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Name: Cameron Doom
Age: 22

Cameron and Johnny have a non-exclusive relationship. They've known each other since they were little, and three years ago, Cameron realized that she was the only child of none other than Victor Von Doom. Her mother died, and left her a letter explaining everything. Johnny and Cameron had just started their "relationship", and now Cameron's living with her biological father, and figuring out her feelings for Johnny.

Name: Johnny Storm
Age: 23

Johnny is the poster boy for everything naughty. He and Cameron have been friends forever, and after he found out she was related to Victor, he was more on board with the friends-with-benfits-open-relationship idea. Becoming the Human Torch ended up helping him in the girl department, but in the end, he thinks he may just want one, but is Cameron fed up with him enough not to take him back?

Name: Tara Morgan
Age: 22

Tara is head over heels for Johnny, especially after he becomes the Human Torch. She and Cameron used to be best friends, but with Johnny's fickle nature, and Tara's persuasiveness, can Cameron and Johnny survive together in the end?

Name: Victor Von Doom
Age: 40

Victor found out he was a father a long time ago when he knocked up Cameron's mother when he was 18 and she was 17, but only three years ago did he have to step up to his responsibility. Now he has strange new powers given to him by the cloud in space, and he has to care for his daughter on top of it all.

Name: Reed Richards
Age: 28

Reed is a little scatter-brained. He wants to figure out how to turn them all back, especially Ben. After the cloud incident in space, Reed has been even more closed-minded, but at the same time, now he has time to reconnect with Sue.

Name: Susan Storm
Age: 27

Susan is still in love with Reed, but Reed's oblivious. After the accident, she became the Invisible Woman, and now she and Reed are reconnecting.

Name: Ben Grimm
Age: 28

Ben became The Thing after the accident in space, and now he has to cope with his new form. Things seem to be really bad for Ben, but he's still the go-to-guy.


Cameron Doom was unlike most kids who'd found out that their father had billions. She was actually not looking forward to it. Especially when he took her to work everyday, and didn't let her do much of anything. How fun is that? On the bright side, she worked with Sue--well under Sue--and at least she knew her since Cameron and Johnny had an on and off thing going on.

Cameron's mother, Gail, had died three years ago in a car accident, and Cameron had survived it. She had found out the name of her biological father that morning, and was so not happy that Victor Von Doom had knocked her mother up 22 years ago and then taken off, only to fund her secretly through it all. Now she had to live with him, and work with him. And today--today Reed, an old rival of her father's, was coming to pitch an idea. In fact, Cameron and Sue walked into the room just as Reed had said something about it all just being business.

"He's right, Ben--it is just business." Sue said, and Cameron popped her gum.

"Hey, Dad." She told him.

Victor took a breath, annoyed that she was doing it yet again, even after all of the talks they'd had about proper procedure in meetings.

"I think you both know my director of genetic research, Susan Storm. And my daughter...Cameron Doom." Victor introduced, and while Susan greeted Ben warmly and then turned on the cold exterior to Reed, Victor started being his happily, rude self, and told Reed he'd get 25 percent, leaving Victor with the other 75 percent. Reed shook on it, and then left.

"Dad, that was kind of mean." Cameron told him.

Victor shot her a look. "How many times do I have to tell you that popping your gum loudly is unprofessional?"

Sue left the room as a Leonard walked in, and looked at Victor. Cameron wasn't quite ready to leave yet, so she plopped in a chair and popped her gum loudly in spite of her father.

"If Reed's right, this little trip could double our stock offerings." Victor told Leonard, ignoring Cameron's blatant cry for attention.

"And if he's not?" Leonard asked.

"Reed's always right. Good thing he doesn't always know what he's got." Victor explained, and then looked at Cameron, who shot him a smile. "Cameron--go follow them. Show them around."

"God, have a cow." She told her father.

Cameron sighed and went after them, not taking the elevator. She knew that Sue was prolly telling Ben that Johnny was going to pilot the mission. Liking the idea of seeing Johnny, she went out onto the ledge of one of the buildings, and listened to Reed and Ben talk about Johnny, who was currently riding his motorcycle and kissing a cute girl in a car all at once. Though Cameron didn't like that, she did like her man on his motorcycle.

"I can't do it. I cannot do it." Ben said, turning around after looking at Johnny through the binoculars.

"External S.R.B.'s, orbital system engines. It's just like the shuttle he flew--" Reed began.

"No!" Ben interrupted. "I cannot take orders from the underwear model."

Reed sighed. "Oh, come on, now."

"That wing nut washed out of NASA for sneaking two Victoria Secret wannabees into a simulator." Ben said, and Cameron laughed to herself.

"Youthful high spirits." Reed replied.

"They crashed it into a wall. A flight simulator." Ben added.

Reed sighed again. "When have I ever asked you to do something you absolutely thought you could not do?"

"Five times." Ben replied without hesitation, even holding up his fingers.

