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~Single Key of Two Hearts~

~His Side, Part 1~

I've never imagined that I'll break the promise I've made to myself… Just about a year ago, I still think that I should keep a good distance from everyone else, since we'll part one day because of my parent's job and my transfer… Even now, I know it's still inevitable… Even after they changed my way of thinking, or more specifically, her

Souji is taking his steps at the shopping district. He turned his head, giving a glance to the stores there, whilst thinking, "What I should I get for her? She wouldn't want anything that looked expensive, and I wanted it to be meaningful for both of us… What should I get…?" Souji tried to think of some possible items he might wanted to give to his girlfriend. They've been going out together for about a couple of months and an important day for both of them is yet about to come in just a week's time.

Then, he stopped, in front of a store, on the store's sign board, was written : "Shiroku Store", his lips formed a little grin, since the store oftenly has unique items in stock. He stepped in and started to look around.

Near the cashier desk, he saw medicines, ointments, antibiotic gels, macca leaf and medical kits. He walked passed them after saying "Good afternoon" to the owner. The owner smiled and asked him if he's looking for something today, Souji answered the old lady politely by saying that he's just looking around. He couldn't possibly said that he's looking for a gift for a girl, since the owner will pick something which isn't really the item he's really been looking for and will be unable say no to the old lady.

On the shelf, he saw the daily needs items, mouthwashes, dokudami tea, stimulant, royal jellies and amrita sodas. Even though he usually stopped by the section, he just walked through them, since he's not in one of his shopping errand today. He walked further into the corridor, to the next shelves of items. On this small shelf at the corner, he saw various unusual items which, he sometimes, bought. There's Goho-Ms, Hiranyas, and revival beads. He searches thoroughly for an item which might caught his interest. Then, his gray-colored eyes caught a glimpse of a small silver-colored box, which has remained hidden amongst the other items, but he can make out the small letters at the side of the box. A lamp lit on his mind, while his lips create a soft smile to himself as he took the silver box and head to the cashier desk.

After he bought the item which he's been looking for, our hero returned back home.

Dojima Residence


"I'm home."

"Welcome back, big bro!!" Nanako greets her big bro cheerfully. Seeing the paper bag which is held in her big bro's arm, she asked, "Are you going shopping today?"

"Uh… Not really though…" When saying so, he can feel that his cheeks blushed slightly.

"Huh? Why're your cheeks reddened?" Nanako asked, after tilting her head slightly due to her confusion.

"Uh… No, it's nothing, really…"

"Oh, yeah, there's a letter for you in the mailbox this morning". She said, while handing out an envelope to her beloved big bro.

"Thanks, Nanako…" He took the letter and put it in his pocket. "What're you watching, Nanako?"

"Oh, I'm waiting for my favorite show right now. And- Hey! It's Junes!"

Nanako ran towards the television and sang her favorite Junes theme. Souji smiled when he saw his "little sister", who's in grave danger last month, now looked so happy while singing the Junes' Theme. He sat beside her and spends some time with her by watching her favorite quiz show together. Several moments later, Dojima comes home, Nanako greeted him happily while Dojima gave his beloved daughter a hug and later sat down with them and watched the TV show together.

Even though I've broken my own promise, I've never felt this happy and delighted before. I've never even imagined that I'll feel this kind of …family warmth last year, since my parents are always busy with their jobs, and now… I've found my family here… in Inaba…

After putting Nanako to bed and saying goodnight to Dojima, the big bro made his way upstairs, to his own room. He placed the silver box which he has just bought this afternoon on his working table. Then he drew the envelope from his pocket and read it while sitting comfortably on the couch. When reading it, his expression changed, at first he looked startled, but then, he smiled, folding the letter and put it back into the envelope, then placed it on his study desk.

"I'll try asking them if they got this too, tomorrow…"

The grey sphere in his eyes moved slightly to take a glance around the room, and then they stopped at the sight of the silver box. He walked in silently, then sat in front of his working table and opened the box. He read the paper he found inside the box for a while, his grey irises moved from left to right in a steady rhythm. His hands picked some items from the box and trying to work on the materials, which is now being lined up on the working table in front of him. But after an hour of attempt, Souji sighed.

"Maybe I do really need his help on this matter… I guess I'll try asking him too, tomorrow…"

Feeling there's nothing more that could be done, he suddenly sensed the fatigue of his activity for the whole day, and decided to go to bed. Soon after his body meets the futon, his mind has entered the realm of the dream world.

The next day...

