Chapter 4

"Bark, bark!" Odie barked as he and Cosmo played fetch with a stick outside.

"Ok, cut it out!" Cosmo laughed as the dog slobbered him on the face. "Fetch!" He threw the stick into the bushes.

"Go get it boy!"

"Bark, bark, bark!" Odie ran and picked up the stick in his mouth.

"Good job! Now bring that to me so we can do it again!" The dog joyfully pranced back to the fairy. Cosmo petted him.

"You're a good doggie aren't ya? Yes you are, yes you are!" He then looked up and noticed Wanda on the balcony. He waved to her.

"Hiya sweet thang!" Wanda gently waved back and went back inside to shut the balcony doors. Cosmo continued playing with the mutt.

"This has got to be the most humiliating day in my life!" Squidward said pacing on the carpet. He stopped and pointed his tentacle at Wanda. "I hope you appreciate what I'm going through for you missy! We got to make a plan for that lover boy to kiss you, now let's see." He pondered to himself then he snapped his finger.

"I got it! How about tomorrow?" Wanda went to make her bed and jumped on it and sat down. "On that tour around town, you got to look your best. Tomorrow it'll be kissy kissy and all of your worries are over!" He pretended to kiss someone. "See? Like this!" He then noticed Wanda asleep in her bed. He went over and patted her.

"Good night Wanda." He then lied on the floor next to her. "And tomorrow you better pucker up!" He yawned. "Yep! You got to pucker…up." Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

At the undersea palace; Binky swims up to Jorgen. Jorgen looked at him.

"Well any signs?" Jorgen commanded to know.

"Nope, not yet your majesty!" Binky told him. "There's just no trace of her or Squidward."

"Well…" Jorgen leaned up to Binky's face looking angry." "I didn't ask for a status report and for you wasting valuable searching time; so, KEEP SEACHING! And remember no one sleeps until they are found!"

"Yes your majesty!" Binky saluted. "Right away sir, we'll find her and Squidward faster then you can say pudding!"

"Pudding." Binky just looked at him.

"Ok, what I meant was faster then you can say "Supercalifra…"


"Yes sir, right away! Sorry!" He swam away. Jorgen sat in his char and sighed looking at his big wand in his hands."

"Oh big wand." He said to it. "Tell me what have I done wrong. Nothing? I don't think so, or what have I done?"

Morning came and the town tour was underway! They rode in a Ponyta drawn carriage. Wanda was amazed by everything. Squidward hid in the back.

"Hey Squidward!" SpongeBob called from the sea as the carriage crossed the bridge. "Status report, any kissing yet?"

"Not yet!" Squidward called down from the back. SpongeBob looked disappointed. Corphish swims up to him as Wanda and Cosmo ate ice cream on the edge.

"Yo Spongy!" He said. "Any kissy kissy yet?" SpongeBob sadly shook his head.

"No, not yet."

"Well they better start kissing, the deadline's tomorrow."

"I know, oh Corphish; what are we going to do?" Corphish shrugged.

"Beats me! But we'll figure it out; we'll figure it out, just wait and see!" He swam away as the couple each had a shot at Whack-A-Mole.

Then the couple swam in a boat when evening came. Corphish swims by the boat.

"Any kissing yet?"

"Not yet!" Squidward told him. He and SpongeBob were in the water a few feet from the boat.

"Well I can't wait any lounger!" He climbed a tree, cleared his throat, and started to sing badly.

"Corphish, corphish, corphishhhhh!"" Cosmo laughed.

"He should be banned from anything music related; even my dead pet frog can sing better then him!" Wanda slapped her face embarrassed as Corphish winked at her. SpongeBob and Squidward plugged their invisible ears.

"Squidward!" SpongeBob wailed. "Do something, his singing is killing me!"

"Nobody wants to hear a song from a pokemon! Here, let the master show you how it's done!" He went to a lily pad, picked up a floating twig, and constructed Tiptup to start playing on his mini piano.

"Procession," He pointed to some Cherubi who whisled though some grass. "Stings, wind, and finally words." He started singing.

"There you see her; she's sitting across the way. She doesn't have allot to say, but there's something about her. You don't know why but you're dieing to try; you want to kiss the girl!"

"Did you here something or is it just me rowing?" Cosmo wanted to know. Wanda shrugged.

"Go on you want her, you know you do. She might want you to, and there's one way to ask her. No words, not a single word, just go on and kiss the girl!"

"I want to try to guess your name!" Cosmo declared. He sits back. Let's see, Rebecca? Kebra? Jennifer?" Wanda shook her head.

