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You may want to read "The Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica" as it is something of a prelude to this fiction.

I have had various names. You'd probably know me best as Eve.

But as you have no doubt figured out, the stories told about me are not true. I am not the first woman. There were two. The one you know as Adam rejected the first one, and thus rejected God's grace. Because of this, to prevent man from being lonely, He had to create me, out of Adam's flesh and blood. Thus, I share the male impulse.

To fight. To be the strongest.

I still don't remember what happened in that place, in the center of the outer world, that caused me to have to roam. But it was at the temples of the old gods where the first Sailor Soldiers were created. We were to fight in the names of these gods. I was the servant of Athena.

But Athena alone among these gods was willing to fight for herself, and so the entirety of her soul was infused within me. That is why I was the only Sailor Soldier to survive the Sailor Wars.

But war happened again. Because the new women were manipulated by the will of Adam, they became power hungry as well. And this time, I had to kill my own kind. To end the wars, I sealed the source of this evil, Death, in my body using an incantation I've long since forgotten, and placed bracelets on my wrists to remind myself every day to keep my physical body together.

Force of will. That is the only way to survive in this new world. Let our battle begin, Sailor Moon.

FINAL STRING – Alpha and Omega! The Armageddon Scenario.

"You silly women!" Prometheus said. "You talk about God like you know something! I'm a man! God created us to be the strongest... you should know that, Eve!"

"My name is Sailor Galaxia," Galaxia muttered. "You do not have the right to call me by any other name, until you can defeat me."

"If you would spread a lie and call it the truth, then I am your enemy, too," Sailor Moon said. "There's still time to stop this, Prometheus. You can end the battle now."

"No..." Prometheus chuckled. "No. I'm going to get my revenge on you two on behalf of men. For too long, women have ruled over us by manipulating our desires! All we do is what you tell us to do, but no more! Now, finally, the world will be as it should be... after I eliminate you both and take the Silver Crystal for myself! Oh, my only wish is that I could witness my own victory!"

Galaxia rolled her eyes. "You see, Princess?" she said. "Talking is useless."

"Then we have no choice," Sailor Moon replied with a nod.

The atmosphere of the area was, like that of any true battle, tense, with all players awaiting another's first move.

Sailor Moon went first. Reaching for the jewel upon her tiara, thus causing it to glow, she drew it into her hand. It became a shining disc. "Moon Tiara Action!" she shouted as she threw it.

Idiot, don't call your attack! Galaxia thought to herself, but still, that Sailor Moon could manipulate her own equipment in this way was a good sign.

Prometheus, as expected, simply dodged the attack and laughed. "What were you aiming at, you idiot?" he said. "What kind of warrior announces her attack ahead of time?"

"I'm not a warrior," Sailor Moon replied. "I'm a Sailor Soldier! And I'll make you respect that name!"

Prometheus just laughed haughtily and didn't respond verbally. Instead, he rushed forward with the same punch attack he always used.

Sailor Moon closed her eyes, and Galaxia heard her voice in her head. Sailor Galaxia, I'm sorry... I must borrow your power.

Quick as a flash, Galaxia placed herself between Sailor Moon and Prometheus, raising her crossed arms to block his punch. The power released unleashed another gust of wind, pushing Sailor Moon back a step or two.

"Is that the only attack you know?" Galaxia spat mockingly at her opponent.

"Why do more than necessary?" was Prometheus' reply.

But Sailor Moon didn't look worried. She thrust her arm out, then drew it back inward. "Gotcha!" she shouted.

Galaxia and Prometheus were both confused, but Galaxia figured it out first. The tiara she threw, she's drawing it back!

But Prometheus didn't figure it out until he felt the tiara stab him in the back. Then a surge of energy filled him, holding his legs firmly in place. "What the... you were able to do that?"

As Galaxia stepped away from Prometheus, she smiled. I see... Sailor Moon, you only pretended to miss with your Moon Tiara Action attack. Then, after drawing Prometheus' attack, you had the tiara return to you. You knew he'd take the opportunity to strike you, and relied on my power to help you. I'm glad you're learning, Sailor Moon. I'm glad to help you... Now, what will be your next move?

