Yugi walked down a dark corridor, ruins of some kind, surrounded by shadows.

"What is this place?" Yugi asked, "Hello? Anyone there?"

He leapt back as something hit the ruins, knocking a few stones loose to land where he'd been standing a few moments before.

"Who's there?" He demanded angrily.

An angry grunt answered him, "Yami?"

"Yugi?" Yami spared him a glance; he had some kind of odd golden armour on.

"Where are we and what's with the weird outfit?"

"This isn't the best time for questions." Yami replied quickly attempting to dodge an attack from a shadowy arm. Yugi threw up an arm to protect himself from the shadows swirling around said arm, "Run, while you can!"

Yugi drew his wand as the shadows surrounded Yami, tightening and forming into a hand, gripping Yami so tightly that the Pharaoh cried out in pain.

"Stupify!" Yugi yelled, the spell shooting from the end of his wand and hitting the hand, rebounding and nearly hitting the hikari. "Let Yami go!" The heir shouted at the monster picking the Pharaoh up.

"Yami belongs to me now!" A voice echoed back at him.

"And who are you?" Yugi demanded. "And what do you want with Yami?"

"It will all become clear, just as soon as you join the game that is."

"What game? Hey!" Yugi rushed forward…


And fell out of bed.

"These nightmares are getting to become a pain… literally." Yugi complained quietly, as he rubbed his side, the sun streaming through his window.

"Yugi?" Yami asked, sitting up and looking at him blearily.

"I'm okay Yami. I just fell out of bed." Yugi looked at his desk. The Millennium Puzzle was flashing golden. "What's up with the Puzzle?"

Yami looked over to the desk, where their decks rested alongside the Millennium Puzzle, which was glowing erratically.

The Pharaoh, who had given his room to Ombre and had been sleeping on a camp bed in Yugi's room for the last week, frowned and got out of bed, picking it up, only to have it stop as he picked it up. "Huh…"

"Probably reacting to my nightmare…" Yugi sighed, "Sleep well?"

"Not bad." Yami shrugged, attempting to untangle himself from the bedding as Yugi dug out a fresh set of clothes that wasn't packed for their holiday in India, figuring he probably wouldn't get to sleep, "Ombre came in just as I was heading up, but Joey was still wide awake."

"So we probably won't see either of them till lunch time, right." Yugi nodded, "We'll have to make room for a second camp bed in here soon, Grandpa's due back from that consultancy work while we're away."

"Joey'll have to clear his stuff out of Grandpa's room."

"At least with the extension spells on our bags and things storage isn't an issue." Yugi pointed out as he hopped around the room, pulling his sock on. "I'll open up today."

"Eat first." Yami growled at him.

"I know, I know, what do you want?" Yugi waved him off, "Fry up? Cereal?" He asked as he reached the door, looking back at his dark half, who was giving him a look which made him sigh. "What?"

"You've been having nightmares since we got back."

"I know." Yugi sighed. "But I don't understand them."

"What do you remember?" Yami frowned.

"It will all become clear, just as soon as you join the game that is." Yugi quoted with a sigh. "What game, where and when aren't clear. They never are."

"Anything else?"

"If we end up in some ruins somewhere while it's dark be careful." Yugi shook his head, ill amused. "Sometimes I wish my dreams had a little more detail to them. It's all well and good me getting warnings, but they're as clear as mud."

"We'll get by, we normally do." Yami offered, reassuringly.

"True." Yugi shrugged. "I'm going to eat breakfast and open up the shop. You're on shop duty today as well."

"I'll be down in half an hour." Yami nodded.

Yugi smiled, well aware of how long it took Yami to wake up properly and shut the door behind him, leaving the Pharaoh to wonder if they were going to visit any ruins while in India, and if so if any of the trips were during the evening. Yugi wasn't the only one that sometimes wished that the Gods would send clearer warnings…

But then that hadn't helped Kari…

Yami shook his head, trying to clear his mind and block the sudden grief from reaching Yugi. It had been too fast and they'd failed to see it coming even with warnings…

"Yami, if you want a fry up you'd better come now!" Yugi's mental voice broke through his thoughts, "Joey's threatening to eat all the bacon and Ombre's already called dibs on the mushrooms."

