A/N: Hello. Due to evil, evil unit plans have not been able to post very much lately and needed to post something so I reopened an old story from when I had first started reading Bleach and was teaching a mythology course simultaneously. For those of you who are unfamiliar, before I even begin, my OC is a rusubin, which is in Japanese tradition is a caretaker who watches a house while people are away to prevent the kami from playing tricks. In this variation however, while anyone can take that role as well, those are more of assistances for people who are known as "true rusubin" or "born rusubin" by the rusubin council (need to keep track of things somehow) who perform this task with lots of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo in order to maintain the balance between the normal and paranormal in much the same way the shinigami help keep the balance between the living world and Soul Society. This means that they have some abilities and strengths to do this, but it also does not make them into Mary Sues and Harry Stus. Most of the rusubin are polite and law abiding out of necessity, as you will see later, but it does not make them less human and it also does not mean that they cannot get hurt or die, but just that if they need to deal with nasty critters, they can. Hopefully you will see what I mean as the story unfolds.

"Yourichi! Stop that thing!" Rukia shouted as she ran into Urahara's shop, slamming the door behind her as she did so.

Yourichi looked up from where she was sitting on the counter, startled momentarily by the young shinigami woman's entrance, and then turned, trying to see what it was that she was supposed to be stopping. After a moment her eyes caught a slight movement in the corner, and she turned to see something huddled in the corner. Or rather, she saw the rieatsu of whatever it was that was huddled in the corner, since the thing itself seemed to be an invisible sort of blur. For a second, she toyed with the idea of becoming a cat to chase it, and then shook her head, jumping down from the counter and walked over cautiously to examine the source of the rieatsu more closely. Whatever it was, Yourichi decided after about a minute of waiting, seemed unlikely to attack her.

Urahara came running out of the back room of the shop. "It was supposed to arrive inside the shop, not the middle of the street. Ah well. Yourichi, did it arrive yet?" he called out as he moved to stand, curiously bent over behind the crouched Yourichi to be better able to peer over her shoulder.

She looked up at him, a bit annoyed as she reached into her pocket to get a handkerchief. "Unless whatever it is was supposed to be invisible, Kuchiki Rukia, or part of a creepy shopkeeper's staff, no." With a deep breath, she reached with both hands into the center of the leaking power. There was a sound which might have been a whimper, but then nothing as Yourichi stood, hands cupped gently around the small form struggling inside the scrap of cloth tucked into her palms.

Urahara looked closely at the scrap of cloth, poking gently at it. Yourichi felt whatever it was gasp, pounding and kicking at the palms of her hands as it tried to pull away. Keeping a firm grip on the handkerchief, she reached up and grabbed Urahara's hat, dumped the bundle inside, and handed it back to him.

"Yourichi, did you catch it?" Rukia asked as she moved, trying to see what it was that the former shinigami captain had put into the shopkeeper's hat.

"Catch what?"

"The unknown spirit that signaled this," she said, pulling something which looked like a cell phone out of her robes. Both of Yourichi and Urahara knew that it was not a cell phone.

The other woman sighed. "Kuchiki Rukia, I do not know what sort of signal that your Hollow alerting device sent out, but it appears that whatever else it was, it was a false alarm. Probably just a mouse that is having some odd side effects from nibbling on Kisuke's merchandise.

Urahara began to walk towards the back room again, looking oddly dejected as he carried his hat. "Come on, little mouse. Let's see what it was that made this happen to you."

He turned back by the door "I'm sorry, Yourichi. It appears that my delivery ended up getting to the person who wanted it after all."

The reply that Yourichi might have given that enigmatic comment was lost because while she and Rukia looked on, a badly injured woman appeared at Urahara's feet, blood staining the front of what looked like shinigami robes while a dumbfounded Urahara holding his hat with an empty handkerchief inside.