The Little Goldfish

Chapter 1

"Wingull, Wingull!"



"Pelipper, per, pelipper

"Wingull, wing, gull, gull, gull, wingull!"

"Pelipper, pelip, pelipper" Wild Pelipper and Wingulls cawed as they flew above a ship. Cosmo smelled the nice salty free air.

"Isn't this nice?" He asked Charmander. "The wind in your face, Wingulls and Pelippers flying ahead, the nice salty sea air, doesn't get better then this right Charmander?"

"Oh yes." Charmander leaned over the side, getting seasick. "It's delightful!" Then he felt sick again and looked at the sea, ready to puke.

"Charmander my friend." Grimer said going towards him. "If you hate water so much, why did you agree to sail with me?"

"You forced me too." Charmander reminded him. "I had no choice, besides you're my best friend."

"Ah of course you did my homie!" Grimer put his slimy arm around his friend. "Of course you did!"

"Can we please go back inside? This sea air is making me nauseas."

"Of course we can Charmander, of course we can, you leave it to ol' Grimer to help make you feel better." They went towards the door.

"Thank you Grimer."

"Don't mention it, that what friends are for!"

"Bark, bark!" Odie ran around the ship, and bumped into a table of Remoriad. One Remoriad fell and splashed into the ocean. Kooper went to scold and get hold of the excited dog.

In the sea, Remoriad looked back up, sighed, and went down in the sea.

"Attention, attention!" in a air helmet said, getting the sea cartoon's attention. The cartoons looked at him.

"May I present to you….Jorgen Von Strangle!" Jorgen (with an air helmet) entered the scene with wild cheers from the cartoons.

"And now, Squidward Q Tentacles!" Squidward entered the chamber with equal applause.

"I'm hoping for a superb performance Squidward." Jorgen told him.

"And it will be sir." Squidward told him. "It will be the greatest concert you ever been too!" Jorgen laughed.

"Glad to hear it my fine friend!" He punched Squidward gently in the solder. "Glad to hear it."

"Ha, yeah!"

"I can't wait to see them all, especially Wanda."

"Ah yes majesty, Wanda has the most beautiful voice you ever heard." He went towards his podium. "If only she comes to rehearsals once and a while." When Squidward had everything ready, he motioned Octillery to begin. Octillery stated beating his drums. Mindy and two Mermushrooms came out and began singing.

"Great Jorgen who rules us all," they sang. Jorgen listed contently to the song. "Never letting his superb powers fall. Now we're presenting a diffrant fish like us, making her musical debut here she is, she Wan…" They gasped as the oyster showed nothing. Squidward panicked, and looked up. Jorgen was mad.

"WANDAAAAAA!" he shouted.

Wanda (goldfish) was looking at a sunken ship.

"Wanda, wait for me!" SpongeBob called, he went to Wanda's side. "You know I can't catch up if you keep swimming really fast."

"Isn't it lovely?" Wanda asked him, gazing at the ship.

"Yeah, it's fantastic alright." SpongeBob said. Wanda sighed heavenly.

"It's like a dream, isn't it?"

"Oh sure a dream, whatever." He tugged at Wanda's fins. "Ok I think we'd been here long enough, let's go!"

"No, are you kidding? I want to see more!" She swam towards the ship.

"Wanda, no!" SpongeBob ran after her. "You don't know what's in there, it maybe dangerous, and we should leave right now."

"You stay here, watch for Sharpedos." She went in the porthole.

"Yeah, you go in and I'll what?! Sharpedos!? Wanda no!" He tried fitting in the porthole but failed. "Wanda, a little help here. Please!" Wanda goes over to him and laughs.

"Oh SpongeBob, what are we going to do with you?"

"Well for one thing you can help me out of here."

"Ok hold on." She grabbed his hands and pulled as hard as she could.

"Wanda? You don't think Sharpedos are going to come and get us, d-do you?"

"SpongeBob, don't be silly. Nothing is going to happen" She pulls him inside,

"Hey yeah." SpongeBob said, looking at everything. "This is really exciting! This is great, two friends on an adventure, yup! This is really quite the place to be alright!"

"Oh my gosh!" Wanda told herself. "SpongeBob look at this!"

"Yeah? What do you see?" SpongeBob looked at what she was looking at, a fork. He looked up at her. "What is it?"

"I don't know." She admitted. She went to it, and put it in her bag. "But I bet Corphish will." Suddenly they herd something looming in the water.

"What was that?" SpongeBob went towards Wanda. "Uh Wanda, I-I really think we should go now."

"SpongeBob." She told him, putting a pipe in her bag. "Will you relax? Nothing is going to happen." Suddenly, the Sharpedo crashes through the window. SpongeBob nervously looked at the shark pokemon.

"RUNNNNNN!!!!" SpongeBob shouted. He knocked into Wanda. "It's Sharpedio, swim for your life!" He and Wanda swam out of the ship, Sharpedio chased after them. Wanda dropped her bag, and she quickly picked it up and continued swimming. They exited the porthole, Sharpedo crashing though it. SpongeBob gets shuck in a shark trap.

