Disclaimer: I don't own Bridge to Terabithia or any of the characters, they are owned by Katherine Paterson.

Dazed By Sorrow

A dense forest, with tall old trees surrounded a boy. The boy stood on a make shift bridge, which perched over a narrow creek. The boy was watching the water as it passed by, he was dazed by the memories of this once beautiful creek and how it had helped him.

But his eyes where full of sorrow, as so was his heart.

This creek had brought forth great time, magical times. But now it had been stained with one moment…

A devastating moment, which the boy would remember. He would be plagued by it until the end of his sorrow full life.

The Boy stood still, the wind growing more violent, the sun was now bleeding over the tree tops; he didn't notice the cold wind or the warmth of the rays. He didn't even notice the tears freely flowing down his pale cheeks and dropping in to the deep hateful creek.

The pain he was feeling was worse than anything he had had to endure. He had been bullied, tormented and had a hectic family that didn't even care what he does.

The only good things in his life, they where fading away, and they where leaving him behind. He didn't know what to feel, anger or fear.

All he was doing was staring at the murky water below, letting his emotions run free.

He was thinking about how his life had been progressing over the past few weeks, and how it was changing now. He wanted to do something or say something, but the words had never been there before. He had been to this bridge several times before today, but he had never been in this state.

He had been stood in that spot for two hours; he was starting to run dry, tears had been flowing freely, it was now that he had the words for what he wanted to say, it was now he was going to say them and it was now he would do something for better or for worse.

With tears still pouring down his cheeks, his emotions at rage, full of sorrow and guilt, still not moving even so slightly he whispered

"I Love You Leslie, and I'm sorry"

He leaned forward, plunging in to the cold impaling creek, he embraced the hard impact as he hit the surface, he wanted to be punished for what he had done.

He was feeling guilt for not asking them to go, he was feeling sorrow as they had left, and he wanted to be punished as he thought it was his fault… his fault for her being dead.

.He had put up with two weeks of torture, two weeks of punishment, and two weeks of hell.

The boy's short life coming to an end, with his last confession of his undying love for his once best friend, his last though was of her, not his family, but of the one that he truly loved, the one he wanted to be with, even in death.

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