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Chapter IV: No going back from immortality now.

Tel Fyr. Year 591 Second Era.

"Interesting", Divayth muttered to himself as he watched the last of the Corprus infected Redoran soldiers lift a Golden door weighing over four thousand pounds into place. "Thank you my disabled friend", Divayth said softly as the door was properly secured to its hinges.

He had discovered very soon that the disease destroyed any sense of morals in a person, replacing them with an animalistic instinct to kill, however after experimenting he discovered that forceful use of legilimency could destroy certain neural parts of the brain rendering the…thing completely harmless. Of course it was much more difficult to do so to an intelligent person, but it was progress at least.

"Hmm…infected seems to grow in strength and endurance over time, slowly at first but picking up the aforementioned things in pace with the worsening mutation of the flesh", he mumbled as he wrote down his words at a piece of parchment.

Checking his long list of notes again he found another conclusion. "Victim ages slower if not stopping age completely…very interesting".

Nodding to himself as he tested the door he turned to the infected Corprus beast. "I thank you for your help my friend, you may return to your halls", the monster stared dumbfounded at Divayth a moment before a spark of intelligence appeared in it's eyes and with a strange gurgle it turned around and limped slowly back to its place in the dungeons.

"Well, let's continue shall we"? Divayth asked himself as he walked into his chambers. His goal to cure the Corprus disease had to be a complete cure, meaning that the body had to be restored, but before he could get that far he had to see if could even create a body capable of sustaining life, hence why he was looking at four glass jars filled with amniotic fluids and what appeared to be four infant girls. "Well it's now or never".

With that he took one of the jars and opened it, immediately the dark skinned girl started to scream her lungs out. 'Success'he thought as he cradled the small baby. With barely a thought he summoned a bottle of milk and put it to the girl's mouth, and she silenced immediately as she started to drink the life giving fluid.

What Divayth had done was a complex mix of alchemy, chemistry and raw magic and the small part of his own flesh that had been placed in each jar had rapidly mutated over the course of six months into four beautiful girls.

'I need to hire a nanny' Divayth thought worriedly as the little girl started to scream again. Quickly deciding upon his course of action he freed the three other girls from their jars, and put them in a summoned cradle with a bottle each of milk. Once he was sure that all of them were comfortably wrapped in blankets he teleported to Tel Mora, where after exchanging a sack of gold he acquired the help of a woman to watch over his four girls while he continued his studies.

Time moved on and his four 'Daughters' Alfe, Beyte, Delte and Uupse Fyr grew up into four beautiful and highly independent girls. Alfe had the heart of a warrior and grew surprisingly good with a blade and as such she took over the day to day running of the 'Corpusarium' as he called the dungeon where he kept the poor Corprus victims. Beyte had an impressive skill with cooking and soon demanded to make the food every day, and she was probably the only reason Divayth ate more than one meal every now and then, his studies usually made him lose track of time and as such he only ate when his stomach violently complained about the lack of food before.

Delte after she had matured a bit had given her father an impressive dressing down on the huge mess his tower was in, and made it as her personal goal in life to keep her father's tower clean and tidy, while Uupse who shared his fondness for knowledge quickly grew agitated by the mess his library was, and so she filed every book in alphabetical order according to the various subjects and she even managed his impressive amounts of loose parchment drabbles. All in all they turned his tower into a much more livable and systematic place.

Morrowind. Year 1021. Second Era.

Peace had reigned for a long time when a race of snake men called Akavir launched an invasion from across the eastern ocean. At first the high quality of Dunmer military forces complemented by the leadership of the Tribunal held the massive Akaviri forces at bay, but it quickly became apparent that they could not hold them back and because of this the Tribunal went for a new tactic, one that they once again needed Divayth to help them with.

"For the last bloody time Vivec, I'm too busy to help with your half arsed plans. Not only did you go against my advice by trying to reclaim Sunder, you just had to loose Keening as well when you were up at Red Mountain. Furthermore you fulfilled your contract by bringing me the artefacts I wanted and you said that you would leave me alone after that".

