Author's Note

Holly jolly Molly here! Ho ho ho~! Eh… Well, I've written again, this will be continued (sooner or later) Better explain my case, lest I wind up in court because I didn't supply the facts:

I Do NOT own the WWE, Vince MacMahon does, and boy I tell you, the way the storyline is currently just makes my fangirl blood boil with excitement.

I am a fan of Legacy

I will probably NEVER own the WWE, the lucky damn MacMahon grandchildren will...

I don't mean to offend ANYONE with ANYTHING I write at ANY TIME. I love and respect all you fellow readers like my kids.

The Pairings here are:

Ted DiBiase x Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes x Randy Orton

Jack Swagger x Christian

Randy Orton x John Cena

John Cena x Jack Swagger

Peace be with you all and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed daydreaming and fantasizing about it (wink, wink).

Cody gasped, awestruck, as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him. In time that seemed to be nothing, John Cena had charmed the ECW champion, Jack Swagger into bending over for him.

How had this horrific, yet somehow arousing occurrence even happened? Cody could remember quite clearly as it was while these two silly hearts were flirting between each other that he was working on a plan to win Randy's heart.

Oh yes, Cody loved Randy dearly, he was so smart, so charismatic, so beautiful, and so sure of himself all the time…He was so… Perfect. There was only one flaw to Randy; he did not love Cody. No, Randy's love was devoted to John Cena, if only the muscle-headed gorilla would ever have noticed it. It was while Cody was musing over angry thoughts of John's ungrateful and ignorant attitude that the said ingrate came bounding in, topless, after a completely smashed Jack Swagger.

Obviously the poor blonde had far too much to drink, but John mercilessly persisted with sexual advances, taking advantage of his drunken stupidity. To which Jack responded by trying to escape further, and for that reason Cody had to hide in the shower stalls, for fear that he would be caught in the mix-up.

Once he had been sure to conceal himself from the predator and his gawky yet exceedingly adorable blond pray, he watched and listened.

After all, maybe from careful vigilance he could create a strategy on how to seduce Randy, if not, then at least he would have something to hold over John's head later.

"Ooh yeah, you're looking real good…" he John cooed, groping Jack's ass. "Oh, stop it!" Jack giggled swatting his hand away.

"No, really baby, you look damn good…!" John grinned, a little more aggressive now as he seized Jack by the hips and pulled their bodies together.

Jack burst into a fit of giggles as if it were some fantastic joke, while John proceeded to unbutton and remove Jack's white collared shirt.

He began to nuzzle his nose into the crook of Jack's neck, breathing in his scent, although Cody couldn't tell if smell was detectable as the strong, intoxicating stench of the axe body-spray that John wore was sure to block any other aroma from reaching his nostrils.

John started to suck at the soft skin of Jack's neck, reveling in the sigh of pleasure coming from his drunken mate.

One of his hands began to creep from Jack's hips to his groin as it began to massage the bulge forming in Jacks pants. His fingers worked diligently, trying their hardest to ghost the shape of Jack's penis through the fabric of his dark denim jeans.

"Oh yes…" Jack moaned, his own hand searching for the large eleven-inch tent that was being pitched on John's pants.

John snickered wickedly; he had him now.

With all of his devious intent driving him further he leaned into Jack's mouth, claiming him in the name of Cena. His tongue swept over Jack's own, melding together, entwining in a war; Monday Night Raw vs. Tuesday Night ECW and John was bent on winning.

Jack broke their kiss, John's saliva clinging to the right corner of his lips. "What's the matter, sexy?" John asked, leaning forward for round two.

"My pants are kinda chaffing me…" he mumbled as John silenced him, pressing his index finger to Jack's lips "shh, just leave that to me". With that, he ripped Jack's jeans and briefs from his body, causing Jack to wince from the rush of the material against his legs.

He smirked down at the sight before him; Jack's fully erect eight inch long cock, leaking pre-cum and it was all his fault.

"Well, hello" he chuckled, wrapping his fingers around it and giving it a playful tug, causing it to leak even more pre-cum into his hand.

"Oh, god…" Jack whispered, barely audible due to his labored breathing and moans. "Jack look, it's all red and swollen and wet… It needs me…" he whispered, slowly pumping Jack's raging hard on while rubbing his own on Jack's inner thighs, coating his legs with his hot liquid.

"Oh John… Fuck me…!" he hissed, spreading his legs and wrapping one of them around John's muscular torso.

"You have no idea how bad I've wanted to hear that from you…" he chuckled as Jack wrapped his arms around John's neck "but, I want you on your knees".

He then roughly threw Jack to the floor, aligning his dick with Jack's entrance before slamming in; no warning, lubricant or even so much as preparation. It was then that Jack started bawling in pain, he sounded awful, like a woman in labor.

"Oh god, he's tight like a vice…" John thought to himself as he moaned from the sensations being sent by the warmth around his length "I might even cum after the second thrust…"Jack however, wasn't feeling so at peace, and he made it very clear in the way he gasped and yelled. So, in an act of pacifying the uncomfortable virgin tight little hussy, he massaged Jack's balls.

It was presently in this position that Cody was watching the two have at it.

