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"It's too hot to sleep."

Harry turned over, punching his pillow to try to make the bed more comfortable. He and Draco had been living together at Grimmauld Place for the last three weeks, spending their free time looking at flats in the London area. At least, that was what they'd planned to do. After just a week of searching, Draco suddenly lost interest and was never available when Harry wanted to go view a flat. To make matters worse, the blond had taken to disappearing for hours on end with no notice, never telling Harry anything about where he'd been when he returned.

He was worried about their relationship, and Draco's sullenness and snarky attitude lately were driving him over the edge.

"Then cast a Cooling Charm, Draco," he snapped, kicking the light blankets off the bed to help air circulate around his own sweaty skin.

"I don't know how to cast one to cool an area as large as a room, and you know it will just wear off when I fall asleep," Draco shot back, turning restlessly in the sweat-dampened sheets.

Harry gritted his teeth, fumbling for his wand. He cast the charm over Draco, biting his tongue so he wouldn't say something he knew he'd regret in the morning. He stumbled out of bed, turning a deaf ear to Draco's complaint that the charm would wear off long before the night was over and the steady stream of insults the blond was lobbing at McGonagall and her no house-elf policy.

"Honestly, Draco," Harry bit out, Transfiguring a spoon from the small kitchen into a Muggle fan. He narrowed his eyes, weighing his options.

They didn't have electricity, and he wasn't sure the fan would continue to run once he fell asleep. Shrugging, Harry positioned the fan so it blew toward the bed and climbed back in, closing his eyes as the cool air swept over his naked skin.

"What is that thing?"

Harry's eyes opened again, a sharp retort dying on his lips. He needed to be more patient, he told himself, levering up on one elbow to tell Draco about the different ways Muggles kept cool in the hot summer months without magic.

The dark-haired boy lay awake long after his bed partner had fallen asleep, the combined effects of the Cooling Charm and the fan making him pleasantly chilled. Harry pulled the blankets up over Draco, draping them up to his own waist as well. He could feel the tension still coursing through his muscles, a slight headache pounding in his temples.

He'd felt so grateful and lucky when McGonagall had announced he and Draco would be sharing a room for the duration of the summer session. All engaged couples were entitled to, and Harry and Draco weren't the only ones to take the Headmistress up on her offer. Neville and Pansy were two rooms over, and Justin and his boyfriend, Wayne, were on the floor above them. Everyone else had been randomly assigned a roommate of the same sex.

Harry had been elated, since he'd rather gotten used to waking up beside Draco every day in the weeks since they'd left Hogwarts. Any hope he had of their time together here being better than at Grimmauld Place was dashed as soon as the Headmistress had shown them to their rooms.

Every pair of roommates had a similar arrangement, though those who weren't engaged would have two bedrooms instead of one. Right about now, that configuration was sounding better and better, he thought with a grim smile. Draco hadn't stopped complaining about the accommodations – or the rules – since they'd arrived.

They were staying in a part of the castle Harry had never seen before. Apparently it was rarely used these days, since witches and wizards tended not to marry until after they completed their education. As early as 80 years ago, McGonagall had explained, it was common practice for wizarding families to insist on arranged marriages, most of which took place when the couple turned 15. Hence the need for the married dormitory their suites were all in.

Harry looked around, studying the room they were sleeping in. Their bedroom, and the rest of their suite, was sparsely decorated but well kept. The furniture was old but serviceable, and the rooms were light and airy. They had a small but well-stocked kitchen filled with everything they could possibly need for their meals, a comfortable sitting room with a cozy fireplace and an over-stuffed couch and chairs, a large bathroom with a shower and deep claw-footed tub and a good-sized bedroom with two large closets and a bed.

Harry saw nothing that should have set Draco off. He felt the same way about Grimmauld Place, and couldn't see why Draco made such a big deal about them living there, especially since it was only temporary. In his opinion, the decent suite of rooms was far preferable to what he'd been anticipating, which was sharing a dorm room like he had in Gryffindor Tower. This way they at least had their privacy.

He took a deep breath, willing himself to relax so he could sleep. Classes started early the next morning, and they were responsible for their own meals, as well. He'd have to get up early to cook breakfast, since he knew Draco would have neither the inclination nor the skills to do it. He hoped everyone else was faring better than they were.



