Kujogan Naruto

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Chapter 1

A young boy no older then six, sighs in annoyance. His blonde hair spiking down his back, as his cerulean blue eyes stare into the world. But unlike the other children, his eyes are completely void of all emotions. His name is, Naruto Uzumaki the vessel of the, Kyuubi whom attacked his home village six years ago.

Naruto looks up at the, Fourth's face glaring hard, "Curse you father I hope you burn in hell! When I find you mother I shall have my revenge." Oh yes he knew about his heritage, and about what he was, and who his parents were.

Looking towards the village gates, he stealthily walks by the guards. His eyes then change, becoming a dark greyish colour. The iris is pure black surrounded by thirteen black rings. The rings are all connected to the iris through a set of four black lines. Each going north, south, eats and west. Around the iris is the Kanji for 'fire', 'lightning', 'wind', 'water' and 'earth'.

While in the other circles is the kanji for 'metal', 'lava', 'wood', 'ice', 'light' and 'darkness'. While if you look closely into the iris you'd see the form of a blood red nine tailed fox. The rings then proceed to spin in the opposite direction of each other.

"Bye-bye Konoha."

Sarutobi sighs as he walks into his office. Only to find his library has been raided. The vault behind the fourth's portrait open and its contents gone. Running into the library he finds all the scrolls open. As if copied, as well as the forbidden scroll lying on the floor. He then notices a letter.
Dear Hokage-sama

I am very displeased in this village. I have taken my inheritance as well as copying all your scrolls. I will not return for the next six years. Who would have thought the Kyuubi-brat was the fourths son. I did as well as Kyuubi-san.

Also I know about my mother abandoning me. You seem to forget I have a photographic memory. Don't worry when I find her I will eliminate her. Along with anyone else who stands in my path.

From Naruto Namikaze

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighs as he slumps in his chair, "What have I done."

Time Skip 6 years

Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane sigh in boredom. They slump in their chairs in front of the gate, 'Jeez I'm bored. Hey lets go have some fun Kotetsu." Kotetsu glares at his partner, "Hokage-sama told us to guard the gate. And I do not wish to encourage his wrath like last time." Izumo sighs.

That's when a large amount of killer intent flows through the air. Both look forward, sweating as the ground shakes. Slowly walking towards them is a tall figure.

Looking closer the figure appears to be Fifteen. He stands around 6 foot 5. He has an average body build. He wears crimson red Anbu style pants and a long sleeved black shirt. His hair colour is golden blonde, spiking down his back, hanging around his ankles. He carries a pair of black Odachi by his waist. As well as five, two meter long sheathes on his back.

He has ten scrolls attached to his waist. He wears black combat boots, each having a Tanto Hidden inside. He wears black wrist bands, ankle bands and a fishnet shirt underneath his long sleeved shirt.

He has three Kunai holsters on each leg. But what scares them the most are his eyes. His eyes are a dark greyish colour. The iris is pure black surrounded by thirteen black rings. The rings are all connected to the iris through a set of four black lines. Each going north, south, east and west. Around the iris is the Kanji for 'fire', 'lightning', 'wind', 'water' and 'earth'.

While in the other circles is the kanji for 'metal', 'lava', 'wood', 'ice', 'light' and 'darkness'. While in the middle of the iris is a nine tailed fox.

Arriving at the gates, the figure walks right passed them. The two soon collapse to the ground, a cold shiver running through their spines.

The figure approaches the Hokage tower.

Hokage Tower

"Curse this hated Paper work! I swear you use that Sealing Technique to get out of this didn't you! Why couldn't you leave me your secret?" Sarutobi grumbled loudly, from behind his paper littered desk, fake tears rolling down his face.

"Jeez Old man I'd never expect you to be complaining about Paper work. You're the Hokage after all."

Sarutobi perks up, looking around the room, "Naruto is that you?"

Naruto appears from the shadows, his eyes as cold as ice, "Yeah it's me alright Sarutobi-sama." "Naruto my boy you've grown. How have you been?"

