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Well, heres a story I never thought I'd work on. I always thought a Code Geass/Any Gundam crossover would be...difficult, for one, due to huge differences between Knightmare Frames and Mobile Suits, and yet here I am with a sort of crossover of the two series. I was having a sort of "mecha anime marathon" one weekend, and among what we watched was Code Geass and Gundam 00. Anyway, my friend made a comment, and it sparked the idea in my head. I initially thought the idea was stupid, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it and see if I could make it work.

Before we begin the story, there are some things to let you know so as to not be confused and such. This is a Code Geass story primarily, so there won't be any Mobile Suits. Anything reffered to as a "Gundam" in this story will be a Knightmare Frame. As I said, the differences between Knightmare Frames and Mobile Suits are huge, and I'm not just refering to the size difference, so it was using one type of mecha or the other, and I picked the ones that already existed in the series this is set in. And although I won't be using Mobile Suits themselves, there will be some of the equipment from them implemented in the Knightmares in this story. GN drives, for example, will be included since they are a must for this type of story. Next thing to point out, the date will be set 300 years ahead, making it 2310 a.t.b. in the prologue of this chapter. The calendar needs to be a little farther along to make sense with certain events. However despite this, the story will include the Code Geass characters in it. Theres a few more stuff to say, but I'll put that at the end of the chapter.

2310 a.t.b.
Holy Britannian Empire
Imperial Capital Pendragon
Aries Imperial Villa

A young raven haired boy was walking up the pathway to his mother's residence here in the capital. Currently escorting him was one of his mothers personal guards, a man by the name of Jeremiah Gottwald. The boy's expression was a bit unhappy at the moment. "Schneizel beat me again. How does he always manage to win against me?" the boy grumbled. "Maybe I can challenge Clovis. Beating him is easy, but it always makes me feel a bit better after I lose..."

Jeremiah chuckled and said "Prince Lelouch, Prince Clovis is currently out of the capital on holiday with his mother Empress Grabriella." He was used to the boy's current mood, since he would challenge his older half-brother at least once a week to a game of chess. Though he had never won a game against him yet, he refused to completely accept his defeat, and would prepare for his next. The man admired the young prince's determination to surpass his older brother.

"Oh yeah, thats right..." the boy said. He contemplated taking Nunnally and going to visit Euphie, but that thought quickly disappeared after he witnessed one of the most horrifying things he could imagine.

The entrance of the villa exploded.

The force of the explosion knocked the boy off his feet, and he sat there with a horrified expession as several other explosions went off in the building, and fire spread throughout the building. Next to him, Jeremiah stood shocked at the burning building. 'How could this happen? What should I do?' the man wondered. He was torn between his duty to Empress Marianne to go in and make sure if she was safe or not and rescue her if she was still alive, or stay and protect her son and make sure no harm came to him.

His decision was made for him as Lelouch got up and ran into the burning building. "MOTHER! NUNNALLY!" the boy screamed out.

"Wait! Your highness, its too dangerous to go in there!" Jeremiah called out to the young prince, but it fell on deaf ears as the boy ignored him and continued into the building. The guard chased after him, but couldn't find him once he had entered inside.

Inside, Lelouch ran through the burning building hoping to find any trace that his mother and sister were okay. He started to cough from inhaling the smoke, but he cared little for himself at the moment. As the boy neared his mother's room, he noticed the door was open. Without hesitating, he ran into the room to find several people inside. Standing near the window was a young boy with blonde hair longer than his body, and next to him stood an armored man, with his unconcious sister Nunnally over his shoulder. Near the entrance to the room was a person who appeared to be teenage girl with long green hair. Among them, his mother laid on the ground in a pool of blood. Lelouch let out a loud, piercing scream at the sight her body.


The year 2317 a.t.b. With the depletion of Earth's fossil fuels and Sakuradite reserves, humanity turned to a new source of energy: solar power. A plan was developed to build a solar power generation system, based around three Orbital Elevators, each over fifty-thousand kilometers high. Now, after almost half a century, the system is completed. These megastructures provide an almost inexhaustable energy supply, and to facilitate their consruction, the nations of the world have gathered around three blocs.

The Holy Alliance of the Britannian Empire, consisting of the Holy Britannian Empire and the nations that have aligned with it, known simply as Britannia.

The Chinese Federation, made up of Asia, and centered around China.

And finally the Euro Universe, known as the EU.

Given their tremendous size, defending the orbital elevators is a difficult undertaking. Even from a constuction point of view, they are extremely fragile structures.

