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Chapter 6
The Threat of Geass

Ashford Academy

Nunnally yawned as she walked out of her room, and into the living area of their quarters, and saw Suzaku sitting down on a couch in front of the TV, watching a news report on Taribia and what happened yesterday. She and her fellow meisters where staying in a special building on the Ashford Academy campus, with her sharing a room with Kallen, and Suzaku sharing a room with her brother. "Wheres Lelouch and Kallen?" she asked.

"Lelouch is down in the base reviewing the data from yesterday's battle before sending a report on the mission to the Ptolemy." Suzaku answered before changing the channel. "As for Kallen, I don't know where she is. She left this morning, but didn't say where she was going."

"Really? Thats odd." she commented as she opened the fridge to take out the milk. "Kallen doesn't usually go off somewhere without letting someone know." she said as she poured herself a glass.

"I know. But its probably a private matter, so we shouldn't pry. Like me, Kallen usede to live in Japan before joining Celestial Being, and right here in Tokyo even." he explains.

"I guess you're right." she said as she took a sip from her glass. "I wonder what Lelouch is doing."

"I told you, hes working on the mission report. You know your brother; he always has to be so thorough."

"Thats why hes the team leader. But what I meant was, what is he doing on the reports? We all ran into some unexpected problems yesterday. I was a bit worried that things might have get out of hand." Nunnally said as she sat on a chair in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, in the underground base, Lelouch sat as he watched the recordings of their battles yesterday, specifically, the ones they had as they retreated. While the one that Nunnally and he encountered, as well as the one that Suzaku had, were impressive, the most interesting and important of the three was the one that Kallen had engaged.

"This can only be the work of one thing." Lelouch commented to himself out loud as he continued typing up the report, noting the new weaponry and capabilties, as well as the events of the Guren's encounter. As he finished typing, the door to the room opened, and three men stepped in.

"Hey! Hows my best buddy doing?" one of them asked in a loud and obnoxious way. He had reddish-brown hair, and a goatee.

"Tamaki! Don't be so rude. Can't you see hes busy working on the report on yesterday's mission." a second said, his hair black. "Anyway, we're finished checking up on the Gundams. No serious damage."

"Thats good." Lelouch responded. "I'm almost done with the report, but I want you let the others know that I want them down here later for an important Celestial Being meeting about the data, Ohgi."

"Um, sure." Ohgi replied.

"Was yesterday's mission really such a big deal for something like that?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes. We'll have to revise the plan a bit."

"Wait, already?" the third man, who had green hair that framed his face. "You've only had four missions, and the plan already needs to be fixed? What happened?"

"Something we hadn't expected this soon..." Lelouch said, his voice trailing off.


In another part of Tokyo, Kallen entered a hospital and walked over to the front desk. "Oh, hello Ms Stadtfeld. I haven't seen you in a long time." the receptionist greeted her.

"I know. I've been out of the country on my school's foreign studies program." Kallen replied as she signed in on the sheet of paper at the desk.

"Really? I bet you've been to some interesting places."

"Not really. Japan is a lot better than the places I've been to. And I never really had any free time and was always stuck working." she answered truthfully. She had mostly been cooped up in bases either training or studying to maintain her grades with very little time to herself.

"Well that doesn't sound too fun. Anyway, you know where to go." the receptionist said, and Kallen walked off into the building

"Who was that? You seem pretty familiar with her, but I've never seen her before." another asked the receptionist.

"Oh, that was Kallen Stadtfeld. Her mother is a patient here. A few years ago, her father and brother were killed in a terrorist attack while they were on vacation. Her mother wasn't able to cope with what happened, and turned to Refrain." she explained. "Shes currently a patient here, now suffering from the effects of the drug."

"Refrain? Oh, the poor girl..."

In a room on the second floor, a woman sat in a bed, completely unmoving and staring blankly. An IV was hooked up into her arm. The door opened, and Kallen entered. "Hello mother." she said in a gentle tone as she pulled up a chair and sat next to her bed. "Sorry I haven't been able to come by in a long time. I was out of the country. I've actually been back for a few days, but I was a bit busy with school, so I wasn't able to stop in until today."