"I am well Hokage-sama, but I would like to enter the Genin Exams. But I'd like to be a free lance Genin. No squad what so ever. Even for the Chunin exams I'd require to entire by myself. This is why I have come back" Sarutobi smiles, "Okay then Naruto since the exams have already been done. I will give you your exam here. But it'll be altered. You must perform the Henge, Kawarimi, Bunshin, a low level Genjutsu and perform a Ninjutsu.' Naruto smiles and performs the three Jutsu. He turns into the third, switches himself with a table and forms three Shadow clones. He then performs a set of hand seals. Suddenly a cold ice covers the world. As if all the happiness as drained. A shiver runs down Sarutobi's spine as the world turns black. Shadows cover the land, turning everything a black as night.

Sarutobi looks around, "This technique is similar to Sensei-s journey into black darkness. But this is know Genjutsu."

"Oh on the contrary Sarutobi-sama this is both a Genjutsu and a Ninjutsu." Naruto voice spoke form all around him, "I believe I have passed the test Sarutobi-sama." Hiruzen chuckles, "that you have Naruto. Now please let me out." Naruto chuckles, before everything returns to normal. Naruto smiles, "Like my technique. I call it the Kurayamiton: Kansei Yami No Jutsu.' "Darkness Release: Complete Darkness. I never thought I'd ever see someone using the darkness Element before. I know the, Nara's use the shadow element. Which is basically the bastard version of the darkness element?" "That is right Sarutobi. The Kujogan or destruction eyes give me complete control over all elements. Among other abilities. But I must not reveal such so far." Hiruzen nods, before smoking his pipe, "Naruto you are an official Genin. But you will have to do missions, with some of this years and last years Genin squads. Not many, mainly D class and a few C classes.' Naruto sighs, "Fine I accept, but I am only aloud to take B to S class when not, with a team. Don't worry I can handle myself. I wasn't just training. I also did a few random missions here and there to earn money. Also I want the authority of an Anbu. So I will be bale to out rank any Shinobi Jounin and below." "DEAL. Now squad 8 should be arriving for there first mission…" Sarutobi then pulls out for files, "These are files on each team. And each member's personal files." Naruto nods and opens the file titled 'Squad 8', "Squad 8. Jounin instructor Kurenai Yuhi. Genin squad members, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame.

Shino Aburame heir to the Aburame clan. Ninjutsu: Clan techniques, Low Chunin, Taijutsu: Low Genin, Genjutsu: Low Genin.

Stamina: Medium Chunin, Chakra: High Chunin, Chakra Control: Low Chunin, Elements: Primary Fire – Secondary Earth (May possess Metal Element)

Kiba Inuzuka second in line for Inuzuka clan title. Ninjutsu: Clan based, Medium Genin, Taijutsu: Clan Based high Chunin, Genjutsu: Low Genin.

Stamina: High Chunin, Chakra: Medium Chunin, Chakra Control: Low Genin, Elements: Primary, Wind – Secondary, Fire.

Hinata Hyuga heiress to the Hyuga clan. Ninjutsu: Low Genin, Taijutsu: Clan based, low Chunin, Genjutsu: Low Chunin.

Stamina: High Genin, Chakra: Medium Genin, Chakra Control: Low Jounin, Elements: Primary, water – secondary, Wind (May have Ice Element).

Kurenai Yuhi. Ninjutsu: high Chunin, Taijutsu: Low Jounin, Genjutsu: Low Anbu.

Stamina: Low Jounin, Chakra: Low Jounin, Chakra Control: High Anbu, Elements: Primary Water – Secondary: Fire.

Teamwork: 1 to 10 total of 8" Naruto sighs, "this team needs a lot of work. But at least they have good teamwork. But I'm slightly surprised that each of them has two elements. But still needs much work. Feh."

Sighing in annoyance, Naruto slams a fist through a wall. Hiruzen coughs, "Naruto as good as it is to see you, and I would wish that you wouldn't punch holes through my walls." Naruto looks towards, Sarutobi releasing a glare. But stops when the door opens.

Walking into the room is team 8. Kurenai Yuhi walking in first, she has shoulder length black hair, and ruby red eyes. She wears a red dress and bandages wrapped around her, arms and legs.

Next to her is Hinata, she has short lavender hair, and the normal Hyuga eyes. She is dressed in dark blue knee length Shinobi style pants and wears a large white over coat.

Kiba stands next to her. He is dressed in a fur coat and grey Shinobi pants. In the hood of his coat is a white puppy.

Lastly is Shinobi with black sun glasses. He wears a large think coat and grey Shinobi pants. Showing he is a typical Aburame.

