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You may want to read "The Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica" as it is something of a prelude to this fiction.

In the beginning, there was a legend. You've probably heard of it - the Moon Kingdom, and its destruction at the hands of Chaos. It happened one thousand years ago according to most retellings.

The stories you have heard are not entirely true.

Legends and myths have their root in truth, and one of those truths is that time is a fiction. It is nevertheless important to indicate that the stories you are about to hear take place during the period historians call the Late Stone Age.

The Sailor Wars, where love and justice were under attack by the forces of Chaos and defended by soldiers traversing the planets of the galaxy, had become a matter of legend. Chaos had long since been defeated and sealed away by the strongest of all the Sailor Soldiers, the one known only as Sailor Galaxia — the legendary Sailor Soldier. Peace and truth prevailed.

The planet Earth had become the center of the political universe, with residents from all around the galaxy; its moon, known at the time as Serenity, was a paradise, where human beings were able to live forever. It was because of the efforts of the mortal Earthlings that this was possible; they did not resent their duties or their comparatively short life spans because of their belief in a being known today as God.

Chaos, however, would not be denied…

STRING 01 – The Whisper of Ambition! The Despair of the Strongest.

A young man's body crashed against the floor of a dark coliseum.

He struggled to get to his feet. His body had already been battered and heavily bruised from the battle. The muscles of his upper legs felt like they were torn open. He counted at least four broken ribs by the radiation of the pain as he tried to steady his balance. The man gripped his side and narrowed his eyes trying to view his opponent.

A bright flash of white sensation. A strike to the head. The pain throbbed within his skull and lingered like the sound of a bell. The next target were his intestines, which received a blow of equal magnitude as blood shot up his stomach and out of his mouth. Finally, his jaw was split by a straight-up thrust, a kick which sent his body flying skyward.

Despite his inability to take any aggressive action while flying through the air, the man tried to keep his eyes on his opponent. His vision was clouded by all the pain shooting through every nerve, but he was clear on who his opponent was. Hair like a golden flame becoming red flowing downward over equally golden armor. And a body that had seen endless battles and drawn the blood of countless warriors.

He was fighting none other than the legendary Sailor Soldier, Sailor Galaxia.

Damn it! The hapless man drew his arms over his face. It was all he could do to defend himself against the attack he knew was coming.

Galaxia raised her hand and, with a stern expression, announced her intention. "Galactica Super String!"

Bolts of cosmic energy shot from her fingertips into her opponent's body. Every single one of his nerve endings was overloaded and he was forced to cry out in agony. He felt his heart stop for a moment before it burst into overdrive. And through it all, he did not lose consciousness. He was aware of all the pain his body endured because of Galaxia's relentless attacks.

The man dropped to the ground, limp as a rag doll.

"Get up!"

Galaxia's voice shouted her demand.

"Get up, Prometheus, you weakling!"

The man she called Prometheus gripped the dirt on the ground. I can take all the pain she can give me, he thought to himself. But my body refuses to respond the way I want it to! Why?

Prometheus coughed hard and threw up blood. His legs curled as he shook in his struggle to continue the fight.

"Why do you fight, Prometheus?" Galaxia asked, a scornful smile highlighting her features. "Don't you know that it's pointless to oppose me?"

"Shut up!" Prometheus yelled, and his spirit was flooded with a new energy - anger. He gripped his fists and ran forward. Despite his mind being racked with pain, he could move his body the way he wanted again. This is it! he thought. This time, I can...

Galaxia shook her head and opened her palm again. "Galactica Inflation!"

Something within Prometheus felt like it had burst, forcing him to stop in his tracks. He was now blinded by the sheer sensation that was battering him from within. In a moment, the feeling was amplified by Galaxia's elbow, which she thrust into his chest, followed by a roundhouse kick to the head, which sent his body spinning to the ground.

"I don't even have my helmet on, and you are still no threat to me," Galaxia muttered. "Now prepare yourself! I'm going to put you out of your misery."

She's serious, Prometheus thought as he staggered to his feet. She is coming to kill me.