"I know, I tried to talk to the Telvanni Mage Council first but the complexity of this project is beyond their ability so they sent me to you".

Divayth sighed before training his keen emerald eyes at Vivec. "Very well tell me the plan at least".

"Well, we need you to ward of every building in Morrowind to repel an enormous amount of water".

"And pray tell, why would that be needed"?

Vivec squirmed slightly, "Well you see we are planning on raising an enormous tidal wave that will wash the Akavir from our lands", he held his breath awaiting the inevitable explosion.

"That's…that's actually a good idea, Dagon's teeth your right, a tidal wave of such proportions would destroy the invaders with minimal casualties on our side".

Vivec breathed out a sigh of relief, 'disaster averted', "But there comes a price with my aid, 'oh no here it comes' thought Vivec.

"Very well, what is the price"?

"I need Sotha-Sil's enchantment skills for something, I want him to create this, no questions asked", Divayth said as he slid over a large roll of parchment.

"But…but with this you'll become!"

"Practically invincible? I know, but I need it if I am to figure out a cure for the Corprus disease. If it helps I swear on my very soul that I'll destroy it as soon as I have created the cure".

Vivec nodded his thanks. Divayth was a mer of his word and once he had given it he would not renege on it. "As you wish, you'll start right away I hope"?

"But of course Vivec, but just in case I want you to teach every inhabitant in Morrowind a long term water breathing spell".

"Yes I'll do that, and Divayth? Thank you", Vivec said before he walked out of Divayth's office.

Divayth merely nodded at Vivec's retreating figure before he teleported outside and started to cast ward after ward to repel the no doubt humungous amounts of water that would wash over the land.

Warding every house on the island had taken Divayth with the help of Baladas the better part of three months, but the results would be worth it, and sure enough as soon as Vivec had been informed he had given Divayth the ring he had sent to Sotha-Sil to enchant.

The ring was a masterful piece of work, it was a plain copper band, that rendered the wearer completely invulnerable to poison and harmful magic as wells as restoring the wearer's fatigue and wounds.

It was barely a day after he had received the ring when he felt every single ward he had placed go off, one after the other. The massive tidal wave summoned by the Tribunal was washing over the land, its sheer mass crushing the invading Akavir long before they could drown from the water. After relentless battering the wards finally gave way and collapsed, and the houses started filling up with water and every inhabitant in Morrowind cast water breathing spells that allowed them to breathe under water, and after a few hours most of the water receded back to the sea taking the dead Akavir with them.

Divayth was only thankful the he had remembered to ward every single book and piece of parchment in his house since most of those books were very rare if not the only one of their kind, and to gather every single one of them back would have taken precious time, time he did not have to waste.

A few days after the tidal wave had receded Divayth was ready to perform his newest experience. He had managed another step closer to a cure by recreating the disease and he infected himself with it, the ring would protect him while he continued to develop the cure, but seeing as the ring only protected him from adverse magics the disease started its work on improving his strength and endurance. It wasn't much seeing as his body still looked as healthy as ever but after five centuries he definitely noted the improvements. His strength had quadrupled since then and he had used it to his advantage by removing the enchantments on his armour, laying on enchantments of protection instead, and while he now felt the weight of the armour it was trivial, no heavier than it was to carry a full book sack at school all those years ago.

Morrowind. Year 1572 Second Era.

Divayth had been on one of his expeditions up at Red Mountain to gather Corprus infected when he caught sight of the most unusual thing he had ever seen. A mer who had grafted his body onto a round Dwemer device with eight pointed legs, almost like a spider. And Divayth realized why. The body was bloated and filled with pus laden scars, and the flesh had turned an unhealthy grey colour, but he would still recognise that face.

"Yagrum? What in Azuras name are you doing here?"

