Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Twilight or its characters. I only own the characters I make up.

"Bella, we're leaving." My angel told me firmly.

"Why so soon? " I asked.

I expected that we were leaving at some point. But, I never thought now, it's just so sudden.

"Yes, we can't stay here any longer. Carlisle can barely pass for 30 and he's claiming thirty three now. We have to move on."

Wait. I thought the whole point of leaving was to stay away from his family and make sure everyone is safe. Why will we bring his family with us except........

"When you said 'we', that was who?" I asked.

"We, meaning my family and I." He replied.

What? He can't leave me. What will happen to me? Don't tell me he's blaming himself for what happened on my birthday? He can be stupid and over selfless at times.

"Then, I'm coming."

"NO, Bella. We- I've put you through enough danger. It's unhealthy for you to be with us. You can't come."

Why is the world unfair? You're happy one day then the next day everything crashes down on you. I can't live without Edward. What would I do? He's my life now.

"Edward, please don't leave." I pleaded.

"I'm sorry." He pulled me into his arms and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He pulled away.

"Don't leave, please. Where are they?"

"They've gone ahead. I'm the only one left to tell you."

"Please take me with you."

"NO, I don't want to."

He doesn't want to? He does not love me. What am I? A toy they played with. How can they do this to me? I was their pet. A pet they kept to entertain themselves.

"You don't want me?"

"No, I don't."


"Just promise me, be safe. I don't want you to get hurt. And in return, I will promise that it would be as if I never existed."

"Edward, please don't say that."


He pulled me towards him and he gave me a goodbye kiss on the lips. I felt the electricity and I'm sure he felt it too. It was so good. I wished that this was just some nightmare that I'd snap out of. This must be a bad dream. Wake up Bella, wake up! He pulled away and he smiled my favourite crooked smile and he said the words that always made my heart accelerate just like now.

"I love you. Forever. It will be as if I never existed."

A strong gush off wind blew pass me and I heard the leaves rustle and then I saw that he was gone. My angel is gone forever. I will move on for him even though I know that he will always be my angel, my soulmate.