, running a hand through his hair, trying hard to make his brain work when she left. Troy wanted to kick himself for not thinking about asking the party's localization to her, but it was like he was having a stroke, his whole body was still petrified, amazed by the girl he talked for what? probably only five minutes. She seemed to be completely opposite to what Troy would go for, nice and sweet, but he was willing to be a good guy to her, if that meant he'd taste her before he went home.

"Troy, dinner's ready" he groaned as his grandmother's voice invaded his dreams and her soft hand patted his head delicately. He opened his eyes and rubbed his face as the warm smile of Grandma Olive became clear. "Can't I eat later? I'm tired Ollie"

Grandma Olive entertained herself by wriggling her eyebrows and broke into a smile, "Katie doesn't want you to sleep, can't you see it, son?" she laughed sweetly, "I guess it's another punishment"

He sighed, sitting down on the bed, holding his foggy, hungover head in his hands, "Shit, she's trying to kill me Ollie"

"Don't say stupidities, Troy. She's only trying to teach you to be… calmer. I was the one that answered the phone when Officer Jones called and he was very angry at you" she shook her head, sitting down beside him, "Boy, you gotta keep out of trouble. If you father knew it—"

Troy interrupted her, brushing his hair out of his eyes, "He'd kill me, I get that"

"Literally" she added with a smile. "Oh Troy, you remember me so much of your grandfather and it's not only because you have his name and his beautiful eyes. It's because my Troy was exactly like you when I met him. He was trouble"

"Grandpa had a great life. I guess that's not bad being like him"

"It's not son, but this is not Arizona. I live in a small neighborhood - people will talk and treat your old grandmother differently if you keep getting in trouble"

"I'll try to behave, Ollie" he sighed, "Just because you and mom want it so much"

"Thank you"

"Yeah" he whispered under his breath, standing up and offering his hand to her, "Let's eat. I'll sleep later"

"I don't think you will, though"

"Uh" Troy complained lamely, letting Olive lead him downstairs and into the living room. Jack and Kate were already seated and Troy found an empty seat along one side of the rectangular table for himself. Ollie sat at the end and so did Jack, and Kate sat across Troy. She gave him a meaningful look when he yawned, and the boy rolled his eyes.

"You woke up early today, Troy" Jack commented, passing him a plate of chicken. "What did you do?"

"Uhm…" Troy shrugged, "Just went for a run, you know, keep in shape"

Jack grinned, "That sounds good. You know the Sun Devils could use you next year"

"I already told you I don't know what I wanna do after I graduate high school, dad" he replied annoyed, serving a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

"I thought you liked playing basketball" his father protested, "You are 17, Troy. You can't work twice a week at the music store forever, one day you'll have a wife and children, you gotta think responsible"

"I don't have a wife or a kid yet" he said under his breath, clenching his jaw, "I told you guys that when I find out what I like to do I'll attend university, but not now"

"This is unbelievable. Are you actually hearing what you're saying, Troy?" Jack insisted, "If you never and I quote – 'find out' what you want to do, then you'll never go to school?" he shook his head abruptly, "This is bullshit"

"Jack, please" Grandma Olive asked this time, grabbing Troy's hand for support under the table, "when you get home and he goes back to school, you can discuss the situation calmly, but not now"

Jack scoffed, but nodded at his mother. He looked at Troy again and his eyes narrowed automatically, "One more year, Troy. That's all the time I'm giving you to decide what you want to do"

"Fuck off" Troy mumbled quietly under his breath, but kept his gaze on the food he was eating, actually pretending he was eating, avoiding any more conflicts. His parents, particularly Jack, couldn't understand that he actually didn't want to do anything, nor thought about being good at anything. Okay, basketball was cool, he was a great player but he didn't see himself playing for money. He didn't like computers, numbers or arts; truthfully, the only things he loved were drawing and writing, but yet, he couldn't imagine himself as a journalist. He didn't want to be a journalist.

Troy wanted to be irresponsible for the rest of his life and he knew nothing Jack or Kate told him would make him change his mind. Fortunately, working twice a week at the music store was helping him save money in secret for a while. He already had enough money to buy his plane ticket to Europe where he planned to stay for a whole year doing nothing. As soon as he graduated, he'd give his mother the vacations she needed, at last.

He'd give himself the vacations he needed from Jack.

Grandma Olive smiled at her only grandchild sympathetically and he couldn't help but return her friendly smile. The dinner passed quickly and before 7 'o clock, Jack excused himself and sprawled onto the living room couch to watch a game. Finding the best opportunity to approach his mother, Troy cornered her as soon as she was left alone in the kitchen, "Mom, you're still mad at me?"

Kate looked back over her shoulder and sighed, "No, Troy"

He smirked, jumping on the counter, watching as she did the dishes, "Good, cause I need your help"

She raised a single eyebrow, suspiciously, "that's never good"

"Well, it's no biggie… really"

"Promises, promises"


Kate looked at him, placing her hands on her hips, "Alright, what do you want?"

"Can you give me some money? There's this party I wanna go and–"

She interrupted him, "No, no, no and no. No parties for you tonight, mister"

"Come on mom, please"

"Troy you didn't even sleep!"

"I'm on vacations… well, on school license but whatever, I still have no school and it's Saturday, so no point of sleeping early"

"Vacations are for people that actually do something, Troy" Kate reminded him, "You're constantly on vacation!"

