It has been three years since Viance was borne. Everyone loved him. Our family and the Cullens joined together. We travelled together. Viance was just like a little Edward. He had the same bronze hair and perfect face. He had my eyes. It was a beautiful chocolate brown. Drake on the other hand was perfect. We sorted out through the misunderstanding about him leaving. I quickly forgave him of course. He promised to love the kid which he surely does. He takes care of Viance like he was his own kid.

Viance grew a little bit faster than some kids. As a three year old, he had the brain of an eight year old and the size of an ordinary four year old. He was special, alright. We couldn't send him to pre-school since his diet was composed of blood. He could eat human food but he didn't like it. I ate with him sometimes so that he could see that it wouldn't hurt to eat pizza or something like that. He could sleep too and cry. He is what they called a vampire hybrid.

"What are you thinking about?" Drake asked which brought me out of my train of thoughts. I cuddled closer and smiled. I breathed in his scent first.

"I was thinking how perfect life is right now." I replied.

"Oh really?" he asked.

"Really." I replied and he laughed. "Anyway, where is the little tyke?"

"Right now, he's asleep in Rosalie's arms." He replied.

"That's nice." I murmured.

"Little V got me worried in the mall this afternoon, you know?" he started to say, casually. I giggled. "Why is that?" I asked.

"He wanted to bite Alice's and Ashley's head off. He told me that he never wanted to go shopping with Auntie Alice and Ashley ever again." He replied. I smiled. He was so much like me. He's also a bit clumsy.

"And why would that worry you?" I asked.

"Let's say when the two were forcing him to wear another outfit that he got really fed up and he did try to snap at the both of them in the dressing room. It was pretty funny to see actually. Alice was like pinching his cheek then he got mad and tried to bite Alice but she evaded just in time but bumped Ashley who was holding a pile of clothes. Ashley fell and bumped and old lady who wanted to get Ashley arrested since Ashley landed on the older lady and her hand were on the lady's chest. Playful fondling. Next time, you come shopping with them. You can control them. Anyway, how was your hunt with Ashton today?" I laughed a bit first then smiled weakly.

"It was alright. I'm properly fed now. Ashton is better. He's getting over Katie's death slowly. He laughed, you know? And smiled genuinely. I'm proud of him for not wanting to kill himself."

"She made him promise." He told me and I nodded.

"I know but he could have disobeyed. I would disobey if that were to happen to you." His grip on me tightened and I felt safe and loved once more.

"Never think of that, okay?"

"Of course. I love you, you know?"

"I know. I love you too."

"Forever." We said at the same time and kissed.

Life would be alright now. No vampires would dare hurt me or my child and we would all live happily. It would be like this forever. Our coven and the Cullens would be happy. Everything that happened before was a blur. We all would never forget Katie. I, of course, will never forget Edward. He was my first love and he was once upon a time, my life. Thing change as people change. Only change is the constant in this world. It was inevitable. Maybe, it was meant to be that the Cullens would leave me that I would get in an accident and be saved by Calvin and meet Drake. It was meant to be that I'd see the Cullens again, be kidnapped by Edward, be raped and give birth to Viance. No one knows what could happen next. You can never be too sure but there are things that I am sure of. I love the Cullens- Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice- I love my family- Calvin, Katrina, Joseph, Ashley and Ashton- I love Viance and I most especially do love Drake and right no all that matters to me is the love I hold because nothing can take away that feeling in my heart. No matter what, despite the change that could happen, I will always love.

---------------------------------------------------- THE END --------------------------------------------------------------


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