Colors of the rainbow flashed from Galaxia's golden bracelets as she crossed her arms in front of her face. Prometheus felt the energy levels in the area start to intensify as Galaxia's forearms glowed. This power would certainly kill him if he tried to oppose it, but his body could no longer move.

"Galactica M...!"

"Stop this!" a female voice shouted in the distance.

Galaxia's attack was cut short by the sound of a familiar voice. "Queen Metalia."

The lights in the coliseum were turned on to reveal that Prometheus and Galaxia were fighting in an enclosed area - a training center. A red-headed woman wearing a black leather bodice and skirt walked in, bearing a necklace with a large red jewel.

"Galaxia, I understand your thinking, but you cannot truly intend to kill this man," Queen Metalia said.

"How can I train him unless he puts his life on the line?" Galaxia responded. "Do you believe our enemies will be merciful?"

"Don't... mock me," Prometheus spat as he struggled to his feet. "I want the training to continue!"

Galaxia's anger was flared. "Don't you dare take such a tone with Queen Metalia!" she shouted.

"It's okay, Galaxia," Metalia said, raising her hand to stay Galaxia's temper. "He's just eager to help us fight against Chaos. Remember that we all have our chosen duties in this organization."

Galaxia covered her face slightly with her hand and let out a sharp exhale. "This whelp will only endanger our mission," she replied.

"You said it yourself," Metalia said as she walked towards Prometheus. "Your body is decaying since you sealed Chaos inside yourself. You need to find someone who can be trained in the techniques you have learned as a Sailor Soldier."

"I still say a woman would be best," Galaxia said exasperatedly.

"The only women who could be capable of withstanding your power are already Sailor Soldiers." Metalia gave Prometheus her hand to help him up, which he took reluctantly. "Time is of the essence now. If you destroy this man, there may be no others who can take your mantle."

"How could this arrogant woman possibly be the legendary Sailor Soldier..." Prometheus mumbled.

Galaxia's eyes flashed with a deadly light. "Oh... are you angry with me?" She chuckled with deep scorn. "That kind of hatred does not do your weakness any favors. If you want to attack me, you must do it without the need to prove anything to me. Come on, Prometheus!"

Prometheus threw Metalia's hand aside and ran at Galaxia with clenched fists. Galaxia mocked him by waiting until the last possible moment, then phased out just as his punch was about to connect with her body. She reappeared behind him and chopped his back with all the force she could muster.

His cry of pain echoed as he was thrust forward by her arm's power, and then he slammed against the boundaries of the coliseum. He fell to the floor, once again spitting up blood.

"Are you that foolish to think a physical attack will work on me?" Galaxia asked without turning to face her student. "A frontal assault is the last resort of the desperate. When you think you've run out of options and take the only one available, your opponent will see through that unless they are truly stupid! Don't you dare insult me like that again!"

"That's enough, both of you!" Queen Metalia shouted. "Prometheus, see to your wounds! You will continue your training tomorrow if you are healthy enough. Galaxia, come with me."

Galaxia let out another deep breath and hid a smile. It felt good to have let off all that tension. Fortunately, Prometheus' body could handle the punishment he received. He would live. "Yes, Queen Metalia," she said obediently.

The two left Prometheus alone to pick himself up off the ground and head for the medical center. As he did, a sense of bitterness was born in his soul, and restless thoughts began in his heart.

I will surpass you, Sailor Galaxia... you will see it for yourself! My power will overcome your own!

Galaxia and Metalia walked together through the training hall.

"Galaxia, your training has been more fierce lately," Metalia said. "Many of the trainees have received wounds that they may not recover from."

Galaxia sighed. "It is becoming... difficult to control Chaos," she admitted. "I want to believe that our enemies would do worse, but I think I am starting to feel a sense of bloodlust."

Metalia's expression became a concerned one. "You... you have a desire to kill?"

Galaxia shook her head. "It hasn't gone that far yet, Queen Metalia," she said. "I am still Sailor Galaxia. I still wish to fight to protect love and justice, and to kill, that would violate what I fight for. But I know the time will come in the future when Chaos will consume me."

"And that is why you are seeking an equal?" Metalia asked. "That may be difficult, though. You have been battling before the word 'battle' was even created."

