The Kingdom of Camelot


Luminous Blane

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any properties connected to Sonic the Hedgehog. If I did, I would've made the game this fanfiction is based on longer, with a more involved plot, though I do enjoy the plot, and I'd also have added more playable characters, maybe making Silver unlockable, as a mage. I'm not talking about battle mode, either, he's in there. Wait, what was I doing? Oh, right, disclaimer. Sorry, I'm done now. On with the story. Wait, hang on, I forgot I needed to mention some...

Notes: Ok, Percival was not a woman in the original Arthurian material, but since I rather like the way he, or she, or whatever, was portrayed in black knight, I'm going to keep it female, and I'm going to fix that damn "Sir" thing. As a female, it would not be Sir Percival, but Dame Percival, from the latin Domina, meaning mistress, and the french Dame, meaning lady. Jet and Silver will appear, with their lack of appearance in the game's story being explained, and more knights will be recruited. Also, prior to the events of the game, as at this period in history there was no chance of a woman being made a knight, well, that's explained too.

"Look, I'm flattered, but I have to get back to my own world now. Merlina, can you help me out?" Sonic felt incredibly uncomfortable with the Knights of the Round Table kneeling before him.

"No...I'm sorry, your highness...but this have managed to tear the very magic right out of me...I'll never be able to cast a spell again..."

"What?! You've got to be kidding me! So, I'll never be able to go home? But, what if Eggman attacks?!"

"My liege, I know not what threat any man of egg could pose, but surely you are not the only one capable of handling him...are there no knights of your valor, of your strength, who could battle him in your stead?" Lancelot stood as he spoke, approaching his new king. Sonic looked at the knight pensively.

"Shadow...well...I guess you're right...but, to never see my friends again?" Sonic's head hung in dismay.

"Do not be so hasty to assume, Sonic." Excalibur, once Caliburn, consoled his wielder. "While we've no means to return you as of yet, there are other wizards in our world besides Merlina. However, until one is found, I must ask you to take me up and rise to your place as king of this land."

"...I...I don't know anything about being a king, though..." His sword scoffed at this remark.

"What's the worry? If you could be taught to use a sword, you can be taught anything. But for now, we've had a long day. Let us retire to your royal bed chamber." Sonic nodded, taking hold of his blade.

"Wait!" Merlina moved in front of them tiredly, holding Excalibur's scabbard out to them. "The sword is yours,, too, shall be its scabbard..." Sonic nodded, placing his blade into the scabbard.

"...Would one of you show me to my bed?" Percival quickly stepped forward.

"It would be an honor!" Walking through the corridors of the castle, she showed him to his room.

"Whoa... Snazzy! Well, I guess there's worse places I could be stuck..." He hung his scabbard on the bedpost, climbing into the bed, and falling into a deep sleep.

Morning came with the crow of the cock and the light of the sun spilling into the castle windows. Hours later, loud, echoing bangs rang through the bedroom. Sonic sleepily trudged to the door, pulling it open to find Dame Percival, clothed in loose pants, a ruffled shirt, and a tight leather jerkin, standing at his door.

"My liege, if you would, the remaining knights wish to meet their new king."

"Remaining knights?" Sonic tiredly rubbed the crud from his eyes.

"Yes. Just the five of us are left, in all... Many rebelled when the false king was corrupted, and most of those who rebelled were put to death... The two remaining were injured killing other knights, on the king's order..." Sonic clenched his fists, his eyes shut tight. "your highness, please, do not keep them waiting long..."

"...Right." Sonic grabbed Excalibur, heading out the door of his room.

"Oh! One more thing, I had this made for you..." She handed him a long leather belt inlaid with gold, with a clasp on either end.

"It...looks a bit long, and I'm not sure how I'd fasten wanna help me out?" Blushing, Percival nodded, attaching a clasp to one of the loops on Excalibur's scabbard, wrapping the belt around Sonic twice, and attaching the other clasp to the remaining loop, the scabbard hanging at his left side. "Nice! Thanks, Percival."

"It is my pleasure, Your highness."

"That's getting kinda wanna just call me Sonic? Please?"

"I-if you insist, Sonic...ah, here we are...." Percival opened the door to the castle's infirmary, motioning for sonic to enter. A gray hedgehog and a green falcon lay in two of the beds.

"Sonic, I present Sir Galahad and my brother, Sir Lamorak." The recovering knights rose from their sickbeds, kneeling before their new king.

"We pledge our lives to you, your highness."

"...Well, first off, your lives are no good to anyone if they end. Get back in your beds, guys. Second, just call me Sonic. All this makes me uncomfortable..." The knights nodded, slowly easing themselves back into bed, Percival helping her brother into bed.

"You spoke true when you said he was an odd man for a king, Percival, yet, if Excalibur has chosen him, I have every confidence in his ability to rule."

