Just a little experiment with poetry.

After Midnight

What a stroke of luck!

The girl believes everything.

And as for the boy? Too simple.

It's child's play, really.

In all honesty

she means well.

Powdered face cheerful

painted mouth promising and

forgetting the catch

she waves a manicured hand

and promises that everything

will be all right

before stepping back into the shadows.

She doesn't need to see

the grateful smiles

the loving embraces

the hearts filled with–

well, something.

She doesn't know exactly.

But does she need to?

After all, she works in lies

and illusion.

If she should see her illusion shattered–

she doesn't like to think about that.

And as for the catch…

the girl will make it out in time.

They always do.

She can't think about that now.

As the hours slip away

she hurries to watch.

She loves this part–

the window of time after midnight.

It's always the same

the heartbreak,

the redemption,

the forgiveness,

the salvation.

But, surely

is this right?

After all,

the girl wanted this–

the girl needed this.

No, she decides,

in this case

in every case

the ends justify the means.

All's fair in love and war.

And however basic the game is,

she thinks, watching that

seemingly elusive,

oh-so-beautiful embrace,

she wins every time.

This was just a bit of a darker look at the fairy godmother; this will be explored a little more in my upcoming story, "The Fairy Godmother's Assistant." Please review!