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Jasper Whitlock was not an easy man to rile up. Barring the not-so-proud-moments as a newborn and his high on bloodlust episodes (more like sagas, really), Jasper was a man that could keep a cool mind even in the most desperate of times.

Hence why to the people who knew him – almost all dead in the passage of time – Jasper's rage towards the woman before him would have been a sign that the proverbial dung was going to fall hard on anyone within a mile radius.

"Tell me," he growled, barely keeping himself from attacking the seemingly defenseless woman, "Tell me how can I become human again!"

Helga Hufflepuff, or the spirit of Helga Hufflepuff, bit back her not so nice retort. 'Why do I always have to be the problem solver? Really, is too much to ask for Rowena to develop some social grace or for Godric to develop tact? Spirits, Salazar should at the very least aid me, this mess is his descendant's fault!'

"Jasper, I cannot turn you back into a human completely. Such a feat is beyond even my power," Helga said with a misty voice she was certain Jasper wasn't buying. He growled at the thought of being deceived, his animosity spurred on by her immunity to his powers. "However, I can change some of your… typical vampiric characteristics shall we say."

Jasper frowned. "What kind of changes are we talking about here?" He may have looked like he was bartering, but at this point he was desperate for any kind of reprieve. All of his comrades and family were dead, have been for the past sixty years. His life had no meaning, nothing to live or fight for. He was nothing but a wandering shell of the proud master strategist of the Confederate Army. If anything could make him any less of a monster than he already was, he would side himself with the Devil if necessary.

"Well, first off, you won't sparkle like a firefly every time the Sun's rays hit you," Helga began, hoping to butter him up for his pricey end of the bargain. "Your bloodlust levels will be reduced by sixty percent – I can't lower them more than that, sorry. And I could make it so you can drink from humans without killing or turning them."

"What do you mean by that?" Jasper breathed. Just the idea of being able to bask in the Sun like a normal person had him excited to return to his hometown. But to feed without killing his fellow man? This goddess, demoness, whatever she was, could have whatever was left of his soul if she wished it. 'Just please, help me control the monster.'

"Meaning that you can drink a pint or so of blood from a human, move on, and said human will be just fine in an hour or so. Depending on how much blood you take, that is," Helga said. "Don't mistake this as a green light to drink all the blood a human has; you'll still be able to accidentally kill someone if you're not careful. The difference will be that your venom will not affect humans unless you actively wish for it do so. My advice would be to drink small portions of blood from multiple humans until you can control yourself." Catching Jasper's apprehension, she quickly assured him, "Blood won't be an addiction to you, it will merely be a necessity. Perfectly controllable if you have the will for it. Oh, and you'll be able eat and taste human food as well. It won't be as replenishing as blood, but it will help with the thirst. I'm afraid that I can't do anything for your eternal insomnia, though. Forgive me if it is an unsatisfactory deal."

'Unsatisfactory? Unsatisfactory!?' Jasper gaped at her. 'This is more than I could have hoped for!' "What's the catch?"

Helga stamped down on the guilt that she knew would ruin her own plan if she wasn't careful. "There will be a side-effect, nothing negative. You will keep your empathic powers, but you will also gain other powers as well."

Jasper narrowed his eyes, "Such as?"

Helga waved her hand to the tree near her, it turned into a deer. Jasper jumped in surprise, the deer turned back into a tree at Helga's will. "What was that!?"

"Magic, dear boy," her eyes twinkled.

"Magic?" 'Impossible.' Then Jasper mentally slapped himself, 'Just like vampires don't exist, right?'

"Yes, dear. In this world, the magic I use does not exist. Likewise, the vampires that exist in my world are not the same as the ones here." Helga smiled, "You will be able to produce the same magic, but not without a wand, at least at first. All will be clarified later." She waved off his questions.

Jasper scowled, 'This is too good to be true, there has got to be some sort of trick here.'

"I see you would like to get on with business then," Helga braced herself. "Very well, in return for these boons, I will require for you to help my world. My companions and I are already dead, you see, so all we can do is choose a champion to… fix things if you will." She glowered, "Even though a certain esteemed colleague of mine should be the one doing this as it is his descendant who's running amok, killing everything in sight…But I digress." She smiled, dangerously. Jasper, wise man that he was, took a step back.

"The basics are this: A very powerful, very evil wizard has been killing non-magical humans in a Hitlerian bid for blood purity – even though the little sod is a half-blood himself," she trailed off.

Jasper only humanly blinked. Helga continued, "Basically, Voldemort, for that is the name he goes by, has been killing innocents, not-so-innocents, and anyone that stood in his way. That leaves a rather large body count, as you can imagine."