'I'll be there in a minute. Don't let them eat everything!'

"Help! Joey's kidnapped the bacon!"

'I'm coming, I'm coming!' Yami quickly got dressed, and entered the kitchen in time to see Yugi manage to grab the plate of bacon back from Joey, dash across the kitchen and distribute it evenly across the four plates.

"But I'm hungry!" Joey whined, sitting at the table.

"The eggs have another minute; you'll just have to wait." Yugi mock glared.

"But Yuge…"

"I'll eat Joey's eggs if he doesn't want them." Yami said, leaning on a work surface and making Ombre jump, since she hadn't noticed Yami enter the room. "Morning Joey, morning Ombre."

"Morning Yami." Both replied almost simultaneously.

"What time did you guys get to bed last night?"

"Three?" Joey hazarded, looking around for the ketchup as Yugi distributed the eggs. Yami chucked it to him and he managed to catch it, but squeezed it too tightly and ended up with ketchup down his top. "So glad I'm not on shop duty today."

"No, I went to bed at three." Yami shook his head, "So it has to be later then that."

"Three?" Yugi asked. Yami winced, recognising that tone. That was the 'you knew you had work in the morning' tone.

"I think it was quarter to five." Ombre shrugged, "I wasn't sleepy and kept Joey up longer then I should have done."

"How are you even awake?" Yami asked, looking at the clock.

"I haven't slept." Ombre shrugged.

"Ombre…" Yugi growled.

"I'll sleep this afternoon." Ombre shrugged off Yugi's concerned irritation.

"Serenity'll be here in a couple of hours." Joey grinned, "I can deal with only having a couple of hours sleep, when I'm meeting up with my sis."

"I can't believe we'll be going tomorrow." Yugi smiled, "It should be fun."

"Swimming pool here I come!" Joey grinned.

"You'll miss all the sightseeing if you stay in the pool the whole time." Yami warned. 'And I might join him.' Yami added, more to himself then anyone.

"Yami!" Yugi giggled, having heard him.

'What? You said for me to avoid ruins…'

Yugi poked his tongue out at the Pharaoh who just pulled a funny face back.

"That's real mature guys." Joey snorted. "Do I want to know what started that off?"

"Nightmares." Yugi sighed.

"Again?" Joey frowned, "Not Marik?"

"No. I'd be less worried if it was Yami Marik disturbing my sleep." Yugi frowned. "It'll be okay. It's normally okay."

Joey and Ombre looked at each other as Yugi put his plate on the side, grabbed the keys and headed downstairs. "Has he told you anything?" Joey asked Yami, who was just getting up from the table himself.

"Not much. You know what his nightmares are like." Yami half sighed, half complained, "No coherency until after the fact. Just a warning that something's going to happen somewhere."

"It'll be fine, I'm sure." Joey sighed, yawning.

"Go meet up with Serenity, I'll set up the camp bed in my room." Ombre pushed Joey towards the door as Yami vanished downstairs to help Yugi open up.

"Thanks Ombre."

"No problem, now get. You know she worries when you're late."

"I'm getting, I'm getting."

Joey left, leaving Ombre alone in the upstairs flat. She sighed as she tidied around the kitchen so it looked presentable, and then went to her room.

Except she didn't really have a room anymore. This wasn't hers, it was Yami's, but he was letting her use it and him only referring to it as his room by accident didn't help, it just made her feel like she'd made him give up his room. This was a load of rubbish of course, but she still felt miserable.

'Kari…' Ombre reached for a mind link that wasn't there anymore, forgetting again that there wasn't anyone to answer her and withdrew into herself when her call echoed down a hollow and dead link.

She appreciated Yugi's efforts to cheer her up, but she could see how down he was at the moment, even to the point of being so distracted during the Tournament last week that he'd nearly lost a crucial duel and it had taken a mental pep talk from Yami to get his head back into the game, that the hikari's efforts, while appreciated, just seemed hollow.

She set up the camp bed, then led down on her bed, to try to clear her thoughts and before too long the sleep that had been denied over night caught up to her and she slipped into a dream filled sleep.