"I got it! Your name is Anthony! Oh wait, Anthony is a boy's name, and you're female. So noooooo! Lucy? Cathy? Lisa? Bob? Ashley Tisdale?" Come on what's your name?"

"It's Wanda you idiot!" Squidward whispered to him.

"How about Wanda?" Wanda nodded her head vigorously as she held his hands.

"I know! I am a genius; I came up with that name myself! Wanda huh? Gosh Wanda, what a pretty name, Wanda."

"Your moment is here, do it soon; do it before the last sunset tomorrow gets very near! She won't say a world until you kiss the girl!" Pichu and Mort were up on a tree branch. Then Pichu joined in, hopping up and down.

"Wamda and Cosmo sittings in a tree, C-I-C-C- I-M-P!"

"Kiss the girl, kiss the girl, go, kiss the girl!" Mort shouted, jumping up and down causing the branch to brake, Pichu and Mort fell in the body of water.

"Oops!" Mort gigged with guilt. "My bad."

Polywags swam closer for the moment, Goldeens leaped and splashed, Shuckles leaned closer, Pichu and Mort oohed. Mort jumped up and down excitedly.

"Kiss the girl, kiss the girl, KISS THE GIRL!!!!" he chanted. Politoeds clapped and cheered, and Perry took of his agent hat, kneeled down, and waited with interest for their kiss. Squidward shushed Corphish up with nearby leaves.

"Go on and kiss the girl!" Suddenly right at the last second, the boat tips over! SpongeBob slaps his face as Squidward sighed. Corphish spits out the seaweeds as the sea cartoons swam away.

"I got ya!" Cosmo said. "Boy was that an earthquake? Oh well, let's just go home." They leave as Plankton saw them in his portal. Man Ray and Dirty Bubble laughed at what they did.

"Oh that was just too darn close!" He said as he grabbed a potion into his pot. "It's time Plankton takes matters in his own tiny stubby hands!" He laughs evilly as he turned into the Tooth Fairy with Wanda's voice.

Back at the Palace grounds, Cosmo played with Odie. Then he heard Wanda's (Disguised) voice singing.

"Hang on boy!" Cosmo told the dog. "I got to find where that lovely sweet singing is coming from!" He went to look down the drawbridge.

"Whoa!" He said when he saw the Tooth Fairy (Plankton.) "That girl sure has talent!" Then he fell memorized by the singing as he fell in Plankton's spell.

"Wanda congratulations!" Corphish woke her and Squidward up the next morning. Squidward yawned and stratched.

"What is this boob mumbering about?" he asked.

"Right as if you didn't know." Corphish shook Wanda's hand.

"Know what you idiot?"

"Oh, guess you don't have an inkling to what I'm talking about huh?"

"Correct! Now what the heck are you blabbering about?"

"Cosmo is getting merried to a special someone, and I bet we know who that special someone is huh? Well I'll be back in time for the event, I wouldn't miss it!" He went out the window and dived back in the water. Wanda got excited as she twirled off the bad. She quickly did her morning routine, then raced downstairs. Squidward follows. The two hid behind a piller as they heard some talking. She peeked as she saw Grimer, Charmander, and Cosmo in a fancy suit holding hands with the bride, the Tooth Fairy! Wanda looked confused. Wasn't her hand supposed to be in Cosmo's? Why is he holding the Tooth Fairy's?

"Wow Cosmo!" Grimer observed. "I never knew you had it in you!"

"Yeah!" Charmander added. "A lovely maiden indeed! She should be the perfect wife!" Wanda gasped. What did the fire salamander just say?

"We're planning to get married tonight on the wedding ship this evening!"

"But Cosmo." Charmander pointed out. "These things take time you know and…" Cosmo leaned in his face.

"I DON'T CARE!!!!" he shouted. "All I want is a happy wedding, is that too much to ask?!!" Charmander looked terrified.

"No, well I don't know! Just don't hurt me!" He shielded himself.

"Chillax Cosmo!" Grimer told him. "Charmander's right, you just saw her last night. Don't you think you should wait about 4 to 6…?" Cosmo gave the purple blob slow deep scary breaths. It was Grimer's turn to get terrified; he hid behind his red friend.

"Ok, ok, you can get married! Just don't get outraged like you did at your son's baby shower, that was just plain creepy!"

"Yeah, plaiinnnnn creepy!" Cosmo then turned back to his cheery self.

"Yey! I'm getting married, wooo hoooo!" He then kissed the bride. The bride snickered to herself as she saw Wanda flying upstairs crying. Squidward chased after the crying girl.

