It was a beautiful day in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It had been nearly two months since their visitors, the Xiaolin Warriors, had returned home. Since then their genin friends had been training hard to become stronger. They also had been following some of their friends' advice such as using their hobbies to increase their strength and taking time out to act their age. Most surprising was their thirst to increase the knowledge of the world around them.

At the moment all of the teams plus the Konohamaru Corps were heading to the Hokage's office. They were all very excited and wondering if there was an update on the Cross Dimensional Jutsu. The chance to see their friends again was riding high in their minds.

"So Sakura, you think Baa-chan has made any progress with that jutsu? I really want to see Raimundo again and show him how much stronger I've gotten," Naruto exclaimed, excitedly.

"Naruto, stop calling the Hokage Baa-chan? Its really disrespectful," Sakura informed him, as she gently tapped him on his head. Lately she had been leveling off on the whole hitting thing. Hanging out with her boyfriend Lee had taught her better ways to manage her temper.

"It would be very presumptuous to believe the new jutsu is complete. Considering the time it takes to invent one and the infinite combination of hand signs, it could be some time before we see the Xiaolin World," Shino stated.

"Well I hope it is complete. I really want to see what their world is like! Those memories they played for us weren't enough. A world without ninja's and special powers sounds like a lot of fun," Kiba added.

"Well we won't know anything until we get to the Hokage's Tower so we better hurry," Tenten laughed. She took off running and the rest chased after her. It felt good to just act a little impish and have fun.

When they reached the office Tsunade was behind her desk filling out the last few documents with a flourish. Apparently, she had managed to keep Dojo's system in place and was no longer overwhelmed by paperwork. Shizune stood nearby with Tonton. "Ah your all here, that's good. I have some news for you that might interest you."

"What is it Hokage-sama? Do you have a mission for us to complete?" Lee asked.

"Yes, a very important mission. After much trial and error and hard work I'm proud to announce the completion of the Cross Dimensional Jutsu. We were able send and retrieve a ANBU operative safely last night."

"Have you taken into consideration the time and special difference?" Shikamaru questioned. It wouldn't do any good to go to the Xiaolin World and end up trapped in rock bed in the prehistoric past.

"We've done the calculations so there shouldn't be any problems. You'll be going on a mission there for two reasons. One is to reestablish connections with our allies. Two, I want you to learn how to act as civilians when the mission calls for undercover work."

"How long will we be gone and how to do we return?" Neji asked.

"I can only spare you for three days, but that is the equivalent of two weeks in their world. Shizune will go with you seeing as she has to cast the jutsu. Once the effects of the jutsu wears off you will return here. So do you accept?"

"You bet we do Baa-chan! Oh this is going to be so much fun! When do we leave?!"

"Return here in an hour with all the supplies you'll need for your little trip. Try to limit your ninja supplies. We don't want to accidentally start a war in the Xiaolin World," Tsunade said. With a nod of her head she dismissed them.

An hour later the young ninja were all assembled and ready to go. They packed enough ninja supplies to last them two weeks as well as their civilian clothes. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement at the prospect of seeing their friends again.

"Good you're all on time. I think I should go over the ground rules for this mission. You're forbidden to reveal your origins to anyone. On the same note I don't want you to have any contact with anything based off our reality. Although we are in control of our own lives I don't want you to be unnecessarily influenced by an outside source. Likewise you're forbidden from using any of your ninja arts unless you're in dire danger. Remember to obey any and rules of society they might have. Lastly, try to have fun."

"Yosh we will Hokage-sama. We'll show the Xiaolin World the honor and dignity that the ninja of Konoha possesses!"

"Well if you're ready to go then I see no reason to hesitate any longer. Shizune, if you please."

"Yes my Lady. Is there any message you would like me to give Master Fung?"

"Just, tell him how I'm doing and I hope he's okay."

"Very well my Lady. We shall see you in three days," Shizune said. She was flashing through a dozen different handsigns. As soon as she finished a swirling green portal appeared in the office. With perfect decorum the young ninja and Shizune stepped through the portal, which closed behind them.

"Good luck and have fun."

At the Xiaolin Temple Master Fung was sitting on the porch drinking tea with Dojo. In the courtyard Chakra was teaching her son, Omi, a new series of moves known as the Dragon Dance. So far Omi's size was making it very difficult to perform the sequence.

"No, drop to your knees and extend your arms down in arch, then stand up and stretch your arms to their full extent! If you don't do the sequence in the right order then your entire defense falls apart."

"Right Mom! I'll do the sequence again," Omi said. He went into the first kata stance and was about to begin again when they felt the air pressure changed. Frowning, everyone turned to the storage shed where Jack's Dimensional Gateway was housed. The doors blew open and the gateway lit up as a green portal appeared in it. A few seconds later their friends from the ninja world exited the portal and stepped into the courtyard.

"Wow what a rush. I think I left my stomach back in Kohana," Choji muttered. He staggered a bit before Ino rushed to his side and helped him stand up properly. "Thanks Ino."