"Wanda!" He called. Wanda looked and gasped. "I need help!" As the Sharpedo came closer, Wanda quickly swam back and saved her friend, trapping Sharpedo in the trap!

"You big meanie!" SpongeBob said and stuck out his tongue. The angry Sharpedo snapped at him. SpongeBob hurriedly swam after Wanda.

"Heya Corphish!" Wanda called to him when they serviced. Corphish was humming to himself and looking through a telescope backwards.

"Hey sweetie!" Corphish said. "How your doing?" He lowered his telescope to reveil Wanda and SpongeBob up close. "Whoa, when did you guys learn to swim like that?"

"Corphish look at what we found!" Wanda showed the lobster like pokemon the fork and pipe. "What are they?" Corphish picks them up and observes them.

"We found them in a sunken ship." SpongeBob added. "It was fun and creepy."

"I got it!" Corphish exclaimed. "This is a hair/back cleaner!" He pointed to the fork.

"A hair /back cleaner?" SpongeBob and Wanda asked together.

"Yeah!" Corphish told them. "Land cartoons use these to clean their hair with and they also make a wonderful backscratcher!"

"Well what about this thing?" SpongeBob asked about the pipe. Corphish grabbed the pipe.

"This is a Melody Maker."

"A Melody Maker?" SpongeBob and Wanda wanted to know.

"Yeah you know, to make music with." Corphish blew into it.

"Music?" Wanda realized something. "Oh no, the concert! Jorgen is going to kill me!"

"Wait, the concert was today?" SpongeBob questioned.

"Maybe if you find a writing stick and a paper pad, you can make a planner huh?" Corphish suggested. Wanda grabbed the pipe and fork and put it into her bag.

"Sorry Corphish!" Wanda told him. "But SpongeBob and I got to go!" She and SpongeBob waves and dives back down into the ocean.

"Ok bye guys!" Corphish waves after them. "Come back soon now alright?"

Plankton was watching them from a magical crystal ball.

"Yeeeeees!" He said to himself. "Hurry home; we wouldn't want to miss Jorgen's stupid concert now, wouldn't we? Oh yes, that would be tragic now. Ha, when I had a nice feast and parties what happened? Jorgen kicked me out, and now look at me! I'm wasting to nothing here with just little food. It's not fair!" He called to Man ray and the Dirty Bubble. The two came closer.

"You called master Plankton?" Man ray asked.

"What is it?" Dirty bubble wanted to know. "Is it a plan that involves every cartoon eating dirt?" He laughed to himself. "Oooooh, I love to see everyone eating dirt!"

"No!" Plankton answered. Dirty Bubble looked disappointed. "I need you two to watch over Wanda."

"Yes sir!" They both saluted and swam off.

"Oh yes. Pretty soon the sea will soon belong to me." He laughed evilly to himself.

"Wanda, what do you think you were doing?" Jorgen wanted to know. They were in the throne room. "You forgot the concert."

"I'm sorry." Wanda told him. "But I got psytraked, that's all."

"You ruined the whole celebration young lady." Jorgen told her.

"Yeah, and you made me the laughing stock of the concert!" Squidward added. "I was supposed to be at the pinnacle of my composer career, but now it's all in the toilet thanks to you!"

"It's not her fault." SpongeBob butted in. "We were in a sunken ship, then a Sharpedo attacked us, after that Corphish told us about the land stuff we found and…" SpongeBob cupped his mouth, realizing what he said.

"You went to the surface again didn't you?" Jorgen commanded to know. "DIDN'T YOU?"

"Nothing happed" Wanda lied.

"Wanda, how dare you! You could have been seen by those land cartoons, those barbarians!"

"They're not barbarians!"

"Yes they are, they're dangerous!" By now Wanda was yelling at him.

"How do you know? You haven't met one in your life!"

"No, but I just know ok?"

"I'm 17, I'm almost an adult, I'm not a child anymore!"

"I don't care! Now as long as you're in my kingdom you'll obey me understand?"

"But if you'd just listen…"

"I want you NEVER and I mean NEVER want you to go to the surface again, is that clear?" Wanda didn't know what else to say, she just leaves crying. SpongeBob races after her.

"Hmmmmmmm, teens!" Squidward scoffed. "They think they know everything. Why if she was my child I would teach her a thing or two."

"You think I was too hard on her? Don't answer that, I know I wasn't. What that girl needs is someone to keep her out of trouble."

"She needs a conscience all right." Squidward agreed. "Someone to set her straight." Jorgen looked at Squidward. Squidward looked at his boss.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" He wanted to know.

"You're going to watch her Squidward."

"I what? But Claire needs me and…"


"Ah fish paste! Aw right, I'll do it." Squidward swam after them. Jorgen laughed to himself.

"Man, I love making unfortunate souls do my dirty work for me, ah right!"