Yasogami High School, class 2-2


"I... I guess I'm having a dream last night… What is it?? I think I saw a… key? The key has a unique design, and it doesn't look like any normal key… It's silver in color, and it's got a small navy blue jewel adorning it in the middle… And I think… I saw… her… In my dream, she smiled, so gently and sweetly… Even though in reality, the chance of having her smiled like that is… very slim indeed…And… Samegawa river—"

"Hmmm… I'd like to pick… Mr. Souji Seta!"

"Huh? Oh!"

Souji was startled and have just realized that he's been daydreaming during the lesson, but he managed to look calm as always. The transfer student quickly gets on his feet and stand up beside his seat, looked ready for the question which will be given to him soon.

"Okay, what's the name of the Japanese God who's said to be the founder of Japan itself?" asked the history teacher, Ms. Sofue while pointing her dowsing rod to the transfer student.

"It's called Izanagi" Souji answered swiftly, and as always, his answer is correct.

"Hmm… Very good indeed, Mr. Seta… It seems that you're paying attention, I thought I saw you daydreaming in the class."

"Heh! She asked the wrong guy for that question, of course he knows, it's his own persona—"

"I heard you Mr. Hanamura! Pop Quiz! What're the names of the Gods which were born when Izanagi washed his face?"

"Huh? Hey! That's not fair! How should I know about that? Souji! Help me out here!"

Souji sighed, but then smiled a little when he saw Yosuke's pleading face. "It's Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susano-o."

"Good! It's correct! But please don't ask Mr. Seta for the answers next time! You two may sit down."

*Souji and Yosuke returned to their seat and sat down*

Yosuke whispered, "Thanks partner! You really saved me this time!"

"No problem, but do pay attention next time…"

"Hey, Yosuke, one of it is the name of your persona, right? You didn't know?" said a voice from Souji's right side.

"Uh, well, I'm not really into history or anything…"

"But wow, my persona's name is there too, I was shocked when I saw her name in the textbook last night." said a black-haired girl in front of Chie.

"What? So you've been studying the materials last night, Yukiko-san?" the brunette asked in awe. In response, the black-haired girl just nodded silently, which caused the brunette to shook his head.

The leader, remembering that he had something that he wished to ask his friends, opened his mouth, "Oh, yeah, I have something I'd wanted to ask you all, can we all meet on the rooftop in lunchtime? We'll ask Kanji and Rise too…

"Hmm? Sure thing partner!"

"Okay! I'll go and tell Kanji-kun and Rise-chan later!"

"Hmm… A name is absent there… I think I get the idea of what you would've wanted to talk about…" said the girl with a red headband.

The grey-haired boy's cheek blushes slightly, and then he nods. "Okay, it's decided, it'll be lunchtime then…"

After they've decided on the meeting, the leader sat still, looking forward as if he's paying attention to the lesson, but in fact, he's thinking about his dream again, and suddenly, a lamp lit in his mind. His lips formed a smile and now, waiting eagerly for the lunchtime to come.

Yasogami High School, Rooftop


Souji and Yosuke are sitting by the balcony at the rooftop, enjoying their own lunch. Then, they heard the door's noise and soon, saw Chie and Yukiko coming in together with Kanji and Rise behind them.

"Okay! Everyone's here!" said Chie, as she puts her hands on her waist.

"Well, not everyone…" said Yukiko.

"But, hey! It's hard to sneak into the first-year's hallway without her knowing, since her class is the closest to the stairs. Luckily, she doesn't seem to be in her class when I went to picked Kanji-kun and Rise-chan…"

"Okay then, I'll go straight to the point." The leader puts his hands into his pocket and took out a letter from inside. "Did you all… receive this, too?"

Hearing the leader's question, the rest of them nodded in unison. Some of them even take out the same letter as his own, from their pockets.

"Oh, so everyone received it too…"

"What is it partner, are you hoping that you're the only one who've got that?" Yosuke grins when he said that.

"Wh-what?! No! Of course not!" The leader answered quickly, perhaps a little too quickly. He's starting to panic, but soon regained control of himself. But still, he couldn't hide the reddened color of his cheeks.

"You're blushing! You're so cute, senpai!" Rise giggled.

"Rise-san, stop that…"

"But, yeah, I wonder what I should get for her?" Yosuke tilted his head. "How about a Junes-brand items?"

"Hmm… I don't know what to get for her… And I don't have too much money to spare, too…" Chie frowned.

"That's because you've been using your allowance to buy DVDs and eat steaks, Chie."