Serenity grinned as she spotted her brother. The mousey brown haired teen waved to the tall, blonde, man who was wading through the crowd to reach her and picked up her bags. "Joey!"

He reached her side, and for a moment, she saw all the worry and grief he was feeling, and then it was pushed aside for the biggest grin Joey could possibly manage. "Hey, sis. How was graduation?"

"It feels odd." Serenity admitted as Joey led her away from the crowds and down the quietest route to the game's shop he could find. "Knowing that I'm never going to go back to school."

"Have you found a job yet?" Joey asked, nodding in understanding, though he was rather looking forward to getting away from Hogwarts, as long as it didn't mean losing contact with his family… oh… yeah…

"I start at the magical hospital in Tokyo when we get back, but now I'm old enough I can apperate here to Domino whenever I want." Serenity grinned. "And see my big brother whenever he isn't at Hogwarts!"

"Serenity, I need to tell you something." Joey hesitated. "Preferably before we get to the Game Shop."

"What's up?"

"Well, you know I've always called Yugi my brother?"

"Uh huh." She nodded, tilting her head so she could see him better. If she didn't know better, she would say he was nervous.

"Well you see, we actually became a family while we were away at Hogwarts, we joined together with our friends, Harry, Hermione and the gang, you remember them right?"

Serenity nodded, slightly confused.

"Well, we became Clan." Joey continued, "Which basically makes us family, and I was going to ask if you wanted in, but we miscalculated and anyone we owed a life debt to, was automatically added so…"

"I have lots of big brothers?" Serenity guessed. "And a few little brothers too?"


"Why are you sorry? I've always said, a friend of yours was a friend of mine." Serenity frowned, "I'd have said yes to joining anyway." She shoved him playfully, "Like I'd say no to joining your family, no matter how odd the members are."

"You can't get much more weird then the Domino Clan." Joey acknowledged, "But don't tell Yuge I said that."

Serenity smiled and asked cautiously, "How is everyone?"

"It's hard." Joey sighed, "But we knew it would be."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there."

Joey shrugged, "You didn't know her very well, but she was a really good friend and…" Joey just shook his head and they walked in silence for a while.

"I've improved my duelling since you last saw me." Serenity finally spoke up, catching Joey's attention.

"Oh yeah?"

"I figured that I should learn how to play the game well, if I'm going to be spending two weeks with you guys. Your answer to boredom always is a game of Duel Monsters."

"How much better?" Joey asked, intrigued and always happy to encourage his little sister.

"Lots, just you wait." She grinned, "I'll show you."

"Can't wait." Joey grinned back, "Do you need to get anything before the trip?"

She shook her head, "I picked up everything I needed."

"You'll be sharing a room with Ombre overnight, she should have set up the camp bed by now."

"I wouldn't have minded if I'd had to sleep on the floor." Serenity laughed, "I'm just looking forward to going."

"It'll be good for everyone." Joey nodded, "Just to get away from everything and relax for a while. No shop, no challengers, just a vacation with a few sightseeing trips," Joey stretched, "And maybe some five star food."

"Five star?"

"It was a Kaiba Corp prize after all." Joey sniggered.

"I bet that went down well."

"Seto didn't make the finals." Joey laughed. "He's out of practise."

"So are you." Serenity pointed out, "Or you were, I saw the Tournament last week, on TV."

"How'd I look?"

"Good, right up until you had to fight Yugi." Serenity laughed.

Joey shrugged it off, "I don't see me beating Yuge any time soon, the time I won back Red Eyes was a fluke."

"You can beat him again."

"Maybe, but not when it's important. Yuge gets more luck then I do and that's saying something."

"His magic perhaps?"

"It's not something he does deliberately." Joey protested.

"I didn't say it was. I was just thinking that maybe fate has a specific time and place for Yugi to lose."

"And it's never when I'm fighting him." Joey snorted. "You could be right, fate does like to play with them… here we are." Joey pointed to the Kame Game Shop which had a queue outside. The shop was too small to let them all in. "You mind if I help out? Tournament Season is always insane and Grandpa's on an archaeological dig of some kind, acting as an consultant of some kind. I think it's mostly a 'what's this' and 'what does this do' thing, but he seemed excited so…" Joey shrugged.