Yagrum looked warily over at Divayth before he realized who he was talking to. "Divayth? Why Divayth this is a most welcome sight. I've been wandering here for years trying to find my lost brethren".

He sighed as he ran a hand through his balding hair. "I remember a brief flash of light in that massive battle, then we all just disappeared, the only thing I remember after that is blackness, time itself lost meaning and then I awoke back at this accursed mountain".

"Needless to say I was infected by some sort of disease that I could not cure no matter what, so I constructed these legs, chopped off my own and grafted my body to these legs instead. The result was that the disease was held at bay and I retained my sanity".

Divayth stared dumbfounded. For the first time since he had arrived at this island he was actually struck speechless. "Why that's just ingenious. Would you like to come back to my place? I have an entire dungeon filled with infected persons like you…I'm developing a cure you see, and your presence would be most welcome".

Yagrum did not hesitate at all and from that day on he helped Alfe with the day to day running of the corprusarium.

Morrowind. Year 2419 Second Era.

Much had changed over the years, a second invasion from the Akavir had been repelled in Cyrodiil and the human Emperor from the Reman Dynasty had accepted them as a part of the Empire and the Akaviri Elders had been made his closest advisors. With the Akavir so firmly entrenched in their government the Empire forged itself into a grand nation. Their supreme military tactics and equipment conquering one Province after the other, even the dark skinned Yokudans, humans who emigrated from the south was brought under the Empire's rule, and Morrowind was tested several times, and only the supernatural abilities of the Tribunal kept Morrowind independent from the Empire.

Eventually the last Reman Emperor was assassinated leaving behind him no heirs the Akavir took over, beginning the rule of the Akaviri potentates. Though as it is with all Empires the Reman/Akaviri Empire fell after fierce civil war.

When the Empire collapsed every Province erupted into chaos. Infighting between different factions made sure that no real leadership came forth until an Imperial General named Tiber Septim came forth. Septim was a military mastermind and a skilled diplomat, and his proud and fair nature made the Aedra God Akatosh bless him. With the Dragon symbol of Akatosh as his sign he restored order to the Empire and after years of struggle he was crowned Emperor over Cyrodiil. Two decades after his coronation Septim had re-conquered all of Tamriel except Morrowind, and unwilling to face three living Gods he offered them autonomy.

Morrowind would rule itself but would follow Imperial Law…to a certain degree at least. Imperial Guilds would be allowed to establish and the Empire would be allowed to have garrisons placed in Morrowind.

Normally the Tribunal would have refused such a deal but with Sunder and Keening lost to them they could not renew their power and slowly but surely their powers weakened while Dagoth Ur's grew, and so Tamriel was for the first time a whole Empire.

After Septim's death He was renamed Talos the ninth Aedra, to that point in history the only mortal to become truly immortal.

Morrowind. Year 3012 Second Era.

"Whatever it is my answer is no Vivec", Divayth had spoken those words as soon as Vivec had stepped into his study.

Vivec just sighed, it was becoming a routine by the demigod to quarrel with Divayth. While Divayth had been holed up in his home studying old books and artefacts, Vivec had stopped another incursion by Dagoth Ur. He had stopped a Daedra invasion, banishing Mehrunes Dagon back into Oblivion singlehandedly but no matter his deeds, he would always turn into a nervous youngster in front of Divayth.

"Listen Divayth, I'm not in need of you personally this time, I'm just looking for some insight on my newest idea".

Divayth looked at Vivec and groaned when he saw the light that was in his eyes. Once Vivec got fired up about an idea, or even a poem he would not be stopped before he had shared it with someone else, and no matter how much he would like to throw Vivec out, he would not risk a fight that might destroy anything in his study.

"Fine fine, run it by me".

Vivec grinned smugly at his victory before sitting down in the guest chair, again recoiling as the shock spell bit into him. "I've devised a way to keep Dagoth Ur locked up".