"Yukiko! Don't go on and tell everyone about that!!" Chie shrieked when her little secret is blown up.

The rest of them were laughing while watching Chie's expression, Chie's cheeks blushed a little too, while Yukiko is in one of her laughing mode. The freshmen were watching the silly attitudes of their senpai with a fresh smile on their faces. While Yosuke just moaned, "She'll never change…" And quietly, the leader smiled heartily when he saw that his friends are having fun.

This kind of cheery situation and atmosphere, I never actually believed that I'll feel it one day, until I've met them…The bond they've given me… The bond of friendship…


"Oh, the lunch break is over! C'mon, let's return to our own classes!" Yosuke hopped to the ground, heading towards the exit.

"See you next time, senpai!" Kanji said as he and Rise walked towards the door too.

"Kanji! Wait a second!"

"Huh? What is it, senpai?

"Kanji-kun, if we don't hurry, we'll be late for the next class!" The idol told him as she walked, passing him.

"Hey… maybe Rise can help me out too, she knows about those things better than anyone here…"

Just when the thought has passed through his head, the leader called for the idol. "Rise-san, wait a second! I need your help too!"

"Huh? What is it, senpai?"

"Umm… I wanted the two of you to help me to… *whisper* *whisper* *whisper*"

Both of the first-year students are closing in to their senpai, trying to hear out his request, Kanji nods firmly several times, while Rise is smiling and giggling, she looks like she's in a very high spirit.

"Huh? Sure, senpai… I do know the basic techniques, since I've made myself some, but did you have the materials ready, senpai? It's hard to look for that kind of item in Inaba..."

"Oooohh! I'll help you! I'll help you, too! Don't you worry, senpai! Risette's here!"

"Don't worry, Kanji, I've got the materials ready."

"But, senpai, when do you want to start?"

"Hmm… As soon as possible… How about, today, after school?"

Hearing their leader's suggestion and having nothing to do after school, the delinquent boy and the idol exchange looks for a second, and nod in unison.

"Thanks, both of you…" said the leader as he walked along with his underclassmen towards their own classes.

Yasogami High School

After School

"Okay, I need to meet Kanji and Rise in front of their classes…I hope she doesn't see me…" The grey-haired boy started packing his books and stationary into his bag, and headed towards his underclassmen's class.

He's walking down the stairs, step by step, and finally reached the first floor hallway, where all of the first year's home room are lined up. The leader turned to his right from the main stairs, and headed towards his kouhai's homeroom. Just when he thought that she's not around, a voice came from his back.


Souji turned his back, only to find her walking silently but swiftly towards him. She takes her steps lightly, almost noiseless when the tip her shoes meets the hallway floor. Reaching her destination, she stopped and stands still in right in front of her boyfriend.

"Hey, Naoto…" Souji smiled, but in the same time, he's panicking inside, still, he looked as calm as ever.

"Umm, Souji-san… Can you spare some time for me today? I… I'd like to go somewhere with you…" She stares at the hallway floor while asking the question, too shy to look at him in the eye.

Hearing his girlfriend's request, a dilemma suddenly struck Souji's mind. He will be more than happy to accompany the "Detective Prince", but at the same time he has something else which he must do, quickly. After making his decision, the leader sighed and produced his voice.

"I-I'm sorry Naoto, I have something I must take care of today, did you mind if I accompany you some other time? I'm really sorry…" As he said the words, he shook his head and his expression indeed shows that he's very sorry to say that.

The detective, after hearing her senpai's words, lifted her head and shook her head too. "Oh, no, no… It's okay… You don't need to apologize, I'm not forcing you or anything… Ummm, next time then!" After saying those words, the detective walked away while waving her hand and smiled softly. The leader, waved his hand back a her and saw her leaving by the school gate. He sighed, but then returned to the hallway and head to class 1-2 and 1-3.

In front of class 1-2, Kanji and Rise are already waiting for their senpai. When they catch a glimpse of their senpai, the idol waved her hands and said, "You're late, senpai!" The senpai walked into them whilst saying, "Sorry… She… saw me when I'm going to meet you guys…" Both of them gasped, and asked "So? How's it?" The leader just smiled, "It's fine, c'mon, we're running out of time."

The three of them walked out together from the school ground and headed to the leader's home. As they walked, they talked about various things, Rise's telling them about the incident in her class while Kanji and Souji listened to her. They smiled and laughed to each other as they listened to the stupid incident which occurred in the idol's class. But as they walked, they didn't realize that a pair of greyish-blue irises is fixed at them from afar.

-To be continued-

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