Song of the Morning's Star

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"Light shines over Heaven

The Earth the Spirit."

Deep within her host, World of Elegance stirred. Something was disturbing her sleep, and with a dissatisfied grunt, the tattooed angel slowly emerged from Urd's back, a grimace on her face as she sought the source of the disturbance.

"Light brings glory and grace."

Singing. Someone was singing. But who? The voice was unfamiliar to her. The angel glanced over at the goddess who was her host. Urd remained asleep, though her expression was troubled, perhaps unconsciously reflecting her angel's current state of mind.

"May it open your eyes."

The song continued, unperturbed by the angel's awakening, and World of Elegance moved to the door of the room, determined to find the owner of the voice. She paused for only a moment, tugging gently at the mental string that linked her to Urd's mind. No response. Urd's subconscious must have left the physical plane for Yggdrasill then, perhaps going over the computer system and checking to make sure everything was still in working order. She was after all, Yggdrasill's computer administrator. Just because her body wasn't present didn't mean she couldn't still do her job, or, at the very least, check to make sure her job was being done correctly.

And if that was so, it meant that the goddess wouldn't awaken until morning, when her subconscious had returned to the body housing it. Which meant World of Elegance would effectively be on her own in her search for The Voice.

World of Elegance shrugged, turning away from Urd and back to the door. So be it. She was fairly confident that she could handle whatever was singing on her own. Opening the door, the angel walked out into the hallway, wings that, even tucked tightly against her thin frame, still managed to brush both hallway walls.

Did mortals really need to build such narrow corridors? They always felt so cramped, and left her with a feeling of claustrophobia, something she blamed on being locked within Urd for so long without the chance to spread her wings.

"To the truth, Shanti"

The song had grown somewhat louder as the tattooed angel exited the room, and World of Elegance strained her ears, hoping to gain an idea as to what direction the sound emanated from.


It sounded like it was coming from outside, and with a frown, the angel with the black wing exited the house. A cool breeze swept across her bare flesh, sending hair and feathers dancing gently in the wind and lightly chilling her exposed flesh. The angel took a deep, refreshing breath, the air tasting of morning dew that had yet to settle and smelling of green, growing forests.

Smiling, the angel with the odd eyes spread her wings, floating into the air and flapping the feathered appendages, more for effect then out of necessity. Angels, like the deities they were host to, used their magic to fly. Their wings were not strong enough to support a full grown angel or deity, and were instead used to control direction and speed, allowing the owner to turn on a dime, or speed into a drop only to come to a full-fledged stop inches before striking the ground.

Flying to the top of the shrine, World of Elegance came to a stop on the tiled roof, finding that someone else had already taken residency on top of it. A blue and black eye blinked, and World of Elegance was unsure whether to be surprised or not by Blue Lance's presence.

"Divine Light"

The angelic devil's eyes were closed, a smile that seemed simultaneously peaceful and mournful on her face as she hummed along with the song, the sound of bells mixing with the screech of sirens and creating an odd, hollow echo to the song. At World of Elegance's approach, the young familiar's eyes popped open, and the humming came to an abrupt halt as Blue Lance cast weary eyes on World of Elegance.

"World of Elegance…what are you doing here?" She asked, her wings folding around her in an unconscious gesture of submission. The relationship between the two was more then a little complicated, with Blue Lance seeing World of Elegance as something of a kindred spirit: a being that was both divine and damned at any given time. She looked up to the older angel as something of a role model, something the drove World of Elegance half-mad as the devil familiar sought to strengthen a 'bond' that, in the eyes of the black winged angel, existed solely in Blue Lance's mind.

It left World of Elegance skittish and temperamental whenever the two were around one another, and the young familiar had learned to fear the older angel's moods, only seeking the other's company when World of Elegance was in the presence of her 'sisters', which provided enough of a distraction that she could deal with the familiar's company.