John pulled out slightly only to slam back in eliciting a shriek of "Jesus FUCK!" from the drunk beneath him.

To Cody's relief Jack calmed slightly as John found his prostate, causing him to instead emit moans of pleasure mixed with tingling pain.

As a bonus to add to the stopping of the hollering, nobody rushed in to see who was screaming bloody murder.

Then John shoved it in to the hilt; that seemed to be the end of Jack's ass-taking ability.

"John it hurts! Please move faster! Do something, anything! Just stop torturing me like this!" he cried as tears filled his glorious blue eyes, begging John to make the pain go away.

John of course, being in love with Jack couldn't bear disobeying his orders, but pull out all the way now and poor Jack wouldn't be able to feel the orgasm that John was sure to bring.

"Shh baby, shh, you're gonna like it, you're gonna love it, I'm gonna be the best fuck you ever had, you just gotta relax and let me do my thing" he whispered giving Jack's member a loving jerk.

When he felt Jack adjust to the feel of him, he pulled out again, this time pushing back in all the way again.

Jack huffed and heaved in pain but didn't complain anymore he just implored John to go faster, which, John planned to do.

He quickened his pace, thrusting in and out of Jack, slamming into his prostate with every thrust; Jack was sure to cum soon, John could feel it by the way his member felt so ready to burst in his hand as he dragged his fingers along the shaft.

"Oh John…God that's so good… So much better…" he moaned as John tightened his grip and stroked his hard on faster.

This wasn't enough.

He hoisted Jack into the air and pressed him against the lockers, flipping him so that his back was pressed against the cold metal of the lockers before thrusting with even more vigor that before.

"Mmmm… Oh… Oh Jack… I love you…" he moaned, capturing Jack's mouth in a hearty kiss before giving two more thrusts.

"Oh god John, I'm gonna cum!" Jack hissed preparing for the next thrust; but it didn't come.

Instead, John stood beneath him, flexing his leg muscles with all his energy obtainable to keep from giving that final thrust to Jack.

Jack stared flabbergasted before trying to satisfy his need by taking matters into his own hands and bucking up and down against John's member.

John would have none of this and so he gripped Jack's hips, holding him frozen with no way to release.

"Do you love me?" John asked quizzically, while trying with all his might to restrain the squirming blond. Jack began to breathe those heavy wheezes that Cody recognized as the ones made before one bursts into tears.

John repeated himself, his eyes determined and prying "Do you love me, Jack?" Jack swallowed hard before shaking his head yes, but the bastard didn't quit "I'm sorry, I didn't hear the marbles rolling around in your head, what was your answer?" John asked testily, using one hand to play at Jack's twitching member.

He dragged his index finger along it, dipping into the slit before trailing it back down the shaft. "Well…? If I don't hear anything by the time I count to five I'm pulling out and leaving you here, and I'm going to tell Christian that you fucked me" John threatened.

"John don't—-!"


"John please I beg of you---!"


"John cut it---!"

"Three…Four…Four and a half… Four and three quarters…"

Jack shook his head, hanging it in shame.

"Don't make me say five" John menaced, pointing at him accusingly with the finger that a few seconds ago had been sending Jack sailing adrift in a sea of pleasure "if I say five—".

"I love you John! I love your smile; I love your body; I love your personality; I love your hair; I love your stupid rap music gimmick; I love your thick, long, cock inside me; I love all of you! I love you!" he shouted.

John's feral smirk returned; he was in control. He'd gotten the better of Jack; he'd gotten Jack to admit it.

"Humph, all I wanted was a simple 'I love you too'… Well all right Jack, you've earned the right to orgasm" with that he thrust into Jack for the final time before Jack came.

Sexual tension let loose in the form of an energy depleting heavy spray of flowing white liquid on John's torso. Jack felt it, as he moaned John's name upon ejaculation, he felt it; the white light pulling him out to ecstasy. He gripped John's shoulder blades, digging his nails in for a support as his conscious left for parts unknown, leaving him barely awake, and going slack against John's shoulders in exhaustion.

John continued to build for his own release, finding it quite easily in the hot, tight little ass that his partner so graciously allowed him to plow into.

"You'll be feeling that in the morning…" John thought to himself with a slight chuckle, if it were manageable, through the guttural moans escaping his mouth as his climax neared.

He then came, loud, powerful, shooting so much into Jack that it leaked out of the tight little bitch's ass onto the floor.

John pulled out, brimming with smugness and the satisfaction of hot sex; he still held Jack in the air, as he felt it would be rude to just drop him on the floor after being such a good little fuck.

"…Thanks for the sex…" Jack mumbled into his shoulder, John chortled through the full-of-himself grin plastered on his face.

"Glad you liked it" he replied giving Jack a gentle kiss on his neckline.

He lowered Jack to his feet, allowing Jack to lean his back into John for an embrace from behind. John held his hands protectively over Jack's chest, rocking back and forth as he stood.

Jack reached back between his legs, bringing his hand back to see that it was covered in John's cum.

"Ugh, disgusting…" John snorted jokingly as Jack stared at his hand with a look of repugnance.

"Come on Jack, let's take a shower, I'll clean you up nice and good"

Oh shit.

Uh-Oh, we're in trouble.