That was news to Divayth, and he immediately sat up a bit straighter, "How?"

"I'm intending to use the bones of our ancestors to create a massive magical fence, with the right spells it will be impossible for anything to get closer than a couple of yards before they are flung backwards with incredible force…here are the notes by the way".

Divayth quickly read over the notes and his eyes widened. "This is absolutely brilliant, but there is one major snag that I can see".

"Snag?" Vivec asked confused. "There is no snag just see the schematics are perfect".

Divayth fought furiously to avoid palming his face. "Yes but the amounts of bone needed…you do realize that you will be called a grave robber don't you?"

Vivec just snorted while waving his hand, "trifles, I need only to tell the people what I need the bones for and they will gladly empty their own tombs to get them to me…imagine, our ancestors locking up and protecting us from Dagoth Ur and the blight, people will be fighting amongst themselves almost to give me the bones".

Sadly enough that was true. Most Dunmer followed the tribunal like he had followed Dumbledore around like a loyal puppy in his youth. "Yes, I do suppose that you have a point there, the people seem to have selective vision when it comes to your deeds".

"Thank you Divayth, I don't suppose that you'll be there will you?"

Divayth ignored the hopeful look on Vivec's face. "I'll make you a deal, you do NOT use Nerevar's bones for this, his spirit deserves freedom, and second I want Wraithguard".

Vivec goggled at Divayth. "That's preposterous, Nerevar's bones I can accept…but Wraithguard! Do not think to highly of yourself Divayth".

Divayth pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration…honestly what was it with Gods and their stupidity? "If you give me Wraithguard I swear I shall lend my aid either directly or indirectly against any Sixth House sanctuary outside the Ghostfence…as soon as it has been finished of course."

Vivec narrowed his eyes. "What is it to you Divayth?"

"Quite simple, I collect artefacts, and I already have one of the Wraithguard's, I need the other one to finish the set…besides after what you and your two friends used the tools for I think it best to have them all away from you".

Vivec nodded sadly. "You speak the truth, well I'll see you around then".

Morrowind. Year 39 Third Era.

Divayth looked with interest as the last giant arc made from bone and ebony rock was put into place. For the moment the Ghostfence looked like a small very thin bridge with support columns, that was until the Tribunal focused their magic and then a series of loud screams tore through the air as the deceased heroes and ancestors of the Dunmer were summoned back to life and imbued to the fence. After several hours an ethereal blue field was emanating from the fence and a strange humming sound was emitting as the spirits ceased their screams now that they were bound to the fence.

"Congratulations Vivec, the fence works perfectly", Divayth said as he scanned it.

"Perhaps you could test the defences? You are after all the most accomplished mage alive", Almalexia said with a strange gleam in her eyes.

'What are you up to Almalexia', Divayth thought as he watched her carefully. "Certainly". He loaded up his magic and unleashed it as a thin beam that whirled up dust and struck the shimmering barrier with a tremendous loud sound. The wails of the trapped souls grew to an ear splitting crescendo as the terrible magical attack tried to penetrate the barrier until at long last Divayth dropped the attack, almost completely spent and the barrier was still no worse for wear.

"You've done a mistake Divayth, by tapping yourself you've become weak. DEFEND YOURSELF" Almalexia screamed as she threw a fireball so hot that it could melt steel towards him.

Suspecting treachery from Nerevar's former wife Divayth was already prepared. He grinned as the ring Sotha Sil had created banished the fireball back at Almalexia who was forced to dodge out of the way.

"Did you really think for one second that I did not suspect treachery from you? Vivec and Sotha Sil, I want you two to stay out of this…this is a personal matter between me and Almalexia"..

The two other Gods who had been close to interrupting the fight nodded and stepped away.

"Come now my dear, I don't have all day you know", Divayth taunted. Almalexia's answer was a flurry of spells that were sent careening back against her and with a howl similar to a banshee she drew her sword and charged him.

