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Summary: Nessie is being babysat by Emmett and runs to Emmett in fear when she says that she heard a monster in her enormous (thanks to Alice) closet. What does Emmett try to do to help?

This chapter references another FF of mine, "I Think We Lost Nessie", which I DO own (Yay! I own something! Finally). It is not very relevant to the story, but it is also a humor story of Emmett and Jasper screwing up.

"Calm down!" I told Bella, who was looking at me apprehensively, as usual.

No trust, absolutely no trust. What had I ever done to make them so nervous to leave me with their daughter?

Ok, scratch that. I have done plenty to make feel so nervous about that. Losing their only child, for example. In fact, I kind of judge them for leaving me with her now.

Anyway, Edward struggled to drag Bella out the door, which just made Bella hold Renesmee tighter to her body in a chokehold. And she complains that my hugs hurt. Tough love!

"Bella, love," Edward said to her. "I think Nessie is trying to breathe. Loosen your arms around her, please. I'm sure, Emmett will do his best to babysit her. Besides, it is already late. She is going to fall asleep in a little while and then Emmett's work would be done. Although," he raised his eyes to look at me, "that does not mean you can leave."

"No, really?" I said with a snort. "Duh, Edward. I know better than to leave a child in a house alone."

"You didn't seem to know better when you dressed in a pink tutu," Edward said coyly.

Long story…

The only reason I didn't jump at him and wipe that stupid little smirk right off his face was that I knew Nessie was still watching us (from Bella's unwavering , rock-solid arms). Edward monitored my reaction and seemed to be surprised.

"Well, well, well. Little Emmie is growing up, isn't he?" he said, far too low for either Bella and Nessie to hear him.

Wimp. He was probably scared Bella would yell at him or something.

"Eddie, why don't you [censored] [censored] [OMG, so definitely BEEP!]," I said, with a smile plastered on my face, making me look like a Barbie doll.

Bella relinquished her hold of Nessie and was pulled to the door by Edward. She stared at me the whole time.

Women. So dramatic.

Nessie looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back at her and scooped her up to give her a piggyback ride to her room.

Well, except maybe for just this woman. I liked her.

Nessie had already been in her pajamas when Bella and Edward were leaving. I waited for her to wash her teeth and everything. I then waited for her to pick out a story to choose as her bedtime story. Secretly, during all this time, I was wondering if I was too late for the Rangers Hockey game. Hurry up, Nessie! Finally, she picked out a book.

I raised an eyebrow as I looked up form the book to Nessie. "Romeo and Juliet?" I asked. "Seriously, kid?"

Nessie nodded. "It is a notable and highly prestigious book."

I love Nessie, but sometimes she freaks me out. What three-year old wants to read Romeo and Juliet? I don't even like that story that much. Way too many people die. Including Mercutio. I really liked that dude.

Anyway, I decided not to argue and just read the play, so that I could quickly watch the game. I insisted on reading until Act 2, Scene 6, just before the scene where Mercutio dies. I tend to get overly emotional when I read that part. I kissed Nessie good night, tucked her properly into bed, and shut the door on my way out.

I turned on the TV to see that they had only started three minutes ago, so I was in luck. Suddenly, a piercing shriek came from up from Nessie's room. She was in the living room (*snort*) before I had time to rush up the stairs.

Nessie's eyes were wide and scared. Her bottom lip was quivering and she looked ready to start crying. "Nessie, what's wrong?" I asked, surprised at her expression.

"Monster!" she yelled as she hid her face and auburn curls in my chest. "In my room! No way am I ever going back up there ever again! NEVER!"

Great. Now how was I going to watch the game?

AN: Not much happens here. Next chapter will be more interesting. This chapter was just the building blocks for the story.

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