-His everything-

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Author's note:My first attempt in S.A. fandom...and it's rated M. I've just observe how it lacks lemon in here and I've decided to come along and offer the contents my wicked mind, hihi... Also, there was something about the ending in the anime... Until now, I just can't figure out the deal with that ending. There was JUST something missing. Hopefully, with this fic, I filled that hole. XD (My wicked mind is at work again.)

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Summary: "Hikari, I'll take your everything." When Kei said those words, he meant much more, did much more than just go for a race with Hikaru to the Big Ben. This is what the ending didn't show, or else S.A. would be rated M.


To settle it all

"I managed to protect it until today. So I win!" Hikaru was saying boisterously as she took off the bunny costume and pointed an accusing finger his way.

"Oh really? …And what if I win?" he replied quietly, suddenly chilling her bones for no reason. Her cheeks immediately flushed into a bright red as well as her entire face when she realized what he meant.

Of course. How could she forget?

"Hikaru, I'll take your everything…" he announced as he loosened his collar and took off his scarf.

Blushing furiously, she stood stunned. How could things have turned this way? She thought she had already won: the deal was to keep the violet flower from being stolen, and she did. It was safe.

Now he was stripping off her courage with that look on his eyes and the part of the deal.

"I'll take your everything…"

Staggering, she managed a reply, "W-What do you mean by that?!" she could only say, although she had a tiny idea what he did mean…

Her everything.



Her heart was suddenly pounding in her chest, pumping a lot of blood to her very flushed face and body that it seemed a little too hot all of a sudden. She could hardly breathe.

It was as if what she dreaded or anticipated with unease was here, right in front of her, and the heat rushing throughout her body was enough to choke her.

Takishima looked at her in the eye with those golden eyes that was gentle at the same time ruthless. If it helped, he looked more bestial than he already was.

Hikari didn't want to show any weakness, especially to the only man she considered her greatest rival. But with those eyes she just might.

"You look scared..." Takishima commented, although whether he meant it as a joke, a challenge or a concerned remark was unclear to Hikaru, whose heart and mind battled for supremacy, rejecting everything else.

"It can't be... I mustn't!" she thought fiercely in her mind, shaking her head for emphasis as she clasped her eyes shut and clenched her fist as though to hold all her uncertainty in its death grip. Even at the peak of the moment, after everything that's been said and done, everything she had felt, she felt herself denying in face with what he wanted. Opening her eyes, she glared back at the young man standing before her, determined.

"I haven't lost to you, yet!" she sputtered, nostrils flaring and hands clenched to fists at her side, totally forgetting the weight of their deal. She tried fixing a glare to those keen golden eyes that appeared innocent and chaste for the moment, not wanting to let her sight wander to the neckline he exposed. She knew if she did that, she would lose it. Kei would win. Her feelings looked like they were winning over her at the moment, with the way her heart was beating erratically.

She had to show him she was competitive as he is.

As though in response, Kei mock her with a grin. Ruffling a hand through his beige hair, he sighed, as though he knew very well she was in defiance to her true self.

"Hikari…You can't deny it…" he drawled as though in a challenge, eyeing her. Taking one measured step forward, towards her, he grinned once more.

Hikari realized with real fear that she was inevitably rooted in place.

"Didn't they say predators have this look in their eyes that'll freeze their prey the instant they stare at you…" she suddenly recalled as she looked into his eyes.

They have strangely golden irises and dark pupils, like a lion's… Yet this time, there was a dark halo surrounding those golden orbs…

Mesmerized and stunned in place, she stood. She was aware of his presence when he finally stood there before her, too close to be comfortable. Standing there, mere inches in front of her face, something exuded from his presence that made her feel suffocated yet strangely comfortable.

"K-Kei…" she uttered, distantly wondering how she could say it so smoothly when her emotions were behaving this erratically. She wasn't aware. Her mind's eye and her sight was fixed on the pale skin of his neck, exposed by his recent action to loosen the buttons on his collar and take off the scarf concealing it, like a stance.

Coming to her senses, she realized what she had been doing for the last second, blushed furiously before venting it to Takishima, who silenced her with a finger before she could.

"Sssh." He shushed.

The action was so reserved and gentle that she felt compelled to obey.

Moving forward in a motion so fluid and slow she thought she would faint, he moved his lips next to her ears and whispered.

"I've won, Hikari…"


He won…

That did it. The word was all it took for Hikari to be fired up once more.

As she was about to launch one of her protests, she faced him when he held something in his hands, something that seemed to materialize from no where. Everything was just smooth with him and swift that she didn't really wonder if he'll suddenly pop a bunny out of a hat.

It took some time to focus her sight and clear out the image he held in his hands.

It was the violet flower.

"B-But how?!" she fumed, totally forgetting about her predicament.

"How did you get it?! It was with me all the time! See?"

Fumbling in the pockets of her S.A. uniform, she dug in, moved her hand annoyingly then brought it up. She clenched her fist and unclenched. Nothing but air. Sweatdropping, she tried the other although she knew well it would come up with nothing. Still, the idea of losing one more time to him felt terrible.

