Title: Master Sleeping Beauty
Author: Lora Kael
Character: Original
Disclaimer: I don't own star wars, just writing this for the fun of it.
Summary: in honour of all, who like to take an 'Obi'...
Notes: Insanity. This is one of those crazy stories that myself and friends love to write. ;)

It was afternoon and Jedi Slee B'uty was meditating on a very difficult Force technique. It was also a very overlooked one by many, so that might be one of the reasons Jedi found it difficult to master. And it was probably also why they often ignored it and said it was a useless thing.

But Slee knew better. It was a technique the great Jedi Web Master Obi-Wan was known to have used a lot and that he had often practiced to become a master of it. And Jedi like Odd Bnar and Ikrit had used it, too, when necessary, and had shown the usefulness of Force-sleep.

These were Jedi, Master Skywalker had respected, but he seemed to be so busy saving the galaxy all the time, he didn't have the time to practice Force-sleep; rather he did the opposite.(Slee hoped he wouldn't get stressed of always saving the galaxy. But he feared that might be too late, if looking at his white hair was any sign. Of course, it might just be a wrong diet that had caused that).

But Slee B'uty had made it his goal to attain mastery of Force-sleep and make sure the technique got the respect it deserved. It was something all Jedi should be able to do instead of laughing at it.(And get stressed. Stress led to the dark side).

So Slee practiced hard. First he slept the rest of that day and the night till early morning, later on for two days strait. Of course with breaks in between; it was exhausting to practice Force-sleep.

Some of the other Jedi laughed at Slee and said it was a waste of time, but he continued to practice.

After months of hard training Slee could sleep for two weeks without trouble. He continued to practice to he could sleep for a month. Finally he had achieved mastery of it!

It had been overlooked and ignored, laughed at and made fun of, but no more! Now that Slee had become a master of it, the only living master, it was time to show it to everyone and prove once and for all just how useful Force-sleep was.

It was time to sleep.

So, having told Master Skywalker so, Slee prepared himself for his mission, making sure the pillows lay right and the bed had the right degree of firmness. (He had to look out for his back; once during training Slee had slept in a bed that was too soft and his muscles had been aching afterwards).

And so Slee B'uty slept. Not for a month or even two. Not for a year or ten. He slept for first a hundred, then a thousand years before he woke up, his mission complete.

Force-sleep was back in action!

And while he had slept he had become known to all Jedi as Master Sleeping Beauty.