Despite the precariousness of the situation, to further their own prestige and prosperity, these groups a grand zero-sum game. Yes, even in the 23rd century, humanity has yet to come together as one.

But soon, all of that may change...


Chapter 1
The Gundams Appear

2317 a.t.b.
Holy Britannian Empire
Imperial Capital Pendragon

Britannia's Third Princess, Euphemia li Britannia, was currently in the Cemetary for the Royal Family. She held two bouquet of flowers in her hand, and set one down on the grave in front of her. The grave marker read:

Knight of One
Empress Marianne vi Britannia
2280 - 2310
Here lies Marianne the Flash, a powerful knight of the empire, loving mother, and a kind-heated and free-spirited woman

"Hard to believe its been seven years since you died." Euphemia said to the grave. "Cornelia really misses you, and she wishes she could have come."

"I'm sure both her, and my mother that you could at least come." a voice said, and she turned to see a raven haired boy walk up and stand beside her. He also held two bouquet and set one down on the grave next to hers. "How have you been lately Euphie? I haven't gotten a chance to see you or Cornelia for some time."

"I've been a bit busy lately, but I'm doing well. Cornelia doing okay as well, but she was stationed up in the Orbital Elevator, which is why she couldn't make it. So its only us here today?"

"As you know, today is both the unveiling of the EU's new Knightmare Frame, and the celebration for the tenth anniversary for the Chinese Federation's own orbital elevator. Schneizel went to see what the EU's new machine could do, and its good political publicity for both them and us for someone of importance here in Britannia to be there, so Clovis decided to be the one to attend." the boy answered. The two of them walked over to the grave right next to Marianne's. "I spoke with Odysseus before coming. Like the others, hes too busy with his political duties, but he expessed his regret at not coming today. Anyone else doesn't really care about the anniversary of my family's death."

"Its a shame. Your family were such kind people." Euphie said as she set down the second bouquet on the grave they now stood in front of. The boy followed her example and set his second bouquet down. This grave marker read:

Eleventh Prince Lelouch vi Britannia
Eleventh Princess Nunnally vi Britannia
2300 - 2310
2303 -2310
Here lies Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia, two children of Emperor Charles di Britannia. Both possesing great potential, but struck down before their prime.

"Its always very difficult coming here. Knowing that I alone survived the terrorist attack that killed my family because I was away from the villa that day."

"Rolo..." Euphie began.

"Its a strange feeling. I can't say I was particularly close to my twin brother, Lelouch. In fact, we didn't really get along at all."

"You still cared about him and Nunnally. And I know you loved your mother just as much as they did."

"Perhaps." Rolo said as he glanced at his watch. "Unfortunately for me, I'm not able to stay here much longer. I'll be leaving for the Califonia Base later, and there are some things I need to attend to until then." He bid farwell to his sister before leving.


Chinese Federation Orbital Elevator
Heaven's Pillar
High Orbital Station

Third Prince of Britannia, Clovis la Britannia stared down at the earth from the window of the Chinese Federation's tenth anniversary celebration on their Orbital Elevator's orbital station. "The Earth is truly a marvelous sight to behold from space, wouldn't you agree Bartley?" he said to the large balding man wearing a monocle that stood next to him as he took a sip of the wine in his hand. While some of the guests enjoyed the weightlessness that the party offered, the two and the rest of the prince's guard opted to remain on the floor as they enjoyed the view of the planet below.

"Of course Prince Clovis. It certainly is beautiful view." General Bartley Asprius agreed.

"I only wish I had brought my supplies to paint such a display."

Elsewhere in the hall, a blonde hair girl of 18 floated as she looked around at the guests at the party. She wore a backless blue dress that was open in the front that showed off her 'assests.' Occasionally men would approach her to make conversation to attempt to draw her interest, but she politely tuned them away. She was eventually joined by a light blue haired man who held two glasses of beverages, and handed one to her. "Here you are Ms. Ashford. And don't worry; its nonalcholic." he said.

"Thank you Lloyd." she said as she accepted the drink and took a sip. She continued to survey the room, until she was playfully tackled from behind and pulled into a bear hug. After a minute, she was released from the embrace and turned around to see a young girl of fourteen with long black hair. She smiled at the girl and said "Kaguya! I was wondering when you would show up." She then saw a gray hair boy a year younger than herself coming to join them. "And I see Rai is here now as well."

"Its good to see you again Milly! And you as well Mr. Asplund." the girl, Kaguya, greeted the two. She then had a confused look and glanced around. "I thought you said to arrange for three people to be able to attend. Who else is here with you?"

