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The Party Girl

Molly paled as she watched her friend jump onto the dark granite counter of the kitchen and began to dance. The delicate blonde laughed as a few older guys chanted her name and ran their hands along her legs trying desperately to convince her to choose them. Molly pushed her way through the crowd, ducking and dodging the men's rampant arms as she made her way to her scantily clad blonde friend. "Sarenah! Gayt down from thayr will ya?" Molly's Jersey accent now unmistakable in her fit of panic made the situation almost comical. Her friend looked down at her and winked as she twisted her body seductively and knelt down.

"Chill Molls, I'm fine." Molly's face dropped as her friend then stood back up grabbing a full bottle of bourbon on her way. "If you don't like my dancing then get out of the kitchen right boys?" She scanned her blue eyes over the group of lusty men wondering how she was going to choose between them. They were all attractive men who were obviously interested in her. Discarding the thought for the moment she closed her eyes and basked in the chants from their collective voices; chants that were begging her to remove her clothing. "Okay, you've all convinced me!" She laughed and began to seductively lift her skin tight shirt.

"Sarenah! Stop! Ah'm gonna go aynd tell Ayndy!" Molly cried and covered her green eyes to try and shield herself from Serena's behavior. "Ah will!" She shouted and opened her eyes as Serena threw her top onto the counter. Molly could feel the heat rising from her neck as Serena laughed and began to work on her mini skirt. Though Molly loved her friend, but Serena was far from the conservative type. Every party since middle school Serena had done something indecent and often wound up at least making out with one guy or another. Not this time though! Molly vowed to herself and turned on her heels to make her way into the packed living room where her brother was standing in the corner silently noting any and all damage to the house. "Ayndy, Sarenah's in tha kitchin strippin' fer tha guys!" Andrew turned to his red headed sister and knitted his brow. Though he wouldn't admit to enjoying Serena's naked dancing he had watched her many times and come to the conclusion that the blonde was truly a goddess. "Are ya gonna call?"

Andrew sighed and scratched the back of his head upsetting his thick blonde mane. He knew what he should do; he should call his best friend, and have him come and rescue her from herself. Despite his conscious, he wanted to go into the kitchen and remove her from the counter himself in order to take her to his room. The memory of her lips on his only a few months ago soon snapped him out of his trance making him grab his phone and nod at his sister. "Consider it done Molly, at least try to keep her from running upstairs with one of them hmm?" Molly nodded and ran back to her friend only to find her sitting on the counter downing shots and being practically molested by a familiar boy. Alan Doomtry. Molly blushed as she made her way to her topless friend and looked into her eyes pointedly.

"Sarenah, gayt dressed aynd please come with me?" She asked cooly and trying to ignore the angry glare she was receiving from Alan. The blonde looked at her friend and almost snorted to try and stifle her laughter making Molly turn even more red. "Ah'm warnin' ya." Serena rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Alan's neck who had gathered her clothes and was now in the process of lifting her off the counter. "Don't do this Sarenah! I cayn't help ya much if ya do this!" Serena shrugged and let Alan scoop her up to take her upstairs. Serena dug her fingers into his ash brown hair and whispered something in his ear that made him smile.

"Get out of my way Molly." Alan smirked and pushed the redhead out of his way as he went into the living room then past Andrew who was nervously fingering the lines of his phone that was now safely in his pocket. "Nice party Andy!" Alan laughed on his way up the stairs and found an open room. "Damn, Molly's nosy isn't she?"

"Nah, she's just concerned about me." Serena giggled as Alan set her down and turned back to the door to hang her top on the knob. "So Alan, like the show?" Serena's broad white smile drew him to her like a moth drawn to a flame.

"I loved the show, but I have to admit that I'm not really interested in just looking at you." He moved towards her, every step he took forward she responded by backing up until she was at the edge of the bed. "Trying to get away?" He tilted his head to the side focusing his dark brown eyes on her clear blue ones. "God you're beautiful." He smiled as she sat on the bed and closed her eyes.

Beautiful, yes, that's what they all said, each and every one of the guys had called her beautiful. Everyone called her beautiful. She had heard it so many times that anymore, hearing the word felt like being hit by a baseball bat. She knew that every man who had whispered that to her had meant it but she hadn't meant anything. Did she hate herself for letting them use her? No. She didn't hate herself for that, what she did hate herself for was the fact that she was using them. They were her way of pretending she had what she wanted. Her way of escape from a world that denied her heart what it longed for.

As Alan moved over her, caressing her skin, she imagined someone else. To her the man hovering over her now, the man who's lips were on her neck was not Alan. Not the brown haired brown eyed adolescent who barely had the muscle mass to hold her up. No, he was someone far more attractive, far better, someone she needed more than anything else in the world.

