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I raced as fast as I could across the rooftops. My breath coming in heavy heaves as I leapt from the building I was on to the side of the Suna building, using my chakra to adhere my feet to the surface, and sprinted up.

The alarm was blaring as I reached the top. I looked around, and the place is deserted. I was about to turn to leave to search the area, when one of the elevator doors blew clear across the rooftop, and none other than the Midnight Whirlwind stepped out and started to sprint for the edge.

I ran and intercepted her, "Got you!" I said as I thrust out my palm and caught her square in the chest, sending her flying back with a grunt. I lowered myself into a fighting stance, "I'm not letting you get away this time." She lifted herself slightly, supporting herself by the elbows. She glanced back to an opening elevator door, before clambering to her feet and unhooking the large fan from her back, "I don't have time for you!" She shouted and swung it.

I had to use my chakra to keep myself from flying off the building, but still got blown back a ways. She ran to the edge of the building and jumped off, gliding on her fan away from the building. "Oh no you don't." I ran after her, and with one mighty jump, landed right next to her on the fan.

She grabbed my wrist as I tried to hit her again, and I grabbed her fist as she tried to throw a punch. "Get the hell off!" she shouted as she tried to push me off. The fan skidded along the rooftop of a shorter building, both of us falling off at the impact.

We recovered quickly, and she went on the assault. Her movements were graceful and precise, and the kicks she threw extended up to my head, which was surprising, seeing as how her suit looked as if it would be too constricting.

I blocked and dodged each of her attacks, but her form never faltered. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't looking where I was backing up, and tripped over the small lip at the edge and fell the five or so stories down, my back connecting sharply with a dumpster, and I rolled off onto the pavement yelp.

I stared up at the building I just fell from with a look of pain on my face. Midnight stared down at me and blew me a kiss, "See ya later." She chuckled and ran away. I sat up to go after her, but instantly regretted it. Pain shot through my entire body, but I managed enough strength to move myself behind the dumpster.

I click my phone on and call the only person that can come and pick me up, "Hello?" Tenten's voice answered, "T-Tenten-chan," The stutter in my voice was from the pain, "Hinata? What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"C-Can you please come and pick me up? I don't know where I am. I hurt my back." I wince as I talk, "Ok, I'll use the GPS in your phone, just stay where you are." She hung up before I could thank her. I sighed and leaned back against the dumpster.

"So Naruto," My ears perk up at the voices at the end of the alley, "Tell us again why you're taking out what's-her face?" I peer around the side as best I can, and see Naruto standing there with a few of his friends, "Well," He put his hands behind his head, "It's mostly just a pity date." I gasp inwardly, "I noticed she'd been watching me awhile, so I thought I'd let her get a taste of Uzumaki romance." He flexed his arms.

"Yeah, but she's got the personality of a whipped dog." I didn't recognize the boy who said that, "Yeah, well, if everything goes right, I'll give the dog my bone." He chuckled, "I mean, have you seen her tits? I seen 'em in PE, and lemme tell ya, I'd suck on those all night long."

I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces as they walked away. I leant back against the dumpster, staring at the black nothingness of the alley. Tenten arrived not long after, and backed her car into the alley. She helped me to lay down in the back seat on an ice pack.

I didn't say anything as she drove me home, and snuck me in. Thankfully no one saw us. She helped me change into some pajamas and said her goodnight before she left, leaving me alone.

I fell asleep quickly.


I woke up sometime midday the next day. My back didn't hurt at all, Tenten must've done something to help. Ino And Sakura are standing over me, smiling like they've just won the lottery. "Morning, sleepy head!" Ino said in her cheery voice. I groan and roll over, "Hey!" Sakura started to shake me, "Wake up, we gotta get you ready for your date tonight!"

"I'm not going." I say, "WHAT?!" they both shouted, "I'm not going out with him. I'm never doing anything involving Naruto Uzumaki ever again."

They both blink at me, "But…Hinata-chan, you've had a crush on him since kindergarten! How could you have changed your mind?!" Ino screamed at me, "I-I overheard him talking to some of his friends last night."

"Did that idiot say something stupid again?" Sakura crossed her arms, "You could say that." My voice dripped with an unnatural venom. "Come on, Hinata-chan, I'm sure it wasn't that bad." Ino said skeptically, "He said it's a pity date!" I blurt out, as tears that should have flowed last night came streaming out.

I clutched onto Ino's blouse and started to sob, "H-H-He s-said that he j-j-just w-wants to get me into bed!" Ino and Sakura exchanged looks. I pulled away from Ino, "It's all because of these!" I grabbed my breasts, "I hate them! I wish they were gone!"

"THAT IDIOT!" Sakura shouted at the top of her lungs, "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM!"

"Hold on a moment, Saku-chan." Ino had a devious glint in her eye as she continued to soothe me, "I've got a better idea." Sakura looked back curiously, as did I. "Naruto thinks that Hinata's an easy deal, right? And that everything'll go right, that his 'charms' will work no problem."

"Right." We both said, me with a sob in the middle, "Well, what if the date didn't go as planned?" A devilish grin adorned her face. "What are you thinking?" Sakura's grin matched the blonde's as she sat down on the bed, "Well, we get Hinata all dolled up, pull out all the stops, and have her casually sabotage everything, then bring him back to a hotel, where we kick his ass into next week."

"I like it." They both looked at me, "I-I'm in."


I groaned as I stuffed my new suit back into my closet. "Damn," I said to myself, "That bitch hits hard." I rubbed the sore spot on my chest where she hit me, "But I bet that dumpster hit harder."

I stretched as I walked down the deserted hall to the bathroom to wash the sweat off of me.

I took off what little clothes I have on and step into the steaming water. The water felt so good. I giggled to myself as I thought of the millions of dollars I've already cost my father. He deserved to lose everything, and I intended to bring that about. I already had a separate savings account set up that I'd been pumping money into, so money'd be no issue. And all of the things I stole helped some.

I turned off the water and went back into my room, wrapped in a towel. I collapsed on the bed and let sleep wash over me, needing it after my little encounter.


"Perfect, Hinata-chan. Now just remember the plan."

"Yeah, that bastard won't know what hit him"

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