Clan of the Demon Fangs

"Blah" normal talk

"hi" normal thought

"Kill" demon talk

"Death" demon thought

"Kage Bushin" Jutsu name

Chapter 1: Return of a Legend

It was a quiet day in Konoha as the Fifth Hokage, Tsunade, waited by the main gate waiting for the return of her teammate and her favorite blond shinobi from their three-year training mission. Tsunade just sighed and stared out onto the horizon. She did not look like she had changed at all over the past three years. After waiting a little bit she noticed a figure heading towards the gate. It was her former teammate Jiraiya of the sanin approaching alone.

"Hello Jiraiya welcome back and where is Naruto?" Asked Tsunade sweetly.

Jiraiya started to sweat heavily. "Well you see heisotwithme."

At first Tsunade just smiled and nodded then she punched Jiraiya with a chakra-enhanced fist sending him a good twenty feet backwards. Everyone around the gate noticed an evil aura coming from the Hokage. "What do you mean he is not with you? Talk quickly before my fist decides to greet you back in its own personal way."

Jiraiya started to sweat even harder than before. "Well you see he said he had an emergency that he had to take care of before he came back. I went to ask but he knocked me out and disappeared."

Suddenly there was a small puff of smoke appeared beside Jiraiya revealing a small orange toad. "Yo! I have a message from Naruto-san for you two." The toad cleared its throat and said. "Naruto-san says because of a personal emergency he says he will return in one year. That is all well see ya later." With that the toad disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Jiraiya sighed before slowly getting to his feet and looking at Tsunade. "Well there you go Tsunade there is nothing we can do but wait."

Tsunade just sighed and nodded before the two sanins made their way back to the Hokage's Tower. "So how much has Naruto grown over the past three years?"


(One year later)

Izumo and Kotetsu sat there at the gate bored. Konoha in their minds has been to quiet ever since Uzumaki Naruto left. No one really knew why he did not return with Jiraiya a year ago.

"Hey Izumo you know what?" Asked Kotetsu.

"What?" Replied Izumo sounding a little annoyed.

"I'm bored." Said Kotetsu.

Izumo growled in annoyance and banged his head on the table in front of them. He then looked up and noticed two figures approaching the gate. One was a female had long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wore a royal blue kimono that hugged her curves perfectly. She stood roughly stood 5'4" and walk with such grace it was mesmerizing. Next to her stood a man standing 5'10" and giving off an aura of strength and confidence. He wore a pair of black pants and a black button shirt and a black trench coat with a red swirl design on the back of it. He wore a black fedora that covered most of his face from everyone looking at his from the front. He had a long katana strapped to his waist and a large sword strapped to his back.

"Stop state your business here." Said Izumo when the two arrived.

The male turned and the two chunins noticed a leaf headband on his right arm. "Here is my passport." He said before handing it over to Kotetsu. Kotetsu then noticed the name on the passport his eyes grew bigger.

"Welcome back Naruto. Please it has been to boring as hell. We need another one of your pranks." Said Kotetsu almost pleading.

Naruto just sighed as he took back his passport and sighed. "Sorry boys cant the wife would kill me." He said pointing his thumb behind him at the woman he walked up with.

Both Izumo and Kotetsu leaned over to see the one Naruto pointed and blushed at the sight. "Damn Naruto how did you get someone like her to be with you?" Asked Kotetsu.

The woman walked up beside Naruto and sweetly said. "So what I am a trophy wife and he only married me because of my figure?"

Both chunins started to sweat bullets. Naruto chuckled before wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Be nice Haku dear and don't make them shit their pants yet. You know that I did not choose you for that but it is a nice plus." Haku blushed slightly at Naruto's remark.

Izumo motioned Naruto to lean forward, which he did. "Ok first sorry but give us some tips here sensei." All Naruto could do was shake his head and try not to bust out laughing.

"Sorry boys but that is something that all men have to learn on their own trust me you will find someone one day. Good luck you two. Now lets go see the old hag. Ouch! Haku what was that for?" Asked Naruto rubbed his head where Haku had smacked him.

"What have I told you about calling her that?" Glared Haku before they started to walk down the road towards Hokage Tower.

"I know I know sorry. Well shall we show her the surprise that will send her into the next century?" Asked Naruto showing his patented fox-smile.

Haku couldn't help but smile at her husband's antics. I can't wait to finally meet the famous Tsunade of the sanin. You think she will like our little surprise?" Haku emphasized that one word smiling.

Naruto smiled and looked up at Hokage Mountain. "Oh I know she will. So shall we make our entrance?" Haku nodded and the two of them walked on until they reached the Hokage's office door. Naruto opened the door to see the desk covered in paper. They could her someone behind the mountain muttering curses. "Hey Haku you might want to move to the side a little bit. So Baa-chan how is the paperwork?"

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