Molly stood next to her brother biting her lip and eyeing the door. "What's he gunna do Ayndy?" She asked despite the fact that she already knew. "Ah should go aynd tell 'er thayt 'es comin'." Andrew rolled his eyes hating his sister's Jersey accent. Though they were both siblings the two were so different it was a wonder they were even remotely related. She was short and had wavy red hair whereas he was tall and had blonde hair. Though they both had green eyes they had different fathers, which explained her Jersey accent. Nonetheless sometimes he felt like they were simply being told they were siblings. Then again, upon looking at Serena and her brother it was understandable.

At least he and his sister had roughly the same personalities give or take a few minor aspects. Serena however, was a complete opposite from her brother. She was short, had long blonde hair that shone like the sun, her eyes were a crystal blue and always sparkled in the light, she was wild, promiscuous, and a thrill seeker, as for her body… well, just thinking about her body made him shudder. Her brother on the other hand, he was her polar opposite. He was tall and muscular, every millimeter of his body was perfectly sculpted it seemed, in fact, the only thing they did seem to have in common were their perfect bodies. Andrew's mind wandered back to Serena once again before noticing the door open. He held his breath knowing who it was, it was him, Darien Shields, Serena's brother.

As the tall, broad figure stepped into the doorway the sea of people parted to let him through while simultaneously growing deadly silent. Andrew closed his eyes preparing for the harsh conversation that was likely to ensue shortly. "Ah'm goin' up ta warn 'er… 'es pissed." Molly whispered and rushed into the kitchen and up the back stairs to the hall where the bedrooms were located. Her green eyes scanned the doors until they fell on Serena's top. Quickly she walked to the door and knocked praying that Darien didn't come up the stairs.

"What?" She heard an angry male voice sound from the other side of the door. Knowing exactly what was happening in the room she closed her eyes and opened the door stepping in and shutting it behind her. "GET OUT!" Alan shouted.

"Sarenah… yer… yer brotha's here." Molly stuttered. Slightly and kept her eyes shut. "Aynd… 'es pissed." She heard a feminine cry of panic and a loud thud as Serena threw Alan off of her and onto the floor.

"Damn it! Andy I'm going to rip you a new one!" Molly opened her eyes to see Serena hurriedly putting her clothes on while Alan lay on the floor rubbing the back of his head.
"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Serena cried and spun around looking for her top. Molly reached on the other side of the door and handed it to her. "Thanks, you're the best Molls… now… front or back stairs?" Molly bit her lip and lowered her eyes from Serena's wild and desperate stare. "Moll?"

"Ah don't know!" Molly cried and raised her hands in defeat. Then stepped aside as Serena cracked the door open and looked out as Darien came up the stairs. She could see the fury burning in his deep blue eyes, fury that always radiated pure animalistic power. Her eyes scanned him briefly, his shining black hair fell ever so perfectly to just past his eyebrows, and his large muscular body was moving rigidly as his eyes swept the hallway.

"Fuck! He's right there!" She bit her lip and shut the door rushing to the window. "Bye Molls, thanks for the warning." With that Serena escaped out the window and down the trellis to her car which she quickly got into and turned the key. The car roared to a start and before she could even get her bearings she was out of the driveway and on the road to her house. "Shit… there's no way… no way I'm getting out of this one." She blinked trying to focus her eyes on the road. It wasn't far to her house but her inability to see all that clearly was seriously concerning her. "Damn it… concentrate enough to get home will ya!"

"Where the hell is she going?" Alan growled at Molly angrily. "I wasn't finished with her!" Molly simply shrugged and looked at the ground. "Fucking Darien, this is the second time she's taken off on me because of him." Alan grabbed his pants and threw them on right as the door opened and Darien himself filled the doorway. The moment his deep blue eyes fell on Alan they narrowed and he squared his jaw.

"Where is she Molly?" Darien's usually smooth and silky voice was laced with malice, though it was still sexy Molly couldn't help but cringe a little. "She went out the window didn't she?" He answered his own question his tone the same as his eyes fell on the short red head. She nodded her response making him grumble under his breath and tighten his hands into fists. "It figures." With that he stepped over to Alan, his broad frame towering over the brunette. Molly's eyes widened. Darien was going to do something, she just knew it. "What did you do to her?" His voice was now dripping with venom as he spoke.