Hermione shot into the kitchen, her wand raised. Seeing her roommate staring wide-eyed at two blackened – and still smoking – pieces of what she could only assume had been bread, Hermione nearly sagged with relief. She'd thought something was actually wrong.

She pulled Lisa back, aiming her own wand at the smoking mess on the counter.

"Aguamenti," she said calmly, moving her wand a bit to direct the spray of cool water until the bread stopped smoking.

She turned, eyeing the perplexed Ravenclaw appraisingly. She didn't know Lisa Turpin well, but she'd had no qualms when McGonagall had assigned them to be roommates. If the girl was going to routinely set things on fire, though, she'd have to rethink that.

"What were you doing?" she asked, trying to keep her voice even.

"Professor McGonagall said we were to make our own breakfast," the girl said, her brow wrinkled as she pondered what had gone wrong. Too much power behind the spell, or the wrong spell altogether? "I was making toast."

"You were making toast with Incendio?" Hermione asked incredulously, unable to keep her voice even.

Lisa stiffened, raising her chin at Hermione's tone.

"Well, what would you have used to make toast?" she sniffed, crossing her arms.

Hermione stared at her for a moment longer before Summoning two fresh pieces of bread and jamming them into the toaster on the countertop. It required a spell to operate, but it was something anyone who grew up in a wizarding household, as Lisa had, should have known.

"The toaster," Hermione answered, flicking her wand at the device. "Operatio."


"Today you will have the opportunity to visit each of the classes Hogwarts is offering during this special summer session," McGonagall said, raising her voice to be heard over the grumbles and complaints of the assembled students.

"Each teacher will give a twenty minute mini-class and will be available for questions afterward," she continued, frowning at Neville and Pansy, who had just stumbled into the Great Hall. "See me this evening with your final choices. You make take as many of the courses as you like, but be mindful of any scheduling overlaps."

The newly minted graduates simply stared at her. Now more than ever, McGonagall was convinced she'd made the right decision accepting Hannah's proposal for the summer session. She might even add some extra classes to the traditional Hogwarts offerings, depending on how this experiment went.

"What are you waiting for?" she barked, scowling at the motley group of young adults still seated in front of her. "Go! Demonstrations begin in ten minutes."


"And I can't decide if I should take Helpful Charms or not," Hermione said, gesturing excitedly with the sandwich in her hand. To everyone's delight, they'd found that lunch would be prepared for them on days they had classes. It was a huge relief to Hermione, who frankly feared being in her kitchen with Lisa. "It wouldn't give me a break between Business Etiquette and Wards and Home Protections, but it might be worth the squeeze."

Harry shook his head, finishing his second sandwich. He'd been so tired after his sleepless night that he'd hardly had an appetite at breakfast.

"No, no," he said, reaching across Hannah to grab another apple. "Flitwick said the class was catch-up for students who didn't do well enough on their O.W.L.s to take N.E.W.T.-level Charms classes. You already know most of the Charms you'd need for everyday life, and you've had enough Charms theory to be able to pick up any Charm you might need from a book easily."

Hermione took another bite of her sandwich, her expression thoughtful. There were so many classes, and if she could, she'd take all of them. Even Muggle Traditions and Practices. She hated the thought that she might miss out on something.

"Seriously, classes like Practical Transfiguration, Everyday Potions and Helpful Charms aren't meant for students like us," Draco cut in, coloring slightly when he realized he'd inadvertently insulted Hannah. He turned to the blonde, his expression apologetic. "Hannah, I –"

The Hufflepuff laughed, waving his apology off.

"We wouldn't be here if not for my legendary problems with Transfiguration," she joked, offering him a smile. "I know I wasn't the best student, which is why I'm glad we're getting the chance to take classes just targeted at what we'll need to know in the real world. It's alright, Draco."

Blaise grinned, clapping an arm around Draco's shoulders. He winked at his girlfriend, leaning in to whisper conspiratorially to the small group gathered at their table.

"After all, it's not like we're talking about Remedial Apparition," he smirked, raising an eyebrow at Neville, who blushed.

"Fuck off," the formerly timid Gryffindor shot back, rolling his eyes. He'd been too nervous and unsure of himself to get his Apparition license when he came of age, but he didn't think he'd have any trouble learning it now. Neville smiled, leaning in just as Blaise had. "Enjoy being the only pure-blood in Wizarding Traditions, Zabini."