Which was why Blue Lance couldn't help but stare at World of Elegance in a mixture of fear and hope: fearful as of what she had done to warrant the angel's attention, yet hopeful that the older angel had, for some reason, actively sought out her company.

World of Elegance frowned slightly before responding. "That song…you know it?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest uncomfortably.

Blue Lance's eyes lit up, and a large smile drew across her face. "You mean you can hear it?" She asked, climbing excitedly to her feet, wings spreading open in glee.

"Our Heart"

Taken aback but the little devil's exuberance, World of Elegance's eyes widened, and she numbly nodded her head. "Yeah…I can hear it…" Her eyes narrowed as her mind registered Blue Lance's words. "Wait…what do you mean 'can I hear it'? Are you saying I shouldn't?"

Blue Lance paused, her wings drooping slightly as the familiar took a step back. "Well…no. Not really. I've never heard of an angel who could hear His song. Usually only other devils can hear it." She said hesitantly, before tipping her head off to one side, maroon eyes inquisitive. "Maybe it's because of your host's heritage?" The last part came out as more of an after thought, and Blue Lance cringed as World of Elegance sent her a heated glare.

However, the look faded, and an excited smile adorned her face once more. "Oh, whatever the reason, I'm sure it isn't important." She floated over, surprising World of Elegance by taking her tattooed hands in her clawed ones, being careful not to accidentally hurt the older angel with her talons. "You need to meet Him." She said. "Someone like you…He'd love you." Her voice was soft, almost coming out as an odd sort of coo. Coming from the purified devil familiar, it was almost unnerving.

World of Elegance leaned back, unsure as to how to react to Blue Lance's odd attitude. "Who are you talking about? The owner of the voice? Why would he want to meet me?" She gave the younger devil a disgruntled frown, her brows furrowing together in confusion.

Blue Lance's smile was innocent, and for a brief moment, World of Elegance was reminded that, if anything else, this was a familiar born from Belldandy and not some impish creature attached to some malevolent demon. She should at least hear the familiar out before jumping to conclusions.

"You know Him. All angels, all devils do." World of Elegance raised an eyebrow at that, but Blue Lance either didn't notice or ignored it. She didn't bother going into detail. "Would you like to meet Him?" She instead asked, deep red eyes filled with hope. "I promise nothing bad will happen. I'll even introduce you to Him myself!" The purified devil crowed, releasing World of Elegance's hands and stepping back, spreading arms and wings wide as though trying to prove her point.

World of Elegance's gaze turned skeptical, and Blue Lance gave her a pleading look. "Please?" She asked. "It won't be long-just a few hours at most. We'll be back in time to greet the dawn and return to our hosts before they even know we're gone."

Still, World of Elegance found herself hesitant. "I'm not too sure about this…" She murmured, a small, doubtful look on her face.

The violet haired devil moaned, a look of desperation spreading across her face. "Come on! Please!?" She asked. "What if we brought the others with us? Would you go then?"

Silence, and Blue Lance felt her resolve start to waver. And then, "Let me speak to Holy Bell."

"Cries out to you deliverance"



Holy Bell opened one soft blue eye, blinking sleepily as she emerged from Belldandy's back. Beneath her, Belldandy's only response to the angel's movement was a soft sigh, before snuggling deeper under her comforter, her subconscious taking note of her Other Half leaving, but sensing no danger and thus, refusing to awaken. Rubbing her eyes tiredly, the blonde angel looked over to the one who had called out to her.

Both World of Elegance and Blue Lance hovered within the entrance to the room, the latter of which had a rather hopeful expression on her face. Holy Bell blinked, the sight of the tattooed angel and the purified devil standing so close to one another on their own free will shocking her out of her sleepy state of mind. She looked between the two, raising an eyebrow in silent question before speaking up. "Elegance. Lance. Is there any particular reason you felt the need to wake me up so early?"