On the pier, Wanda cries in her lap as the wedding ship departs. SpongeBob and Squidward looked sad as they looked at her.

Meanwhile, Corphish is swimming until he hears singing from a port hole. Corphish swims to it, climbs up, and looks in the window. He sees the Tooth Fairy humming to herself.

"Oh yes I'm so rich!" She sings. "Soon I'll have that girl who can grant wishes in my clutches. Power will be so divine when the ocean will be mine at the end of tttttiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee!" Corphish gasps in terror as he saw Plankton laugh evilly though the mirror.

"I got to get Wanda!" He dived back in, and swam as fast as he could. "WANDAAAAAA!!!"

Back at the pier, Corphish swims up to them. Squidward sighs.

"Oh great the moron is here to make everything better! Look, can't you see us moaning here?"

"Wanda, I was swimming, well of course I was swimming and…"

"OH WOULD YOU JUST GET TO THE POINT!!!" Squidward shouted.

"COSMO IS MARRYING PLANKTON IN DISGUISE!!!" They all gasped except Corphish. "There, is that "to the point" enough?"

"Are your sure about this numbskull? I think you gave me a headache."

"Sure I'm sure, have I ever been wrong? Ok, don't answer that."

"What are we going to do?" SpongeBob questioned. Plankton's voice replays in her head.

"When the sun sets on the third day." Wanda dived in the water. Squidward pushed a barrel in for her to hold on to. SpongeBob gets under the attached string and pulls her to the ship.

"You know what to do SpongeBob!" Squidward called after him. "I'll warn Jorgen about this!"

"Just leave it to me Squiddy! I'll get her there safely!"

`"What can I do?" Corphish wanted to know. Squidward turned to him.

"You be a wedding crasher." Corphish saluted and then looked puzzled.

"Um, what's exactly is a "wedding crasher?"

"Oh jeez, just STALL THAT WEDDING!!!" He dived in and went to warn Jorgen.

"Yes sir!" Corphish swims and gathers up the cartoons as he makes his way to the ship. "Yo cartoons come on! Hurry, it's an emergency!" The cartoons fallow him.

As Wanda flies up the ship, Toadsworth speaks to the Cosmo and his bogus bride.

"Do you Cosmo take this lovly bride be your wedded wife, as long as you two shell live which is forever?" He read out of a Nintendo Power Magazine.

"I do!" Cosmo said. Toadsworth turns to the Tooth Fairy.

"Fairy of teeth do you…" The approching cartoons droned out his voice. She dodged and screamed as Pidgeys swooped down at her. Perry then dived into her in his hat. When she got up, she was flipped up and down by a Shealio's nose.

"PUT…ME…DOWN..YOU…OBEAST SEA CARTOON!!!: She screamed. The seashell holding Wanda's voice breaks and goes back to her. Cosmo's spell is broken as she sings. He looks at her.

"Wanda?" He asks. Wanda stops singing as she went to hold Cosmo's hands.

"Cosmo, it's me!" Wanda says.

"I-I can't believe it, you're the one with the singy voice!"

"Cosmo! Get away from her!" Tooth Fairy ordered.

"Cosmo." Wanda told him. "I wanted to tell you but…"

"COSMO NOOOOO!" Tooth Fairy yells as they were about to kiss. Suddenly, the sun set and Wanda turns back into a goldfish. Tooth Fairy laughs evilly as she turned back into Plankton.

"HOT DOG! YOU'RE TOO LATE!!" He laughs as he grabs Wanda. "Poor Wanda, so long suckers!!!" He dragged Wanda into the ocean. Wanda tried to go, but Plankton held a firm grasp. "Poor little fish girl, but I must do…" Jorgen comes with his big wand. Squidward is by his side.

"Plankton stop!" Jorgen ordered. They stopped. "I won't let you do this! Give her back or else!" He held up his wand at her.

"No way Jorgey!" Plankton told him. "She signed a contract!" Jorgen gasped.

"Jorgen I'm sorry, I…" Wanda tried to tell him, being blocked by Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble.

"The contract's legal so it can't be broken. Unless….You put me in charge."

"Cosmo, what are you doing?" Grimer wanted to know as Cosmo poofs into a goldfish and dives into the ocean.

"I'm going to get my future to be wife." Cosmo told them. "I'll rescue her or die trying!" He then went under.

"What, future to be wife?" Charmander wanted to know. "I don't get it, Grimer do you know what's he's saying?" Grimer wrapped his hand around his friend.

"Only the future can tell my loyal friend!" Grimer told him. "The future knows all!"

"Ooooooh! Future knows all!"

"So do we have a deal or what?" Plankton wanted to know.