Blaise laughed, holding his hand over his heart, feigning a mortal wound. He knew he was likely to be the only pure-blood student in the class, but his mother had always been more interested in finding her next husband than tutoring him on wizarding traditions.

"You wound me, Longbottom," he said, fluttering his eyelashes at Hannah, who pressed a kiss against his cheek. "You truly do."


Draco nudged Harry, unable to stop fidgeting in their latest demonstration class. Up front, Molly Weasley was chattering on about the different types of Cleaning Spells that could be used to wash dishes.

"Let's just go," Draco whispered when he had Harry's attention. "We don't need to take Household Spells."

Harry shook his head, turning his attention back to Molly's lecture. Ron and Ginny had been mortified when she'd taken her spot at the front of the room and introduced herself – apparently the Weasley matriarch had kept her teaching position a secret from her two youngest children.

"Harry," Draco whispered again, earning himself a jab in the ribs.

"Stop it," Harry hissed back, glaring at the blond.

"This is ridiculous," Draco protested, careful to keep his voice low. He knew how important Molly Weasley was to Harry, and he didn't want to offend her. Still, the thought that he and Harry would need to take a class on Household Spells was asinine. "We both have house-elves, for Merlin's sake!"

Harry turned toward him fully, his jaw tight. He knew they both had house-elves! But above all else, he hated being helpless. It was true that he wouldn't often use the Toto Emundo spell Molly was explaining, but that didn't mean he minded knowing it, just in case.

"Later," Harry whispered, and Draco folded his arms, admitting defeat. They only had a few more minutes left in the demonstration class, anyway.


Harry scooped mashed potatoes onto his plate, his green eyes flashing as he listened to Blaise and Draco mocking the courses that were being offered and everything else about the special summer session they'd be attending for the next two months. McGonagall had told them this was the last dinner they'd be eating as a group. From here on out, they were expected to cook their own dinners in their suites, meeting only for a communal lunch on week days.

Molly was going to give them a lecture about cooking and meal planning after dinner to get them started, and Blaise was snorting with laughter as Draco quietly imitated the Weasley matriarch, already familiar with her teaching style from the earlier demonstration in Household Spells. To Harry's increased consternation, Ginny and Ron were laughing right along with everyone else at Draco's eerily accurate imitation of their mother.

"Why are you even here, then?" Harry snapped, glaring across the table at Draco, who immediately stopped his sotto voce lecture on the nutritional value of root vegetables. "Seriously, Draco. You already know all of the traditions and etiquette, and you don't care to learn about Muggles or household spells, so why are you here?"

Draco clenched his jaw, his eyes narrowing as he studied the exasperated Gryffindor. He'd thought it rather obvious, actually. Why else would he have signed up for what promised to be two months of unmitigated boredom?

"I'm sorry, Harry," he murmured, chagrined to see the hurt flash through Harry's green eyes, buried under the frustration and anger. "I shouldn't have made fun of Mrs. Weasley."

He turned to Ron and Ginny, bowing slightly to them as well. "My apologies, Weasley and Weasley, if I offended you."

"Mate, it wasn't –"

Hermione elbowed Ron in the ribs, shaking her head. She had a feeling this argument wasn't really about the classes or Draco's impersonation. Neither boy had been acting like himself since everyone arrived yesterday, and they'd both been tense and out of sorts when she visited them at Grimmauld Place last week.

"We'll see you tomorrow, yeah?" Harry said, nodding at their friends as he threw a leg over the bench and stood, almost sighing in relief when Draco mirrored his actions. They left together without a word, striding silently toward their quarters while the rest of the students finished dinner.


Harry waited until the door shut firmly behind them, knowing Draco would throw up a Silencing Spell to ensure their privacy. He whirled around when he felt the buzz of the familiar magic around them, his chest aching with worry and frustration.

"What's going on, Draco?"

The blond shrugged, falling into a comfortable chair near the fire. It was a warm summer day, but they'd left the fire going out of habit. He waved his wand, extinguishing the flames and closing the Floo for an added measure of privacy.

"Nothing's going on, Harry," Draco answered, the half-hearted smile he offered not reaching his eyes.