"No problem. Just point me in the direction of my room and go help. I'll bring lunch down later."

"Thanks sis."

"Any time Joey." She hugged him as he opened the back door and they headed upstairs, "Which one am I sharing with Ombre?"


Ombre wasn't completely awake when she stumbled into the kitchen at midday, to the smell of food.

There was a teenager with mousey brown hair darting around the kitchen, pouring out glasses of cola and finding trays for the plates, hazel eyes dancing as she shared out the food.

She had to pause and look again. The teen's body shape was all wrong, and she had similar face features to Joey… this had to be his sister then. "Hi."

"Hi. Ironhide Ombre, right?" The teen asked, smiling at her, "I'm Wheeler Serenity, we didn't get to meet properly the last time we saw each other. Joey wasn't expecting you to be awake for another couple of hours. Do you want your lunch now or would you like me to put it in the microwave?"

"Microwave, please." Ombre nodded, slightly taken aback by the chatter. "That's for the guys?"

"Uh huh." Serenity nodded as she attempted to carry all three trays down.

"Here, I got one." Ombre took one from her, earning herself a relieved look. "I thought Joey was going to spend the day with you."

"He was but the store got insanely busy, so I let him go and help Yami and Yugi out."

"I'll take over this afternoon." Ombre decided out loud. "Tournament Season's always insane."

"That's what Joey said." Serenity nodded. "You sure it's okay?"

"As long as there's someone around to help, they won't mind. Besides some of the customers know me so…" Ombre shrugged.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome uhh…"

"Serenity, please, we're family." Serenity said, recognising Ombre's awkwardness. The woman was unsure if it would be considered rude to use her first name since they didn't know each other very well.

"Ombre then, please." Ombre nodded, smiling slightly, "How long did it take Joey to tell you about the Clan?"

"About ten minutes." Serenity laughed, "I don't mind being part of the family, but he was so nervous about it."

"He didn't even tell Mai when we were at the Tournament." Ombre snorted, "Yugi did it instead. I don't think she was quite sure how to take it at first."

"Well it was a surprise, but it's a good one." Serenity grinned, "I'm sure she'll come around."

"Oh she came around alright," Ombre grinned, "But she pretended to be irritated at Joey all day, because he'd been too nervous to tell her."

Serenity laughed and for a moment, Ombre enjoyed a laugh that wasn't subdued by suppressed grief, or worry or concern, and was just a natural laugh. Then they were in the shop, and the customers were calling for assistance even though they were carrying trays. Ombre shoved hers into Joey's hands and pushed him towards the store room, while Serenity handed Yugi and Yami theirs and turned to look at the crowds, slightly nervous.

"Just serve those paying." Ombre advised, "I'll deal with the queries."

"But I've never…"

"Think of it as on the job training." Ombre called back, and turned to the nearest customer, "Can I help you sir?"


It was half past nine by the time that they'd closed the store, counted up the money, locked away the cash drawer, finished packing, made tea, eaten it and finally had a chance to sit down.

Yugi sat on one arm of an armchair, Yami on the other and they leant back on each other and sank into the chair, a habit they'd picked up at Hogwarts, when there had been very little space around the fire, while Ombre had a whole armchair to herself and Serenity and Joey took over the sofa.

"Thank the Gods that that is over for a while." Yami breathed, "Another day like that and I'd've gone insane."

"It was much busier then normal." Joey frowned.

"Probably because of the big sign in our window hat told them we'd be closing for a couple of days." Yugi pointed out. "At least until Grandpa gets home."

"The students should be back then too." Yami nodded, "So Grandpa'll have plenty of people to help while we're on holiday."

"I can't believe we leave tomorrow." Serenity grinned, excited.

"It'll be great." Yugi nodded.

"What do you want to watch?" Joey asked, swiping the TV remote off of the table.

"Remembering that we have to leave the house at ten tomorrow." Yami warned.

"I know, I know." Joey waved it off. "Just one DVD?"

"Which one?"

"This one." Joey picked a fantasy film off of the shelf.

"That's three hours long!" Yugi protested.