Transport Ship Ptolemaios

On the bridge of the Ptolemaios, a message appeared on the screen of Shirley's terminal. "Oh, I just got a message from Lulu! I think this should be his report on yesterdays mission." she said, then forwarding it to Sumeragi and C.C.'s rooms.

"Hm?" Sumeragi said as a beep was heard, and she turned to her terminal. Opening up the message, she quickly read through it. "Hes calling for a meeting about yesterday's mission? I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Holy Britannian Empire
Imperial Capital Pendragon
Military Base

Rollo sat at a console as he studied yesterday's encounter with the Gundams. He was quite pleased at what he watched. The modifications to Jeremiah's Sutherland proved effective, and backed up by the power of Rolo and Alice's Geass, the Black Knights would prove deadly once the rest of their machines were upgraded to match their specs.

'So tell me brother, how is your team fairing after your first sortie against the Gundams?' a voice said in his head. Behind Rollo stood two identical young men around his age with bright blue hair. There was a bird-sigil in the eye of one of the two.

"Castor, Pollux, I wasn't aware that you two were stopping by." Rollo responded without turning to face them.

"We just thought we'd pay our dear brother a visit and see if he would like our help." Castor said.

"I appreciate the offer, but you know I'm far too prideful to ask for your assistance this early into my pursuit of the Gundams." Rollo answered.

"Well then, can you at least tell us how your first encounter with the Gundams went? I'm dying to know how the Geass Soldiers that our uncle provided you with handled." Pollux asked.

"Yes, please share with us the results." Castor agreed.

"They've proved to be most useful already. No. 1's Geass to suspend the perception of time of those within a certain dstance of him shall prove most useful. And No. 2 has shown that her Geass that amplifies her speed shall prove most useful as well." Rollo explained.

"Sounds good so far." Castor said. "Though I still don't understand why he gave one to the EU, and one to the Chinese Federation as well."

"He hasn't even told me yet, and of us, I'm the closest to him. He only said that he would explain in due time." Rollo answered.

"Thats surprising. He always has favored you the most, even going so far as to inform you ahead of time what he planned to do to the rest of your family seven years ago. I guess he just needs secrecy for now so that whatever he has plans works out." Pollux commented.

"Well, I sure hope so." Castor said. "But I suppose we don't have any reason to doubt our dear uncle V.V., as he has never steered us wrong in the past."

"Yes, thats very true." Rollo said. "By the way, how goes production on that little project of yours? Are your Aquila and Equus nearing completion?"

Castor sighed. "Unfortunately for us, they're proving rather difficult in completion. If only we had a more suitable system to power them than what is currently available."

"I see, so thats why you are so eager to offer assitance. You want to apply the technology of the Gundams into the development of your new Knightmares."

Pollux smirked. "Yes, you've caught us. We do genuinely wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of the Gundams, but you can't blame us for having a bit of a personal interest in them, can you?"

"I suppose not." Rollo commented. "The Vincent is nearing completion, but I would also like to implement the technologies of the Gundams into it as well. However, the Tristan has been completed recently, and is undergoing a few last minute modifications."

"Really? Isn't that the Knightmare Frame that can transform?" Castor asked with interest.

"Who do you have in mind to pilot it?" Pollox

"Gino Weinberg, the Knight of Three is the top candidate, and hes doing well in the simulators." Rollo answered.

"Not picking one of your team?" Castor asked.

"Its out of my hands. Schneizel is the one who is making the choice."

Meanwhile, in another part of the base, most of the Black Knights were relaxing. Katagiri was reviewing the data on yesterday's encounter with Gundams with Professor Eifman, Kewell was speaking with his sister Marika, and Villetta was currently not present.

Seeing little else to do at the moment, Jeremiah decided to strike up a conversation with the young pilots of the Black Knights. "So, what are you three doing?" he inquired. The children of the team perplexed him. They rarely ever left the base without orders from the prince, and and would usually be found with him.

"Nothing." Rolo replied.

"The same." Alice said.

"Updating my memories." Anya said as she pressed a few buttons on her handheld device.

