Seven Deadly Kisses

By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: ZoroxSanji, attempts at humour, lots of lovely BL kisses~

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, and I never will.

Kiss rating: PG

Each kiss will be for the 7snogs prompt table, and will feature one of the seven deadly sins as its theme. This one is for theme two: envy.


Envious kiss

The weather isn't the only thing Nami observes.

Aboard the Thousand Sunny, there is always one thing other than the weather that she loves to watch and make notes on no matter what. She knows she shouldn't, but she can't help herself, and she finds her eyes following Zoro around more often than perhaps she would like.

It's not that she likes Zoro – it's not that at all – but more that she likes watching the things that happen to him. The guy is a walking disaster most of the time; from getting constantly lost on the ship to being Luffy's accidental landing point, there is nothing that Zoro does that isn't highly amusing. To put it simply the guy is damn hilarious, and on a normal day there is nothing more entertaining than watching him in his travels.

For example, Nami will never forget the first time that the swordsman went to the toilet.

After being given very explicit instructions, he had shrugged off the crew's concern and walked inside without a care. Then he had been missing for hours. By the time he had found his way back, it was dark out, and the crew celebrated his return with applause that made him go bright red and snap in anger. He had sulked then, and sat further away from the crew than before, though he wasn't really that mad at them.

Chopper had gone over and given him a beer which cheered him up, but then Sanji had opened his mouth and asked for an escort for him in the future. The blade had been withdrawn at practically the speed of light, and then the pair of idiots had spent the next hour arguing and entertaining the rest of the crew unwittingly.

Just the memory of the event makes Nami burst into peals of laughter, and whenever Zoro is around he gives her a dirty look as if he can read her mind. Unfortunately that just makes her laugh harder and he stomps off elsewhere in aggravation.

But there are other times when she has watched him that have been far less amusing and much more interesting. Watching as he sneaks out of the men's quarters and going to the crow's nest when it isn't his night watch, for example. There is only one time that he has done this, and she was so intrigued the first time she watched him do it that she followed him out there and peeked through the hatch at the scene.

Her cheeks had flushed in embarrassment at the sight of the rough kiss before her eyes had even managed to widen in surprise. Then again, it wasn't every day that she would see the two men who presumably hated each other kissing against the settee. As Zoro's fingers had gently wound into blonde hair, she had watched the tenderness in silence, and when they broke away breathlessly and grinned she had slipped away to her own room, heart beating madly in her chest.

That memory never ceases to make her go pink, and often she remembers it at the worst times. Robin often looks up from her book and asks if she's feeling okay when it happens, and all she can do is laugh it off and go to wash her face.

It's strange to her, but she finds herself jealous of Sanji for being able to make Zoro so expressive. Around her, he is usually stoic and uninterested in everything around him, so in comparison, this grinning, embarrassed Zoro is quite amazing. But more than that, she is jealous of the odd intimacy they share. A relationship where every move is in revenge for another is fun, and she finds herself attracted to that more than anything else. Except maybe money, but it is hard to compare the two things.

One day, she hopes for a relationship that is close, just like theirs.