"I go to school home!" he protested, "Please mom" he jumped from the counter, touching his hands together to beg, "I met this girl and she's so cute. I need to see her again, please. Please"


"She could be the love of my life!" Troy exaggerated, "The mother of your grandchildren and you know you'd love to have a grandkid someday"

Kate sighed annoyed, throwing her hands in the air, "30 dollars, that's all I'm gonna give you. And you're getting home before 4AM, agreed?"

"Oh, yeah!" Troy punched the air in victory, wrapping his arms around his mother and giving her a quick hug that raised her off the floor, "You're the best Kate Bolton. I love you so much"

"Yeah, yeah" she teased, waving him off jokingly, "Get out of here before I change my mind"

"I'm gone, uh, I'm so gone" he sang loud, disappearing through the door, leaving his mother with a smile on her face. Kate chuckled lightly, "I deserve it, I so deserve it"

SEPTEMBER 25, 2005.

Troy rang the neighbor's doorbell, humming a song while he waited for someone to answer the door. A guy, almost as tall as Troy, flushed cheeks and black hair connected fists with him and smiled, "'Sup, Bolton"

"Hey Cross" he greeted, stepping aside to let his temporarily neighbor walk into the porch. They walked to his old blue Honda Civic, Jason telling Troy about the lunatic lecture her mother gave him for getting caught by the cops.

"It was hilarious, man" he grinned lazily, gesticulating, "She was freaking out because of it"

"I know the feeling, my mom was like talking nonstop, so boring" Troy shook his head amused, "So where's the party we're going?"

Jason started the car and drove of their street, "Ah, there's this chick and she's throwing a party to one of her friends. They're cute and the music and food will be good"

"Speaking 'bout that" Troy rubbed the back of his neck, shifting in his seat to look at his new friend, "Do you know a brunette girl, brown eyes, cute smile… nice long legs? She was at the supermarket today"

"Ha, of course" Jason laughed sarcastically, "Girls with brown eyes and hair, cute smile are really rare around here" he rolled his eyes, "Please, B man"

Troy sighed, "Yeah, that sounds impossible…"

"So, how many chicks tonight? 3, 4?" he pulled over in front of a big yellow house and as they stepped out of the car, the loud music filled their ears. Teenagers danced on the front yard, some of them already so high they were lying down on the grass, laughing like idiots. The house's front door was spread, letting the two boys have a glimpse of the crowd inside.

"Shit man, my ex's here" Jason groaned, shutting his eyes, "And I wanted to fuck G so bad tonight"

"Who's G?"

"She's lives here. Man she's getting so hot"

"I'll fuck her then" Troy laughed, "Just show me who she is"

"Right" Jason punched his arm playfully, "I gotta talk to Mel for a sec, I'll see you later man"

"Ow Cross!" he yelled as Jason began walking away, "How hot is that G girl?"

"Really hot" Jason smirked, "Look for her inside. She's a brunette, brown eyes, cute smile" he laughed teasingly, "Good fuck"

Troy rolled his eyes, "Good luck with the ex"

Jason groaned again and he chuckled, walking to the full house, getting lost in the middle of the people that danced their souls off. Troy felt his arm being pulled as he stepped inside of the house and stopped walking, looking back at a dark skinned girl that wore a classy outfit.

"Hey, do I know you? I don't remember inviting you to my friend's party"

He slowly turned his body completely around, getting ready to explain he was a friend of Jason and when his eyes met the gorgeous dark shiny hair he saw earlier at the market. The girl was standing in the middle of the front yard, chatting animated with a short girl that used glasses. She had an open yellow mini dress that matched her olive skin perfectly and Troy had to hold his breath; for a nice girl she was showing too much body and he loved it.

"Excuse me" he said charmingly, pushing his arm free and storming after the beautiful girl with nice feet. Troy grinned big as he approached her and she returned the smile as soon as their eyes connected. The girl pushed her dark hair back so it fell around her shoulders and midway down her back. She licked her lower lip and placed a hand on her crocked hip like before. God, she was sexy.

"Look who it is"

"We meet again" Troy whispered huskily.

She nodded and giggled, "Welcome to my house"

"You're the G girl Jason told me about?"

"Hmm…" she played with a lock of her hair, "People call me G a lot, so yeah, I guess that would be me"

I'm so fucking lucky, Troy smirked, stepping closer to her, getting frustrated as the chick in stylish glasses pulled the girl he wanted so much to taste far from him. She looked annoyed as her friend whispered something on her ear and then rolled her eyes.

"I gotta go" she stood on her tiptoes to whisper near his ear as he shook his head, telling her he couldn't comprehend what she was saying. The fucking music was too loud and her voice was too perfect. For the first time in his life, Troy was hating being at a party. He craved to be someplace else with her, a calmer place that he could have her whole attention for himself. "I'll see you later, okay?"

He growled lowly, locking one arm around her waist to bring her closer. He was fascinated, amazed and completely addicted already to the way his body reacted every time he touched her. Troy wanted the feeling to last forever if possible.

"Don't go" he whispered pleading, "you like running away from me?"

"You're in my house now," the girl gently unwrapped his arm from her body and smiled softly, "I'm sure you'll find me again"

"I don't wanna waste my time,
Become another casualty of society,
I'll never fall in line,
Become another victim of your conformity,
And back down.

A/N: So yeah, my new story. Hopefully you guys will like it, because I've been working pretty hard on it. As you can imagine, the chapters that are dated 2005, are flashbacks. And uhm... I don't know... tell me your thoughts about it and if you liked the first chapter and stuff haha anyways, yeah, the G girl is Gabriella, duh. Take care and uh, thanks for reading Mrs. Someone, too haha sorry for the not so happy ending!!! :P

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