"A hundred and seventy one minutes actually. Besides we're all packed aren't we?" Joey asked, "Passports ready? Emergency snackage prepared?" Everyone laughed at the last question, "So why not?"

"Oh all right." Yugi shrugged, "But I might fall asleep during it."

"S'ok, I'll wake you up before I go to bed." Yami promised.

"Do we have any popcorn?"

"You can't possibly be… never mind." Yami sighed, remembering who he was talking to, "Top cupboard, second from the right."

A few minutes later, Joey was back with popcorn and the film fest began.


Ombre opened her eyes and smiled.

They'd all fallen asleep watching the film and the Muto living room would have been pitch black if it wasn't for the flickering TV and the light radiating from Yugi, Yami's heir and hikari, or rather the Puzzle that the young man was wearing.

Her friends had fallen asleep around the room, unmoved from their positions when the film had started, with Yugi and Yami sharing a chair, Joey and Serenity were still asleep on the sofa, and she stood up and stretched, trying to loosen up, as sleeping in the chair hadn't been particularly comfortable.

Ombre was about to start waking the others when the light from the Puzzle grew erratic and Ombre heard Yugi mutter something, a frown gracing his usually placid features.

Nightmares again. She didn't have a chance to wake him before he bolted out of the chair, still half asleep and didn't wake up properly before he hit the floor, dislodging Yami, who fell backwards and hit his back on the arm rest the other side before waking, and managed to wake both Joey and his sister with his yelp as Yugi hit the ground.

"Yuge?" Joey asked, about seventy percent asleep, while hitting the touch switch lamp on the table.

"Sorry guys." Yugi apologised, getting to his feet.

"Nightmares again?" Yami asked with a frown.

"You saw it that time, didn't you?" Yugi asked.

Yami merely nodded, thinking.

"What was it about?" Ombre asked, startling the guys who hadn't realised she'd woken up.

"I don't know, some shadowy monster we were fighting, and then it goes on about me joining a game…" Yugi shook his head, "I don't know what it's talking about, unless it means there's a Shadow Game I have to play."

"Not on your own." Yami growled.

"Like I'd even try to tell you guys not to come anymore." Yugi snorted.

"What time is it, Yuge?" Joey asked with a yawn, they'd had this discussion before, he was not particularly found of it, since it normally dissolved into an argument and refusing to be drawn into it at ridiculous o'clock in the morning.

"Three am." Yugi yawned.

"I'm going back to sleep then." Joey decided, standing up and heading for the bedroom. "Don't wake me till eight."

"It'll be seven if you're lucky." Yami laughed, heading for Yugi's room, "Both Ombre and Yugi are early risers."

"Where as you never get out of bed," Yugi laughed, "But night guys." The two Mutos vanished to their room.

"Night Ombre, night Serenity." Joey waved and vanished into Solomon's room.

Serenity gave her an inquisitive look, and Ombre found herself explaining about Yugi's track record with nightmares, as they got changed, finding her audience surprisingly receptive and understanding.

Once she'd explained everything and Serenity had settled down to sleep or think, Ombre wasn't sure which, the Princess led back and was surprised to find it wasn't hard for her to get back to sleep again.

They had a big day ahead of them tomorrow.


"We're going on vacation, time for relaxation; no more aggravation, lots of recreation! We're going on vacation, time for relaxation…" Joey had started singing that in the taxi, somehow getting Serenity and Yugi to join in with him about halfway there and hadn't stopped until they'd reached Kaiba Corp.

"Joey?" Yami asked, as Joey staggered, "What exactly have you got in that backpack?"

"Well, with the way our luck runs, it's better to be over prepared then not prepared enough." Joey said, "I have food, sleeping bags, extra clothes, hair stuff, toothpaste, spare toothbrushes…"

"Wow." Yugi looked impressed, "No wonder you have trouble picking that bag up."

One of Kaiba's goons was waiting for them on the ground floor and led them up to the top floor, where Seto was waiting. "You ready?" He asked, gesturing towards the desk, where a blue crystal was stood on a plinth. "I had the Ministry set it up. It'll be active in around a minute, and will activate again in two weeks time. So anyone running behind will be left in India, got it?"

"Got it." Everyone nodded.