Sailor Moon drew her hand down, and caused a scepter to appear out of thin air. She closed her eyes, and a jewel appeared on the scepter. It had an illustrious shine to it.

"That's... that's the Illusionary Silver Crystal!" Galaxia shouted. "Does that mean your mother is..."

"No, this is the true Crystal, the Mystical Silver Crystal," Sailor Moon replied. "With it, I can heal Prometheus of this disease, and bring him back to normal for sure." The jewel started to shine brightly.

"Sailor Moon, reconsider," Galaxia said. "You're talking about healing 'soul necrosis'... it's never been done before."

Prometheus grunted as he tried to move.

"The Mystical Silver Crystal holds the wishes of everyone," Sailor Moon said. "Those who wish an end to war, and to rebuild the future. Not all of our past has to be destroyed. Galaxia, I'll show you. I'll make Prometheus better!" She then drew a circle with the sceptre, and a ring of brilliant light appeared.

Then Galaxia saw a glint in Prometheus' eye.

That brooch on Sailor Moon's chest... Galaxia thought to herself. Oh no! Prometheus is waiting for her to release the power, and then he's going to attack her brooch! She then looked at Sailor Moon's face. She knows that, too. She's sacrificing herself to heal Prometheus! But it might not even work!

I can't allow this!

"Moon Healing Escalation!" Sailor Moon shouted, and the ring of light shot forward.

"Now I have you!" Prometheus said, and with all the strength of his will, raised his hand and directed a single ray of concussive power towards her brooch.

Galaxia ran towards Sailor Moon and pushed her out of the way before Sailor Moon could complete her technique. The blast from Prometheus' ray struck Galaxia in the side of her shoulder, and she cried out in pain. Pain... she hadn't felt it in so long, even when she had blocked Prometheus' punch earlier. The Moon Healing Escalation misfired, missing Prometheus, and drifted away into space.

"Galaxia, why?" Sailor Moon cried.

"I know your plan... but you can't give up your life for the sake of your mission," Galaxia said, and then her body was wracked with pain once more. She gripped her shoulder, and felt the sensation of warm blood dripping over the back of her hand.

"It's everyone's wish to see that man achieve peace within his heart," Sailor Moon replied. "We're all willing to sacrifice ourselves. We've lived good lives, but now we must all come together as one..."

"You're talking nonsense, Sailor Moon," Galaxia said. "Get a hold of yourself! I don't know what happened in the dreamscape, but you have to fight now!"

Prometheus, meanwhile, was still struggling against the magic that bound him. "Get this damn thing out of my back!" he screamed.

"What are we fighting for, Galaxia?" Sailor Moon asked. "The Kingdom of Serenity's in ruins and the Earth is..."

"Don't worry about the Earth. They can rebuild," Galaxia replied. "What were you thinking, asking for everyone's spirits to help you? How selfish can you be, honestly?"

Sailor Moon lowered her head, feeling despondent. As her will started to lose its focus, Prometheus was able to pull the tiara out of his back and throw it aside. As it clattered to the ground, it burst into light, was pulled towards Sailor Moon's forehead, and materialized upon her brow.

"Stand your guard," Galaxia said. "The fight will begin again. Forget the reason you're fighting and just fight!"

"But..." Sailor Moon began, but the women were both interrupted by Prometheus, who didn't hesitate to attack yet again. Sailor Moon only just barely managed to dodge his attack, while Galaxia did so more nimbly.

Chaos will serve an essential role in the future...

That voice continued to echo in Galaxia's head as she evaded another of Prometheus' attacks. Light and darkness standing together against humanity... simply battling one another until no one is left... is that human nature after all?

No... Sailor Moon and I. We're fighting together.

She sighed in sadness as she glanced towards Sailor Moon. We both know what has to be done, but she still refuses to destroy Prometheus. She can see some good in him. Sailor Moon... I wish I still had your eyes... the eyes of a Sailor Soldier, that never stray from the battle, nor abandon something containing the light of hope. Could it still be in him?

Prometheus was positioned much closer to Galaxia now. Seeing how caught up in her own thoughts she was, he made his move.

Deep in her heart, she sighed. She had trained in the ways of the wordless. Did he really think speed was an advantage?