"If that's all we're gonna say down here, Percival, could you call Merlina to my chambers? I've got no idea how to run a kingdom, and she knows more about this world than anyone else. Wizard or no, at least I have an advisor." Percival nodded, and left the room.

"Get well soon, you two. I'm worried that I might need all the knights I can get." Sonic left the room, then dashed back to his room, arriving in mere seconds, and sitting on his bed. Merlina was escorted in by Percival, tears in her eyes as she stood before the king. Percival left, closing the door behind her.

"Are you alright, Merlina?"

"I am fully prepared, your highness, for whatever punishment you have decided for me."

"Punishment? Merlina, I called you here because you're gonna be my advisor. I've got nothing to punish you for. Now, start teaching me. I want to go over all the basics." Merlina, wiping the tears from her eyes, began to tell him everything she could about the kingdom, its history, its neighbors, its resources, and its people. Hours passed, and Sonic's interest began to wane. Merlina's lesson began to trail off, as she noticed the dull look in his eyes.

"...Would you like to continue tomorrow?" Sonic nodded, and she began to make her way to his door.

"Wait, one thing...That stuff you told me about? Gawain and Lancelot's rift...Mordred...Arthur's death...How did you know all that? And how could it come true if I'm the real king?" Merlina paused, her hand on the doorknob. She gave a heavy sigh and turned back to the king.

"One day, nearly a year ago, there was a great flash in the sky, a ring of light, all the colors of the rainbow, was seen around the sun. That day, everything changed...Arthur grew insane with the power of his scabbard...the people grew quiet and withdrawn from the nobility...and to so many of us, truths we were not meant to know were revealed...I would have said that I suffered the most, knowing the fate that my beloved home would suffer, but...Looking back, it was perhaps Percival who had the hardest time..."

"Why? What did she see?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. It was what the other knights saw...That she was a woman. She always wore her helmet, so none would know. She and Lamorak were both beset by ridicule...but the king would have none of it. He needed every loyal knight he could get, so he defended her. She would be useful in his conquest."

"...But, did he turn evil in what you saw happen to the kingdom?"

"...No. He didn't. I was so wrought with grief, I didn't manage to think about it, but now, I realize...that day, the very story I learned was thrown from its set course...I'm sorry, your highness, but if I may take my leave..." Sonic nodded, watching her go. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she walked out the door, closing it tightly behind her. He heard Merlina apologize quietly as she went on her way, and a knock came to his door.

"Come in." Percival entered slowly, frowning. "Oh, hey, Percival. What's that look for?"

"I...I must leave the round table...if you wish to punish me for deserting my king, so be it, have heard what Merlina said. There is no place for me among the knights...they do not accept me. Even my brother thinks that I should leave now that it is known that I am a maiden...I've been debating this for some time, and I've made my decision...I'm sorry, Sonic..." Sonic just shook his head.

"You can't be serious, Percival...You're not even making a decision here. You're letting other people push you out of your place in life." Percival clenched her eyes shut, forcing her tears onto her cheeks.

"You don't understand, Sonic..."

"Of course I don't! How could anyone give up just because other people think they should? You're an amazing knight, and you're just going to drop it?! You're fast, you're strong, you're brave...Who cares if you're a man or a woman? Either way, you're a knight to me..." he gently wiped her tears from her cheeks, smiling sympathetically.

"...Sonic...Thank you...You've saved my life twice now...Once keeping me from death, and again, keeping me from throwing away the dream of knighthood I'd carried since childhood..." She felt herself shaking, having trouble keeping her emotions in check. She felt as if she was going to be crushed by the sheer magnitude of this decision, yet with only a few words, he'd made it feel like nothing at all. Perhaps this was why the sword had chosen him to be king? His sympathy and consideration for others? She caught herself staring into his bright green eyes, and turned away, ashamed of herself.

"I'm sorry, I...I must go...I have some preparations I must unmake..." She lied, taking any excuse to leave the room before she let her emotions get the best of her. He had just complimented her strength, and she was about to cling to him, sobbing with relief! She may have been a maiden, but she was a knight as well, and she would not show such openness and emotion in front of her king, lest he begin to rethink his decision to convince her to stay.

Sonic walked to the window of his chambers, looking out at the demolished courtyard, where people were already beginning repairs. There was a lot of work to do to bring the castle to its former glory, and even more to give it a worthy king.

Well, that was a nice little ride, huh? Had some fun, some tears, some plot, haven't really gotten to the main source of conflict for this yet. Also, starting with chapter three, I'm thinking I'll have odd numbered chapters be the actual stories of some of king Arthur's knights. I'll probably start with Pelleas, because I just love that story so much. Remember, reviews make a story more fun to write! R&R, or there's a higher risk I'll pull out my hiatus stamp and mark this story with it's, whatever, story's over, I don't need to be all fancy and descriptive. See you next time!