"Its only Sayoko. Shes just taking a look around right now. So how have things been for you?"

"I've been a bit busy running the Sumeragi Conglomerate. And I've had to do a bit of peparing for today's event. Its been difficult lately, but today makes it woth it."

"And I'm sure everyone apreciates the work you've done for us." Lloyd said. He then turned to Rai and asked "You'll be returning with us, right?" The boy nodded. "Good. Well, we should probably enjoy the party until the main event happens."


Transport Ship Ptolemaios

A transport ship called the Ptolemaios was flying through space over the Earth. It was painted blue and white, and the front half of the ship had 'ring' of what looked like five smaller ships docked to it.

Manning the ship was only a few people. Floating in a spherecal chamber that had variousdata displayed on holographic images was a person who appeared to be a teenage boy with purple hair wearing a pilot suit matcing his hair color. A helmat of a matching color was floating nearby. His eyes were closed, though he wasn't asleep. He was apparently deep in thought.

Elsewhere onboard, a person wearing a similar pilot suit, though red in color, put on a helmet of a matching color. Based on the body shape, this one was a teenage girl. She closed the locker where obtained the suit, and left the room. She grabbed one of the handle-like protrusions outside of the room as it pulled her down the hallway.

On the bridge of the ship were several people, all operating the various functions. Sitting at one of the two seats for the helm was a teenage boy with blue hair, with the seat next to him empty. Behind and between those seats was and empty one, and behind that one were four computer terminals, with two on each wall. On the left side in the seat closest to the helm was a teenage girl with glasses and and dark green hair in pigtails draping down her front, and next to her was a young woman in her early twenties with blue hair. On the right side, sitting across girl with glasses was a girl of the same age with long orange hair, and next to her was another woman in her early twenties with dark hair. All wore plain white space suits in case of emergency.

"Container loading completed. Moving Gawain to catapult deck." The orange haired girl announced as the front of the ship opened, revealing the ship's launch catapult.

In the front of the ship, a Knightmare Frame that was larger than most others was lowered onto the catapult. It was mostly black with some gold areas, and a read cockpit block with a float pack with three wings. Inside the cockpit was person that appeared to be a teenage boy wearing a black pilot suit and helmet. "Its finally beginning." the boy said out loud, not really speaking to anyone. "Today, this world will begin to change..."

"Gawain on catapult deck. Increasing linear catapult voltage from two thirty to five twenty. Gawain stabilized with linear field. Launch preparations complete. Transfering timing controls to Gawain." the orange haired girl announced as she entered comands into the terminal in front of her.

"Roger, I have control. Gawain, now comencing operation." the pilot said over the radio. Shortly after the Knightmare Frame called Gawain launched from the front of the ship.

As the large Knightmare flew away, the orange haired girl sighed. The only male on the bridge chuckled and said in a teasing tone "Worried about him Shirley?"

"What!? O-of course I'm worried! I'm worried about all of them!" the girl, Shirley, said with embarassment.

"Rivalz, quit teasing Shirley and focus on your duties." The blue haired woman said in a quiet but stern voice.

"Alright Cecile." Rivalz replied.

"Mariel, whats the current status of the first phase?"

"Lancelot has reached the assigned position and is awaiting the commencement of the second phase." the other woman present said.

The door to the bridge openned a girl who appeared to be in her late teens with long light green hair entered. "So hes left already?" she asked.

"Yep. Going off to join the other two." Rivalz answered.

"So how is everything going?"

"So far, everything is proceding according Miss Sumeragi's plan." the glasses girl answered.

"Course, its only just started." Rivalz said.

"Yes, but its important to stay according to the plan especially at the beginning." Shirley said. "And you know Tieria would yell at you for that comment."

"Yeah. He really needs to learn to lighten up."


EU Orbital Elevator
EU Military Testing Ground

A white Knightmare flew through the testing grounds. The testing grounds were set up to resemble a city, and there were automated turrets firing at it. The Knightmare skillfully evaded the fire and shot the targets above the turrets, and they ceased firing. It preformed a few more maneuvers and showed off its functions and prefermance before it landed in front of the spectator stands.

"So this is the EU's new Knightmare Frame, the GX-01 Alpha." Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia commented. With him was his assistant, Kanon Maldini, and Technical Advisor Billy Katagiri. Also present nearby was Jeremiah Gottwald, Villetta Nu, and Kewell Soresi. "So what are your thoughts on this new machine Katagiri?"