"But that Prometheus... something about him," Galaxia muttered. "He can stand up to my most powerful attacks. But he still continues to get up and try to fight me."

"The boy is ambitious. It could be dangerous to bestow upon him your knowledge and abilities."

"That does concern me." Galaxia heaved a deep sigh. "But there may be no other option."

Queen Metalia nodded and crossed her arms. "I have to tell Beryl about this."

Galaxia nodded. "So be it as you wish, Queen Metalia."

"Go and rest," Metalia told Sailor Galaxia. "Chaos grows stronger the longer you're awake, as you've told me, and you've been up for 16 hours already."

Galaxia nodded her assent. They both knew that she resented being forced to sleep, but there was no other option - her soul was able to stave off its energy easily when it was not focused on the physical activities of her body, but she did not have the power to undo any of the damage it caused.

The day will come, inevitably, when I will truly become the servant of Chaos, Galaxia thought as she headed to her chambers. Death Phantom... you may defeat me yet. But I vow that as long as I draw breath, that time will not come! You will have to destroy my soul before you take my body.

I promise this on my own name, Sailor Galaxia.

Galaxia surrendered to sleep.

A red-headed woman stared into a crystal ball and saw futures reflected back at her.

"Queen Metalia." Her voice echoed within the chamber. She didn't see the Queen approach, but she knew she was coming.

"Of course I can't surprise you, Ms. Beryl," Metalia said with a smile. "But surely I'm here a little earlier than you expected?"

"You're right about one thing," Beryl replied, returning the smile. "You can't surprise me."

"Galaxia is becoming more aggressive by the day," Metalia said. "She and I are both concerned about it."

"As am I." Beryl continued to look into the crystal ball. "The spirits of the people are shifting. I believe they wish to reform the monarchy."

"They want you to be Queen, right?"

"The people are tired of all of our resources being invested into fighting a threat that may not even exist," Beryl sighed. "My desire for peace seems to give them continued spirit, and all the more if I were in charge of the planet."

"And you would have my blessing as well," Metalia replied. "My mind cannot conceive a solution that does not involve battle, and if you had the Queenship, I am sure you would come up with an answer. Why do you not take it?"

"This is not a non-existent threat." Beryl gazed into the ball. "I am not as strong in military tactics as you are. My powers lie with the magicks, and while the Earth spirit is still polluted, I am powerless. And besides, there is still the matter of the Golden Kingdom..."

"Oh, Beryl, my dear," Metalia chuckled. "You really must stop referring to your affections for Prince Endymion as a mere 'matter'."

Beryl shook her head. "I cannot be expected to fulfill my duty as a Queen when my heart is distracted."

"I do not understand you, Ms. Beryl," Metalia said. "You are human. Humans require affection."

"My people bear resentment towards the Golden Kingdom. If they knew of my feelings..."

"Oh, Beryl, your personal life does not have to answer to the whims of a fickle people!"

This comment aroused Beryl's fire. "Queen Metalia, these are the people upon whose backs the galaxy can exist peacefully! I will not have you marginalize them with such adjectives as 'fickle'! Even if you are the Queen."

"Forgive me," Queen Metalia said with an exhalation. "I am just concerned for your well being as your friend."

Beryl sighed. "I know you are looking out for me," she said. "And that you are also looking out for the well-being of Earth. Our burdens are enormous."

Metalia felt another shift in the air. "The people are restless."

Beryl nodded. "You know what you must do."

"Yes," Metalia sighed bitterly. "Wish me luck."

The Queen went outside then to placate a restless populace.

"What a comfortable silence... in this world, neither time nor light can escape from freezing. For my beauty to be held forever... this is the best place."

"Your Majesty..."

"Who is that?"

"This small, dark world... how pitiable that your beauty should be kept within it for all eternity."

"Who do you think you are to interfere with my calm rest?"

"I am someone who can make your wish come true."

"My wish?"

"Now... It is time to release you from that damned seal!"


The surroundings of the world turned to glass and shattered...

Galaxia woke up with a start, her body covered with sweat.

A nightmare.