"I had it at four." Reed said as Ben walked away towards the stairs.

"Well this makes five!" Ben told him.

Cameron smiled a little to herself, and then went down the stairs to go and find Johnny and get ready. She got her special suit on first, and then once she'd found Johnny, she smiled.

"Hey there, Hot Shot." She said, and he smirked.

"That suit looks very hot on you." Johnny replied. "I bet it looks hotter off."

Cameron shrugged. "Maybe. You'd have to find out, now wouldn't you?"

"Would you let me?" Johnny asked, stepping next to her, his hands on her hips.

Cameron bit her lip. "I always do, but right now isn't a good time for me. I'd have to fit you into my schedule."

Johnny smiled, his blue suit on, and unzipped her suit a little.

"I have five minutes, right now." Johnny whispered.

Cameron kissed him swiftly. "I don't."

She pulled away, leaving the suit unzipped a bit, and then she smiled when Johnny grabbed the digital camera.

"Where's Ben?" Johnny asked.

Cameron shrugged. "Prolly getting ready wherever Reed is."

Johnny nodded and so Cameron followed him, and watched a bit--she was good at that.

"Captain on the bridge!" Johnny said.

Ben came to a tension, and Johnny snapped the picture, walking towards him, Cameron following.

"Digital camera--$254. Memory Stick--$59. The look on your hard-ass former C.O.'s face when he finds out he's your junior officer...priceless." Johnny told him.

Ben walked over to him and grabbed his collar, Cameron grabbing the camera so it wouldn't get hurt, and snapping a few pictures of herself making various 'come hither' faces as Ben zipped up Johnny's suit the rest of the way.

Johnny chuckled. "Thank you. That's so sweet."

"I can handle this ship." Ben said. "I can even handle Mr. Blond Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying to doing Swan Lake in these suits." Ben held up the suit. "I mean who the Hell came up with these?"

"Victor did." Sue replied, coming out of nowhere.

Cameron nodded. "The synthetics act as a second skin, adapting to your body's individual needs."

"See, now that means it keeps the hot stuff hot and it keeps the cool things cool." Johnny said, and Ben rolled his eyes.

Reed walked over to Sue while Cameron took a rather risque picture of herself, her suit open enough that when flipping through the pictures later, Johnny would be very happy--every boy wants to see his girlfriend's bra.

"Wow. Fantastic." Reed said.

Now everyone knew about Reed and Sue's past. Sue thought Reed might have been talking about her, but he immediately grabbed the suit.

"Material made from self-regulating, unstable molecules. I've been working on a formula for this." Reed explained.

Johnny and Cameron exchanged glances while Sue and Ben exchanged looks too, and then Sue brushed it off.

"Great minds think alike." Sue said.

She handed Ben his suit, and Ben thanked her sweetly, and then she threw the suit at Reed and walked away. Cameron laughed, and then tossed Johnny the camera.

"Have fun with those pictures, Hot Shot." Cameron said, and Johnny flipped through a few.

"Daddy like." He smirked.

Cameron winked and then followed Sue to put the other suit over the blue ones, and then they all gathered together to follow Victor onto the ship.

"E.T.A. until cosmic event--nine hours." Victor announced as they walked.

"If you're good, maybe next time Daddy'll let you drive." Johnny mocked Ben.

"You keep talkin', and there won't be a next time." Ben replied, and Cameron smiled and followed them.

Sue and Reed hung behind for a moment before Sue continued on and entered another room.

"We can monitor the cloud's approach and observe the tests from here." Sue explained.

"Is it safe?" Ben asked.

"The shields on the station should protect us." Reed replied.

Ben looked at him. "Should?"

"What's the matter, Ben? Getting Paranoid in your old age?" Victor asked.

"My Dad's an ass." Cameron whispered to Johnny.

Johnny smirked. "And you have a nice one."

Cameron laughed. "You don't stop, do you?"

"Not until I get what I want." Johnny told her.

"Well you can't get what you want here." Cameron said, getting up and following Reed and Ben as Sue went off with Victor.

"You are a tease." Johnny told her, Reed splitting off from them.

Cameron shrugged, and then watched as Johnny helped Ben into the suit and let him go to reel stuff in before she spoke up.

"If my Dad proposes to your sister, and she says 'yes'--you're going to be my Step Uncle. You realize that, right?" Cameron asked.

Johnny chuckled. "It's kind of dirty, right?"

Cameron rolled her eyes, but she smiled. "I'm going to go and check on Sue."

Johnny nodded, and on her way, Reed ran past her, and so she hurried after him.

"The cloud is accelerating." Reed said.

"What? I thought we had like seven more hours." Cameron told him.

After checking the machines, it was obvious that they had only moments left, and so they had to reel Ben in. While Reed ran off to do that, Victor tried to close the shields, and so Sue and Cameron went off to try and help Ben. The storm hit, Ben the hardest of all. It gave them all side effects that would change their lives forever…