Harry looked away, afraid he might say something he'd regret. Things had been going so well for them lately, but he couldn't help but feel that something was horribly wrong. Draco had been distant and whiny ever since they left school, but Harry had been confident everything would get better once they were back at Hogwarts. But here they were, settled into their rooms for the summer, and Draco was still playing the part of disaffected prick.

"Let's just go to sleep," Harry said dully, not noticing the hurt expression on Draco's face.


"The Headmistress handed these out after you two left last night," Hermione said, offering Harry a faint smile. It didn't look like he'd gotten much sleep, and she couldn't tell if they'd been up late fighting or making up.

Harry took the pair of scrolls she held out, raising an inquisitive brow. He could tell she already knew what they were, even though the seals were still intact.

"Did everyone get one?" he asked, tossing one to Draco when the blond wandered sleepily into the kitchen, covering a yawn with his hand.

"No, not everyone," she answered, her smile growing when she noticed the hickey on Draco's neck. Definitely making up, then, she decided, turning to let herself out. "Why don't you guys come by for lunch? Lisa's a nightmare in the kitchen, but she's gone for the weekend."

"Sounds good," Draco said, opening his own copy of the Headmistress' letter.

Neither boy looked up as Hermione left, absorbed in the scrolls they were holding. Harry could hardly believe what he was reading.

"Did you –"

"Yeah, I never thought –"

They both looked up, laughing. Harry motioned for Draco to speak.

"I never thought about becoming an Animagus," the blond admitted, staring at the scroll in his hands with something akin to awe.

"Me either," Harry murmured, his face splitting in a huge grin. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised to learn he had the ability, knowing that his father had managed the transformation.

"This says we'd have to be willing to give up our weekends to study," Draco said, frowning thoughtfully. He'd planned to use their weekends to continue hunting for a suitable flat, but it might be worth putting on hold for the opportunity to discover his form and learn how to transform.

"Do you think two months is enough?"

Draco shook his head, looking up at Harry. He knew the dark-haired wizard didn't know half of what he should about the wizarding world; it was, after all, the reason he'd agreed to attend the summer session. He doubted Harry would go without him, and he didn't want to deny Harry the opportunity.

"It takes closer to six months, usually," he answered, smiling when Harry's eyes widened. "This class will probably teach us the theory and help us manage the spell that reveals our forms, but I doubt we'd get any further than that in just two months."

"It would be brilliant, though," he added when Harry's face fell. "I'm sure we could manage the rest on our own or get a private tutor. If you want to, that is."

Harry looked up, a strange expression on his face. "After, you mean?"

Draco frowned, shrugging.

"Of course. I didn't think you were in a hurry to settle into a job, but even if you were, we could still make time for lessons."

A brilliant smile spread across Harry's face, dazzling Draco. The light that had been missing from Harry's eyes for the last week was suddenly there in all its blazing glory, and the dark-haired boy was hurtling toward him, knocking him to the floor in his exuberance.

"Draco!" Harry cried, peppering his face with light kisses before claiming his mouth in a more serious pursuit.

"Mmpf –" Draco gave up trying to respond, deciding that it didn't matter if Harry's actions made no sense. Not if that was the result. He squirmed a bit on the floor, his shoulder sore from the sudden impact with the unforgiving stone.

Harry pulled back, straddling Draco's lower body and pinning him to the floor. Between his dancing eyes, his flushed cheeks and his swollen lips, he looked absolutely gorgeous. Draco tried to pull him back down so he could tell him exactly that, but Harry stopped him with a hand to the chest.

"I thought you wanted to be rid of me," he said quietly, a shy smile stealing across his face. "You've been distant and secretive, and I thought you were regretting agreeing to move in with me."

Draco was stunned. How could Harry have possibly thought that? He thanked Merlin every day that they were together, and he planned to ensure they stayed that way for a very long time.

"You hated Grimmauld, and then you did nothing but complain once we got here," Harry continued, noticing when Draco tensed underneath him. "We hardly ever talk anymore, and you started disappearing for hours at a time."

He hadn't realized Harry had noticed his absences – he'd always timed them carefully to coincide with visits from Harry's friends.

"Oh, love, no," he murmured, raising a hand to run it over Harry's still-flushed cheek. "How could you think that? No."