As for their personalities, they were al rather on the quite side. Anya would usually speak in a monotone, and Rolo spoke even less than her. Alice spoke most often of the three, but it still wasn't much at all.

"I've been meaning to ask why you three became soldiers." he asked

Rolo stared at him, his expression was passive, but looked slightly confused, as if he didn't understand the question.

"Rolo and I were trained from a young age." Alice said. "I was an orphan, and found and raised to become a soldier. As for Rolo, he was part of the training before me, and he doesn't talk about his past because it isn't really important for us. Thats all we can say. Its a secret program." Alice explained.

"I see." Jeremiah said as he thought about that. Children raised to become soldiers. He couldn't help but think such a program was wrong, but he wasn't a man to argue with it. He was only a soldier himself, nothing more. It was his job to follow orders and fight, not to question the decisions of those above him.

"What about you, Lady Alstreim?"

"I don't know." Anya said. Jeremiah raised an eyebrow at this comment. "I don't remember why I enlisted, or even enlisting at all."

Chinese Federation
Horai Island Military Base

In a hangar, Xingke entered, followed by the rest of his team. The lights turned on, and they saw eight Gekka Knightmare Frames standing side-by-side iniside.

"Woah! We're getting Gekkas for this?" Asahina remarked at the sight.

"Of course we are. Our mission is to capture a Gundam. Its obvious that we'd need the most advanced units to try something like that." Chiba said.

"Guess the top brass really are serious about us catching a Gundam." Urabe said.

"As we all know, Gekkas are the newest and most advanced Knightmares that the Chinese Federation is using, having only been put into service recently." Xingke explained.

The first five were all of a similar gray color, the standard Gekka model. "These five are to be used by Hong Gu, and the Four Holy Swords." Xianglin said.

"Can't wait to see what these Gekkas can do." Asahina commeted.

"You're always so impatient, aren't you?" Senba remarked. "Sometimes I wonder how you ever made it to your rank."

The next Gekka was painted in a pale white shade. It looked similar to the first five, but with various alterations. "This Gekka has been customized to be personally used by Mao." Xianglin sad.

"You think you can handle that, little lady?" Asahina question.

"Yes, sir." the girl answered. "I've already been trained in Knightmare Frame operation, and have already been instructed on the basics of using a Gekka."

The final two were much different from the others, a black one and a blue one, both of which had long, red hair-like attatchments to the back. "These two are the models that are meant for commanding officers, and are to be pilotted by Lt. Col. Todoh and Xingke. Their performance is boosted from the standard Gekka model."

"Thank you, Xianglin." Xingke said. He then turned his attention to his unit. "Now, just because we have these Gekkas, it doesn't mean that we have the advantage. I've already fought a Gundam using a Gekka, and I was still outmatched. We're the ones who are at a great disadvantage. Even if we have a whole army of these Gekkas, the Gundams could still be stronger. so unless we're thoroughly prepared, we'll just end up dead."

Everyone else nodded in understanding of Xingke's words.

"Now that thats out of the way, I want each of you to get familar with your units, so we'll be having a mock battle in these Gekkas. Just try not to damage them to much."

Ashford Academy

In the underground base, the four Gundam Miesters, plus Ohgi, Tamaki, and four others all stood near a screen that had Sumeragi, C.C., and the other members of the Ptolomaios, as well as Kaguya and Sayoko. "Sorry I've had to call this emergency meeting." Lelouch began.

"We're all here. So whats this about, Lelouch?" Sumeragi asked.

"Yesterday's mission to Taribia brought up some concerns that need to be addressed as soon as possible." Lelouch said. "While our objective was completed without any problems, as we were retreating, we encountered a team of Britannian Sutherlands. Three of these Suthlands possessed specs superior to the average one." Lelouch said as another screen came up with to show the three Sutherlands.

"The Sutherland that Nunnally and myself encountered apperaed to be the least special, but its speed was quite impressive, and it possessed a new type of rifle that it used against us." he continued, and the screen enlarged the images taken from the Gawain and the Nemo's cameras, and played the footage of their encounter.