World of Elegance crossed her arms over her chest, looking slightly uncomfortable in the room as she bit her lower lip. Beside her, Blue Lance eagerly motioned the angel towards them, and as Holy Bell moved away from her goddess, Blue Lance spoke up. "I was going to take World of Elegance to meet someone, but she doesn't want to go alone." She stared at Holy Bell with pleading burgundy eyes. "Will you come with us?"

Holy Bell yawned, looking from one to the other in curiosity. "Who is it you are going to meet?" She asked, a slim, golden eyebrow arching in question.

World of Elegance shrugged her shoulders, sending a look towards Blue Lance. "Don't know. She won't say." The angel muttered, feathers ruffling discontentedly.

Holy Bell looked over at Blue Lance, but the devil simply smiled innocently. "Don't worry; you'll recognize Him when you meet Him." She said. "So will you come with us?"

Holy Bell hummed in thought, sky blue eyes darting between World of Elegance and Blue Lance thoughtfully before they shifted to gaze over at Belldandy's sleeping form. The goddess had a soft, gentle smile on her face. "Keiichi…" She sighed, before rolling over onto her side, her back facing the three other occupants in the room.

Holy Bell's lips quirked upwards in a small smile. Even without the link that bound her to Belldandy, it was obvious the goddess was having a rather pleasant dream. She probably wouldn't mind if Holy Bell took a small trip with the others. The angel looked back over at the other two. Besides, World of Elegance wasn't as used to being away from her goddess as she herself was, having been suppressed up until a little while ago. If anything else, Holy Bell could provide some support for her black winged kin.

The angel nodded her head, long, blonde wisps of hair swaying to and fro. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to come along." She said, her voice ringing clear like wind chimes. "Will we be gone long?"

Blue Lance shook her head, a smile that refused to fade on her face. "No. Like I told World of Elegance, it'll only be a few hours, at most. We'll be back before Lady Belldandy even wakes up."

It never ceased to amuse Holy Bell how Blue Lance preferred to call Belldandy by a title rather then simply call her by name. And it was only Belldandy, too. No one else, not even Keiichi and Welsper, both of which had played host for her, the latter of which still was, had a title. In Holy Bell's eyes, it was only further proof of the deal of respect the angelic devil held for her goddess, the one who had been the first to accept Blue Lance for what she was.

"Very well then. Let us not waste any more time here." Holy Bell gestured to the door. "Blue Lance, if you'll be so kind as to lead?"

The dark haired devil nodded, turning and exiting through the door. When it became apparent that World of Elegance was waiting on her to exit, Holy Bell did as well, sensing the tattooed angel fall into step behind her, the door closing with a soft snap behind them. As Blue Lance practically bounced down the hall ahead of them, World of Elegance spoke up. "Well? What do you think of all this, Bell? Who do you think this 'mystery man' is? As far as I know, Lance only knows two males, one being Keiichi, and the other being Welsper. And Welsper doesn't count now that he's become a 'she'." Her voice was low, rumbling like distant thunder.

Holy Bell sent her companion a half-hearted glare. "I think you need to stop judging Blue Lance so critically, Elegance. She is more angel then she is devil, and she's trying hard to fit in. I would think that as an angel shunned by her own host upon the first meeting, you would emphasize with her plight, and might even strive to make her feel more welcome among us."

Not long ago, such words would have hurt, especially coming from Holy Bell, someone World of Elegance respected as much as Urd did Belldandy. However, this was not the first time the subject had been brought up, and instead World of Elegance brushed the words off like molted feathers from her wings. "That still doesn't answer my question." The tattooed angel grumbled.

Holy Bell sighed, running a hand through her billowing hair. "Perhaps because I don't know? Maybe she met a local spirit or something similar and decided to introduce him to us."

She didn't need to see World of Elegance's face to know that the angel was staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't really believe that, do you?"

"…No. Not a bit. But compared to some of the things I know you're thinking of, it's the most preferred."


The black winged angel hardly sounded convinced, but she didn't push the matter. As the two lapsed into silence, Blue Lance bounded ahead of them and out the door that lead outside.