Just like back then, I would have visions of myself doing accursed actions, she thought to herself as she caught her breath. A dark haired woman with flowing black hair and golden eyes, surrounded with mirrors would appear. And she was sealed within this space, to indulge in her own vanity. But Galaxia would release the seal. Or perhaps, the seal had already been released?

Why? Who was the woman? And what was her wish?

Do I have no choice but to take these actions in the future? Or, by dreaming them, have I already performed them?

Galaxia stared at her hand, and the bracelets that bound her form to the world. Without a shine - a Star Seed - she was only flesh and bone. It should not be possible for her soul to wander in the dreamtime, as other beings with souls were able to do.

I should visit the Kingdom of Serenity. They are skilled in interpreting dreams. Queen Serenity would be happy to see me.

Galaxia nodded in assent to herself. This was the best course of action. Her body was flesh and bone and her soul was a shell of its former self, but her mind still had tremendous powers over the universe. Her bracelets began to glow as she closed her eyes again and focused on Serenity's central castle.

"Sailor Teleport!" she shouted.

And without warning, she was rocketed into another vision.

The Earth. But it looked much different.

Where forests and nature once dominated, now artificial structures stood that created feeble illusions of light. Despite their obvious inferiority to the natural luminosity of the sun and stars, they twinkled with their own charm.

This was the future, and the humans had conquered it. It was obvious to Galaxia now — the conflict between the humans of Earth and the beings of Serenity. The conflict's end was a foregone conclusion. In her soul, she smiled.

The woman from the earlier vision floated in mid-air, gazing down upon the Earth.

"What is this...?"

"The Queen will see you now."

Galaxia was jarred out of her vision by the words of a servant of the Kingdom of Serenity. She had come to the castle and asked to see the Queen, but was not conscious of having done any of it. What was happening to her?

That vision... why did she smile at the idea of the Moon Kingdom being defeated?

But Galaxia was unable to focus on anything but the clacking sounds of her own boots as she walked down the royal hallway.

Queen Serenity was, as her name suggested, a most serene presence, but nevertheless majestic and commanding. She held the power of the Silver Crystal, a power whose abilities dwarfed the Sapphire Crystal with which Galaxia had fused.

"The legendary Sailor Soldier Galaxia," Queen Serenity addressed her. "You come and go as you please and recognize the authority of no kingdoms. What business do you have with me?"

"You know that I have voluntarily allied myself with Queen Metalia in order to fight against the looming threat of Chaos," Galaxia said in a respectful tone. "Chaos is a mutual enemy."

"That is what the Earth Kingdom says," Queen Serenity replied. "But Chaos is sealed within your body. As long as it remains sealed, it cannot threaten this world or my people."

It was commonly known that when Queen Serenity used the phrase "my people", she was not referring solely to the residents of the Kingdom of Serenity. As the holder of the strongest power in the universe, Queen Serenity saw herself as responsible for everyone in it.

But her attitude was naive.

"Have I not told you that Chaos' power grows stronger the longer it is sealed within me?" Galaxia said. "I know this better than anyone else. The day will come when I can no longer control its power."

"Your wish is to defeat Chaos, is it not?" Queen Serenity asked.

"Yes, Queen Serenity."

"Then as you wish it, so shall it be. You should have the faith in yourself that I do in you, Sailor Galaxia."

Galaxia sighed. There was nothing more to be said on that topic. "Queen Serenity, I have come because I have been suffering from visions and I require an interpretation as to their meaning. The people of your kingdom are well versed in the symbolism of dreams."

"I see."

Queen Serenity rose to her full height from her throne and walked towards the Sailor Soldier.

"Before we address that, there is an overdue issue I wish to take up with you," she said.

Galaxia frowned, knowing what she would say.

"You have not yet seen my daughter," the Queen said. "I understand the reason that you have not come to see her or offer your blessings for her birth, but she is fourteen years old now. I have spoken much to her about the legends of the Sailor Wars."

"Why have you spoken to her of such things?" Galaxia said. "She should not have to know. She should have a peaceful life without knowledge of war."

"Is it even possible to experience peace without understanding war?" Queen Serenity replied. "I have ensured that my daughter has as much knowledge as she can have of all things. And besides... I am having a problem with my dear child."

"A problem?"