"Where is it… I know it's here…" Hikari tried in vain in front of a grinning Takishima, who stood there as though he enjoyed the scene.

Apparently, she noticed.

"Why are you smiling?" she fumed, furious and suddenly fired up. How come, all these time, even in the end, he had to win? Worst thing was, she was compelled to admit it, even lie to it.

"There must be some mistake…" she uttered to no one in particular. Then after a while of reflecting, she decided.

"I think you've cheated, Takishima." She boldly announced as a conclusion, as though it was the greatest truth.

Instead of being infuriated, Takishima merely smiled as he held the flower in his hand and sniffed it demurely, holding it delicately between his fingers like a connoisseur.

"It smells…nice..." He commented, withdrawing to look at her with a glint in his eyes, "It's been well taken care of." He added with a satisfactory smile.

"Of course it is!" Hikari responded with utmost dignity, "I had it in the pot all the time and—" she stopped short, suddenly remembering.

The pot!

She left it at home! She didn't bring it!

She didn't even touch that flower when Sui came to fetch her with the chopper so abruptly… How could she?

All she had in mind at the moment was to meet Takishima once more…Takishima who left for London, leaving her with the challenge unfinished.

That was all.

Seeing him now, the flower in his hands, something in her mind went off.

Someone… An accomplice of him must've taken it from her house. That was it. That's the only reason.

In the end, Takishima Kei was still someone who couldn't afford losing, even if it means doing other means to do it.


He was miserable when he had to leave everyone, most of all, his beloved Hikari… The decision to go to London to spare the S.A. was something he decided for himself, knowing what the others would say about it. But he had to sacrifice in order for the greater good of everyone.

Still, that didn't leave out the fact that he left a challenge that was unfinished. It was like betting a part of himself and leaving it for good.

He realized that much as he looked out the window of his private plane, staring after the boisterous girl ran after the plane looking desperate.

"Farewell Hikari… I have no choice but to leave you…"

And that's when it hit him. He was not only leaving her but a part of him too.

It was the memories…

The irreplaceable moments they had together…

---The challenge.

Sitting in the soft plush cushion of the plane's seat, he crossed his arms to his face and sat, thinking. He just did that for a while for the entire 2 hours out of the usual 3 hour flight from Japan to London, thinking.

Then when the plane finally landed, he realized it was not yet over.


"Aoi, you would do anything for me right?

Startled yet still professional, Ogata Aoi corrected, "Yes, you are my obligation Kei… However if this goes against the absolute orders of your grandfather—

"It won't." this time, Kei was grinning, "I promise."

Doubtful yet also curious, Aoi decided to listen to Kei's request, and his eyes widened in surprise but he didn't think it was a bad idea at all. After all, the Takishima was made to be number one.


Hanazono residence

Hikari's bedroom

As Aoi personally stood before Hikari's bedroom, staring at the tiny pot which held the flower, he remembered Kei's wishes and decided to obey without complaint. Carefully, he took the pot in his hands, tiptoed to the bedroom's window and slipped outside where the henchmen waited in hiding.

Dropping himself carefully, Aoi managed to slip the flowers fresh and unharmed. Then he made a phone call service to the fastest delivery plane ever and requested to have a package delivered straight to Kei Takishima.

back to present

"You cheated!" Hikari was saying, her face flushed with anger.

Kei merely brushed his hair aside, "Hm? I don't remember ordering someone else to get the flowers would break the rules… I did that yesterday so I think the challenge is still viable." He smirked.

Hikari stared at him, unbelieving. She didn't know he would be even capable of doing such. He must want the end of the deal that badly to have resorted to that… The thought make her blush once more.

"Takishima…" she mumbled when she realized he had finished talking.

In a move so fast for her to take time to think, Takishima closed the distance between them in one fell stride, locked his arms to the walls behind her and kept it that way.

For a moment, Hikari could only stare at those eyes that seem to make her knees weak. It looked as though it were smoldering. It burned her.

"Y-You…" she could only say. She was consciously trying to make it sound indignant but right now, it was impossible. It was as though the only thing she was hearing was the deafening sound of her heartbeat that filled her ears and her mind, losing all logic she had left.


Takishima Kei…

Her greatest rival was standing here before her, with his arms trapping her until she could no longer breathe, so close to his face. She could feel his warm, sweet breath on her face, a drug that invaded her thought processes and consumed it. It made it feel a little hotter than it already was.



The sound of their breathing was the only thing heard in the sudden silence of the room.




The delicate glow of the moon and the night outside the windows was the only illumination to spare them each others look, the air was cool and fresh but somehow, it felt warm.

It was maddeningly warm with his body next to her.

Her breath was slowly being stolen away, as though just being near him sucked the life out of her.

"Hikari…" he said her name although it was no more than a whisper. His eyes appeared torn from being sincere and gentle to losing out of control. It was as though everything he kept bottled up for so long was being unleashed in gradual leaks now.

"I will…take your everything…"

And this time, when he spoke, all the right feelings were in his words and Hikari felt the finality in it as Kei moved in and took her with his kiss.

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