Galaxia merely grabbed Prometheus by the wrist and tossed him aside. He knew better now than to think he could catch her off guard.

"If I can't heal him with Moon Healing Escalation," Sailor Moon said with determination. "I'll have to use something stronger."

And with just those words alone, her wand evolved, a light shining brightly from within, as it transformed into a staff.

"Silver Moon..." Sailor Moon shouted as feathers flew around her. "Crystal Power... Kiss!"

Galaxia turned her eyes away.

Prometheus cried out in shock as a light surrounded him, and screamed in pain.

When the light faded away, Galaxia, Prometheus and Sailor Moon were still left standing. Prometheus was shielding his eyes, and Galaxia opened her own to see that everything was the same, just as she suspected and feared.

An audible crack resounded.

"No," Galaxia shrieked. "No!" Her bracelets, the ones that held her body's form in place, fell apart.

Prometheus laughed madly. "You idiot, Sailor Moon!" he cackled. "That 'attack' of yours has the power of healing! Now Galaxia's soul has left that rotting corpse, and she'll soon be the true vessel of Chaos, your sworn enemy! What will happen now?"

"No..." Galaxia muttered as something inside her started to awaken. "I won't let this win over me."

"What?" Prometheus cried in disbelief.

"Didn't I tell you before, Sailor Moon?" Galaxia whispered as she dropped to one knee. "Chaos is your true ally. In the end, when everything looks lost and your defeat seems imminent... when everything you love lies in ruin... that's when Chaos' true power will reveal itself. A dead star... a Black Hole. That which pulls all into nonexistence. I've awakened that within me!"

A swirling vortex began to form in Galaxia's ruby corset, and a huge force of gravity emanated from that shimmering gemstone.

"Is this... Chaos' true power?" Sailor Moon gasped, quaking in fear.

"Prometheus, with the power of Sailor Galaxia's Sword of Sealing, I will erase your existence from this world," the being now taking Galaxia's form declared. "Soon afterward, I will die, and lose control of the Black Hole. And then, Sailor Moon, you must use your power as the new Queen Serenity, and destroy the Black Hole. You can then certainly establish peace on Earth, and rebuild all that Prometheus has destroyed. "

"But...!" Sailor Moon protested.

"You have the strongest power in the universe now!" Galaxia explained, her voice rising in cadence. "With the sheer force of your will, you can do it! This is how far Chaos is willing to go! It will negate its own existence, for your happiness and the ones you love! Don't question it! Just do it! Please!"

Prometheus started to tremble in abject panic. No amount of grandstanding could hide his fear. Every inch of his physical body was in the grip of the pure killing intent that Galaxia now exhibited.

"Prepare yourself, Prometheus!" Galaxia declared. "I'm taking you to hell with me!" She gripped the hilt of the Sword of Sealing tight, her knuckles whitened with pressure.

Sword of Sealing? Sailor Moon thought briefly. Does that hold the power that allows Galaxia to control the universe this way? In that case... I know what I have to do...

"No!" Prometheus begged, tears welling in his eyes. It was a plea of pure cowardice.

Quicker than a flash of lightning, Galaxia rushed forward to impale Prometheus with the sword that she had once sealed Death with, and would now seal this human's will. No more will die... no more...

But when she felt her Sword pierce flesh, she heard a very different cry.


Instead of Prometheus, it was Sailor Moon who was stabbed by the Sword. She had placed herself between Galaxia and Prometheus.


"Galaxia... you can't... do this..."

"NO!" Galaxia shrieked.

"As I thought... you were bluffing," Sailor Moon coughed as blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. "Your soul is still in there after all."

Prometheus was watching all this, unable to even speak.

"But... but... why?" Galaxia muttered, tears raining down from her golden eyes.

"If you killed him... you'd never be happy. Even in the next life..." Sailor Moon whispered. "But if you use that sword to seal me now... there's a chance..."

"What are you saying?" Galaxia grit her teeth as she held the Sword in place. "Have you given up? If you do this, the Black Hole will destroy the universe!"

"No..." Sailor Moon whispered. "You can use my power... to seal the Black Hole, with your knowledge..." She coughed, and struggled to continue. "I may be a stupid girl, but I recognize my limits. My mother knew it too. We've sinned against the Earth. We've closed our eyes to their pain, and this... this is the price we had to pay, Sailor Galaxia."