As the older two moved to follow suit, Holy Bell paused, almost causing World of Elegance to run into her. "What now?" The mixed angel demanded.

Holy Bell didn't respond right away, instead turning slightly and looking past World of Elegance and into the hallway, a small frown of her face. From Skuld's room, Noble Scarlet shyly peered back, and as World of Elegance turned to follow her companion's gaze, the child like angel ducked her head back into the room, briefly disappearing from sight before peeking out the hallway with a single red eye.

Holy Bell grinned. "Hold on one second." She said, moving past World of Elegance and down the hallway towards Noble Scarlet. Ignoring the tattooed angel's cry of protest, Holy Bell moved to Skuld's room, a gentle smile on her face as she gazed down at Noble Scarlet.

"Noble Scarlet, what are you doing up? Shouldn't you be resting in Skuld?" She asked, kneeling down and placing herself eyelevel with the smaller angel. Noble Scarlet frowned slightly, leaning against the frame of the door, her wings tucked tightly against her back.

"I was, but then I heard you and Blue Lance and World of Elegance." Her face scrunched up in displeasure. "You woke me up." She accused, still somewhat upset over her forced arousal from sleep.

Holy Bell cringed somewhat at the revelation. "I'm sorry Dear." She soothed, a hand moving to brush away a stray strand of hair that had fallen in front of Noble Scarlet's eyes. "Go back to sleep. We'll be sure to keep it down for you."

The frown on Noble Scarlet's face deepened, and the little angel shook her head. "No. I want to know what's going on. Where are you and the others going? Can I come too?"

"We're just going out to meet someone. I doubt it'd interest you much." Holy Bell jumped as World of Elegance's voice rang up from behind her. She turned, casting the other angel a surprised glance. She hadn't even heard the angel approach.

The blue and black eyed angel stood above them, seeming to tower over the duo with an authoritive stance. "Really. That's all we're doing. Go back to sleep, Scarlet. Chances are you'll be bored out of your mind if you come with us." The angel shifted her gaze to Holy Bell. "Come on. Lance is waiting for us outside, and I want to get this over with as quickly as possible."

Holy Bell stood, her brows furrowing together as she stared at the other angel. Beside her, Noble Scarlet crossed her arms over her chest in a pout, glaring angrily up at the two older angels. "Elegance?" Holy Bell asked, her voice inquiring as she looked at the angel with a frown.

World of Elegance wrapped an arm around her companion's shoulders, drawing the other angel closer to her side as the black winged angel turned away and lead her further down the hallway. She didn't notice Noble Scarlet follow quietly behind them.

"Holy Bell, think." She hissed, her voice soft in the silent hallway. "We're going to meet a friend of Blue Lance's. And purified or not, no matter how you look at it, Lance is still a devil. So just who do you think her friend is?"


"Yes, yes, I know. But still, if there is a chance that this guy is dangerous, do you really think you can protect yourself and still look out for Noble Scarlet? She isn't Skuld. She doesn't have bombs or whatever to defend herself with. You can defend yourself as well as I, and I'm not even going to worry about Blue Lance. But Noble Scarlet?" The angel shook her head, sending black and white hair swaying. "She can barely use the simplest of spells. It'd be too easy for her to get hurt."

"Hey! I am not helpless!" Noble Scarlet shouted, startling the two older angels in front of her with her outburst. Both angels let out identical yelps, neither one having expected such a loud outcry at a time when most sane beings were asleep.

Her arm falling away from Holy Bell's shoulders, World of Elegance wheeled around, blue and black eyes still wide from the momentary 'scare'. "Scarlet!" She hissed, sending a heated look to the little angel. "What are you doing eavesdropping on our conversation?"

The smaller angel stuck her chest out with a huff, clearly unintimidated by World of Elegance. "I can look out for myself, Elegance." She stated, ignoring the angel's initial question. "I'm not some kid you can just brush off and leave at home." Ruby eyes narrowed, and her small hands curled into fists. "Furthermore, you are taking me with you. If you don't, I'll wake Skuld up, who, in turn, will wake Belldandy up, and prevent anyone from leaving."

