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(Takishima's P.O.V.)


You don't understand how much I long for you…

How I long for those presents and gifts you give me during my every birthday…

How I long for your smile, your laughter…

our fights…

How I love the way you stand by me, waiting until I open your gift and describe it in the only way you can.

All these time, you remain clueless…


Now… I will show you…

This will be my present to you, in my birthday.


The gift of awareness

Kei met her lips perfectly and firmly with the definite moves of someone who knew a lot of things, meanwhile holding his other hand to lock his grip on her waist while the other reached out to grasp her chin.

So, this was what a kiss felt like.

Slowly, delicately yet passionately, with a strength that defied his graceful movements, he kissed her, before her startled wide blue eyes and her tensed body before his.

Hikari, her mind too taken aback and surprised by this sudden assault, remained stunned. Her lips were rigid and he was kissing her back nevertheless, as though he didn't care.


Her mind was in a mess, in turbulent disarray, and as he continued, her thought processes grew more chaotic…at the same time, the sensations overflowed her naivety.

She didn't know how to react. Kei had suddenly kissed her…!

Closing her eyes by the sudden flood of emotions, Hikari smelled his fresh fragrance that somehow underlie a scent of something heavy and strong, pulsing through her troubled mind and pumping her mind with uncontrollable desire to just grab him and push him to the ground while she lavished him.

Unfortunately, with this initial experience, he was currently dominating her thoughts and emotions that acting boldly was impossible.

The suffocating desire whipping her mind waves after waves of pleasure felt suddenly unbearable, like it would overflow.

She loved him, she was just afraid to admit it. Hikari loved him like mad.

His strength, she once feared and competed for, now becomes her blanket.

It felt ridiculous to deny it, even now. She wanted to, just to fulfill her role as a rival, but she doubt she had the strength to do so. Already, his masculinity filled her every being until its strands occupied every part of her, making her submit willingly.

Clutching his shoulders, she pulled him closer as she returned his kiss, suddenly rough and engaging. Tasting the feel of his velvet lips to her had never felt this good… It was so exhilaratingly blissful that she could faint, perhaps an effect when one had returned the love of a rival.

Clumsily moving her hands to meet his face, slowly, uncertainly she roved her way to his firmly muscled chest, to his slender back, to his chiseled, smooth face, garnering reactions from him she had not expected.

As though sensing her curiosity, he drew her back suddenly, fiercely, but not before gently nibbling on her lower lip and made her utter a startled moan and surprise.

Feeling her mind felt in a daze after what he just did, she couldn't reply any word except a glare, panting as she did so.

Kei stared back at her, likewise, something in his look felt unrestrained and uncontrolled that it frightened her. It was a new look, something she hadn't seen except for the times when he would come running to her rescue and save her. Except it was more of the look of urgency.

"Hikari…" he uttered, his voice sounding hoarse, "...Remember the deal?" this time, when he grinned, Hikari knew he meant it, whatever he meant.

"I will take your everything."

Before everything else, Kei kissed her once more with a passion that made her head swoon with desire and took her by the belt. Then, his hands were more forceful, gripping and gently squeezing in places that she moaned unintentionally to his ear, moans which he silenced with his kiss. Invasive, maddening, he explored her with his hands in a way she had never been touched before, making her innocent mind feel overwhelmed and beyond control.

"He's suddenly strong…" Hikari's feverish mind thought, not realizing it was her own strength melting before his.

Takishima was taking over her mind and body, filling it with jumbled sensations that everything felt hazy… and a distant, dormant part of her did not like it.

He was not winning, not in this unfair way. He cheated after all.

But since they were playing this end of the deal, she might as well do.

Her rival instinct moving her, unwilling to be beaten, she reciprocated the demands of his roving hands with her own more forceful ones, encircling his neck and pushing him back as she drove the kiss deeper with her own.

Startled by this sudden movement, it did nothing but fuel his drive further as he sank his fingers deeper into the flesh of her back, his tongue invading the sensitive area of her mouth. The action left her breathless and staggering for a moment but she quickly recovered enough to give a brute grip on his tux.

--A mistake.

She realized with late reaction that she was pulling him closer to her, even meaning to take the tux off instead of grasping him in the same way he was doing.

A bad mistake. And she wanted to appear like she was retaliating too. Now she looked like she wanted him.

It wasn't a bad idea. Maybe she did.