"I have caught her descending to the Earth... to the Golden Kingdom. It seems she is in love with Prince Endymion."

"The guardian of the Golden Crystal?"

Queen Serenity sighed. "You work in close concert with the Earthlings, Sailor Galaxia. You know how superstitious they are, and many of them are fearful of us."

"Not all of them are."

"I cannot take the chance on whether or not she will encounter one of the more open-hearted Earthlings. Sailor Galaxia, you have fought for love and justice. You understand how to speak to those whose hearts are enchanted with destiny. Please... reason with my daughter."

Galaxia closed her eyes again and touched her forehead. Princess Serenity... when Galaxia received word that the Queen of the Moon Kingdom had conceived a daughter, something in her heart was filled with dread. At first, she didn't know what it was. But upon meditation, Galaxia knew beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Princess Serenity was the bearer of the power that could destroy Chaos permanently. Galaxia's body, having had Chaos sealed within it, was reacting violently to her existence.

If Galaxia were to lose control... the universe would be doomed if Princess Serenity were to be lost.

"If what you fear is Chaos consuming you," Queen Serenity is. "Then do not worry. If it surfaces, I will use the Silver Crystal to seal it once more."

"Your Majesty!" Galaxia shouted as if struck.

Queen Serenity's eyes widened. It was unlike Galaxia to recognize the authority of anyone, even Queen Metalia, as anything deeper than a matter of courtesy.

"I cannot allow that," Galaxia went on. "If you use the powers of the Silver Crystal, you will die. The Princess must have her mother."

"If it comes to that," Queen Serenity said with severity. "Then you must raise her, as your own daughter."

"What?" Galaxia shouted. "I know nothing of raising children."

"If I must seal Chaos, then it will no doubt use the powers of the Silver Crystal to resurrect itself in time," the Queen explained. "The world will need a strong Sailor Soldier to combat that threat, will it not? And were you not looking for a woman to inherit your power?"

"Queen Serenity," Galaxia gasped. She truly had no idea the lengths the Queen would go to to protect the galaxy. She'd risk the happiness of her own daughter?

No... that must not happen.

"If it comes to that," Galaxia said. "I will use all my strength to suppress Chaos. I vow that on my own name, Sailor Galaxia. But you must stay with me. If you sense Chaos emerging forth at all, you must use the seal. It may taint my words, and subtly alter their meaning."

"I understand," Queen Serenity replied. "Let us go."

She has total faith in her own ability, Galaxia thought to herself as she followed the Queen of the Moon Kingdom. I must have this faith as well, if I am to spare Princess Serenity the horror of battle...

"My people..." Queen Metalia addressed the populace.

But they were barely listening, instead demanding explanations for the sluggish pace of the Earth's technological process.

"My children need food!"

"None of our lands are producing!"

"Beryl understands our plight!"

Metalia sighed. The people of Earth had lost faith in her. And as long as the looming threat could not be identified, they would be more concerned about where they would get their bread from tomorrow than about their well-being years down the line. Such was human nature.

But I am human too. Surely, I can make them understand...

And without knowing their source, the words began to flow.

"My people, I know you are frustrated," she said in a loud voice. "The Earth, which once prospered in your hands, is now refusing to bring forth its fruits. The world seems to be heading towards the darkness of despair as our resources are devoted to maintaining vigilance towards unknown threats. But be at peace! I am sure that God will show us the path to follow for a vibrant future."

The audience fell silent.

"The spirit which we all call God," Metalia went on. "It lives within the heart of each one of you who has dreams for his hearth, her home, their children. You would not want to die knowing your children would have to work twice as hard as you had to to make their living, correct?"


"That's right."

"But what will you do?"

"The question is not what I will do," Metalia replied. "I am powerless to do anything if you do not believe in me, my people. I can only assure you all that all that I do is for the well being of not just the people of Earth, but of all life everywhere. That is the dream we came to this planet to pursue, is it not? A world made up of people who work together so that all may prosper?"

"She's right..."

"I had forgotten."

