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One Moment

Madison knew her sister could take care of herself. But that didn't stop her from worrying. She was the more sensible twin after all, Vida being the reckless counterpart. And some of Vida's more reckless endeavours had led to Madison's automatic worry sensors becoming slightly immune. So when Vida didn't show up for their nocturnal crack at the map, Madison didn't immediately begin worrying. However, when Vida came back, was revealed to be a vampire, was 'rescued', revealed to still be a vampire, and then proceeded to pull another disappearing act, Madison rightfully thought she had a right to be worried. Her nerved were absolutely grated. Her turned-vampire sister had tricked them and run away (thanks to Xander, she couldn't help but think bitterly), and she had no idea where she was. Madison was quite ready to cry. Vida could be anywhere.

"Maybe she was left town, maybe she was taken, maybe she—" Madison found her near hysterical maybe's cut off by Nick, who had been trying all night to convince her that Vida would be fine.

"—We'll find her, Maddie," He circled an arm around her shoulders, drawing her in closer, his hand gently rubbing in circles on her neck. She could see the grey and green mixing in his eyes, "I promise." And just for a moment, everything seemed alright, her Vida was fine, completely human, and safe, and she wasn't beside herself with worry. Then the door opened and she looked up, seeing her sister seemingly intact.



Nick didn't like seeing Madison so worried. She had been fine the first night Vida didn't show up. He involuntarily smiled in memory of their little chat that night. But—he really should be focusing on the issue at hand—Madison was sick with anxiety over her sister, and so far nothing he had said all night had helped. They'd searched the forest on their racers; Vida was nowhere to be found. Chip continued presiding over an overflowing cauldron, concentrating on making the Dawn Crystal to kill Necrolai and free Vida from her vampirific clutches, and consequently not being of any particular help. Xander continued beating himself up over letting Vida out of the circle.

So he'd taken over being Madison's chief comforter—not that he didn't want the job in the first place—and he had to say, he wasn't exactly the best person for it. Still, he automatically reached out to her the moment she seemed like she would hit her breaking point. She was near hysterical, wondering what in the world had happened to her sister. And even though he cared for Vida as a teammate and a friend, he was overcome by the desire to comfort and protect Madison. So he pulled her into a half-hug, in front of Xander and everything (knowing he was setting himself up for endless teasing after everything was back to normal), and promised her that they would find Vida. Seeing the sudden hope in her eyes made him feel better, and more assured about his rash promise.

The door opened, Madison's head shot up, and she shot out of his arm to fling herself at her sister. And Nick was happy that Vida had come back, happy that Madison was happy, but damn did he miss being so close to her and damn was he jealous of Vida at the moment. He had never been a touchy-feely person, but of course, Madison had ended up flipping everything he had thought about himself a complete one-eighty. It was just that... in that one moment, when she was tucked into him(perfectly, of course), looking at him with such hope, everything was alright.

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