Uttering a growl that almost sounded inhuman, Hikari fleetingly thought she angered him more when he suddenly withdrew away from her then grabbed both of her shoulders. A moment lapsed as she found herself staring at him as he was staring at her, and she inwardly cringe at what she saw before he pushed her against the wall. Lifting her easily, he pinned her hard to the wall, leaving her more shaken than she already was. Before she even have time to react, it was his mouth devouring her, moving from her neck to her jawline, to her throat down, making her moan uncontrollably as she closed her eyes. As though he hasn't enough of her, his hands caressed and trailed down to her body, ultimately ceasing any protests she might have in mind, however fleeting.

It was madness, yet she welcomed it.

She had never realized before any of this, that she wanted him this bad.

Instead of pushing him away, Hikari decided she had enough. Opening her arms to the onslaught of emotions, she allowed it to be known.



With ease, he carried her onto the king size bed with the sheer curtains draped on all sides and dropped her on it. As he panted heavily, he stilled his tumultuous desire for a moment and allowed himself to bask in her beauty as she was bathed in the light of the moon.

Her S.A. uniform was partly unbuttoned, her short skirt slightly hitched up to reveal her long bronze legs. Her raven black hair was disheveled and her pretty face lost its innocent luster, to be replaced by a look of need torn between anxiety that was strangely beautiful.

He had done that much now… He wanted more.

He realized restraining his actions would be lying to himself all over again.

She had to know how he feels… All these time, it was what Takishima truly wanted. When Hikari was acting dense in front of him, he was protecting her, meaning to keep her from any form of harm.

Because he loved her, truly did.

Ever since they were young, he harbored these feelings with him, waiting until she finally realized it. He kept it all inside. Patiently enduring her denseness and her naivety, Takishima thought he could do without these wanton feelings of desire so strong it threatened to engulf his logic. But now it was here, in this moment, he would accept it.


A tiny grin marked the corner of his lips as he moved forward, to where Hikari lay sprawled and helpless as she gazed at him with longing.

"Hikari…" he drawled and went to her.


"Kei…! Kei…!"

She moaned his name, sounding shrill and hysterical inside the wide bedroom. She couldn't help it. She had never felt anything like this before, and the sequence of dizzying pleasure piled one over the other made her weak, weak enough not to have the strength to fight back.

Or in this case, even deny anything anymore.

All she wanted was him at the moment… No one but him.

She was past the point of denying her feelings, or being ignorant and unknowing to this development. After everything he had made her feel this night, Hikari felt like she tasted the world.

Gripping the locks of his beige hair, she held onto it and at the same time, prayed he would stop and give it to her. The pace was maddeningly fast, too much it felt painful to have it prolonged as the throbbing inside intensified. Ceaselessly, relentlessly, Takishima would make her rise to the highest peaks of pleasure with just one wave of his hand.

He was crazy. And she morbidly loved every bit of it, in a way.

Abruptly, Takishima stopped, his face rising from between her outstretched legs, towards the direction of the door. As though sensing what it was about, Hikari tried her best to stifle her panting and heaving, even her sobbing, to listen in renewed tension.

From outside, the sounds of running footsteps and hasty shouts of command can be heard. The two listened, unmoving except for the rise and fall of their breathing and the dampened heat on their bodies. Drops of sweat trickled from Takishima's forehead as he waited.


A buzz of a radio transmitter can be heard, along with a voice.

It was Ogata Aoi. After pretending to listen to the voice in the radio transmitter, he faced the flock of guards.

"She was seen in the other tower, on the Western hall. Get back to position!" he ordered the men as they turned pace and marched back to place.

"But sir," one soldier asked as they were about to leave, looking at the bedroom door of Kei with worry and suspicion. He did thought he heard something there…

"What about Mr. Takishima Kei…?" his voice trailed off as Aoi glowered at him like a dark cloud.

"You will do as you're ordered." Aoi snapped with silent authority and the guard immediately went back to place and followed the others.

As Aoi was left alone, he glanced at Takishima's bedroom door with a thoughtful look before turning to the direction of the hall and moving away. He had always admired Kei ever since. He was his obligation, and it was his task to take care of him.

"May you be happy..." sighing, he went on his way.


Now the last hurdle was passed, Takishima waited for a while to make sure they had no plans coming back. When he was certain, he faced Hikari once more, as though nothing happened.

"Shall we get back to where we left off?" he whispered, a grin gracing the corners of his lips.


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