"Right now, you all have the vision of sleepers awaiting the dream. Your eyes are heavy with fear of the unknown. You are not sure if the future will be one of happiness, or a nightmare. But the dream is in your hands, my people! For a happy future, we must all be as one. One heart, one home, one land, one spirit. Yes, the darkness invites the dream. Let us make sure it is a good one!"

The population cheered, encouraged by her words. Queen Metalia's smile, however, hid a fear. If there was no reason to be cautious of the future, why was she building up the military might of Earth at the cost of agriculture? Beryl said the Earth's spirit was polluted. What could be done to free it from the pollution, and cause it to produce again?

These questions filled Metalia's mind as she waved to the population.


The Queen called to her daughter, who was playing in the gardens.

"Coming!" the Princess shouted.

Galaxia gasped in shock as the Princess appeared before her eyes.

That dream...

The dream she had had before she lost to Death Phantom...

"Too big... too radiant... my arms don't reach..."

It was that girl from Galaxia's dream... Sailor Moon.

"Princess, I want you to meet someone," Queen Serenity said. "You've met the Sailor Soldiers of the other planets in the Solar System, but this is the woman who inspired them all. The legendary Sailor Soldier of the Sailor Wars."

"Are you serious, mother?" the Princess said, genuinely impressed. "The one that sealed Chaos inside her own body? But... doesn't that make her dangerous?"

"Please forgive her, Sailor Galaxia," Queen Serenity said. "My daughter is a little impetuous."

"Not at all," Galaxia said, a smile forming on her face. "She only speaks her mind."

Galaxia's body was still and calm. None of the black thrashings that she expected. She did not have to exert her will to suppress Chaos. And Queen Serenity didn't seem to sense any dark power emanating from Galaxia. It was safe, for now.

But why did she look like her?...

Galaxia offered her hand for the Princess to clasp, as was the traditional greeting for the Moon Kingdom.

"Do not be rude, my daughter," the Queen urged. "Accept her greeting."

Princess Serenity nodded and, with hesitance, took Galaxia's hand in hers.

Involuntarily, Galaxia's eyes widened in abject fear as yet another vision consumed her senses...

A young girl's body dropping from a great height.

Sailor Moon falling to save her.

Nobody could survive that fall. Sailor Moon had died. She had to have died!

"It's the truth. Sailor Moon lives."

"What do you want from me? You woke me up, and showed me this humiliating sight!"

"Are you saying you preferred to sleep unaware? Those who sealed you away are now alive and living peacefully."

"I... didn't win against them? I didn't win a single thing?"

"Oh, poor Queen of the New Moon! With your beautiful black hair and shiny golden eyes, you shoud be the honorable ruler of that blue planet. Can you forgive those who sealed you away in the cold darkness? I'm sure you feel spiteful against those who are enjoying their lives... their love and happiness... at your own sacrifice!"

"I can't forgive them..." She muttered repeatedly, and with increasing volume, as dark energy emanated from her floating form. Finally, she shouted the phrase with all her anger, and the energy solidified into the shape of a mirror.

Galaxia gasped as the vision ended.

"Sailor Galaxia?" Princess Serenity asked. "Are you okay?"

Their hands were still locked together, and Galaxia didn't want to let go. She didn't want that vision to come true. That was the thought in her mind.

"Your mother tells me that you are in love," Galaxia said.

The Princess averted her eyes. "Mother!" she said accusingly.

"I know how you feel," Galaxia said. "I'm sure the legends paint me as a woman who blazed her own path, all by herself. But I fought for love and justice. I have known love in my lifetime, and I have lost it. Your mother is concerned about the timing."

"The... timing? What are you talking about? What is wrong with being with your loved one all the time?"

Galaxia smiled sadly. Her hand still held the Princess', and the Princess showed no signs of wanting to let go. They made eye contact again, and Galaxia blushed. This time, she was the one to avert her eyes.

"Your mother says you love someone of Earth," she replied. "On Earth, they have death. That is the nature of their world."

"No... you're wrong," the Princess said. "It's true that the people of Earth live and die, but that doesn't mean it's not worth it to love them. That's all the more reason to spend as much time as you can with your loved one!"

"You talk of others, but you really mean yourself," Galaxia said. "The people of Serenity do not succumb to aging or disease, but you can still be killed. Some Earthlings would like to see you dead."

