"Fred, George, Ginny! That's enough!" Mrs. Weasley shouted over the war chant the three had started; Harry's narrow escape from the trial earlier that morning making things seen festive. Harry watched their antics; relief makings things seem funnier then usual. Along with him and most of the Weasleys was Hermione and Sirius, everyone helping themselves to Mrs. Weasleys cooking.

Ignoring her for the moment, the three started off again, this time Tonks joining in.



A loud bang reverberated through Grimmauld kitchen, cutting off Mrs. Weasleys yell. Harry reflexively leapt to his feet, wand half out as loud shouting could be heard suddenly from out in the hallway. Unfamiliar voices that were lost amid the sound of Sirius's mother's portrait waking up.


"OH SHUT UP YOU STUPID HAG!" a female voice shouted. A bang and Mrs. Black fell silent. By now Sirius Mr and Mrs. Weasley, Kingsley, Tonks and the teenagers were out of the kitchen bursting into the hall to the sight that greeted them.

Standing in the hallway were a small group of people, no older than Harry himself. They looked at the group pointing wands at them, remarkably unabashed for just popping into a supposedly secure building in the middle of a war.

There were five of them, sixteen and younger looking. Three were boys. One was slightly taller than the other two, lanky and freckled, with bright red hair. The other two were roughly the same height, looking almost identical with untidy black hair and similar features. Except for their eyes. Ones were hazel, the others bright green.

The two were red-headed girls. One was taller than the other, slightly younger her hair a long deep red, pale skin and chocolate brown eyes. The other was slightly smaller, her hair a chestnut reddish brown and caramel eyes.

The five stared at the group who stared back. There was a pregnant pause as people was too surprised to move.

"ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER!" The smaller red head girl whirled on one of the black haired boys, who backed away. "I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL BUT NO! YOU HAD TO CRASH INTO ME AND LILY AND BREAK OUR TIME-TURNERS AND NOW LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

"Rose I didn't......." the boy, apparently Albus said, looking terrified. He cast a helpless look at the other black haired boy who stepped back.

"Don't look at me little bro. You're on your own."

"Hey guys" the other boy put in hesitantly, looking at the still motionless group of stunned people at the doorway leading to the kitchen. "I think we have some explaining to do."

"Good idea Hugo" the other girl said, rolling her eyes at the others, before moving towards Harry and the others.

Up until now, Harry hadn't moved, the sudden events momentarily freezing his actions. Now though at the approach of a probable enemy, he tensed, tightening his grip on his wand.

The girl stopped halfway between both groups, causing a flurry of movement within both groups.

"Who are you?" Kingsley shouted, stepping forward; Sirius, Tonks and Arthur with him. "How did you get in here?"

The new teenagers had pulled out their own wands now, looking apprehensive and strangely awestruck. The teenage girl stopped and raised her hands in a placating gesture. Her dark eyes roved across the tense faces. Her eyes lingered on the Golden Trio, and the other teens in front of her.

"Ok let's all calm down for a second. I know this doesn't look good, and will sound insane but there appears to have been an accident involving a couple of Time-Turners, and a vial of Pixie Dust." She gestured towards her group of people.

The other girl appeared to have calmed down and she walked forward too.

"Lily's right. It sounds ridiculous, but Al" she threw a dirty look at the boy she'd been shouting at, who quailed "was fooling around with James and Hugo" she glared at the other two boys, who gulped "and managed to crash into Lily and I and knock our Time-Turners and a table with Pixie dust onto the floor. There was a flash of light and we found ourselves here with that ghastly hag on the wall and everything looking different." She finished her speech breathing deeply and glaring at the boys who were shrinking under her gaze.

Harry's brain seemed to have been stunned. His mind refused to comprehend what the significance of this statement, the teenagers' names and appearances, meant.

"To sum it up" Lily interjected, smiling slightly "we're from the future."

A/N: (Laughs) I love these kind of fics, they're so much fun. I'm thinking of starting a series, the Clichéd Chronicles, all about Harry Potter clichés; time-travel, returning from the dead etc. I have many ideas 'cause I'm so sad and I'll be writing them occasionally along with my other stories currently in progress.

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