Kurenai salutes to the third, "Hokage-sama we are here for our next Mission." The old man took a long draw of his pipe, "Ah just team I wished to see." Kurenai raises an eyebrow, "why is that Hokage-sama?' She questioned, before they notice Naruto. Sarutobi gives a long sigh, "Kurenai I wish for, Naruto to take part, in your team's missions today. He is a new Genin of the leaf. And I wish for him to be able to work, with the other Genin squads."

Immediately Kiba shouts, "WHAT! Why should this loser get to pass! He didn't even go through what we did to pass!" Naruto looks at him, "Hokage-sama I had know idea your Shinobi were so insubordinate, questioning your orders. Should I deal with him?" Naruto asked as he slowly unsheathed one of his Odachi. Within a second, Naruto appears behind Kiba in a yellow flash. The tip of his sword at the boy's throat, "Naruto that is not necessary." Naruto scowls, "Insubordination should be dealt with swiftly, before it spreads, Hokage-sama." "That is alright, Naruto, Kiba is still young." Naruto scowls, but removes his blade. Before appearing next to the third. Kiba glares at him and shouts, "What are you crazy! You were trying to kill me!"

Looking in the dog boy's direction, Naruto releases a fierce glare. Causing the young Inuzuka to collapse.

Naruto chuckles to himself. He then bows to the rest of the team, "it's a pleasure Squad 8 my name is Naruto Namikaze at your service." The three go to introduce themselves, but Naruto holds up a hand, "There is know need for introductions I have read your profiles." Sarutobi sighs and pulls out a 'C' Class mission, "I have a C class mission for your squad…" But before, Hiruzen can finish, Kiba jumps up shouting, "Yippee our first C class this is great isn't it Akamaru!" shouted Kiba, Hiruzen clears his throat, "Yes as I was saying, before I was interrupted. This is a C Class Mission in Port town. Your job it to protect Port town from a bandit raid. Every week on a Friday the village is attacked by Bandits. Forcing them to pay them a large sum of money to stop.

You are to stop this, by killing them. I realise this will be for your first time killing. But, Kurenai will help." Naruto scoffs, "For them it will be." Kiba glares at the blonde, only for, Naruto to glare back, "You leave in one hour."

Kurenai walks over and grabs the mission report, before looking at her squad, "Meet me at the north gate in forty minutes." She then turns to, Naruto, "I hope you can work well with me squad." Naruto scoffs, "Hokage-sama I will be claiming my families estate."

Naruto arrives in the estate and summons a group of shadow clones, "Explore!" with that command they run off. Disappearing in a swirl of flames he appears at the north gate. Leaping into a tree he stares in the sky, "This is going to be a long day."

After forty minutes, Naruto drops to the ground, just as, Kurenai, Hinata, Kiba and Shino arrive all at once, "Feh you're sloppy for Shinobi." Kiba glares at the blonde but, Naruto has already left, running down the road, "Kurenai-sensei where is he going?" asked Hinata, with a slight blush on her cheeks, "Squad 8 lets go." Immediately the team of Genin and one Jounin instructor run off. Following after the blonde.

After a few minutes they finally catch up to, Naruto "Took you long enough. I was going at normal Genin speed." The blonde scoffs, before increasing his pace to a Chunin's. Kiba glares and increases his pace. Hinata and Shino do the same, followed by Kurenai. Naruto turns around and starts running backwards, "Kurenai-san I will be leading this mission. I have far more experience then you do in this matter. No questions I am taking over. I have been given the authority to out rank anyone Jounin and below. So do not question me." Naruto then spins around, "Who is the slowest of your group." Hinata shyly answers, "Um…I…I…a…..am" Naruto nods, "You four will travel at, Hinata's pace. Till you reach Port town. I will go on ahead to get rid of any nuisances." In a burst of speed, Naruto disappears from sight. Easily surpassing an, Anbu in speed.

Naruto jumps from tree to tree, heading towards Port Town. As he runs across the country side, Naruto starts to become bored, "When am I going to get the chance to kill someone?"

Leaping into the air, Naruto uses wind chakra to glide. Landing on the ground he starts running. Dust kicking up behind him. He races past an old couple, sending them flying into bushes.

Running along the path, Naruto leaps into a tree. Just in time to dodge a barrage of arrows. Glaring at the source he finds a large group up ahead. The group consists of at least thirty civilian class men and Fifteen Iwa Nin.