Now Princess Serenity's grip finally began to loosen.

"I am sorry to tell you this bluntly," Galaxia went on. "Your mother is trying to make a peace between Earth and Serenity. When that time comes, you and Prince Endymion can be together for sure."

"But what if us being together is the only thing that can create that peace?" the Princess asked.

"You must have faith," Galaxia said, and her wistful smile returned. "Believe in your mother, and in the good-hearted people of space who fight for love and justice. We're creating a better world for you."

Princess Serenity returned that smile, and their hands separated.

"But... it hurts when I'm not with him," she said. "I worry that he is lonely without me."

"I know that he feels the same," Galaxia said. "Your loved one, that is. Keep the memory of that pain. Memories cannot hurt you, and they will make the times you have when you are finally together that much more enjoyable. I know you understand what I am saying."

The Princess nodded, and the Queen smiled, seeing that her daughter finally understood.

Galaxia chuckled and closed her eyes. "You may not see me again after this. As you said, I am dangerous."

"I understand. You've been using all your strength to keep the darkness sealed within you from taking control. I could sense all of that..."

Galaxia's eyes darted open. This girl... could sense that? But neither Galaxia nor the Queen seemed to. Galaxia's eyes darted towards the Queen, who looked equally mystified.

I was not aware that Chaos was alert. Was I suppressing it unconsciously? And if so...

"You're a good person, Sailor Galaxia," Princess Serenity said finally. "I know we'll meet again, when you defeat the darkness."

Galaxia could only chuckle. How could Queen Serenity raise such a foolish girl?

The Queen knew Galaxia's thoughts but said nothing. "Thank you for talking to my daughter," she said.

"Forgive me," Galaxia said as she began to walk down the hallway. She knew that the Queen had heard her involuntary thought. "Now I must speak with you about my visions. Farewell, Princess."

"Goodbye!" the Princess shouted, waving after them.

As Galaxia grew distant from the Princess, the blackness within her started to return. Damn Chaos, she thought to herself. How could I ever think that sealing you within me would protect the universe...

Beryl closed her eyes while moving her arms around her crystal ball. She was deep in meditation.

The curse polluting the Earth... I must find the cause. Time has run out. What is it causing this death? Is it the bitterness of the people?

The echo of silence assured Beryl that this line of questioning was not where the answer hid. She tried another path.

Perhaps our enemy...

A throb in the air. No! Impossible! Was Chaos...?

How could Chaos affect this planet? It is sealed within Sailor Galaxia...

A vision began to form in Beryl's mind. The Kingdom of Serenity. Its castle shattered and brought down to the ground. Princess Serenity, and Prince Endymion, lay in the wreckage, dead.

And in the center of all this destruction...

...was Beryl herself.

No. No! No! This is impossible! Impossible! I am loyal to Queen Serenity! I...

Beryl pulled herself out of her meditation with heavy breaths. What a terrible vision. Or was it a dream...?

A nightmare?

There is only one way to know for sure, Beryl said with a sigh, knowing that she would regret this course of action. I have to venture to Elysion, and question the Prince about the state of the Golden Crystal. These nightmares... they could only be caused by a corruption of that crystal.

Beryl's heart throbbed faintly.

Am I naught but a girl?... My heart must stay steady for this. Discipline, old girl. Discipline.

"Your dreams," Queen Serenity said when they were alone. "Speak to me of them."

Galaxia crossed her arms. "My worst fears are coming to pass. Before I encountered Death Phantom, I would have nightmares every night of Chaos destroying me. Before I died, a girl would reach out to try to save me. But not just any girl... a Sailor Soldier."

The Queen touched her lip with her finger. "What planet was she of?"

"That is my concern, your Majesty. She was not of any planet. She called herself Sailor Moon. And..."

Galaxia's eyes then fixed on Queen Serenity, and did her best to ensure that her expression conveyed the severity of her belief.

"She looked exactly like your daughter."


Is Chaos resurrecting? Has it found a willing partner? Can Sailor Galaxia overcome her despair? Find out next time. String 02 - Beryl's Desire, the Seal of Endymion.