"So you want me to kill this Voldemort?"

"Oh, dear me, no. That'd be too much to ask even for all of the boons I'll grant you. No, what I wish for you to do is to aide in his destruction. Godric has already chosen one of his illegitimate descendants to take Voldemort down."

"Just help? Forgive me for sounding ungrateful, Ma'am. However, it seems like a small price to pay for everything I'll gain," Jasper said, almost regretting immediately looking at the gift horse in the mouth. Nevertheless, no matter how deep in a depression he was in, the strategist in him didn't allow him to enter this deal half cocked.

Helga smiled, glad that he hadn't agreed right off the bat, 'I've chosen well. And Rowena said he wouldn't be as adequate that Evangeline lass, hah!' "Oh, trust me, Jasper, just helping will be a drawn out battle in itself. Especially since it will take a lot of proof for the rest of the Wizarding World to accept he's back after a ten year hiatus."

"Then if he hasn't attacked for ten years, why do I need to help defeat him? Isn't that too long a time to lay low?"

"He will be back, stronger than ever. Of course, the masses of any population would rather cut off their own noses to spite their own faces if it meant their tranquil lives won't be disturbed," she snorted. "From what I've seen of my world's future, H—err Voldemort's opponents will need all the help they can get."

Jasper narrowed his eyes at Helga's close slip, but kept silent and filled it away for later. Helga berated herself, than decided on a distraction, "Think very carefully about this, dear. You might find your existence as a vampire more tolerable, but what I request is for you to leave this world and come to mine. Some things may be similar, but I assure you that, apart from the magic, too many things are different in my world than in this one. On top of that, I am not too sure if I can return you to this world when you finish your end of the bargain."

"Ma'am, with all due respect, mind telling me what is there to miss from here?" Jasper gestured with frustration at his surroundings. "I'm a vampire, all of my friends and family are long dead and buried, there's no one and nothing for me to fight for, I wouldn't go near the Volturi unless if I knew they would kill me without using me… In short, I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!"

It had… felt exhilarating… to finally put to words the quiet desperation he had lived with for too long.

Helga nodded to herself. As much as it made her feel like the greatest scum of the earth, Jasper's desperation and depression had been one of the key factors that made him the ideal champion.

'There's still too many unknowns, and she isn't telling me everything—'

As if she had read his mind, Helga said, "Forgive me if I don't seem too forthcoming, dear, but even the dead must follow some rules. I cannot tell you certain things that will happen in the future and the such. If anything, I am… twisting the rules a bit by influencing what could happen should you take me up on my offer."

"Fair enough," Jasper nodded. "But if your world and mine are so different, how am I supposed to be of any help if I can't even navigate myself properly over there?"

Helga's smile became brighter, "Not to worry! Should you decide to agree, I will provide you with personal instruction for a year. Oh, and when that pretty lass guesses that you're a vampire; don't worry, the Hogwarts staff is generally very discreet about these matters. Although, if I were you, I'd keep it a secret from the students and a certain Potions Master."

Jasper raised an eyebrow and received a "all in good time, lad."

He didn't ponder for very long. Sure, the redhead was asking him to leave, possibly forever, his world and fight a powerful evil in hers… but, it was something to do, something to fight for, a reason to exist. What did he have to tie him down in this world? 'Nothing,' Jasper answered himself. Peter and Charlotte had each other and their coven. As of this moment, he couldn't even properly feed from humans because of his so-called gift! He didn't belong anywhere, not even among his own kind.

He could stay in this realm and continue to wander around aimlessly. Or, he could take her offer, make his condition bearable, live among humans, leave this world, and fight an evil that will obviously try to destroy innocent lives.

'Not much of a choice.'

"I accept your terms."

A second later, there was no trace of the vampire and the spirit in that world.


And that was how Jasper had gotten himself into his current situation. To say that he was pissed at Helga would have been the equivalent of saying the Volturi were cruel. Oh, she had been honest with him. Had given him every warning of the dangers and instructed him, in an abandoned cottage somewhere in Wales, of her world. Of course, it was sometimes hard to take her seriously in badger form, but that was her only way of communicating with someone for hours.

No, that wasn't what he was angry about. He didn't mind being cooped up in a cottage for almost a year and learning about the world. He didn't mind the occasional homeless person Helga made him test his new bloodlust control. If anything, he was grateful for that kind of training as he could now feed without killing. Even better, he didn't have to worry about the suffocating emotions bludgeoning his skull. It was rather hard for the humans to feel fear while asleep in a warm shelter.

