Sonic awoke in the infirmary, sitting up quickly. He grabbed his ribs in pain. They weren't broken, but sweet JESUS were they sore. He slowly looked around, wincing in pain.

"Welcome back..." Excalibur leaned tiredly against the wall. Or so it seemed. Most likely, he had just been propped up by the bed.

"Where's...nngh...where's Percival?" Excalibur frowned.

"She' the bed next to yours..." Sonic looked excitedly, then stared, crestfallen. "She hasn't moved since the battle...She absorbed some of my power, but...For anyone but the king, that's almost fatal...She's in a coma..." Sonic bit his lip, tears welling up in his eyes.

"This is all my fault..."

"There...IS something you could do..." Sonic's head spun towards the blade. "Well...It may be possible for you to draw that power...the very power meant only for you...out of her body...with a kiss." Sonic stared for a moment, then nodded, taking in the facts. Without a second thought, he stood, then leaned over her unconscious body. Without hesitation, he gently pressed his lips to hers.

"Muhh...?" She opened her eyes tiredly, seeing him kissing her, then scrambled back, startled and in disbelief.

"It worked..." Sonic sighed happily.

"''re finally don't know what to say..."

"Wait, what do you mean, I'M finally awake?" It was at this point that Excalibur could not hold back any longer, and laughed so hard he clattered to the floor.

"W-well," She stuttered, a bit nervously, and slightly distracted by the laughing blade. "You've been asleep for nearly a month...I recovered after only two days, but I'm still feeling quite week...We were afraid you'd never wake up..." Sonic stared at her in disbelief.

"But...Excalibur said YOU were the one who wouldn't wake up...he said I had to kiss you to..." and finally the laughter made sense. "YOU ASS!" he kicked the sword's hilt, sending it skidding across the floor, though not diminishing its laughter at all. Percival wasn't quite sure how to feel about the kiss anymore. She was merely shocked before, but now she knew he only did it to awaken her. Their relationship HAD been progressing smoothly, but...

"I guess...I guess that's the only reason you WOULD be kissing me..." Sonic turned back to her, and thought for a moment.

"Well, there's another reason..." He once more gently pressed his lips to hers. "I love you." She whispered the words in return, holding tight to him. Excalibur, desperate to preserve the beauty of this moment, struggled valiantly to stifle his hysterical laughter. Suddenly, shattering serene silence, shouts and sounds of combat came from the hall to their infirmary. A soldier hovered into the room helplessly, lifted off the ground by powerful magic. He was turned to face Sonic, and smiled, seeing him awake.

"Someone to see you, my liege." Sonic walked out to the hall, gathering up Excalibur, Percival close behind. There, boredly juggling soldiers with her magic, was Morgan le Fay.

"Oh, hello." She smiled exuberantly. "So, the word is you don't have a way to go back home."

"Your point?" Sonic brandished Excalibur cautiously.

"Well, I have more than enough power to send you home. I figure, you've made things so interesting, it's the least I can do for you." Sonic froze in thought. Percival stared at him, feeling crushed. Finally, they had shared their first kiss, and now he was going to leave.

"No." Percival and Morgan stared at him in shock. "I want to go home, but not yet....I...I owe it to the people of this world...the people I love, and the people I care about that are here...I won't leave until this story ends." Percival's heart leaped with joy, but she quickly turned a cautious gaze towards Morgan. Sonic may not have met her yet, but the other knights knew her unpredictability all too well. Refusing a favor could mean attack, or plagues upon his land, or an angry outburst of magic that could level the castle. Instead, Morgan burst out laughing.

"This is why I offered you the favor. You really do know how to keep things interesting. Alright. I'll put a spell in place. When this world's story finally ends, you will be sent home, no different from how you left it, back at the same time, and the same place."

"...Sounds like a plan." Sonic smiled. He wanted to stay for a long, long time, so it was up to him to keep his kingdom from falling, to keep the story going as long as he could. But, every great story is made of many stories of its own, and the story of how a knight of the wind gained his followers and fought to protect his land from the forces of Mordred has come to a close.

The End.