Seven Deadly Kisses

By The Chichi Slaughter House

Warnings: ZoroxSanji, attempts at humour, lots of lovely BL kisses~

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece, and I never will.

Kiss rating: G

Each kiss will be for the 7snogs prompt table, and will feature one of the seven deadly sins as its theme. This one is for theme 3: sloth. Final chapter that's going to be posted here. You didn't get kiss number 6 because it was NC-17, so again, please go to my homepage if you wish to read it.


Lazy Kiss

Since Zoro spent the majority of his time sleeping, it was no surprise that Sanji always ended up kissing him after one of his stupid naps.

A touch to the chin was enough to wake the swordsman from his slumber; an eyebrow rising as an eyelid would flick open to observe the 'attacker'. At the sight of the cook, Zoro would just tilt his head back knowingly, and the second Sanji's lips pressed to his he would let out a calm sigh. More often that not, a post-nap kiss was very slow and controlled, though Zoro would be quite sloppy in his technique. However, Sanji enjoyed these types of kisses from the swordsman as he could just kiss him and pull back before going to do something else. Any other time, he was likely to get groped or teased about something, and he was immensely glad for this discovery instead.

What was perhaps more amusing than it should have been was that Zoro just went back to sleep afterwards, as if it hadn't happened at all. The blonde would walk away and then pass him again not five minutes later to find him snoring loudly and slumped against the woodwork lazily. Sometimes that earned him a laugh and sometimes he got a kick in the gut; it depended on the cook's mood. A kick to the gut would always give Zoro a real wake-up call, and he would withdraw a sword in an instant as the pair started to fight.

No one on the ship could ever tell what reaction there would be, and they often made bets on what would happen. Nami always won, of course. When money was involved, she always gave it her all and ended up with pockets full of Beli and a grin on her face. The others just sighed and shook their heads at their luck. Occasionally someone else would win though, but that just made her more determined to guess it correctly.

So when Sanji walked towards the swordsman that afternoon and grasped his chin, the others gathered around the nearest table and stared on in excitement. Crouching down next to him, the blonde started to kiss Zoro, whose hand moved up to cup the back of his head. Pitching in her own bet, Nami leaned further over the table to watch the two kissing with rapt attention. It had never occurred to her before, but since they had started going out, Zoro had seemed to sleep a hell of a lot more, and next to the galley no less.

When Sanji pulled away and went to start the preparations for dinner, Nami swore she saw Zoro wink in her direction before he settled down to sleep and she burst into laughter. The swordsman was teasing Sanji even now! The cook would probably kill him if he realised it was on purpose.

Then again, the blonde never needed to have a reason to kick Zoro's ass, and he walked back over a few moments later before proving her right and booting the swordsman in the side. As Zoro started yelling insults at him and getting up for the usual fight, she turned to grab her winnings, laughing again at the sad faces surrounding her.

An easy win, as always.