It was a threat, one that left both Holy Bell and World of Elegance gaping in shock. As Noble Scarlet crossed her arms over her chest with a smug smile, Holy Bell blinked, her mind slowly processing the threat. Where had that come from? It wasn't like any angel, let alone Noble Scarlet, to use threats on other people.

Heck, up until Scarlet had uttered the threat, Holy Bell would have said such a thing was nearly impossible. It simply wasn't in an angel's nature to issue such threats.

At her side, World of Elegance sighed, running a hand through her dual colored hair. "And now we see what happens when you hang around a devil too much." She muttered under her breath. Holy Bell ignored her.

"Well, if you're that insistent on coming with us…" The blue eyed angel murmured. "…we'll have to see what Blue Lance says." She smiled over at the younger angel, who returned it with an enthusiastic one of her own. "After all, the person we're to meet is her friend, not ours, and we wouldn't want to intrude with too many people, am I right?"

Noble Scarlet's smile dimmed somewhat at Holy Bell's choice of wording, but none the less she remained hopeful. "Alright, sure." She said, confident that the purified devil would allow her to tag along with the others on their little 'outing'.

World of Elegance frowned, shaking her head but offering no resistance. "Fine." She grumbled. "Let's go see what Lance has to say about this, then."


"Are you kidding? Of course she can come along!" Blue Lance's exuberant cry filled the night sky, quickly followed by a victorious whoop from Noble Scarlet.

In the courtyard, Holy Bell brought a hand to her mouth, muffling a soft giggle as she watched Noble Scarlet throw a hand up to the sky, fingers in a classic 'victory' gesture as Blue Lance pranced around her. Standing next to Holy Bell, World of Elegance suppressed a moan, her arms crossed over her chest and a small frown on her face as the two senior angels regarded their juniors.

"Alright, alright, so we're all going." World of Elegance said, waving her hands in a 'calm down' gesture. "Then let's hurry up and go see this 'friend' of yours. It's already 2 a.m., and you said that we'd be meeting with him for several hours." She grumbled, planting her hands on her hips and sending Blue Lance an impatient look. "So let's hurry up and get a move on."

The devil in question nodded happily, in too good a mood to let World of Elegance's attitude bring her down. "Okay!" She chirped, her dark wings spreading open as she sprang into the air. Flying several feet skywards, she glanced down at her companions, red eyes dancing. "Just follow me!" She crowed. "It isn't long from here. The flight should only last a few minutes."

Not needing any more of an invitation, Noble Scarlet was the first to follow after the dark haired devil, the lesser experienced angel struggling briefly as her wings sought out a good current to glide upon. Holy Bell smiled as she watched the two dance around each other before looking over at her tattooed companion. Seeing the troubled expression on her friend's face, the angel placed a hand on World of Elegance's shoulder.

"Don't worry. I'm sure everything will be fine." She soothed, before she, too, leaped into the air, flying high with a natural grace that only a master of the wind could have.

World of Elegance watched her soar upwards and join the others, an eagle amongst starlings. "I wish I could say the same." She muttered to herself. "But I can't help feeling that some how, this friend of Lance's is going to be nothing but trouble for us."

Then she, too was up in the air, gliding towards her companions as one wing disappeared against the dark sky.

The group of four playfully danced and weaved in the night sky as they slowly gained their bearings, testing different wind currents and riding on invisible waves before turning off into the direction of the city. With Blue Lance leading, the winged beings flew off, leaving behind the ones that were their hosts as they ventured off to parts unknown.

As Blue Lance lead the way, Holy Bell came up beside her, and the two weaved and dived in the air together, seeming to synchronize with one another as they preformed aerial feats that would have made a peregrine falcon green with envy. Behind them, World of Elegance and Noble Scarlet looked on, the latter of which sighed wistfully.