"No..." Galaxia repeated herself, and spoke in a steady tone despite her tears. "No! How can you still blame yourself, Queen Serenity? The people of Earth chose you to be their leaders! After all this time, you have simply forgotten... but they would kill you, and survive, and in time forget about you! Are you stupid for believing? For having faith? I can't forgive that! I'll never forgive that!"

"I know..." the Sailor Soldier said, putting her hands over Galaxia's.

She then started to turn into a swirling mass of light. Gold. Pink. Red. White. All at once. It was almost as if a new color were being created upon the spectrum. It filled Galaxia's Sword, once tainted with the blood of the guilty. It became pure again, and the light coursed from its hilt into, and all through, Galaxia's body.

"I didn't want to draw your blood, Princess Serenity. You are innocent."

You may avenge us if that is your wish, Galaxia heard a voice say. But always remember that it is your choice. Hawwa... you chose this knowledge. This is your curse, your gift, your legacy. You will always remember...

Galaxia's eyes widened as she suddenly remembered... everything...

"You will be cursed, hated, and reviled, for the sake of mankind, Hawwa. That is what you have chosen, by taking on the knowledge of good and evil for yourself."

I nodded. "As long as I can protect humanity, in the end, I will go to whatever lengths are necessary."

"Adam rejected her, and he will reject you. Why would you go to such lengths to protect him?"

"He is Your creation, isn't he? You wanted him to understand everything, including good and evil. Why would a man destined to die pick good, when evil gets him what he desires faster and with less effort? I want him to understand that. I'll make him choose good!"

"If you had not taken on that knowledge, he would not have to worry about making the right choice."

"But You said it yourself, didn't You? Creation is meaningless, if there is no love involved. Man cannot truly love, if he is deprived of that choice. Faced with Your glory and splendor, Adam would have no choice but to love You."


"But I've made my choice. I will love You forever, even if Your creation hates me for it! Knowing You, that is the only choice I can make! Just as she made her choice, I will make mine, so that You will know the joy of creation, and not merely exist as the Creator! I will remember You until I die, and forever beyond!"

Prometheus' fear left him as he grasped his surroundings. Sailor Moon was gone. Galaxia held the Sword of Sealing in front of Prometheus' chest. It was dripping with blood, but not his.

"So... Sailor Moon gave her life to spare you from the guilt of killing me?" Prometheus laughed in scorn. "What a vain sacrifice!"

"Do you see any tears in my eyes?" Galaxia said, her tone laced with deadly reverence.

Prometheus blinked, then gasped as he realized that Galaxia's appearance had changed. All signs of possession by Chaos were gone. Her hair was free, and blazing like fire, a golden aura surrounding her. Her skin had a natural tone, and her armor no longer appeared solid gold and metallic; she looked like a true Sailor Soldier now. Her brooch, which had changed to a ruby while possessed by Chaos, was now shining with pure light.

The tears which Galaxia had cried had evaporated in the heat of her true spiritual radiance.

He chuckled. "So, instead of surrendering the Silver Crystal, she loaned you its power," he said. "It won't make a difference. Your body is still..."

"Body?" Galaxia said. "Prometheus, you are truly an idiot. I wanted to bestow compassion upon you because you lost your parents, but you have consistently chosen the way of Adam, the way of the strongest. At first, you did so at the expense of your own corporeal form, but now you try to turn it outward."

"Your body is gone?" Prometheus scoffed in disbelief. "Idiot! How are you here now, talking to me, holding that sword, if that's true?"

Galaxia smirked. "Because, Prometheus of Lachesis... I am your angel of death."

She then took the Sword of Sealing by the edge of its blade, and threw it down hard. The hilt struck the ground, and it shattered with a deafening ring, light pouring out from it. Some sparks headed towards the outer reaches of the galaxy, but most of them headed towards Earth.

"What have you done?" Prometheus shouted. "What about the power you gained from that girl?"

"Power?" Galaxia shook her head. "You still don't understand."