Cecile gasped as she watched the footage. "Lloyd, isn't that the VARIS?" she asked.

"You recognize it?" Sumeragi inquired.

"Why those ungrateful bastards! The nerve of them, denying me the funding to develop it when I submitted the design for it, then going and building it anyway when I've left the company!" he complained.

"The VARIS, short for Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire, was a weapon that Lloyd developped back when we were working with Britannia's Camelot R&D Organization. Lloyd submitted the plans for the weapon, but they told him then that it was too costly to develop at the time, and required too much energy from a Glasgow."

"I see. Looks like you were a bit careless with your research, 'Earl of Pudding'." the indian woman said. "I made sure that I left no trace remaining of my own data."

"Still using that nickname? I haven't been a member of the nobility for quite some time." Lloyd replied. "And while I may enjoy pudding, at least my favorite indulgence isn't a bother for everyone else like that pipe your so fond of.

"Lloyd, Rakshata, this isn't the time for you two to bicker with eachother. Can we please get on with the meeting?" Mariel asked.

"Right, sorry." Lloyd apologized.

"Moving on, the Sutherland that was encountered by Suzaku was even faster the one Nunnally and I encountered." Lelouch continued.

"I was barely able to defend myself. My reflexes were the only thing that saved me." Suzaku said.

As the video played, the scientist on the Ptolomaios were amazed by it. "My, I've never seen a machine that fast, especially one that doesn't use GN particles." Rakshata commented.

"I never would have imagined seeing a Sutherland that could move that fast." Cecile added.

"However, the one Kallen encountered is the most important one." Lelouch continued. "Now Kallen, according to you, the machine appeared to have teleported to you in an instant, right?"

"Yeah. I was just getting ready to shoot the two Sutrhlands down, when all of a sudden it was right in front of me. I was barely able to stun it before I escaped. I didn't want stick around to see if its partner had any special tricks of its own."

"While thats what Kallen says and remembers, what actually happened was quite a bit different." Lelouch said before playing the final clip. In it, everyone watched as Guren and the second Suthland stood unmoving as the golden one flew towards its targettted Gundam.

"No way! Thats impossible! I deffinitely remember that thing suddenly teleporting in front of me! Theres no way I would have let that thing just fly at me like that!" Kallen protested, shocked by what she was watching.

"How can we be so sure?" Tieria asked. "What you say, and what the cameras show are quite different. And quite frankly, I trust what I can see far more that what you're saying."

"You better not be accusing me of lying, Tieria!" the red haired girl said to her fellow pilot defiantly.

"I wouldn't be so quick to condemn her, Tieria." Lelouch interjected. "Shes one of the best pilots we have, and you'd do well to have a little more faith in your fellow meisters, and I'm not just reffering to Kallen."

"Then what are you suggesting could be the reason for what we saw, Lelouch?" Tieria asked.

"According to the Guren's records, during the period where the enemy Sutherland was flying at the Kallen's Gundam, Kallen was experiencing abnormal brain activity."

"What kind of abnormal activity?" Sumeragi asked, already getting the feeling that she knew where he was heading.

"It was as if all electrical signals to the brain were completely halted, effectively making it appear to Kallen when they ressumed that the Suthland teleported. I think we all should know that theres only one thing that we should suspect to be the cause of this."

"Geass..." Nunnally said uncomfortably.

"It looks like the Geass Order is becoming involved earlier than expected." Sumeragi said.

"So then why don't we attack them now and get them out of the way before they come after us some more?" Tamaki asked.

"Because we haven't been able to locate their base of operations. Even Kaguya's vast network of information gatherers haven't been able to find even a trace of its location." Lelouch said.

"So then what are we gonna do about this? Just wait for them to attack us again?"

"We don't have much choice. We can't launch an attack on them without knowing where they're based, so we'll just have to make sure we're prepared when they show up." Ohgi said.

"I thought we might be able to get a few more missions completed before the Order became involved, but to think thats what one of the Geass users is capable of..." Milly said.

"Its completely different from Lulu's Geass." Shirley said.