"Your passports will be inspected upon arrival at the Indian Ministry of Magic, and once you're done there, there will be a limo waiting outside for you to take you to your hotel."

Yugi grinned at Yami, who looked at the CEO and then at the crystal, "Portkey?" He asked.

"That's right." Kaiba nodded. He looked pointedly at the clock and everyone made sure to hold their bags tightly and touched the gem.

Then it felt like they were being pulled by their noses, to their destination, a feeling Yami didn't particularly enjoy, but it was still better then flying by plane.

At least until the crystal shattered for no reason that the Pharaoh could see and they were suddenly dropped, rather unceremoniously at the side of some lake in the middle of nowhere.

At least some of them were, Joey managed to somehow end up in the lake.

"I'm pretty sure this isn't where we're supposed to be." Yami frowned, looking around and helping Yugi to his feet.

Ombre flipped open her mobile phone. It was like Harry's in that it had a connection to the Kaiba Corp network, they'd all been given one when they'd left Kaiba's plane upon landing at Domino International Airport.

There was no signal… that couldn't be right… Kaiba Corp's network was hitched up to their satellites, they were supposed to have world wide coverage… that wasn't all, the screen was playing up, showing many colours and scrolling text… had it broken in the fall?

"You alright Serenity?" Yugi asked, offering her a hand up.

"The Portkey shouldn't have broken like that." Yami was saying to Joey.

"Guys, check your phones."

They did, ending up with much the same result that Ombre had had, causing Joey to use some of Ron's favourite swear words and Yami to look around, trying to think.

"We could try flying." Yugi offered. "We have our dragons…"

"What about Serenity?"

"Teach me the spell, I have a dragon." She said, drawing her wand, "We're not likely to be found all the way out here if your phones aren't working and the crystal broke."

Yugi settled down to teach Serenity Apparaître, as Yami and Joey looked around.

"What could cause a Portkey to break like that midway through transport?" Joey asked the Pharaoh,

Yami shrugged, he had no idea. Well, maybe one, since their phones weren't working. He opened his backpack and pulled out the silver coloured Dragonwing handheld console that Kari had given him just before they'd gone to Hogwarts. It was a piece of Kaiba Cop tech that was out of date now, but it would check something for him.

"Yami, I don't think now is the time for games."

"I know I charged this." He said, as he attempted to turn it on.


"Check yours." Yami frowned.

Joey attempted to turn on his black one, only to find that he had the same problem.

Then Yami cast the spell that allowed technology to work in a highly magically charged area.

And it turned on.

"Ombre, what was that spell Kari used to use to get a signal out through magical disruption?" Yami asked.

Ombre winced at her hikari's name, but tried to think. Had she ever actually asked what the spell she used was, or had she just let Kari and Seto get on with it, not daring to think for even a moment that there would be a moment that they would need it, that Kari wouldn't be at her side… "I'm sorry, I don't know."

"I think the only ones who know the spell are Kaiba, Hermione and…" Joey sighed as everyone's heads went down.

"So what do we do?" Yugi asked, pausing in his lesson.

"Summon our dragons and find civilisation." Joey said, "It's about all we can do. Or at least fly until our phones get a signal…"

The bushes rustled and a man burst out of the bushes, looking like he'd been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Yami and Joey were moving between the man and their friends, when the man collapsed.

Serenity rushed over, Yugi at her side, "Does anyone have any water?" She asked, casting a diagnostic spell, then hiding her wand, prompting the others to do the same.

Joey handed over his bottle of water and took a good look at the man.

He wasn't exactly a small man, with dirty, greasy blonde hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in days, and carrying a rather large bag, which had all sorts of equipment poking out.

Ombre helped him sit up as Serenity examined the man, who was gulping down the water in the bottle.

"Who are you?" He asked, nervously, in English.

"I'm Trainee Nurse Serenity Wheeler, the others are my family." Serenity answered in the same language, "Are you feeling any better?"

"I am, thank you." The man said, "Much better in fact."

Serenity wasn't sure she believed him, but she didn't dare use her wand in front of him, since there was little chance of a Wizard being all the way out here.

The man shifted to get a little more comfortable and out of his jacket fell a piece of cloth. It was black, with two white symbols on it.