Angel wings began to form on her back. Six slight, razor sharp wings of light with shapes resembling birds' wings, but obviously not. Their shape had the appearance of being crafted neatly and efficiently, quite unlike the wings one would expect from a bird; they more resembled blades of light.

"The people of the Kingdom of Serenity were placed in power by humans like you," she said. "But in time, you both forgot the trust you had between you. Earthlings hurt the people from their moon, who didn't even know why they were so hated. Was it their fault they were born with higher power?"

"If we just eliminate the ones with higher power, balance will be restored!" Prometheus shot back, tears in his eyes. "Why can't you understand that?"

"I cannot kill you, or even save you," Galaxia said. "But by annihilating your body and eliminating your soul from this world, the Earth has a chance. Despite your best efforts, Earth will abide. They will regenerate. And in time, yes... I believe, even the Kingdom of Serenity will be reborn... through the sacrifice of the souls who died today. You, who only understand power, can never understand that."

Prometheus' anger was piqued. "I won't listen to any more of your nonsense!" He ran forward to throw a punch at Galaxia, but it merely passed through her as he stumbled onto the hard rock of the moon's surface.

Galaxia didn't look back. She glanced at the Earth as she spoke to Prometheus.

"You've used quite a lot of energy here in this battle," she mused. "I wonder if you have the energy to survive the return to Earth with your air levels being what they are. After all... you are still human."

Prometheus gasped as he suddenly remembered. His vision started to blur, and he choked. "Eve... Galaxia... take me back to Earth! Hurry!"

"The pain of death... I'll never feel it," Galaxia went on. "You won't even have the energy to tell me what it's like. I can read your mind, but it's dying too." She closed her eyes and looked down with a sad smile as her wings started to flap. "I suppose I'll never know..."

"Galaxia!" Prometheus shrieked. His air supply was running out fast, and soon his blood would slow to a stop.

"Like Adam before you, your body will decompose, even here in this cold place. I will make sure there is no evidence that you ever existed. You, make your plans in hell while you can. Soon, I will return, along with Princess Serenity... no, Sailor Moon. Next time, we'll be sure to end your suffering."

Galaxia started to float away, and finally turned to glance at Prometheus. Her eyes, as they had been when last she fought him, were cold and unfeeling.

"Until then... you will die, here."

"GALAXIA!" Prometheus screamed, raising a hand towards the figure that was flying away from him.

When Galaxia closed her eyes, she felt her consciousness slip away from her. Was she fading away, too...?

Hurry up, Galaxia. We're waiting for you.

Those voices... Galaxia recognized them from her days as a Sailor Soldier. Could it be...

Her spiritual body, which up until this point had remained cohesive in the material world, finally dissipated, leaving the wretched young fighter behind.

We will serve you in whatever way we can, to protect this world that we all fought and put our souls on the line for, Sailor Galaxia!

Galaxia then felt something she could call a smile forming upon her lips as she slipped into the state of perception she had often unconsciously fallen into before. This time, she did it with the complete awareness that the change was permanent.

What world will the people of Earth build now? Phaon... Kaorinite... the people of the Kingdom of Serenity... I will not forget your sacrifices. Please don't forget me, even as I have massacred so many of Earth. I will pay back this debt, not for my own sake, but for your happiness.

This vow I make not on my name, but merely on my own memory.

Galaxia still felt as if she had a physical body. She narrowed her eyes. Perhaps they looked different... but they were definitely her comrades, waiting for her. This felt like a dream...

Unless the dream wasn't a dream at all?

She remembered the words of Sailor Moon, and surrendered to the light.

Finally, the Legendary Sailor Soldier was where she belonged, with her comrades whom she loved.

That's the end of my story. Thank you for reading my words. Now you know the truth about the Silver Millennium, the Moon Kingdom, the Sailor Wars... everything. When the new nightmare comes for you, as it undoubtedly will, call upon the Name of God. No nightmare can survive the power of love hidden within that Name. By whatever Name you wish to use; He has wonderful Names. But if you cannot believe in something as simple as God, then simply believe in the Power of Love; that will suffice, if only you knew it. Farewell, my friends.

Author's note: If you enjoyed this story, you may enjoy "Symmetry of Fire", which touches on the themes this story introduced in the present time. Special thanks to Loki for beta reading this difficult piece.