Naruto glares as twenty more drop from the trees, each holding a cross bow, "You bastards dare fire on me. Do you have any idea of who I am?! I am the Shadow Kyuubi Bitch." Naruto releases a snarl, before he is consumed by red chakra. The red chakra seems to have a mind of his own, as it turns into a fox. Naruto's eyes glow red, as his whisker marks become thicker. Nails lengthen becoming thicker, turning to claws. His hair lengthens becoming wild.

Naruto falls onto all fours, releasing a high pitched roar, as two tails of chakra forms. Instantly Naruto blurs across the field, impaling the closet Iwa Nin on his claws. Immediately everyone attacks. The mercs grab their crossbows and fire, as the Shinobi race in for close combat.

Naruto snarls as he is consumed by more chakra, "How I love this feeling! Give me more blood!" Immediately Naruto is consumed by total chakra. The Iwa Nin race forward slamming palms on the ground, "Doton: Genson Maisou no Jutsu (Earth Release: Living Burial Technique)!"
Instantly a large amount of earth rises around, Naruto. The ground starts to suck, Naruto, forming a large mud dome around him.

As they go to prepare there next move, but a large amount of black chakra destroys the sphere. They all back up in fear at the six tailed fox in front of them. Fox bones forming around the chakra, attached by chakra strings.

A large crater forms beneath him. A large amount of demonic intent flows in the air.

Naruto releases a demonic roar, before he appears in the middle of the group. Releasing chakra through the ground, causing large chakra spikes to shoot up, and everyone. The spikes soon form a forest of death.

Demonic chakra flows of, Naruto's body reaching the other villagers.


The people of Konoha laugh play and chat with each other. That is until a large amount of demonic chakra hits the village. Everyone falls to the ground, shivering in fear. Kakashi stares in shock, stuttering "I…I…I Ha…Ha…haven't f…felt t…th….this c…chakra since t…the K…K…Kyuubi attack." Villagers run around screaming for their lives, "It's the Kyuubi its back for revenge." "We should have killed it when we had the chance!"

Naruto cackles as he rips his opponents to shreds, "Yes this is the life!"

While, Naruto slaughters the, Kyuubi chuckles within his cage, "Yes he is the perfect vessel! By himself he could handle the Ichibi, Nibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi and Rokubi! But with my chakra he is stronger then All the Bijuu combined! It seems I have found my successor! Yes the power! I am glad I was sealed inside of, this human! His bloodlust is as large as mine! HAHAHAHAHA HE IS AS STRONG AS I AM!!!! HOW WONDER FULL! I shall train him till even the God's fear his name MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!"

Naruto laughs as he rips his opponents apart. Flicking the blood of his claws, Naruto returns to normal. Shrugging his shoulders at the carnage around him, that would even cause an Anbu to bring up their lunch and dinner.

Laughing out loud, he runs of chuckling evilly. Leaping on a branch, Naruto channels demon chakra into his feet, and leaps of in a burst of speed. Destroying a row of trees behind him. Landing on the ground he causes a crater, but just keeps running.

Only after an hour of running, Naruto has finally arrived in Port Town. Slowing his pace, he walks through the village, putting on his game face.
Walking into the Town hall, he finds the Mayor. The mayor is an old man in his sixties. He wears a black business suit, and holds a cane. Naruto walks over to him, "Are you the one who hired the ninja of Konoha?' the old man coughs, "Yes…Cough…I…Cough…Am but…Cough…I… was….cough…expecting more then...cough…one person…cough…and one more older." Naruto gives a fake smile, "I assure you I am stronger then I look. And my squad is on the way. But I should be fine until they arrive. From your report the bandits will be attacking, in two days. My team should be here by tomorrow.

But even if their not I'll handle the job. Also don't worry about the carnage; I'll get rid of it. Also when they attack get everyone to safety. Ne.' "H…Cough…Hai," coughed out the mayor, "My name is Naruto Namikaze!" "Cough…Dusty…Cough…" Naruto bows, "Pleasure Dusty-sama. Now please is there anyplace I can stay."

Dusty smiles, "Cough…We have…Cough…spare rooms…Cough…at the…cough…Conner Inn…Cough…I have made reservations…Cough…" "Good I'll inform them that I need three rooms. I'll be going now, have a good day." Naruto then walks off, his fake smile leaving, "Feh I hate emotions. I don't understand why humans have them."

Giving a fake smile he walks off, heading towards the Inn.