"Maybe the question is what didn't I do to her." Alan laughed maliciously. It was clear that the two despised one another. The issue was that Alan didn't stand a chance against Darien. "Oh come on Darien, don't look at me like that. It's nothing she hasn't done before, you know with the way she is and all." Alan laughed loudly making Molly pale. If there was one thing she knew about Darien Shields it was that he hated people implying that Serena was a slut. The two siblings had always been close, Darien was her protector, her knight in shining armor so to speak; and she was his world.

The knight approached his enemy and grabbed his neck lifting him from the ground effortlessly. Molly covered her mouth and watched in fear as Darien pulled his victim practically to his face. "Stay away from her you understand me? I'll hurt you if you even look at her." With that Darien threw Alan onto the floor and looked at Molly. "Next time, let me catch her will you?" He then stalked out of the room and out the front door to chase after the escaped girl. When he caught up with her, they were going to have a serious talk. He was tired of listening to all of the guys at school talk about her. Her reputation was terrible, she was the town bicycle and it was becoming more and more difficult to find a male who hadn't had some sort of sexual encounter with her. He loved her too much to see her continue to destroy herself the way she was. She had so much potential, so much spirit and love in her. She wanted to be an actress and he was afraid her attitude would prevent her from doing that, after all, people wanted roll models not train wrecks.

Serena pulled the soft pink sheets down and slipped into her giant king bed. It had been a stretch but she'd made it back home, cleaned herself up with a shower and good tooth brushing, then blown dried her hair. Perhaps she could pull this off yet. She turned off the light and closed her eyes, prepared to sleep and just let the night evaporate into her dreams. She was just drifting into a deep sleep when the sound of her door being thrust open woke her. Angry footsteps trekked across the white carpeted floor towards the bed. "Get up young lady!" The voice was her father's the worst part was that he sounded furious. "Get up!" He growled and turned on the light while simultaneously shaking her.

"What daddy?" She grumbled and blinked; the pain of the light on her eyes almost unbearable. For a moment he simply stood over her, his face stern-looking. "What?" She cried out and threw up her arms. "Why are you waking me up for no reason?"

"Where were you?" His question came as a bit of a surprise. She wasn't sure if she should lie or if she should tell the truth but something told her that the truth would get her into more trouble.

"I… went for a drive around the neighborhood… I couldn't sleep and wanted to drive around to clear my mind." She lied like an expert. She was the best liar in her family, well, that's what she figured at least. Darien couldn't lie about anything; he just couldn't bring himself to say anything untruthful. As a result, he would be silent rather than say anything at all. Serena had never known her mother to lie, and her father was always getting caught in the few he tried to dish out. She on the other hand lied all the time and most people believed her.

"Don't give me that. Your brother thinks you went to a party. Is that true? Did you?" Serena stared into her father's brown eyes and frowned. Damn Darien was always giving her away, it was almost as if her older sibling wouldn't be happy unless she was miserable. "You did didn't you? I can smell the alcohol on your breath."

"Okay! I went to a party at Molly's are you happy now? Yes I drank and it was fun! I'm home now though, and all I want to do is go to sleep. Can I do that or am I not allowed to sleep?" She glared at her father and wished her parents were on another one of their business trips. They were always gone and the few times they didn't leave it was as if she were in a prison. She liked it better when she and Darien were alone in the mansion with all of the servants. With her parents there she was treated as a child. She was sixteen! She was no child.

"Don't ever lie to me again Serena. I am your father! I've worked my whole life to be sure you're safe and happy. Look at everything we have. This is all for you and this is how you repay me? You go out to some wild party, do some underage drinking, then come home and lie about it? You are not acting like my daughter at all." She watched as her father made wide arm motions in the air and occasionally pushed his wire frame glasses up his nose and back into place. His light brown hair looked ruffled from tossing and turning in bed and he had bags under his eyes. "Darien's not happy with you either missy. He's going to give you a good talking to when he gets back."

She rolled her eyes in recognition of the typical sentence. Though she loved her father he never acted like one. He always left the dirty work to Darien, partially because he didn't have the balls to talk to her himself. Sure he could barge into her room and scold her for all of five minutes but that was it. Any more than that and she could turn him on himself until he was apologizing to her. He sighed and stood to leave her to herself; just as he reached the door Darien stepped in and stood silently, his hands behind his back, waiting for Ken to leave the room. Ken whispered something to his son then left the room. Serena, quite familiar with this routine moaned in annoyance as she rolled her eyes and fell back onto her soft pillow. "Don't roll your eyes like that Serena. What were you thinking? Alan Doomtry?" She felt him beside her bed staring at her but she refused to look at him, refused to acknowledge his control over her. "Answer me!"