Yami turned to look at Yugi, when he felt Yugi's terror, realising where it had come from when he saw what Yugi was holding. "Where did you get that?" Yami asked of the man, putting a supporting hand on Yugi's shoulder.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because it looks like our Grandfather's bandana."

"You two must be Yugi and Yami Muto, Doctor Muto's Grandsons, am I correct?" He asked and, when they nodded, he continued, "My name is Doctor Alex Brisbane. I'm an archaeologist who was working alongside your Grandfather."

"Is he okay?" Yugi asked, fearful of the answer.

"I don't know how to put this." Alex hesitated, "I've gone on many trips with your Grandfather since you went to that boarding school, but a day and a half ago, your Grandfather just… disappeared."



"Not Grandpa…please…" Yami caught his hikari's desperate plea and turned to Alex, fists clenched into fists.

Alex stood up, seeing the groups' reactions. "Your Grandfather is my Mentor as well as a dear friend. I can show you where he disappeared, if you follow me."

"Alright." Yami nodded.

They gathered their bags quickly, but Ombre hung back, wondering why Dr Brisbane had thought to ask about how they'd gotten here, or why they had all this luggage with no cars or helicopters…

"Yami… we might be walking into a trap." Yugi thought, glancing sideways at his dark as they walked through the woods, following Dr Brisbane, "But we have to save Grandpa. I can't lose him."

'I know Yugi, this is all really suspicious though. Our Portkey happened to break and drop us here and we run into the last man to see Grandpa before he vanished…'

"It all screams trap, doesn't it."


"I'll be careful, but I'm going to find him. I'm not going home until he's safe."

'Neither am I.'

"Good." Yugi paused, "Anyone wanna bet we're heading towards some ruins?"

'Harry would take you up on that if he was here.'

"No, Harry doesn't take sucker bets."

'No that's more Ron's thing.'

"Yami, be nice."

Yugi sighed as Yami chuckled in his head, but it stopped abruptly when they reached a cliff edge, "There it is." Dr Brisbane said, pointing to something below them, "The reason Dr Muto and myself came here."

There were four gasps as they took in the sight. "A Pyramid? Here?" Yami asked, "But we're hundreds of miles from Egypt!"

"That's one of the mysteries that drew us here." Dr Brisbane said, "My theory is that this is the legendary pyramid of Alexander."

"Alexander?" Joey asked.

"Alexander the Great, of course." Dr Brisbane led them down the cliff face. "About two thousand years ago, he was the leader of the greatest empire the world had ever known." He said as they walked the stone path towards the Pyramid's entrance, "This masterful warrior and brilliant strategist conquered nation after nation."

He looked back at Yami and Ombre, "I heard you two were interested in Egypt, so you'll both be interested to know that at one point he controlled Egypt, making him one of the Great Pharaohs."

Yami's eyes widened for a spilt second and a frown crossed Ombre's face before clearing again.

"I guess that explains the Pyramid." Joey said slowly, wondering how much this guy knew.

"But why would it be built here?" Ombre asked.

"That's what we were trying to find out when Dr Muto vanished." Dr Brisbane said with a sigh, "We both went in, but only one of us came out."

"So Grandpa's still in there?" Yugi yelped.

"If you follow me, I can show you exactly where I last saw him." They moved to the door.

The hallway inside was pitch black and Dr Brisbane looked around before gesturing to Yugi who walked over, with a confused look. "How many of you are Witches and Wizards?" Dr Brisbane whispered.

Yugi blinked in slight confusion.

He showed Yugi his wand. "I know about Hogwarts, how many of you are students?"

"We're all witches or wizards." Yugi said, loudly enough for the others to hear.

"Good." Dr Brisbane drew his wand, causing Yami to react instantly, drawing his own and moving between Dr Brisbane and his hikari. "Easy Yami, I was just about to cast Lumos."

Yami nodded, and Joey, Serenity and Ombre drew their own wands. "Lumos." All five of them said, their wands lighting up. Yugi drew his own wand and copied them before they entered the corridor.

"Everyone stick together," Dr Brisbane told them, "We must remain together as a group."

"So much for a relaxing vacation." Joey complained.

No one answered but everyone wheeled around as Joey yelped.

