Title: Playing Nice: Your Happily Ever After
Theme/Genre/Prompt: Rivalry
Pairings: HibarixOC
Rating: T
Summary: She never said she'd play fair. HibarixOC

Disclaimer: I don't own KHR.

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"Sugira?" the teacher called out, finding the student's seat empty...again.

"No!" Miki huffed, stamping her foot, "I don't want to go to class."
Hibari glared at her, and nodded in the general direction of her classroom, "Go."
"Never," she hissed, "Plus, you never go to class anyway, so why should I have to."
Hibari quirked an eyebrow, "Go to class."
Miki grumbled, but obediently stomped off.

"Sugira? You are late. Again." The teacher scolded, "And you just got here. No sleeping."
Miki raised her head off the desk, "I was at school on time. You can take it up with Kyouya. He can vouch for my tardiness."
The teacher gulped, and let the subject drop, "Oh no no, it's fine... take a nap."

The ringing bell signaled the end of class and the students ushered out of their seats to stretch. Tsuna watched Miki, who had her head buried in her arms. Sleeping, it seemed. Kyoko came to stand by Tsuna's desk, wondering aloud, "Is she all right?"
"Why wouldn't she be?" Tsuna ventured.
"Seems like she had a lovers' spat with Hibari-san," Kyoko mumbled.
"A lovers' spat?" Gokudera laughed, "They were never meant for each other anyway."
Kyoko watched Gokudera disapprovingly, " Be careful what you say, you might hurt her feelings."
"She always hurts mine," Gokudera retorted.

Happily amused by the fact that Miki wasn't feeling too well, Gokudera took the chance to strike her when she was down.
"So," he began, " Hibari dumped you didn't he? Well of course, even that guy can't stand someone like you, I mean, look at you, you're always hurting my feelings, so... how does it feel now?" Gokudera laughed.
"Gokudera... I don't think it's a good idea to..." Tsuna began.
"It's all right Tenth, Miki can't do anything to me now, she's too depressed!" Gokudera smiled gleefully.
"Well yes," Tsuna mumbled, "But..." He gestured toward the open classroom door.
Gokudera glanced over and paled.
With tonfas gripped tightly in his hands, Hibari Kyouya stood in the doorway, an evil glare aimed directly at Gokudera. Oh there would be hell to pay.

Gokudera had been easily tossed out the classroom window, and Hibari had promptly disappeared from sight, and class, had resumed. Tsuna watched Miki, who hadn't moved from her spot. Poor thing. Gokudera though, was secretly planning his revenge. Oh yes, he would get her back. He certainly would. She must have been signaling to Hibari somehow. Well, the cleared up one thing, they were still together! But no matter, there were other things he had to do. Sugira Miki was going to suffer today. The ringing of the lunch bell set Gokudera off like a firecracker. He cackled with glee. Plan? Action. As he neared Miki's desk, Tsuna put a hand on his arm and shook his head.
"Leave her alone, she's not feeling well."
Miki started and sat straight up. She glanced at the two idiots standing next to her. Rubbing her eyes, she drawled, "What's up? Did I miss anything?"
Gokudera gawked, "You! You were sleeping?"
Miki stared at him, "Have you gotten stupider? Of course I was sleeping, what else would I be doing?"
Tsuna offered an explanation, "Well, it seems Gokudera here got himself thrown out the window during your little nap."
"Oh...I see," Miki commented, "How'd you do that? Did you trip?"
"I did not trip!" Gokudera fumed.
Tsuna corrected her, "Not...exactly. He was sort of tossed."
"Tossed," Miki echoed.
"Not tossed!" Gokudera howled, "Your damned boyfriend threw me out the window."
"Is that all you can say?" Gokudera groaned.
Miki thought a little before replying, "You must have been a bad boy then."

