AN: So I decided to try something new, from one of my favourite shows (Mighty Morphin' at that time) from when I was a kid. We all know Kimberly and Tommy are perfect for each other, Madison and Nick's relationship has so much more room for imagination. Right now I'm just starting off with actual moments from the season, but in later chapters I will create some scenes which we wish happened. Enjoy!

Ars Amatoria Theme Challenge: Madison and Nick


She watched him from the store window, as he tinkered with his bike. There had definitely been a different air about him than in any other guy she had known. He was... serious, focused, closed up. Not a hint of a smile, or a frown, just that levelled, grey-green gaze. She didn't know what made her go up and say hi. She was shy, she barely talked to guys outside of Xander and Chip. But something about Nick told her that he wasn't going to shoot her down immediately.

"Hey there."

He looked up from his bike, "Hey."

She stuffed her hands in her pockets, nervously scuffing the toe of her sneaker against the leaves lying on the grass, "We sure could have used your help back there."

He shrugged going back to his bike, "I don't think there was anything I could have done." He began fiddling with the handlebars.

She nodded, "So, um, while we're out there in the world fighting evil, what are you going to do?"

He sighed, seemingly irritated at the bike, "Well first, I'm gonna fix my bike," he swung a leg over the vehicle, sitting down and meeting her eyes for a couple seconds before turning his attention back to the handlebars, "Then I'll head to my grandparents to see if I can live there instead of with my sister in Briarwood."

She grimaced sympathetically, "No parents?"

He looked up from his handlebars thoughtfully, "Hmmm... you are nosy..." she smiled slightly, looking at the ground and back again. "Yes, I have parents, they're working overseas for a few years. I was living with my cousins for a while, then my Uncle," he paused for a moment with an air of resignation, "Now my sister."

He had no idea why he was telling her all this. It wasn't like him to talk to people much, nothing beyond his name. And in return, people didn't talk to him. But here she was, a pretty girl— just because he didn't talk to people much didn't mean he didn't have eyes— somewhat shy from the looks of it, trying her best to strike up a conversation with him. He didn't have any sense of inhibition with her, for once he wasn't guarding what he said.

"Must be hard," she said, "Leaving friends all the time."

He was looking straight at her now, "Usually don't stay around long enough to have friends." It was true. He always had been somewhat of a loner, he wasn't the best socialiser out there, and as far as he was concerned, it was just him and his bike.

"You know you could."

He got off his bike, twirling a part in his hand.

"I mean," she continued, shrugging, "You could stay somewhere longer. Yeah, like... here, maybe."

Oh no, they weren't going there. He didn't care how pretty this girl was, he wasn't going to let her coerce him into staying, into helping them do their whole saving the world thing. Not that he could, anyway, the magic didn't work for him.

"Look, I'd love to hang and talk to you here all day," he said abruptly, "But I've still got a lot of work to do on my bike and—"

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry," she said immediately, smiling nervously, "I- I was'm gonna leave you to it." She turned away, dragging her feet through the leaf strewn grass. And suddenly he felt this warm feeling coursing through him that he had never felt before, he felt wanted. For once, someone had asked him to stay.

"Hey look," he found himself saying suddenly, "I- I really appreciate what you're trying to do, trying to say," she took a few steps forward, "But, I guess I'm just not cut out for all this magic stuff like you guys." She nodded, rolling her eyes slightly, "But," he pressed on sincerely, "Good luck."

"Yeah," she said, "You too." She gestured to his bike. She turned away again, heading back to the store. He stared after her for a few seconds before turning back to his bike. That warm feeling still hadn't gone away. For a few moments, he considered staying. Her words echoed in his mind, "I mean, you could stay somewhere longer..." Along with that shy little smile. Friends. He could have real friends, people like her. But then he shook his head. What was he thinking? Nick Russell didn't have friends, ever.

But as soon as he saw that vision of Koragg defeating the four Rangers, he knew he had to help. And now they were a team, he was going to stay, and he had friends. And watching them laugh at him and Leelee Pemvari brought back that same warm feeling from before. The whole Ranger job was worth staying for, but what really sealed the deal was Madison's smile when he said he would stay. Maybe he could hang around long enough to make friends... especially if those friends included Madison.

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