Yugi realised with wide eyes that if he'd been just a couple of centimetres further back, he would have been impaled on spikes. "Are you alright Joey?" He asked, as he realised Joey would have been impaled if he was a few centimetres further forward.

"Be careful, there are dangerous traps at every turn." Dr Brisbane said rather belatedly.

"You think?" Joey snapped at him.

They edged up the stairs, standing on the flat ramp instead of the stairs, which Dr Brisbane had warned them off in case they collapsed and reached the edge of a pit with similar spikes to the ones that had nearly impaled Yugi and Joey.

"We'll have to shimmy along that ledge." Dr Brisbane was about to leap up to grab it when Ombre shook her head.

"I have a better idea. Nox." She extinguished her wand and drew a card, "Apparaître Red Eyes Darkness Dragon!" She called as she pointed to it with her wand.

The Dragon appeared. It wasn't as small as Shadowfae, but it was nowhere near full size, just big enough to be able to extend its wings in the wide corridor without too much trouble. "Carry us across." Ombre ordered, sending Yugi across first, then Serenity and then the others, one at a time, going last herself before returning her monster to its card.

"How did you…?" Dr Brisbane stared at her.

"It's a spell my hi…sister came up with originally for duels, we discovered that if you were a little too over enthusiastic with the spell then you got monster that was quite a bit bigger then normal, but that wasn't able to do more then follow basic commands, but is useful for situations like that one." Ombre said quietly. "Can we please go and find Mr Muto."

"This is room where I last saw him." Dr Brisbane said, as they reached a room with three exits, one the way they'd come, one leading up and one leading down.

"Grandpa?" Yugi and Yami yelled.

"Mr Muto?" Ombre called.

"Mr Muto?" Serenity tried.

"Gramps?" Joey shouted.

"It's no use, I tried that for hours and there was no reply."

"Did you see him disappear?" Yugi asked quietly.

"No, we split up. I went up and Dr Muto was going to see what was on this floor, but I ran into a door I couldn't open and came back down. He wasn't here so I thought I'd check the floor below but when I reached the bottom of the stairs, all I found was Dr Muto's bandana." Yami put his hand on his Hikari's shoulder, "And just like that he was gone." Yugi went pale. "I'm sorry, Yugi, Yami, but your Grandfather seems to have vanished into thin air."

Joey growled, the light from the wand tips not improving the look on his face any, "Look, we may still be witches and wizards, but I know enough to know that even if Gramps knows how to Apparate, he wouldn't go without leaving some sort of message."

"Where exactly did you find Grandpa's bandana?" Yami asked.

"Follow me." Dr Brisbane led them down the steps and into a huge room.

"The floor looks like a map." Yami said, looking at it carefully.

"I wonder if Mr Muto found this room before he vanished." Ombre wondered out loud.

"Let's stop standing here and look around." Joey ran down the last couple of steps and stood on one of the squares…

Before vanishing in a bright golden light.

"What?" Ombre yelped.

"Joey!" Yugi rushed down the steps, followed by Yami and Ombre.

Yugi knelt down and examined the map square, "It's a mountain…"

"And that one's a forest, and ones over there are desert…" Yami said taking a careful look himself.

"A map with different land types…" Yugi puzzled, "Where have we seen this before?"

"Well," Dr Brisbane started, "According to my research, this Pyramid is home to some sort of ancient game."

"I'm going in." Yugi said and, without hesitating, stepped onto a tile with a picture of a forest on it.

"Yugi!" Yami yelped, extinguishing his wand and following.

"You're not seriously going in there?" Dr Brisbane yelped.

"We're going after our brothers." Ombre growled, "Right, Serenity?"

"Right." Serenity nodded, and the two girls extinguished the light from their wands.

The pair stepped forward and onto the same forest that Yugi and Yami had vanished into.

And then they too vanished in a bright light.


Author Note: - So… is me it or is it impossible for the guys to ever get a normal vacation? Welcome to story one of summer four, or story 4.25, this summer is going to be a busy one for the gang. Does anyone recognise where this plot is going yet? I don't know how many of you ever saw this set of episodes when they showed on TV… besides, it's all going to run a little differently