Divayth drew Goldbrand parried her clumsy strike with ease. The next blow was a powerful overhead strike that would have cloven him in two, but once Almalexia's flame wreathed scimitar hit Goldbrand's golden blade nothing happened. Divayth's block would not yield an inch.

"How is this possible?" She asked in wonder.

"If you are asking how I have the strength to stop a blow that can shatter steel then I have no answer that I'm willing to give. If you wonder how strong I am, allow me to give a demonstration", Divayth diverted her blade to the ground and then delivered an armoured haymaker straight into her face and threw her a good ten feet away.

After spitting out blood and several teeth she jumped to her feet and approached Divayth with caution. "You know you cannot win this Almalexia, so why do you persist?" Divayth asked, buying vital seconds for his rapidly replenishing magical energy.

"For too long you have been a thorn in our side, you thought that I a GODDESS would be a common errand girl for a reclusive hermit like yourself?"

Divayth struggled to keep his smile away as Almalexia ranted about her supposed 'holyness' and the like. "Seeing that you did become a 'common' errand girl then yes".

Almalexia growled and stepped towards Divayth, intent on severing his head from his torso, but her strike was paused mid air as if an invisible iron fist had clamped onto it. With a growing sense of dread she watched as Divayth's unclenched hand was curled slightly upwards holding sickly green orb of magic.

"You saw what this did to Dagoth Ur, do you have a desire to test your mortality? Know this Almalexia, your days are numbered…the time of the Nerevarine is steadily encroaching and with the rise of Nerevar Reborn three Gods will fall", Divayth watched as the faces of the three 'Gods' paled drastically.

Almalexia stepped back fearfully as Divayth stopped speaking, and without a word she left wowing to never return to Vvardenfell as long as Divayth Fyr was alive.

"So Divayth, our death is approaching I take it?" Vivec asked.

"Perhaps…I have seen some thing in the stars, and heard some things from Azura…but as I have told many times I am neither all powerful nor omnipotent, and the prophecy does not tell of your death, it only speaks that three Gods will fall, that's all".

"Then I shall hope for the best…and prepare for the worst", Vivec spoke softly, more to himself than to Divayth. "Goodbye old friend", then he disappeared.

Divayth stared sadly at the place Vivec had vacated just a few seconds earlier. Despite the way he talked down to Vivec all the time he cared for him like a second brother, and he knew that Vivec deeply regretted his actions at Red Mountain all those years ago.

Morrowind. Tel Fyr. Year 427 Third Era.

Divayth was as usual sitting in his study reading over one of his earlier notes. He was so close to finding a cure for the Corprus disease that he could almost taste it, and a good thing it was. The Corprusarium would soon be filled, and Sixth House smuggling operations and shrines were appearing all over the island of Vvardenfell. Dagoth Ur's power was increasing day by day, while the Tribunal's diminished, Vvardenfell's doom was approaching.

A few weeks before a female prisoner, born on a certain day to uncertain parents had been released from custody and deposited in Seyda Neen at the south-west part of Vvardenfell. This particular woman had met a man named Caius Cosades whom had inducted her into Emperor Uriel Septim's spy network: The Blades.

Taking Caius' advice she travelled all the way to Sadrith Mora to join Great House Telvanni in order to perfect her emerging magical power, and had in a strange twist of fate been sent to Divayth with a message to deliver.

Divayth studied the young female Dunmer in front of him. Quite tall, fair skin, ragged robes with at least two hidden daggers from what he could see. Long flowing snow white hair, a bow was strapped over her back, and her right hand was twitching involuntarily, ready to whip out the short sword at her waist in an instant.

"You might as well forget to survive against me should I desire to kill you, please…have a seat", Divayth said, startling the young woman as a chair drug itself over the floor. Nervously she sat down and gasped when she got a look at Divayth's previously hidden face.

"How do I stay so young?" Divayth asked her before she could open her mouth to speak.