"Lunch time!" Miki squealed, hopping excitedly up the stairs to the roof. She opened the door and peered outside. Finding it empty, she plopped herself down on the ground and opened her bento. Suddenly, she slapped the lid back on, getting the feeling that she was being watched.
"Kyouya!" Miki cheered, "Hey don't call me that!"
"There's no meat in your bento," Hibari stated.
Miki peered at her bento, "Oh yes, you're right."
Hibari groaned, and lay on the floor, "Don't disturb me."
Miki nodded silently, shoveling food into her mouth.
Miki turned to glance at her boyfriend. She tilted her head to indicate that she was listening.
Hibari pressed his lips together. He didn't know what to say.
"Ne.. Kyouya?"
"Do you think we could get some ice cream later?"
"Kyouya," Miki whined. "Puh-whease?"
"Blah, you suck," Miki proclaimed grumpily.
Hibari propped himself up on his elbows.
"All right."

Miki ran her tongue over her strawberry flavored ice cream, happily snacking away at her dessert.
"You owe me a beating," Hibari announced.
"Say what?" Miki groaned, "What for? The ice cream? No way, you can have the damned thing then."
Hibari shook his head.
"Then what for?"
"You know... our little game."
"What? But I so won that."
Hibari glared at her.
Miki's lower lip quivered, " Not fair! I won that game so you get punishment."
Hibari quirked an eyebrow.
"Except... I can't remember what it was supposed to be."

The next day, Sugira Miki arrived at school and was in her seat right on time. Even the teacher had nothing to say. No matter how good she was about coming to school on time, she didn't pay attention in class that day. Instead, she spent all day sitting at her desk, racking her brain and trying to remember Hibari's punishment.
"Damn that bastard," Miki hissed a little too loudly.
Gokudera, thinking she was talking about him, visibly shivered.
"He must have brainwashed me without me knowing," Miki deduced, "now... how did he do that?"
She spent the rest of the day pondering this mystery, but unable to come up with an answer, headed for home once school was over.

Distracted, Miki walked smack into her front door. "Ugh," she proclaimed, rubbing her forehead, before ducking inside the house.
Now...what was it she was thinking about?

Miki bounded through the school gates and tripped over an unconscious body. Looking up from her pitiful position on the ground, she saw Hibari towering menacingly over her.
"You're late."
Miki stood up and brushed off the dirt from her school uniform, "And you promised not to beat up any more people if I won out little game."
"You did not win."
"I so did."
"You have no proof."
"Dino is my witness."
"He can't stop me. You can't stop me."
"Oh really now?"

Miki sat at her desk and stared straight at the chalkboard. The teacher, though a little disturbed by the behavior, chose not to question it. Good things only come around once in a while right? The peace of the classroom however, was quickly disrupted by the slamming of the door. Everyone froze. Hibari was here.

Miki raised her hand, "Sensei, I don't really understand how you solved that last problem. Could you walk through it again?"
"Sugira," Hibari repeated, a little more firmly.
There was no movement on her part.
"Sugira Miki."
"What?" She snapped, "I'm trying to learn here."
The teacher almost laughed, but under such circumstances, that small action would ensure a painful death.
"Let's go."
Gathering his wits about him, the teacher cleared his throat, "Could you two please take you lovers' spat out of this classroom? Sugira, you will be excused of course."
"This is not a lovers' spat," Miki gawked.
"Well... then, you're confrontation," the teacher compromised.
Miki frowned before standing up and kicked her desk.
"Where to?"
"The roof," Hibari quipped.

"Lovers' spat? What was he thinking? God, sensei can be so incredibly stupid sometimes?"
"What would you call it?" Hibari inquired.
"Hm... I would call it: Miki is mad at Hibari."
"That's your problem," Miki spat.
Hibari stared out at the school fields, seemingly deep in thought.
"I'm going to sleep now. Don't wake me or I'll bite you."
"Bastard," Miki hissed.

"Do you think they'll make up?" Kyoko pondered aloud.
"I hope so," Tsuna sighed.
"But Tenth, why would you wish for that?" Gokudera groaned, "I can't stand either of them."
"I'm sure you like getting tossed out of windows better?" Yamamoto laughed.
"I do not," Gokudera hissed, "and what does that have to do with anything?"
"Yamamoto's right," said Tsuna, "the number of people Hibari's beat up have increased ever since the day Miki slept in class."
"So...you're saying when Miki sleeps Hibari beats up more people?" Gokudera surmised.
"How does that work?" Yamamoto questioned, "That's pretty interesting though."
Tsuna almost slapped himself. Perhaps he wasn't all that stupid.

