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Summary: Percy died when he blew up Mt. St. Helens. What happens next?

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We must assume he is dead," Chiron said. "After so long a silence, it is unlikely our prayers will be answered. I have asked his best surviving friend to do the final honors."

Annabeth took a green silk burial cloth, embroided with a trident, and just as she was about to burn it, a large clump of seaweed fell from the sky and hit Clarisse on the head. The daughter of Ares stared at the seaweed with anger and Annabeth couldn't help but laugh.

'Oh, Seaweed Brain.' she thought, 'I wish you were here Percy, I'm gonna miss you.'

She glanced over the ocean for a moment, but had to do a double take when she saw someone out pretty far in the ocean.


He wasn't the Percy she knew though, his body was pure silver, but his misty green eyes looked the same. Percy drew Riptide and cut a piece of seaweed into microscopic pieces and put them in a crystal container along with some saltwater. It glowed for a minute and then appeared in her hand, with his sword, Riptide. The container had a note on it:


The container is a magic item; it allows you to talk to me anytime you need me. All you have to do is throw the water in the air and I'll be able to talk to you. (The crystal container will automatically refill every time you use it and its unbreakable.)

Please keep Riptide with you, it will return to your pocket now and it will give me peace of mind that you're armed. When Grover and Tyson get back, they'll find smaller ones, but you need to throw there's in an IM to get it working.

Can you keep an eye on my mom for me? She's marrying Paul Blofis and lives in... Well you know where she lives. Be careful when you tell her about what happened to me, she won't take it well.

Annabeth, I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend right after Mt. St. Helens, but well.. yeah. So um.. Do you want to be my girlfriend? (If it's a yes, there's something that will appear in your pocket later.)

I'm sorry I lied to you Annabeth. I promised I'd be fine and I kinda broke that one. I had to get you out of there before you got hurt.

Love you,

Percy (aka Seaweed Brain)

"Yes Percy, I'll be your girlfriend." she whispered her voice glazed with bittersweet happiness. Annabeth checked her pocket and there was a single clay bead. It was a tiny bit bigger than the camp beads and it's a gold bead with a seaweed heart on the front. She stuck it immediately onto her camp necklace, in the middle of the smaller beads.

She picked herself off the ground where she had been reading and waved goodbye to the fading Percy. For now.



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