April 2004

Their son Victor was now three months old and normally Samantha would have gone back to work. She wanted to go back to work but she still had fears from her childhood which prevented her from going back to work because she wanted to protect her son. Martin understood it and did not pressure her and neither did his father Victor.

She would continue her therapy sessions with Lisa which she had started in June of 2002. What was bothering her the most, was, that the team did not a thing until now and it had been almost two years since she had told Martin and Lisa. She knew that they had a right to know why she was not coming back after three months and what had been going on over the past two years. After she had fed Victor and had put him down she called Victor. "Fitzgerald." "Victor it is Sam." He was surprised. "Sam what can I do for you?" "Could you and Lisa come by our house tonight? I need to talk to you about something." "Sure." "Thank you." After she ended the phone call she started preparing herself for what she would be doing tonight. Martin was at the office so he did not know a thing. Not yet at least.

During the rest of the day she thought about the things that were going to happen in the evening. She knew that Martin would be worried about her but she had the feeling that she had to do it. Unfortunately she could not think more because she heard the front door open and knew that it had to be Martin who was coming home. "Martin?" "It is me honey." He walked into the family-room and found her sitting on the couch. He walked up to her and kissed her lightly. "I got a call from my father this afternoon. What happened?" she looked down at her hands and knew that she had been caught. She wanted to tell him herself about the meeting this evening.

"Martin I wanted to tell you myself." He sat down next to her. "I asked you father and Lisa to come by because I need to talk to them." "What do you need to talk about with them?" She looked at him and saw the concern in his face. "I need to talk to you and to them. I want to tell the team why I am not coming back yet and what happened." "Are you sure?" she shook her head no. "Vivian asked me again why I was not coming back and cannot keep on lying." "Alright." He knew that she had her mind set and that there was nothing he could do about it. He just hoped that it would help her and that it would make matters worse.

The next morning was a still and quiet morning. This would be the morning were the team would get to know what happened. Martin and Samantha would meet Lisa and Victor and Lisa´s office before they would go to the conference table in the main office and would tell them what had happened. "Sam, are you alright?" "Yeah." It was a short answer and Martin somehow knew that it was not really the truth. He just let it be.

At the office they met Lisa and Victor and then walked to the conference table together. The team was already gathered and little Victor was sleeping in his stroller. "I asked you all to come here because we have an announcement to make and we need you undivided attention." Samantha was standing between Martin and Lisa and Victor was standing next to Victor. Then Lisa stepped up and spoke. "This is a very sensitive topic and we all ask you to listen until we are finished and do not start talking before because Samantha would struggle even more." At the table Jack, Danny and Vivian listened.

Victor stepped up to Samantha. "Are you ready Sam?" She nodded. "You know that you can walk out whenever you want to right?" "Thank you Victor. Can you keep an eye on Little Victor?" "Sure." He gave her lower arm a squeeze moved to stand next to Martin who had his arms wrapped around Samantha.

"As you all know I will stay home with Victor longer than three months." They all nodded. "I need this time and so does Victor. I need to make sure that he is safe and protected." Danny was about to stand up but Victor stepped up and put a hand on his shoulder motioning for him to stay seated. "About two years ago I started to relive things that no child should survive. I started therapy with Martin and we kept it confidential with the help of Deputy Director Victor Fitzgerald. In January me, Martin and Lisa went to Kenosha in Wisconsin together to visit my mother and my stepfather. We enlisted the help of the local police and arrested my stepfather Howard." Martin and Lisa noticed that she was starting to get emotional. Lisa took her free hand in hers and gave her emotional support. "He was arrested for rape and molestation of a minor." She saw how the team wanted to react but her father-in-law saved her of that.

He walked until he was standing right in front of Samantha. "You did good Sam. How about you, Martin and Lisa take Victor back to Lisa´s office and I will take care of them?" she nodded and then she, Lisa and Martin took little Victor back to the therapists office which was on the same floor while Victor took care of the rest of the team. The team could see Sam hugging Lisa and hugging and kissing Martin in the hall before they walked to the office.

When Victor turned around he looked into questioning and angry eyes. "Why was I not informed as Unit Chief? asked Jack a little angry. "Jack I would have informed you when it would have been necessary. As it has not been necessary I did not inform you, Agent Johnson or Agent Taylor. Agent Spade came to me and told me she needed to tell you but it was definitely her decision." "How is she really doing? asked Vivian and Danny.

Agent Johnson and Agent Taylor I can assure you that she is doing alright and has the help of the FBI and from Lisa. I thank you for listening to Sam. Now if you excuse me I would like to get back to my family." With that he walked into the hall where Martin, Sam, Baby Victor and Lisa were waiting for him. When they saw him walking towards them they re-entered the main office and walked to an empty desk. Jack, Vivian and Danny saw it. "Thank you Victor." "You are welcome Sam." Sam gave him a hug. "Director Fitzgerald I unfortunately have to get back to my office. Sam and Martin I will see you tomorrow." "Thank you Lisa" said Martin.

After Lisa left Victor turned to the couple. I will see you Friday for dinner. Alright?" "Yes. We will see you Friday Victor. Bonnie and her family will be there, too." "Good." He kissed Sam on the check and gave his son a hug and little Victor a kiss before he left. After Victor Fitzgerald had left they saw the team approaching them and Martin knew that Sam was definitely not prepared for that. He put an arm on Sam´s back and led her to the elevators where the met Director Fitzgerald again.

When they arrived at home Martin saw how trying this day had been for Sam, as she recoiled on the couch. He joined her and pulled her into his chest. Soon the sobs wrecked her body and he held her giving her the time she needed. He knew that it was to be expected and he just hoped that she would be better again, soon.