"I don't want to! I don't have to justify myself to you Darien! I do what I want, when I want and I do it how I want! God, you're such a hard ass!" She then turned away from him pulling the blankets further over her head in order to avoid him. Darien of course was not so easy to deter. He was relentless in fact when it came to getting his point across. Much like how he was relentless when he was learning a new piece for his piano… well… when he was doing anything for that matter.

"I have to be otherwise you're out counter dancing like a common whore and having casual sex with a pathetic drug addict! When is this going to stop Serena? Why are you doing this to yourself? To me?" The last part of his question infuriated her. She wasn't doing anything to him. That WAS the problem; that was why she was doing this. She knew she was sick, knew that she needed help to resolve the unnatural feelings she had towards him but what could she do? Go to a therapist who would judge her and sentence her to life in the loony bin? No way. Deciding to take another approach she turned over and propped herself up with her elbows pushing out her chest and pouting her lips.

"I'm sorry Darien but this isn't the worst thing I've ever done." She watched his resolve waver a bit as he sat on the edge of her bed beside her, facing her so he could look into her clear blue sparkling eyes. She frowned slightly as she noticed the pained look hidden beneath his strong, perfect face.

He sighed and touched her cheek, lightly tracing the contours with his thumb. "I don't care Serena… Do you know how much it hurts me to listen to all the guys in town talk about how they've violated you? They brag about it, though the competition is no longer who sleeps with you anymore, that part seems to be a right of passage… no, the part they compete with is how many times. Did you know that? They put bets on it!" His thumb lightly touched her lips before he pulled his hand away as if she'd burned it. "Look… I don't want you doing this anymore okay?"

"You're so melodramatic." She whined and plopped onto her bed her torso jerking from the impact. She watched him sigh and run the hand that had just been on her face through his hair. Oh how she wished his hands would touch her the way other men's hands had. Darien had strong hands, perfect for playing the piano and gripping a football; two things he was very good at. She closed her eyes and remembered one of the dance competitions they'd been in together. It had been two years ago, it was the Latin dance finals and they had danced the Rumba. Oh, how his hands had felt right to her. They had won the title, the judges had said their chemistry was perfect, obviously from being such close siblings they were comfortable acting their parts. Little had anyone known she hadn't been acting. Each step she had taken on that night, each time she touched him seductively she'd meant it. After that dance, their parents forbade them from competing any longer. It had "taken a toll" on her grades. As she opened her eyes she realized Darien had been talking to her the entire time she was fanaticizing about him.

"Needless to say no more of this! You understand me?" His voice was raised and angry causing her to press herself into the bed. What had he been saying that had made him so upset? "Serena… have you even been listening to me? I'm scared for your safety okay? Please, please stop this. Stop sleeping around, stop partying, stop drinking, and just… straighten up." He sighed and looked at her frightened face. "I love you too much to let you keep doing this." He smiled and kissed her forehead.

Now frustrated she glared up at him. Who was he to control her? Who was he to dictate to her what she could and couldn't do? Screw him! "What do you care Darien? Just… why don't you go live your life and let me live mine. I'll party, drink, have amazing sex, and do what I want. You can go and get "A's" in all your advanced classes, be the star of the football team, play your piano pieces, flaunt your good looks, and avoid girls. We'll both be happy then."

"I'm not going to be happy until you stop destroying yourself Serena." He closed his eyes and turned away. Darien was never great at expressing his feelings. He could never look at her when expressing the way he felt, and he especially never addressed her with endearing terms such as sis. "Like I said, I love you too much to let you keep doing this. I have to stop you before you wind up in some ditch."

"Well… I love you too Darien…" More than you'll ever know. "but… you know… I don't bawl you out when you key a sharp instead of a flat like you do me." She smiled thinking of one of his favorite pieces he always played the wrong note to in the beginning of the second bridge.

"That note sounds better than the flat and you know it." He looked at her with eyes full of so many emotions she couldn't begin to decode them. She could tell he was feeling a little better and that's what she wanted. She hated it when they fought and argued, it was when he was being playful she loved him most.

"Uh huh, sure it does… and I'm Yo yo ma." She laughed and watched him smile and leaned down close to her face. She held her breath imagining him kissing her. It would never happen but it was still a nice fantasy.

"You're just as good as he is and you know it." He smirked and began tickling her sides. She thrashed about gasping for air and laughing heartily. "Anyways… please don't go to anymore parties this weekend okay? Promise me?"

"I'm not going to promise that." She sighed and watched him stand up taking his body heat with him. "Sorry Dare… It's as if I was born to party… you wouldn't want to make me miserable would you?" He shook his head then turned to her with a serious look on his face.