Heartless but efficient. That suited Jasper fine. He had seen enough in his life to know that neither vampires nor humans were saints. Both were just as bad as the other; they just expressed that differently.

Hell, he didn't even mind when scatter-brained but kind Professor Elana Vector had given him an eccentric introduction of the wizarding world and asked him awkward questions of his vampirism. No.

What made him want to murder that red-haired she-devil was one crucial, vital, essential detail: he was now eleven years old!!!

Jasper growled again as he effortlessly pushed his trolley through the crowded train station. Just remembering that… that… that woman's explanation made him want to bite someone.

"Of course you have to be eleven years old, dear! We can't have anyone finding out that you are not from this world. Meaning that you have got to be as inconspicuous as possible. Yes, an orphan child that was recently turned into vampire might raise some questions, but stranger things have happened! Besides, the Professors will keep that itty bitty piece of information to themselves; I'll make sure of it!"

So, there he was. Eleven years old, still a vampire (though improved from his previous condition), and posing as an orphan muggleborn.

To make the situation worse, Helga had gone back to… the Underworld, Hell, wherever her spirit belonged to. Apparently, the gods had only allowed her to choose a champion, bring him here, and teach him the basics for a year. If asked for his personal opinion, Jasper would say that Hell missed its favorite minion.

'Where's platform ten?' Jasper's frustration mounted up as he maneuvered himself in unfamiliar but well-learned territory. Thankfully, Professor Vector had been thoughtful enough – or competent enough, as Jasper called it – to inform him how to get to the platform in the first place.

When another trolley bumped into his, Jasper almost broke the handles of his in order to reign in his rage. He had been absolutely miserable as a child. Partly because he had been the runt of the group.

'Doesn't that bitch realize how long it took me to grow to six feet?!'

Frustration, anger, impatience, irritation, and a full gamut of emotions were being poured down his throat. When his trolley took another hit…

'That is IT'

Jasper slammed his trolley back into the person who first slammed his. The rather overweight man lost control of his own trolley and crashed it into the column next to him.

'Much better,' Jasper thought. He stamped down on his emotions and tried to concentrate on finding the gods-be-damned platform.

"Excuse me," his fine-tuned ears heard an anxious but determined voice. "But do you know where Platform 9 ¾ is at?"

Curious, Jasper turned and saw a child of about his age with short black hair and round glasses. The child, dressed in too big clothes, was in front of a bobby and trying to ascertain where the blasted magical platform was at.

"9 ¾? There is no such thing! There is either platform number ten or platform number nine." The bobby replied, humoring the kid. Jasper felt no malicious intent from the man, only sympathy. Obviously the man thought the child was the victim of a practical joke.


"Whoever told you that is not someone whose word you can take seriously. Now, be a good lad, and run back to your parents."

Jasper felt a pang coming from the kid at the word "parent." Nodding, the child left the bobby and continued to look for the ever elusive platform. No parent or guardian in sight. 'Orphan, then,' Jasper surprisingly felt sympathy for the kid that screamed of anxiety with every step he/she took.

The emotions the child felt were… odd. He, or she, Jasper wasn't too sure with the baggy clothes, neutral scent (hyacinths and spices, oddly enough), and the "modern" short hair-cuts girls in this world used. Anyway, the child was scared… but it wasn't a fear stemmed from being alone in a crowded place with no familiar face in sight. He, or she, seemed more scared of missing the train and missing going to Hogwarts. Scared of being… left behind.

A child wasn't supposed to feel like that. As if some unknown world would be their only salvation; better than what they currently have.

'Duh,' Jasper mentally tested the new idiom, 'The kid's an orphan. Of course Hogwarts, or anywhere else, would be better than an orphanage.'

He certainly recognized the fear of going back. Wherever the kid had come from, he or she did not want to step foot back there; even if it meant staying at the train station for the whole day.

He felt for the kid, he really did. The incompetent imbecile that had been responsible for the kid hadn't bothered to tell him/her where the platform was located. How was the kid supposed to begin his/her new life if he/she didn't know where to go?

Jasper, ever the gentleman and sucker for runts (though he will never admit to it), went up to the kid and said, "Hogwarts too?"

The kid jumped, surprised, and turned around with a speed that almost rivaled a vampire. Looking at him as if he were Jesus himself, the child breathed, "Yes! Are you also…"

Jasper nodded, smiling when the kid's anxiety all but disappeared. "Yes. Come on, I'll take you there."