"No problem Ino-chan. I'm feeling much better."

"Welcome friends! I didn't expect to see you again so soon! It's obvious that you must have been working extremely hard to see me again. After all I'm the greatest ow Mom!"

"Omi, be silent and treat our guests with the respect they deserve. Hello everyone, its good to see you again. We didn't think you would complete your jutsu so quickly."

"We didn't either. However, we used what we knew about teleportation jutsu combined with time delay ones and stumbled upon a combination that worked. It took a little longer to work out the entire mechanics, but the results pleased Lady Tsunade enough to warrant a trip to your world to check in on you. She sends her best wishes and greetings to you."

"We accept them most humbly. It is good to see you again Shizune."

"Like wise Anthony."

"So this is the Xiaolin Temple. It looks pretty impressive," Udon commented.

"Thank you young man. The place is quite old. Why don't we give you a tour of the place? We can answer any questions you have along the way."

The Leaf Ninjas followed Master Fung as he gave them the tour. They heard quite a bit of history as he showed them the main buildings, the Vault, and even the bedrooms for the Dragons. Still one question was on the ninja's brains. Moegi was the one who asked it.

"Excuse me Fung-sama. I was wondering where everyone else is? The Temple seems very quiet and we haven't seen any of the other Dragons. Where are they?"

"Usually the Temple is more active young Moegi-san, but at the moment things are pretty quiet. Unlike your village, our Temple remains untouched by the modern Chinese government out of respect and honor. So we are not subjugated like your Daimyo does to your village. We are free to pursue our interest with little hindrance from the government. At the moment the Monk Council is at our sister temple working with Guan and Chase to figure out the Gateway to other worlds in hope of learning about our new enemy. The rest of the Dragons and their teachers have returned to the collage campus for the next few months to continue their education. That was the deal struck when the young Dragons saved the world. It may have been two months for you, but it has been nearly three and half here," Master Fung explained.

" were hoping to see them again. Much has changed and we have new skills we wish to show our friends. We'll only be here for two weeks."

"Hey, just because your only here for two weeks and the Dragons aren't here doesn't mean you can't go visit them. You're here on a mission right?"

"We are to reestablish connections with our allies as well as learn how to act like civilians while undercover. You can help us accomplish this?" Neji questioned.

"All it will take is a couple of phone calls, a quick make over, and cashing in a few favors to get some identification. Trust us, by the end of the day you'll each be learning all about different cultures and how to act like civilians. Omi, take the boys and get them some proper clothing. Dojo, Master Fung, make the calls and get us some transportation. Ladies, come with me where going to make you over."

Over the course of the next two hours the ninja were subjected to the greatest makeover in the history of the world. It took a lot of negotiation to convince them to part with their weapons and headbands, but in the end they gave them up. Each of them took a long hot shower, were fitted with new clothes and accessories and handed new ID cards. It was very lucky the Dragons kept their spare clothing at the Temple when they had to go to campus for a few months.

Shizune was waiting with Master Fung and Dojo on the porch for the kids to come back. Master Fung had contacted the Dragons and made arraignments with them to house the ninja for two weeks. He had also prepared transport for them with the Silver Manta Ray, but there were a few things that needed to be taken care of first.

"So Sakura and I will remain here with you and Chakra, while the rest of the genin head off all over the world. I'm not that comfortable with letting them go without me to watch them. This is a strange world and I'm responsible for them."

"I can assure you the Dragons and their families will keep an eye on them. If you have any concerns you can call them at any time with our phones. There is nothing to worry about Shizune-chan. I promise you your ninja will return here safely and ready to go home with new and stronger beliefs."

"I just hope that no one recognizes them. Besides that, I hope people don't ask to many questions about their looks. Some of them are very peculiar," Dojo added.

"You don't have to worry about that Dojo. We've taken care of that. Omi, bring the boys out. Ladies come here please. Shizune, Master Fung, Dojo, I present to you the undercover civilian ninjas," Chakra said, as she stepped back to reveal the girls and boys.

Everyone stopped and stared astonished by their new looks. Gone was the fierce appearance of ninjas replaced kids looking their age. The bandages had been removed, the girls had the hair in new styles and wore light make up. The boys also had some hair changes and accessories added. The biggest differences were their clothing.

Sakura hair had been piled on her hair and she had on light pink eye shadow. Her dress had been replaced by short-sleeved V-cut red Chinese shirt with a black slacks. Both her shirt and slacks had painted bronze dragons on them.

The Konohamaru Corps had swapped their t-shirts and shorts for modern Tokyo street fashion. All three had metallic colored streaks in their hair and clip on earrings. Konohamaru and Udon wore denim jackets over plain white shirts and ripped jeans. Moegi wore a long black poncho shirt with tight fitting jeans and boots.

Choji had replaced his headband with a ten-gallon hat, a sparkling cowboy vest and long sleeved shirt with some faded denim jeans and boots. He had his lasso tied to his belt.