"But –"

Draco shook his head, cutting Harry off.

"I'm here because you're here. You were right that I don't need any of these classes, though the Animagus training will be brilliant. You need them, though, and I need you, so here I am."

Harry's expression softened, his smile growing.

"As for my absences," Draco continued, looking slightly uncomfortable. "I've been out with Mother, hunting for a house in the countryside for the two of us. After we looked at several dozen flats in the city, I realized you'd never be happy there. So we've been looking at properties with a fair bit of land and homes that need a bit of renovation."

Harry's mouth fell open as he stared at Draco in shock. It was true that he'd felt caged in and uncomfortable in most of the neighborhoods they'd looked at, but he'd never considered actually buying a house and living in the country. Once the words came out of Draco's mouth, though, he realized how perfect it sounded.


Draco nodded, his grey eyes firing with enthusiasm. They'd seen a fabulous old farm house in Somerset set on a large seaside property that he was almost positive would be perfect for Harry. It wasn't in a well-known area, and its relative isolation would make it easy to set wards around the entire property, giving them the freedom to enjoy the land and the beach as well as games of Quidditch in the large clearing.

"I wanted to be able to put our stamp on something, to make it perfect for our unique needs," Draco said, blushing slightly. "It's hard to find a home with a potions lab and a dueling room if you're going through a Muggle estate agent."

Harry looked even more awestruck, mouthing the words Draco had used.

"I have my eye on a property in Somerset," he said, pausing to see if Harry realized the significance. He didn't. Draco sighed, even more convinced it was right for them to be attending summer classes. "No wizarding district, Harry. It's a Muggle area. We'd be anonymous, free from the public spectacles you hate so much."

Harry took a moment to absorb everything Draco said, then leaned down, crashing his mouth against the blond's. He poured every bit of anger, confusion and frustration he'd felt over the last few weeks into the kiss, leaving both of them panting when they finally broke apart.

"Do you want to go see it today?" Draco asked, panting slightly from the exertion of their kiss. "I'd planned for you to meet with the estate agent next weekend, but I'm sure we could go explore it by ourselves."

Harry grinned instead of answering, covering Draco's body with his own and claiming his mouth again. His tongue slipped easily between Draco's parted lips, the firm muscle stroking everything it could reach. He mimicked the motion with his hips, pressing them against Draco as he rubbed their erections together.

Neither noticed the persistent knocking at their door, too caught up with the sensations and emotions swirling around them. They were shocked when they heard voices, looking up to find Hermione and Pansy smirking down at them.

"McGonagall wants everyone in the Great Hall to sign up for courses in ten minutes," Pansy said evenly, as though she hadn't caught them rutting against each other on the floor of their suite.

Hermione smiled, openly staring at the panting and red-faced men on the floor. She was a little put out that Pansy made their presence known; she'd have liked to have stuck around to watch them a little longer.

"Oh come now," she teased, winking at them. "We're all friends here. Feel like giving us a show?"

Draco cleared his throat, pulling himself into a sitting position. He knew if Pansy wasn't there the brown-haired Gryffindor would really be taking the piss out of them, but the Secrecy Spell she and Hannah had taken prevented her from mentioning the fact that she'd already seen much, much more of them.

"Hermione!" Pansy chided, smacking her on the arm. She had fond memories of some of Draco's exploits in the Slytherin common room, but she was sure his prim and proper Gryffindor boyfriend would never agree to something so exhibitionist. She was shocked Hermione even suggested it – though she had been coming out of her shell lately.

"Maybe some other time," Harry smirked, brushing the dust off his trousers as he stood and offered a hand to help Draco up.

Pansy nearly gaped at Harry's unexpected comment. It sounded like a joke, but she couldn't quite tell, the sparkle in his eye making her re-think her preconceived notions of Harry Potter.

"I'll hold you to that," Hermione said, pulling Pansy toward the door to give the boys some privacy to straighten their clothing.

"We'll look forward to it," Draco answered, enjoying the gobsmacked look on his former House-mate's face.



This is obviously turning into a multi-chaptered fic instead of the one-shot it should have been (AGAIN … stupid plot bunnies!), but I promise you'll see some H/D action in future chapters, as well as learn more about their classes and the students' plans for after the summer.