The kid gave him a small smile, the oval face lighting up with relief and happiness despite the diminutive facial expression. "Thank you so much. I… um, I'm Harry Potter, nice to meet you." He held his hand out for Jasper to shake.

Jasper hesitated for a second, then took the hand and shook it firmly by human children standards. For a runt, Harry had a pretty strong grip. "Jasper Whitlock, the pleasure's all mine."

"American?" Harry blurted out, then frowned to himself, "Sorry, didn't mean to pry."

"Not at all," Jasper smiled. The kid was only mildly curious, both about his cold hand and his ethnicity. But Jasper could feel that the kid would keep his nose out of his business if Jasper didn't want to divulge. "I was born and mostly raised in Texas. I stayed here alone after my parents died." At least, that was his cover story. Though, if he wanted it to get around, he should probably talk about it close to a gossip monger.

Harry winced. "Mine died when I was one," he murmured almost inaudibly.

"Ah." And there was silence, as clearly neither boy wanted to talk of the matter.

Harry felt awkward just following the, so far, nice boy that was helping him. He was unused to that, being helped by someone his age, or almost any age for that matter. Not usually one for idle chit-chat, as he was invisible one, Harry tried to talk about the one thing he knew they both had in common: Magic.

"So, have you known about your magic long?" Harry winced at how lame he sounded. 'Great, the first person my age that could possibly be a friend, and I'm driving him away!'

Jasper felt Harry's turbulent emotions and decided to cut the kid a break. He would have to associate with humans in the boarding school. Why not show some affability to the decent ones like Harry?

"Actually, I only learned about it recently," Jasper answered honestly. It was the truth, with some parts omitted. The best lie is the one closest to the truth.

Of course, a certain she-devil had used it as an excuse not to teach Jasper anything of the magical world. "It would make your story as a muggleborn all the more credible!" she had said.

"Me too," Harry said, still nervous and unsure of how to talk to someone his own age who didn't ignore him or desired to beat him up.

Jasper felt that Harry wanted to continue conversing but was cautious as to how to proceed. He took the reigns, "Which House do you think you'll get into?" Jasper sent a small wave of calming emotions to the boy, hoping to relax those tense shoulders.

"I wouldn't mind going to Gryffindor, since my parents were there you see, but I don't think I'll be accepted there," Harry said. He felt comfortable around Jasper, despite his own uncertainty and insecurities. The blond might be a stranger; but Hagrid had also been a stranger and the giant man had all but saved him from his own Hell.

"Why not?"

"I'm not brave enough," Harry was sure of that. He was queasy enough just thinking of going to Hogwarts, even though he wanted to go there with a passion he didn't know he had. Also, he had never really stood up to the Dursleys. He just took their mistreatment and moved on. Or sometimes he would trip Dudley up, but only when he was certain the lard couldn't retaliate or that Harry could escape.

Jasper raised an eye-brow but didn't pry. "So what's your second choice?"

"I'm not the book-lover type, so Ravenclaw's out. I mean, I like a good book as much as anyone, but not that much," Harry said. "That only leaves Hufflepuff or…Slytherin," he finished, shame-faced.

"What's wrong with Slytherin?" Jasper had, luckily enough, gotten a rational and tolerant Professor to teach him about the Houses. Out of all of them, he thought that Slytherin suited him the best. Of course, she had also touched upon the House prejudices. Jasper hoped that Harry didn't have those. It'd be a shame to lose the boy as a possible ally.

"Hagrid…he's the one who gave me my letter and he's the Grounds Keeper… he said that no witch or wizard who went to Slytherin didn't turn evil," Harry whispered. They were in front of platform ten.

Feeling safe enough in Jasper's presence, Harry told Jasper about his encounter with the blond boy in Madame Malkin's shop. 'No wonder he bought that crap from the irresponsible moron,' Japer thought to himself.

"There's nothing wrong with being cunning and ambitious, Harry. It's what you do with those traits that make them good or evil," Jasper told him in the hopes to undo the damage Hagrid had inadvertently done to the impressionable boy.

"Yeah, I…guess," Harry was still unsure but gave Jasper the benefit of the doubt.

"Who knows, if you end up in Slytherin, we might be housemates," Jasper grinned at him. His grin widened as Harry returned his smile with only a touch of hesitancy.

"Last call for the 9:40 train to Newcastle upon Tyne. I repeat. Last call for the 9:40 train to Newcastle upon Tyne." The robotic female voice from the speakers brought the boys back to the task on hand. Get to the annoying platform that did a good deed for once in its existence by bringing the boys together.

