Determination (the first reason)

theme – arms/hands/fingers

If there's one thing Zelos has learned about Lloyd, it's that he's determined when he wants to be... and that when he gets like that, there's nothing that can stop him.

Oh, sure, he's reluctant enough when they're going over mathematical concepts together. And Zelos has never seen anyone more uninvolved than the young swordsman when Raine tries fruitlessly to educate him about whatever ruin is nearest.

But when the sun is peeking over the mountains in the east and the two of them wake up for some early morning sparring, Zelos thinks nothing can compare to the vitality Lloyd displays as his body flows through the different moves he's struggled to learn in such a short period of time.

And as Zelos takes the teenager's arms and moves his hands to a better grip on the hilts of his swords, he thinks to himself that if anyone can save Colette from her current predicament, who better than this young man with fire in his eyes and determination rooted in his soul?

It's not until later that Zelos, thinking back, realizes that those training sessions together were when he first started admiring Lloyd.