"You…you read my mind…the Telvanni Mouths said you were over four thousand years old".

Divayth smiled. "I merely perused your surface thoughts…an old habit from an old mer I'm afraid. As for your question I invented the methods that the Telvanni use to stop old age, a trick you'll learn…perhaps sooner than you think".

The woman glared at him. "Please stay away from my thoughts from now on, they are private", she finished with a bit more bile in her tone than what was necessary.

"Certainly…and the answer to your question is no".

The woman looked nonplussed, "What…do you mean?"

Divayth pointed his gauntleted hand towards the scroll she was holding in her left hand. "My answer to Master Aryon is no, I have declined a seat on the council from the beginning and I'm not going to change my mind just because some Telvanni Master not even a Milennia old want me to".

"Then I shall take my leave Lord Fyr", she said as she bowed respectfully to him.

"Very well, but before you leave, take this book…it will be a great aid for you and come back in a month".

She nodded thankfully as she received the old heavy tome that Divayth had summoned. "I'll see you in a month then My lord".

Divayth watched as she left and felt a smile grace his still young features. "That we shall Telina…that we shall".

Sneak Peak to future chapter:

Unkown Location, 1941.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore looked worriedly around the unfamiliar room he was in. It looked like a combined bedroom, library and armoury. Row after row of thick old books lined the wall to his left, while the wall on his right held a variety of different medieval armour and weapons, though several of them looked too strange or expensive to have ever been used in combat.

"Quite the contrary my boy", Divayth said as he appeared before his old Headmaster. "Every single weapon and armour on that wall has saved me more times than I can remember".

Dumbledore looked curiously at Divayth. "I had taken to believe that armour and swords went out of fashion some time ago, what with all these new muggle inventions around". If Dumbledore was shocked at seeing a tall man with pointed ears, ash grey skin, a deep purple robe with silver chains and embroidery on it he certainly didn't show it.

"Touché my boy", Divayth said as he sat down on a chair next to the bed.

"Begging your pardon good sir, but I believe that I have lived for a good eighty years, I hardly think 'boy' is the right word to call me", the words seemed serious enough, but Divayth could see the infamous 'Twinkle' in Dumbledore's eyes.

"Perhaps youngster will do…for when you have lived for ten and a half millennia…things are put in a slightly different perspective", Divayth smiled at the incredulous look Dumbledore gave him. Seeing the man he had loved and still did in a weird way as grandfather brought warm feelings to his lonely heart and mind.

"How…how would such a thing be possible?" Dumbledore asked with shock. While Divayth's mind was impenetrable for Dumbledore he could still sense the truth in Divayt's words.

"There are many ways to immortality, and not all of them are dark in nature…now what is the last thing you can remember?"

Albus squinted his eyes as he tried to recall what had happened but the memories were hazy at best. "I remember apparating to a place close to Nurmengard, but after that I do not know".

"Then I shall tell you. I assume you accepted an offer to meet Geller Grindlewald?" at Albus' nod Divayth continued. "I can only surmise that he never wanted to speak to you, because you were ambushed immediately after your arrival, only your magnificent Phoenix saved you…clever bird by the way. He brought you straight to me which was fortunate…I doubt the healers at could have healed you".

Dumbledore was shellshocked, sure he knew that his former friend had become a Dark Lord, but to invite Albus over just to attack him was low…even for a Dark Lord, and Albus thanked whatever powers that existed that Fawkes had taken up with him only a few years earlier.

"I…I thank you for saving me".

Divayth waved his thanks off. "You won't be thanking me tomorrow. Gridnlewald will continue to come after you and the rest of the world, and if you want to survive you'll accept my training…and you'll probably curse me to the high heavens forever more, probably even plot to kill me", Divayth finished with a grin.

"Now do eat some food and get some more rest, because from tomorrow on you'll get none for a long time", Divayth said. Then he placed a plate of food at Albus' bedside table and left him to his thoughts.