"See platform ten," Jasper gestured to Harry. Harry nodded. "Just walk directly to the column and you'll enter the platform." Jasper paused, "At least, that's what Professor Vector told me. According to her, the entrance is hidden by illusion charms and… mug- mundane..."

"Muggle?" Harry coaxed, halfway prepared to duck a blow. Instead he received a nod, "Yeah, muggle-repelling charms, I think was the term."

"So we just run towards the wall?" Harry deadpanned, disbelieving. As nice and helpful as Jasper was, Harry never quite got rid of his suspicious streak, particularly towards those that showed him kindness without obvious motive. Besides, common sense dictated that anyone that would run into a wall will only get hurt by their own stupidity. Harry valued his common sense. It was a trait that didn't flourish among his relatives; therefore it must be a positive trait.

'His self-preservation instincts are still sharp, that's good.' Jasper could smell with his enhanced sense of smell the crowds of people on the other side of the wall. Satisfied to confirm the correct location, Jasper decided to convince his justifiably wary companion.

"How about I go first?" Jasper said, preparing his trolley for a run. "If I am not flattened like a pancake, it's most definitely platform 9 ¾."

Harry didn't even get a chance to respond. Jasper gave a push to his cart and softly trotted through the wall. Harry, thankfully, didn't blink and had watched Jasper disappear through the wall.

"All clear," Jasper's head and a bit of his torso re-appeared in Harry's line of vision. Harry yelped in surprise but didn't do much else other than gape.

"Waiting for an invitation?" Jasper's good-natured teasing shook him out of his stupor. Emboldened, Harry mock glared at him and said, "I'm coming. Just move out of the way, I don't want to accidentally hit you."

Jasper complied. Harry took a deep breath, steeled himself, and ran towards the column. Just as he was approaching the white wall, he shut his eyes, waiting for the…

Actually, there was no pain.

"You can open your eyes now. No evil wall to flatten unsuspecting students in sight."


Harry and Jasper had, upon perusing at the rather over-crowded and compact platform, wisely decided to stick close together and share a compartment.

Jasper, despite his charisma, had always been a private man by nature. His childhood as an old-money southern gentleman and as one of the physically weaker boys had nurtured that nature. Harry was likewise private, though for different reasons other than the last one. Both boys found that they worked well together and mutually liked the other's personality. Their present accommodations, to say the least, suited them perfectly.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" a plump witch politely opened the door to the boys' compartment.

Jasper mentally cursed his lack of funds. Of course, dear sweet Helga had forgotten one very important thing: money. Granted, Jasper himself had forgotten about that important detail…but he was an ex-rich gentleman! Even after he had been turned into a bleeding vampire he had never needed money. Stupid spirit should have known better!!!

Harry's mouth watered. He hadn't eaten a thing all day! He'd bet that any of those candies were better than the travesty of cakes Petunia Dursley baked. Or, to reiterate, better than any cake Harry baked and replaced the toxic rocks his aunt made.

Glancing at his companion, he noted the hungry but controlled mien on the blond's face. 'Well, there's a lot of wizarding candy to try. But I don't think I can eat them all by myself, no matter how long the trip.'

As much as his unfortunate dependency on his neglectful relatives had made Harry a faithful disciple to the God of money saving, he reckoned this would be a good investment.

Fingering his full pouch – it made him very elated to not only have money of his own, but to have a pouch full of it brought him to near ecstasy – Harry stood up and went to the witch. "I'll have five of everything, please," he said with a boyish smile.

Jasper raised an eyebrow at the excessive expenditure and couldn't help but remark, "That hungry?"

"Eight-hour trip, Jasper," Harry said. "I haven't had any breakfast yet. And I'm not willing to starve until we get to Hogwarts."

Jasper's stomach grumbled, something it hadn't done for the past century. Harry pretended not to hear it, "Although, you do have a point, this is a bit too much for one person."

'His delivery needs a bit of work,' Jasper smiled at the endearing boy. Jasper had fed last night, so there was no danger. However, eight sedentary hours with no food would surely make him thirst for at the very least a small pint of blood.

"Well, if you insist," Jasper faked a long-suffering sigh, "I shall sacrifice my stomach to the all too-sugared contraptions you just bought."

"My, my, what an unpleasant task," Harry said with a dry smile, "Regardless, I'm afraid we don't have a choice in the matter, oh brave sir."

"Indeed, valiant soul, we shall overcome this obstacle and conquer our fears," Jasper kept his poker face. Harry dissolved to laughter before his friend finished the sentenced. Jasper cracked a smile at the admittedly stupid, but still amusing conversation.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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