"To be perfectly honest, its mostly a knockoff of our Sutherland model with a few features of the Chinese Federation's new Gekka. Only its exterior design is original." Katagiri answered.

His statement didn't go unnoticed however, as the cockpit hatch opened and pilot of the new machine stood up. "Hey you! I can hear you! What did you just say about my machine? Well, come on!" the man shouted to them.

Meanwhile high above, unknown to those observing the new machine, a single Knightmare Frame was descending through the atmosphere. However, its approach didn't go unnoticed to those in the base's control room. "Captain, I've spotted an incoming silhouette." one of the men said.

"What?" the captain asked.

"Its at three o'clock sir."

"Which squadron? This is an excercise, damnit! Warn them off!" the man ordered.

"Its not showing up on our radar!" another man said.

"Nothing here sir." a fourth said.

"Get a visual on it!" the captain ordered. After a minute, the image of the Knightmare came on the screen. "Just what kind of a unit is that?"

Back with the Alpha, the pilot, a man by the name of Patrick Colasour, recieved the warning of the approaching Knightmare. "What? An unknown? Why now of all times?" he asked just as his communications went dead and he recieved an earful of static.

It was then that the spectators caught a glimpse of the descending machine. "A Knightmare Frame? I didn't know they had another knew model." Kanon said as he saw it.

"Is that even their's" Jeremiah asked out loud nearby.

"Whats with that light?" Villetta asked.

The mysterious Knightmare landed nearby the Alpha. It's color scheme was black and red with some areas of yellow. It had armor at its shoulder that came down, and had a blade that looked like a katana at its hip. On its right arm was a shield that had a blade was folded back. The thing about this new machine that stuck out the most was its six 'hairs'. Three on each side of its head, with four draping down its front and the other two down its back, and each one had a blade that resembled a slash harken. The people were talking among themselves about this mysterious new machines arrival. "Thats odd. This new machine doesn't appear to have any landspinners or a flight pack." Katagiri said.

Nearby, a man pulled out a phone and attempted to get in touch with the pilot, but he was unable to get through. "Communications are out?" Schneizel commented.

"Everyone, we've been advised to evacuate." a man announced to everyone.

"Its not an EU machine!? Then whos is it?" Kewell said as spectators began to get up and make their way out.

The pilot, Patrick, then sat back in the cockpit and powered-up the Alpha. "Alright, who the hell are you? From Britannia? The Chinese Federation? Well, either way, you're a party crasher and you weren't invited. And now you're gonna pay the price!" he said over his Knightmare's speakers. "Hey, you. Do you have any idea who you're messing with here? I'm Patrick Colasour of the EU. I've never lost a mock battle, cause I'm just that special." he introduced himself in a cocky tone, as his machine drew an MVS knife from the armor at its hip. The Alpha then sped foward with the landspinners in its heels at the unknown Knightmare.

The Knightmare evaded the strike, and the blade on its its shield folded forward. It quickly cut off the Alpha's hand that was holding it's knife.

Patrick was stunned for a minute, then shouted "You bastard! You don't get it, do you!" The Alpha then raised its other arm that was holding its rifle, and aimed it at the opposing machine. It fired, but the shot was evaded, and the black Knightmare drew the katana blade at its hip, and used it and its other blade to cut each of the Alpha's limbs. After losing it arms and legs, the ejection system activated and the cockpit launced from the machine.

Jeremiah then took out a pair of binoculars he had brought, and examined the machine. As he looked over the frame of the Knightmare, he came across a word etched into the head of the Knightmare. "Gundam." he read the word out loud.

Well, theres the first chapter. Well, most of you can probably guess who I've selected to be Gundam Meisters based on the information I've supplied this chapter. Also, the "Gundam" Knightmares aren't completely the same as there inseries counterparts; while they look the same, they might have some stuff not found in Code Geass. Some of you might be confused at the Rolo in this story. Its Lelouch's twin brother, Rolo vi Britannia, from the Nightmare of Nunnally spin-off manga. As you can see, I've included a few Gundam 00 characters, but I don't plan to included all of them. Pairings? Haven't decided on anything other than Suzaku/Euphie yet, but there probably will be more. Anyway, with this story I really need feedback to know how I'm doing. Good or bad, please post your thoughts on this so I can either keep doing what I have planned or improve and revise any flaws. I've already almost finished the second chapter, so please review and I'll have it up soon. Also, if you have any questions, please keep the Gundam 00 spoilers in them to a minimum. I've been busy lately, and haven't had time to watch all of the second season yet.