"Luna, I think I'm getting seasick" Dean Thomas moaned as struggled to cling onto the mast of the small vessel. He, for one, knew that having Luna Lovegood for a girlfriend would have its quirks, but he had no idea it would entail this kind of madness.

"Oh, do you need a potion?" she asked him as she turned from her point on the ship's bow. Ever since she got on the Stranger in Paradise, she had been just as unflappable as usual. Just the reason he loved her.

"Forget it. It'd just spill" he pulled himself upright again, trying to shake the vague dizziness.

"Shame we couldn't get anyone to come with us" Luna said to noone in particular as she looked up at the clear blue sky, "Hermione just laughed, Ron said he was allergic to dragons, and Harry said something about growing up with a giant, voracious, hellbent hulk"

Dean sniggered, "From what Harry tells me, that cousin of his could eat these…things in a single sitting"

"Oh. I don't suppose he's part-giant, is he?" Luna cocked her head in that adorable birdlike way.

"Giants?! Where?!" The boy at the helm nearly fell off the poop deck in panic.

"Giants can't fly, Rolf" Dean rolled his eyes. Luna had organized this expedition with Newt Scamander's insane grandson, Rolf, who honestly believed the old legends of monsters in the Pacific. For Dean, they were fun movies that popped up occasionally on the television, a simple muggle form of fulfilling their love of the large and scary. But apparently there was something actually there. At least, there was according to Rolf.

When he had suggested to Rolf that maybe they could take a ship, this wasn't what he had in mind. He remembered going to the docks at Blackpool with Neville once, and enjoying the seaside atmosphere. No wonder Neville was taking out his girlfriend there. He was hoping for something similar; some sort of nice cruise with Luna where they could relax. What he was not hoping for was a voyage two miles above any liquid water!

"Well, there was that report in '65 of the flying giant near Ipswitch…" Luna pondered, breaking Dean from his thoughts.

"Luna, Hermione told me that that was a balloon that got loose from a muggle parade" he couldn't help but argue.

"Well, that's what she would say, coming from a more skeptical position. Really, not all sightings can be mistakes. Look at the Newcastle werewolf in the seventh century" Luna walked to him, not minding the cold and the wind and the height in the slightest.

"Or the Pokhara yeti in 1891, or the Kelpies in Loch Ness" Rolf added, absolutely giddy, "Really, I think we may find something amazing here in Ogasawara! After all, the muggles managed to film them and make amazing documentaries about them!"

"Oh sweet Merlin" Dean groaned as the ship plowed on through the clouds, the waves of water vapor splashing and foaming around the flying ship.