Naruto had his whisker marks covered up by foundation and was out of his orange jumpsuit. He now wore a loose fitting orange shirt and white pants with sneakers. He actually looked quite handsome.

Tenten had tied her hair back in a braid and was wearing some lipstick. She had on a pink t-shirt with the words "Pop Princess" on it and some shorts with hitops. Her accessories include some earrings, a bangle bracelet and a mood ring.

Lee was one of the more dramatic makeovers. It taken all of Omi's power of persuasions and a few threats to get Lee out of his spandex outfit. He now wore a sweatshirt with the words NYC on it, sweatpants and sneakers. He also wore a baseball cap with the picture of the Statue of Liberty on it. He looked slightly uncomfortable in them. No more so then the rest of the group.

Shino was out of his long coat and was wearing a baggy green sweatshirt with an orange stripe and baggy blue jeans with white sneakers. He had swapped out his tiny sunglasses for larger square ones and had an expensive watch on his wrist.

Neji looked very handsome in his silk designer shirt, pants and shoes. His hair had been cut a few inches and he wore expensive watches and rings. They had covered his Cage Bird Seal with a bandana. He looked very prestigious.

Hinata was very nervous wearing her bejeweled lavender sweater and khaki pants. She wore faux fur snow boots and had applied some light blush and eye shadow. Around her neck she wore a golden Viking rune necklace.

Both Kiba and Akamura had cleaned up nice. Akamura was well groomed and had a nice fancy red collar with tags on it. Kiba was wearing colorful loose fitting pants, Indian hand beaded shirt, and he now had pierced his ears. He was allowed to keep his ninja sandals because they were close enough to regular foot ware. He was not happy about the fact he had to leash Akamura, but he would do it to fit in.

Ino was not very happy with her outfit. She had to tie her hair back into a bun and had done a lightweight white and black dress that reached her knees. She had applied kohl to her eyes and was wearing semi precious gems and gold hoops.

Shikamaru was dressed in khaki shorts, a light blue shirt with purple vest and sneakers. His hair was pulled back until it fell over his shoulders his studs had been changed out to Aboriginal earrings. All in all the kids no longer resembled ninja's.

"Well I'm pleasantly surprised. You certainly look the part of civilians," Shizune commented, happily.

"Do we have to go without our weapons? I feel naked without my swords," Tenten whined.

"I'm sorry dear, but if you went around carrying weapons the local governments would have to lock you up for the safety of the general public. I'm sure you can keep your weapons with you if you store them away."

"So now that we look the part can we go already? I just can't wait to start exploring this world."

"Drop your cows already! First you must be given proper identification. Then we have to use our Wu on you."

"You're going to use a Wu on us? Why?" Shikamaru questioned.

"Because the minute you guys leave this place no one is going to understand you. Dragons have the gift of tongues meaning we can speak and read any language we encountered. That's how we can communicate in Japanese with you. Unfortunately most of you are going to countries that don't speak your language so we have to help you with that," Dojo explained to the group.

"We have a solution. With your permission I would like to use our Babel Stone alongside with the Monarch Weeks to give you the ability speak and read the language of the country your staying in. Would that be acceptable," Master Fung questioned.

"Its logical and sound idea. We are here to observe and learn how to act like civilians. It would be impossible to complete this mission if we can't communicate with the population. You have our permission."

"Very well then. Stand perfectly still. This won't hurt a bit," Master Fung replied bringing up the Monarch Wings and touching them against the Babel Stone. "Monarch Wings!" The wings glowed and powered up the Stone. Next he pointed at the group and shouted, "Babel Stone."

A golden ribbon of light darted from the Stone and wrapped itself around the group. They trembled a bit, but held steady. Soon the ribbon entered their mouth and darted back out. Instantly they felt different as they now had access to everything there was to know about their counterparts' native languages.

"Whoa, what a head rush. My brain still spinning," Kiba commented.

"How long does the knowledge last?" Sakura questioned.

"It should last the two weeks then disappear although the knowledge might be permanent. Either way you have what you need in order to fit in with your counterpart's society. I suggest you check your supplies. The Dragons have been contacted and our waiting for your arrival at their homes. I trust that you'll behave yourselves."

"You don't need to worry about a thing Anthony. Our ninja know how to handle themselves professionally. Also I'm requesting that they keep in touch with my by calling me every night. Is that understood?"

"Yes Ma'me."

"So how are we getting to the other Dragons anyways?" Choji asked.

"You'll be flying in the Silver Manta Ray. Normally Dojo would fly you to your destination, but I think you would prefer having a craft underneath your feet."

"Flying again oh joy."

"Its not that bad. I thought it was fun."

A few minutes later all the ninja save Sakura and Shizune had boarded the Silver Manta Ray. After triple checking everything the craft took off with Chakra piloting the Shen Gong Wu. She would be back by nightfall after she dropped off everyone. Everyone was ready and waiting to start this mission. It was time to see what they could learn about being a civilian had to do with being a good ninja.