"They're so cool together…" Noble Scarlet murmured, watching the reformed devil and angel dance and twirl through the air like a pair of ballerinas. "Do you think I could ever be that good?"

At her side, World of Elegance cracked a smile, the tension that had been mounting inside her since awakening that night fading somewhat with the chance to spread her wings. "You could try, but I'd say it's unlikely." She said, taking a small moment to simply revel in the feel of cool air flowing over her wings. "Those two are air elementals. They thrive in this sort of environment."

The older angel chuckled as Noble Scarlet made a face. "Yeah, I know, but still…" She sighed. "Do you think I'd be more at home in the water then?"

World of Elegance arched an eyebrow. "Scarlet, you're an angel, not a mermaid. True, you're a water elemental, but that doesn't mean you can turn into a penguin and fly through water."

The red eyed angel snickered at the mental image. "And I guess that means you can't turn into a salamander and dance with fire, huh?" She asked, giggling as the tattooed angel made a face.

"Thanks for the picture, Scarlet. I oh so wanted to have my head filled with visions of me turning into a scaly lizard." She muttered sarcastically, huffing over-dramatically and sending her younger companion into another fit of giggles.

World of Elegance smirked as the younger angel laughed. "Come on. Let's show those two show-off's that they aren't the only ones who can dance in the air." She challenged, speeding off towards Holy Bell and Blue Lance, Noble Scarlet close on her heel.


They landed on a skyscraper, one that seemed to tower over everything around it. Above them, the night sky was dotted with bright globes of light that the landscape below the four seemed to try to futilely mimic with street lamps and car lights. The rooftop they stood upon was dark. Red beacon lights flashed silent warnings around the building's edge.

The roof top seemed unnaturally still. Not even a gust of wind stirred the four beings' hair, nor could the four hear the echo of city noises traveling up to meet them. The entire situation filled Holy Bell with unease, and a small frown tugged at the corner of her mouth as she looked over to Blue Lance.

"So this is the place?" She asked. "We are to meet you're friend here?"

The familiar nodded cheerfully, apparently unfazed by the somewhat unnerving atmosphere around them. "Yep. Just wait a few seconds. I'm sure he already knows we're here."

World of Elegance wrapped her arms around herself uncomfortably. They hadn't been there for five minutes even, yet already she wanted to leave. The place was giving her the creeps. "How do you know that?" She asked, eyeing her surroundings wearily.

The purified devil shrugged. "He's always come to greet me when I meet with him, even when I'm all alone up here." Which begged to question the times she'd arrived and found herself in the company of others.

Next to Holy Bell, Noble Scarlet stared with open wide eyes, her small hands wrapped around the older angel's right arm as she sought comfort from a friendly face in a harsh environment. Something about this whole place was wrong; she could feel it in the air. Suddenly she wanted to go home.

"Holy Bell…"

The older angel glanced down at her, sending the shorter haired blonde a strained smile. "I know Hon." She soothed, running her free hand through the red eyed angel's short hair.

The door that led off the rooftop opened, and four pairs of eyes automatically turned to it. The inner stairway was dark; only a single red light gave off any sort of illumination for those that dared use it. But it seemed to be enough. A dark figure emerged from the stairway, the red light that hung above the man's head painting his hair a shade of red reminiscent of freshly spilled blood.

As he exited the doorway, the red glow faded, revealing him to be a young man in his late twenties. His hair-now blonde without the reflecting red light-hung back behind his ears, falling down to his shoulders neatly. He was dressed sharply in a black suit with a red tie, looking for all the world a successful business man. He stared at the angels and devil with sharp, intelligent blue eyes.

Those same blue eyes traveled from one angel to the next, resting on each one of them just long enough to take in their appearance without seeming rude before moving on. And yet, despite that, something in his gaze made the trio of divine beings tense. There was something otherworldly in those eyes, something that was neither god nor demon, yet holding a hauntingly familiar air to him that made more then just Noble Scarlet nervous.

