I'm back, bitches! and i'm taking a break from the InoSaku and doing a rare pairing. Here's the deal with this one: I was in my fiction class, having a discussion with a few of my friends about superhero movies (Watchmen had just come out, so one guy was ecstatic about it) and I started thinking about writing a sequel to 'To Love A Hero', but, what i wanted to do with it wasn't going to work because i had already put Temari in the first one. So i started thinking again, and thought about how in pretty much every fic i've done, Hinata's either died, gotten raped, etc, and i wanted to do something about her. This was also at one point going to be a green lantern type sakuhina, but that didn't make it very far. I also thought of a punisher type thing with Sakura, but, that lasted all of a second.

Anyway, this one is a TemaHina, odd pairing, right? It's a superhero one, and may be a bit dry at first because for the past month or so i've been writing an OC thing for my class, and the next chapter for that isn't due until the 23rd of april, and i thought i'd give all of you something to read since i haven't been updating europe's darkest hour. which, by the way, i'm stuck on, so it'll be awhile on that one.

Rated M for possible hotness later, and language.

"Here, it'll warm you up." The hermit handed me a small bowl of soup, and I gratefully took it, "You have a gift inside of you"

"A-A gift?" I took a sip from the bowl, "Yes, very few people have this gift, but those who do, can do so many great and terrible things." He moved some of his long white hair out of his face, "I can help you use it, and control it. If you want it, that is."

My mind raced as he spoke. I could be stronger, more independent. I could stand up for myself! I took another sip of the soup, and couldn't help but think if anything bad could come of this. What if this 'gift' was just a trick? I mean, he's obviously been out here for years, and is probably physically starved. But, something about the way he spoke and carried himself that told me I had nothing to worry about. But still…

"I'll do it."


I slowly opened my eyes, the memory fading fast and stretched out my arms and back, throwing off the covers. I rubbed my eyes and looked down at my hands, the red swirls still barely visible, before swinging my legs off the bed and grabbing my towel and clean clothes.

"Why did they have to make school so early in the morning?" I groan as I trudge down the cold hall to the bathroom. I hate living in a mansion. It's so cold and empty, despite all of the people.

You see, I'm the eldest daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, CEO and president of the Hyuuga Empire. He has his hands in everything, hospitals, schools, technology, etc. To the public he was a benevolent man, helping people whenever he could. And it's true, for the most part. At home he's more of a dictator, kind when things go his way, and the exact opposite when they don't. So as a result, my self-confidence has diminished to near nothing. I stuttered, I couldn't talk to people, not even my friends, without shaking uncontrollably.

But ever since I met that hermit, things really have changed. The 'gift' was some type of energy he called 'chakra', and he taught me how to expel it through my palms and feet, and channel it to my eyes to improve my sight ten-fold. So after I got back I had to figure out what to do with it. It took a couple of months to figure it out, but after watching countless hours of the local news (Yes, I'm a teenager who watches the news regularly) and several dozen comics… well, you get the idea. I'm Byakugan.

I step into the bathroom and pull off my pajamas, before turning on the shower and stepping into the warm water. I sighed as the water poured over me, washing off the dirt, grime, and sweat. One of the bad things about being a superhero, I only get like two hours of sleep a night. Between school, patrol, and any actual crime fighting I do, I'm amazed I can even make it to school on time.

I grabbed the shampoo and lathered my hair. I rinsed before turning off the water and stepped out, drying myself off. I turned and looked at my naked self. I had become much more toned recently, my abs were more defined, as were my arms and calves. It wasn't to the point where I looked like a body-builder, but I had a nice balance. The only thing that really stood out about me were my breasts. I'm only 17, but I was already at a D-cup.

I finish drying myself and put on my clothes, a pair of loose fitting jeans, a white t-shirt, and an oversized sweatshirt to hide my oversized chest, before going downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning, Hinata-onee-san." My younger sister, Hanabi, greeted me as I sat down at the table, "Good morning. Good morning, father." He didn't even acknowledge me, just turned the page in his news paper, "Where's Neji-nii-san?" I asked, "He left early for work, something about finances." Hanabi shrugged as she returned to her eggs.

My cousin Neji had moved in with us shortly after his father, my father's twin brother, was shot by one of the many yakuza (1) sects, and was set to inherit the family business in my place. That was the only thing I liked about him being here; he treats my sister and I (mostly me) like we're less than dirt.

I thanked the servant as she placed a plate of food in front of me, and quickly ate it, before excusing myself, and running back upstairs to get my things for school. I grabbed my backpack once I got into my room, and stuffed my school books inside, before going over to my closet and grabbing my costume, a lavender lycra t-shirt (2), with Kevlar in the stitching and a red swirl on the back and the upper left side of the front, navy blue cargo pants, and a pair of black work boots, which I put on, and a mask that had special lenses that made my eyes look pure white, instead of the light lavender they were.

"Hmm… Damn it!" I exclaimed once I remembered I was supposed to put the Lycra on under my jacket (3). I quickly tore off my sweatshirt, t-shirt, and bra, before grabbing a sports bra, and putting it on with the Lycra. I redonned the other two articles of clothing and ran out of the house so I wouldn't be late for school, shouting a quick 'bye!' to no one in particular.

Once I was halfway to school I realized that I still had plenty of time, and could walk the rest of the way. I tell you, there are times when I'm glad the chakra gives me superhuman endurance. I mean, running at a full sprint for five miles? That's pretty good.

As I walked I listened to the sounds of the city. The cars honking at each other to move, the people moving along the sidewalks, chatting on their phones, the police sirens.

I froze in my tracks and looked down at my watch, "No! No, no, no!" I groaned and sighed before running into an alley to change out my clothes. "I'm going to be late again!"

(1) For those of you that don't know, the Yakuza are the japanese mafia.

(2) I like lycra, it breathes better than spandex. and the red swirls on it are the ones on the chuunin vests. just FYI

(3) this happens to me all the time. I wear thermals to school in the mornings, and right when i'm ready to go get on the bus, i remember that i forgot to put the damn things on!

Alrighty, there's the first chapter, tell me what you think via reviews por favor! Temari'll come in next chapter, but it'll be quite awhile before any real pairings show up. and this has nothing to do with batman, if any of you were making the connection with the hyuuga empire. see ya later!