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You did what? Josef yelled at Mick as he closed the door behind him after walking into his apartment.

I see that you know I turned Josh. He replied looking at Josefs angry face.

Yes, I found out and not even from you. I had to find out about it through someone else. How could you? After all youve been telling me that you dont want to be a vampire. After I made you a vampire again because you wanted to save Beth. I dont understand. Josef said as he calmed down a bit. He sat on the couch and watched as Mick sits down on the chair.

I had to, Josef. I know that Beth loves Josh and couldnt live without him. She asked and I couldnt say no.

What about you and her?

We could never be, I know that.

Did you at least tell him about being a vampire was about? Are you going to watch him?

I told him everything even sleeping in a freezer and yes Ill watch over him. Replied Mick

You better. We dont need another rogue vampire running around. Tell me what happened. Asked Josef.

We saw that he was kidnapped by these men. We found out where they took him and almost got him out of the trunk and a shot rang out hitting him. He was dying and Beth told me to turn him, so I did. I couldnt get in the middle of their love for each other.

I know, Mick. I understand what you were going through.

Im glad that you werent mad at me. Mick said as he looked at Josef.

Oh, I was when I found out, but I know why now. Josef said as he smiled.

I have to go back to my house.

Im sorry that I didnt tell you after I turned Josh, but I did have other things to do after that.

Its okay. Josef said as he stepped through the door and shut it.

The End