"And if thats what one of their Geass Soldiers can do, who knows what their others could do." Rivalz commented.

"Whats your opinion on the situation, Lelouch?" Summeragi asked.

"Theres too much we still don't know, so its hard to say." he answered. "But we should retrieve the Kyrios and have it stationed on the Ptolomaios as soon as possible. This is only one of the surprises that the Geass order has in store, so we're going to need to have one of our own ready for them."

"Disgraceful." Tieria said with clear annoyance. "Having to revise the plan at such an early stage."

"But hes right, Tieria." C.C. said. "Even I never imagined we would see a Geass like that. But Geass always has been such a mysterious and unpredictable power."

"If we do retieve the Kyrios, do you think your ready for combat, Rai?" Sumeragi asked the grey haired boy.

"I think so." he replied. "I mean, I'm not as good of a pilot as Suzaku, Kallen, or Nunnally, but I think I should be able to."

"Alright then." Sumeragi said, then turned to Lloyd. "Lloyd, I want you and Rai to head to the base and get the Kyrios."

"Right, of course." Lloyd replied. "You should be able to handle things while I'm gone, right?" he asked as he turned to Celceli and Mariel.

"Of course. We're your assistants, afterall." Mariel answered.

"Miss Sumeragi, I know bringing in the last of the Gundams boosts our strength," Suzaku said. "But will it alone make a difference?"

"Hes got a point." Kallen agreed. "We knew from the start that the Geass Order would be our biggest problem, and they're proving that with last mission."

"Not if we aren't careful." Lelouch answered. "Obviously, adding one more to our number of Gundams boosts our fighting strength, but if we just assume that having all six of Celestial Being's Gundams means that we're guaranteed victory, then theres a chance we'll lose."

"Hes right. With the right strategy and tactics, even a force of ten can defeat a force of one hundred." Sumeragi said.

"Which is why we make sure we're already three steps ahead of our opponent." Lelouch said.

"The right Geass can make as much of a difference on the battlefield as the Gundams, so we can't afford to take matters lightly." C.C. said.

Chinese Federation
Horai Island Military Base

On the base's practice field, a team of three Gekkas stood accross from another team of three. Of the two teams, each machine from the opposing team had been disabled by the white Gekka that was used by Mao. She had single-handely defeated Urabe, Asahina, and Chiba, with their units missing both arms each, with Asahina's legs damaged making his unable to move, and Mao's Gekka standing over him, her sword held inches over his cockpit. Behind her, Senba and Hong Gu had watched in amazement at what the girl had accomplished, having done nothing at her insistance to prove her abilities.

"No way..." Urabe let out.

"She read my moves like a book." Asahina said with deisbelief.

"It was almost like she knew exactly what we were gonna do." Chiba said. "Almost like she could read our minds."

From an observation deck near the practice field, Xingke, Todoh, and Xianglin were just as surprised at what they had witnessed. "It seems that higher ups weren't exagerating her skills." Xianglin said, almost speechless at what she had witnessed.

"Such skill at that young of an age..." Todoh said.

Xingke was silent at the display. Personally, he was uncomfortable with using someone so young. He felt that children should have no reason to be near a battlefield, but his superiors gave him little choice on the matter. "Impressive, Mao. You can return to the hangar." he told her over the radio.

"Yes, sir." Mao replied from her cockpit, the bird-like sigil of Geass glowing in her left eye.



The personal Knightmare Frame utilized by the Gundam Meister Kallen Stadtfeld. Like the Nemo, it is built for mostly close combat, though it does possess several ranged weaponry. Its weaponry consists of its wrist mounted GN gun, an MVS fork knife, a GN beam saber, a GN beam knife, a missile launcher mounted on its back, a single slash harken, and its right arm, the Radiant Wave Surger. The Radiant Wave Surger is a feature unique to the Guren, using GN particles and radiation to fry enemy Knightmares, destroying them. It can also be charged to fire a large burst similar to the Gawain's GN Cannon, and can also be used to fire in a wide area, causing internal damage to the machines caught in the blast, causing their systems to freeze.

Like the Lancelot, nothing physically changed on the Guren.

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