Hibari woke to the sound of the bell signaling the end of the school day. Sitting up, he looked around. His sweet Miki had disappeared. Frustrated, Hibari almost broke the door on his way down the stairs from the roof.

"You'll have to forgive him. I know he's hard to get along with," Dino muttered.
Miki fidgeted a little in her chair, "He's so annoying."
"And yet you like him," Dino chuckled.
"I do not," Miki pouted.
"Denial is the first step," Dino laughed.
"First step to what?" Miki mumbled.
Dino reached for his whip as the sound of the front door opening and closing reached his ears.
"What is that?" Miki whispered.
Dino placed a finger over his lips, signaling for silence.
Footsteps approached the dining room.
"Tsuna?" Dino called out, popping his head out from under the table, "What are you doing here?"
"I wanted to talk to Miki," Tsuna answered.
"About what?" Miki grinned, pouncing into her chair.
Miki's face fell, "Hell no."

Hibari glanced at the sleeping girl beside him and almost smiled.
"Mmm...Kyouya? What time is it?"
"Six?" Miki nearly screamed, sitting up instantly. Hibari wrapped a hand around her shoulder before she scrambled off.
"But it's six. I want to go home, and I'm hungry," Miki whined, gently poking her stomach.
"Stay," Hibari whispered, leaning his head against hers.
"Are you sleeping?" Miki nearly cried, "Don't sleep, then I can't go home until it's like ten! Kyouya?"
"Kyouya! Don't you dare go to sleep!"
"You're too loud," Hibari hissed, "Shut up."
"Let me go home!" Miki whimpered, pouting.

"Thanks for walking me home!"
Hibari stared passively at his girlfriend.
"What? Is there something on my face?" Miki frowned.
Hibari shook his head.
"Dino tells me you didn't win the duel."
"What?" Miki gawked, "He said I won! He said so!"
"Did he?"
"He really did!" Miki squawked.
Hibari closed the gap between them, his forehead against hers, he whispered, "You don't really know who won do you?"
Miki gulped.
"No..." she whimpered.
Hibari stepped back and turned his face towards the horizon. There were black clouds approaching fast.
"Get inside," he ordered, giving Miki a little push.
"I won't stop beating up people. But I'll beat up less people. Now get inside."
"Promise?" Miki beamed.
"Promise. Get inside."
"You promised!" Miki proclaimed.

Miki sneezed into a tissue. She reached into the box for another one, but discovered that they had all been used up. Sighing, she grabbed a new box from her nightstand and tore it open. Quickly grabbing a few tissues, she blew her nose and groaned. Being sick sucked.
"Serves you right."
"Shut up," Miki drawled, tossing her used tissues at her boyfriend.
"How is it that you're not sick?" Miki whined.
Hibari quirked an eyebrow, "I don't get sick."
"That's not fair," Miki groaned, "I feel gross, and you're perfectly fine."
Hibari gave her head a few pats, "Rest up."
"Be sick with me," Miki pleaded from her spot on the bed, "It's lonely."
Hibari kissed her. "Happy?"
"Yes," Miki smiled, "now get sick faster."

"Miki? We're here to visit you!"
"Wah! What is Hibari-san doing here?"
"Shh!" Miki hissed, "He's sleeping."
"Miki! Are you feeling better? We brought some soup for you. It must be lonely in here."
"Why thank you! Yes, I am feeling better. Kyouya's sick too. So it hasn't been too lonely."
"Hibari's sick?" Tsuna questioned.
"I didn't think that was physically possible," Gokudera chuckled.
"Yup," Miki chirped, "I kissed him, so he has my germs now!"
Gokudera made a gagging face.
"Don't be immature," Yamamoto laughed, "Hey Miki, are you going to kiss me too? Then I could keep you company."
A flying tonfa struck Yamamoto unconscious.
"Herbivores... I'll bite you all to death," Hibari huffed.
"Oh shit! We woke him! Run!"


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