"Serena, please just stay. Here this weekend. We can watch a movie in the theater; eat your favorite ice cream… you know, just hang out together." She looked up at him adoringly and smiled taking his proposal into account. Perhaps she would have more fun spending the day with him; it had been a while since they had spent time together… more than likely because of her increasingly sexual thoughts about him. "What do you say?"

"We'll see Dare… right now I just need to sleep okay?" She yawned and pulled the blankets over her hoping to escape him. She heard him sigh heavily then reach for her bedside lamp. "Dare…" She turned over and moved the blanket down to her chin. He looked at her expectantly, and removed his hand from the lamp. "I love you, goodnight."

Darien smiled and leaned down, kissing the delicate blonde on the head. "I love you too Serena. Goodnight." He then stood up and turned the lamp of casting the room into darkness. "You'd better be here after I get back from taking mother and father to the airport." She didn't respond, instead she closed her eyes and focused on the dream world that would allow her anything. It was there she could be what she wanted to be, she could be Darien's girlfriend, not his sister. There she could express her love for him, and it was there that she wished she could live.

The sound of mechanical buzzing woke Serena from her coveted dream world the next morning. With a groan she looked at the digital clock beside her bed; ten twenty three in the morning. Wonderful. She thought and grabbed the item disturbing her. Her cell phone buzzed in her hand vigorously, telling her of its intense need to relay a message… the caller I.D. told her that Alan was calling. "Hello?" Serena asked groggily as she sat up in bed and looked around her room.

"Hey! There you are. I was worried that your brother had murdered you for last night." There was a slight pause as he laughed with a group of people in the background. "Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to come over and party today. Starts in an hour." She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and smacked her lips together, a bad habit according to Darien but she didn't care. "Hello? Earth to Serena!"

"Umm… look, Alan… I don't think I'm going to go out today. I'm going to spend the day in with Darien and…" She was interrupted by Alan's animalistic growl. She wasn't sure what had happened after she left the party the previous night but something told her Alan was about to let her in on the details.

"You're coming to this party. You owe me for last night. Not only did I leave there with a hard on but your brother was nutty enough to almost strangle me!" He then breathed deeply and softened his voice. "Besides, I think you're going to like this party a lot." She looked at the clock and thought about what Darien had said. Surely he'd still be gone, taking their parents to the airport was quite the task and he wouldn't be due back until at least eleven. If she got up now she could make it to Alan's house before Darien got home. "I'm calling in a solid you owe me." Alan added after a while.

"Fine. I'll be there in a bit." She sighed and jumped out of bed then ran to the bathroom for her morning shower. She'd never felt so rushed in her life but she made it out of her room fully dressed and down the stairs in fifteen minutes. Her long blonde hair flew behind her as she attempted to get out the door before Henry the butler noticed her.

"Going somewhere Miss Serena?" His weathered voice made her stop in her tracks. "Master Darien didn't want you to go anywhere today miss." He added with an air of haughtiness.

"I'm going to a party Henry. He can't tell me what to do and neither can you." She snapped and turned her back to the older man. She felt bad always snapping at him like she did but sometimes he was so unbearable she had to. "You can tell master Darien that I'm at Alan's and if he wants me home so badly he has to come and get me!" With that the blonde rushed out of the house and to her car, the cool wind rushing between her bare legs making her reevaluate her decision to wear her favorite black miniskirt. From the window Henry watched Serena get into her white Mitsubishi Eclipse and peel out of the driveway towards Alan's house. It wasn't long until she arrived at Alan's home, it was large and built out of stone, it reminded her very much of a castle. She always laughed at the idea that Alan could be a prince. The only prince in her world was Darien a man like Alan could never classify as a prince in her world. Before she stepped out of the car Serena adjusted her skin tight white tank top and applied a generous layer of pink lip gloss.

Finally ready she walked to the front door, her black high heels clicking over the cemented driveway. "Hey! I didn't think you'd make it!" Alan proclaimed and rushed outside to his honored guest. "Let's get you inside and to the party." I have some party favors I bet you're gonna love." He smiled and began to forcefully rush her inside.

"What? What is it?" She breathed and dug her heels into the ground not liking this new development. Alan simply smiled and opened the front door, beckoning her inside. "Alan, I mean it. What is it?"

"I have some recreational drugs… that's all." He shrugged and shut the door behind her once he'd ushered her in. She took a deep breath and looked at the ground regretting her decision to not stay home. "What?"

"I have limits Alan. I don't do drugs." He nodded and promised her that she didn't have to take any of the drugs. "Good, because I'm just not one of those girls." She smiled and stepped further into the house to search out the alcohol. If she was going to be at this party she might as well get drunk and have a little fun.