"Fine, you win!" Jorgen decided, giving Plankton his wand.

"Jorgen noooo!" Wanda pleaded.

"Are you crazy?!" Squidward cried. "Majesty, nooooo!" Plankton snatched Jorgen's wand and turned him into a Slowpoke.

"Jorgen?" Wanda asked.

"Oh your majesty." Squidward said softly. Plankton laughed evilly.

"At last!!! The power is all mine, I will forever be invincible!" Wanda glares at him and attacks him.

"YOU MONSTER!" She yelled. "You won't get away with this!" Plankton yanked her off and threw her aside.

"Can it your crybaby!" He shouted. "It's too late to save your kingdom now. I….OOF!" He is then attacked by Cosmo.

"Attack my future to be wife will ya?" He swims towards Wanda.

"Cosmo, my hero!" Wanda cheered. "You saved me!" Cosmo held her hands. "Of course I did, I couldn't let…" Then Cosmo was attacked by Man Ray.

"COSMO!!!" Wanda screamed.

"Pretty soon your lover boy will be no longer!" Man Ray laughed.

"Oh yes!" Dirty bubble agreed snickering evilly. "We'll have him eating so much dirt that it'll all pile on his gravestone!"

"Oh yeah!" Cosmo challenged, turning both of them into mini soft pretzels. "I think you two will satisfy my stomach!" Then he ate them. "Yup, satisfying all right!"

"You ate my minions?" As Plankton grew outraged Wanda and Cosmo swam upward. "You'll pay for that!" Then he stated growing.

"Cosmo, you must leave please!" Wanda told him.

"No!" he declared. "I will never leave you!" Then they saw the huge Plankton emerge from the sea.

"I am now all powerful!" He laughed. "Nothing can stop me now!" He grabs Wanda.

"COSMMOOOO!!!!" She yelled.


"Ha! What are you going to do?" Plankton teased. "Throw cheese at me? Beg me to let her go? Distract me with a hula dance? I think not!" He makes a whirlpool and throws Wanda into it.

"COSMOOOOOO!!!" She spins rapidly around screaming.

"I'm thinking!" Cosmo then got an idea. "I got it!" He faces Plankton.

"Ok Plankton, you're one bad rotten banana!" Then Cosmo zaps Plankton with his wand.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" Plankton screamed as he turned into a banana. The whirlpool stopped and Cosmo eats him.

"MMMM, you're yummy!" Then the violent waves pushed him to land.

"COSMOOOOO!!!" Wanda shouted. Jorgen's wand fell to him, turning him back to normal. Squidward cheered at the return of his king.

Cosmo washes up on land. Wanda looks at him from on a rock. Squidward and Jorgen watches. Jorgen sighs.

"She really loves that idiot doesn't she Squidward?" Jorgen said.

"Yup!" Squidward piped up. "She does! And you were kind of prejudice about their love no offence."

"I know." Jorgen agrees. "Through it pains me to agree with you, I must. I was being a jerk and now I got to pay. I'm about to grant Wanda's wish." Squidward looks at his ruler.

"What wish is that your highness?"

"The wish to be a land cartoon."

"What?! Land cartoon?" Jorgen points his wand at the goldfish and turns her into a fairy. Wanda is overjoyed when she sees she now had a pointy crown, a pair of wings, and a star shaped wand. Cosmo wakes up, she flies to him, and they kiss.

3 months later, it was Cosmo and Wanda's wedding day. Every cartoon was there and happy as the bride and groom went though the aisle. As the two stopped as Toadsworth read from his book (right book this time), Grimer and Charmander burst out crying.

"I can't help it Grimer!" Charmander wailed. "It's just too breautiful, our friend is getting married at last!"

"I know buddy, I know!" Grimar cried. "Weddings and funerals always makes you cry over love ones/friends don't they?"

"Yeah I know, except in funerals you sad cry; at weddings you're happy crying like we're doing right now."

"Exactly my friend."

After Cosmo and Wanda kissed when Toadsworth finished; it was time for cake.

"Yang, cakey!" Pichu cheered. "It's my favoritest time aftirs all dose boreimgs readimgs!"

"I love cake." Mort said. "Because I can lick some off of my claws when they land on them."

"Penguins." Skipper told the group. "Its operation eat wedding cake time!" The penguins cheered.

"Come on Perry!" Phineas told him as all the cartoons went to have some cake. Perry chattered as he followed.

As all the cartoons ate their piece, Cosmo and Wanda had their final kiss.

We can now fly, laugh and play with our kids in the sun; just you and me, and now I am, part of your worllldddddd!"