As his eyes landed on Blue Lance, the stranger broke out into a smile. The man opened his arms, and the devil familiar flew into his embrace with a happy crow, enticing a strange sort of laughter from the man that seemed both beautiful and sad at the same time. "Ah, Blue Lance! How are you this morning, my little Lilim?" He asked, his voice holding an odd musical note to it that Holy Bell thought was only specific to angels and their devilish counterparts. "I see you've brought company with you this time."

Blue Lance responded with laughter of her own, before separating from the man. Setting on her feet once more, she wrapped her arms around the stranger's left arm and guided him to where the other angels stood. "Yes." She cooed. "These are the ones I live with." She swept an arm out to the three, and Holy Bell was more then a little surprised to see the man nod in understanding.

The language of angels and devils was supposedly something no other race, save for the single entity an angel or devil played host to, was supposed to understand. The words that came so easily to them were spoken at a pitch no ear could truly capture, thus creating an illusion that angels and devils were mute beings, save for the songs of power they sang with their hosts.

For this man to have understood anything Blue Lance said, it could only mean one of two things. Either this man was a demon or deity in disguise, with an angel or devil of his own acting as a silent translator, or he himself was an angel or a devil.

As Blue Lance went about introducing her to the stranger, who's name she still didn't know, and those chilling sapphire eyes met her own sky blue ones, some how, Holy Bell was betting on the latter.

The man smiled politely, his arm sweeping in front of him as he bowed deeply to her, before rising once more and gently taking one of Holy Bell's hands in his, kissing the knuckles in greetings. A small part of her noted that his fingernails were painted black.

"Ah, the angel Holy Bell. I must say, it is an honor." He said, straightening and allowing Holy Bell to withdraw her hand from his. The flesh tingled where his lips had brushed her skin.

She rubbed the spot with her other hand, regarding the man with a small frown. "You…know of me?" She asked hesitantly, her wings ruffling in unease.

The smile grew. "Indeed. I have heard much of the three angels who reside within the Norns." His eyes left hers, no doubt traveling to her companions. "But we can discuss more on that later. For now, let us trade the night air for a more controlled environment." He turned his back to them, walking towards the doorway he'd come from. "I hope you'll forgive my rudeness for not inviting you all in sooner." He looked back at them with one clear, enigmatic blue eye.

Clearly the man was waiting for them to follow, and as Blue Lance flitted to his side once more, Holy Bell risked a look back at her kin. The somewhat fearful look in Noble Scarlet's eyes had not disappeared. If anything, the apprehensive look seemed to have grown with the stranger's appearance. World of Elegance was no different, eyeing the blonde man with a suspicious frown, her expression dark as she glared at him.

Sensing her companion's gaze, the tattooed angel looked over to her. "And so the spider invites three flies to step in to his parlor." She muttered, crossing her arms over her chest and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. The dark winged angel raised an eyebrow.

You're the leader Bell. Do we follow him? Or run home?

Wonderful. When had she been elected the angel in charge? The angel bit her lip, light hair floating on an imaginary breeze as she came to a decision.

Holy Bell sighed deeply, looking regretfully back at World of Elegance and Noble Scarlet. "We can't simply leave one of our own with such a strange being." She said, referring to Blue Lance, the only one of the four otherworldly beings who actually seemed at home in her surroundings. "And even if they do seem to know one another, I'd never forgive myself is something happened to Lance when I had the power to prevent it." Spoken like a true guardian angel-always looking out for those she cared for.

World of Elegance made a face, but otherwise nodded. "Fine. Let's go then. The sooner we get in, the sooner we can get out." She muttered.

Holy Bell smiled in relief. For a second, she was afraid the fire bringer wouldn't follow her into the building. "Thank you, Elegance." She murmured, before taking Noble Scarlet's hand in her own and walking off after the devil and apparent mortal.


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