Episode 7: The Approaching Storm

Avert not Thine Eyes

-Anastasia's View-

You opened your eyes to the sound of clapping; Cain walked up to you a huge smile on his face.

"Oh little sister, you have done so well. Tomorrow we'll all go and find 02 okay?" You nodded happily and clapped your hands the sticky blood spattering on your face a little. He wiped a little off your cheek. "Now go and have a bath and a rest, meet us in the control room tomorrow." You left the room, leaving sticky bloody footprints as you walked to your room. Turning the corner you reached the chemical chamber. You stripped off your sticky clothes and stepped into the warm water, the hot chemicals washing over you. The chemicals started to heal your body, stitching your wound from Father Tres' gun. After lying in the chemical bath for a few hours, you left and walked to your room. "Oh Vincent! Why are you here?" He was standing there in your room; his hair was draped loosely over his shoulders. He advanced towards you, the door slipped shut. "Vincent?" He ran a finger along your cheek, he moved in. You felt nothing, not anger nor love towards this individual; it had always been that way. No emotion except for brother and … him. Vincent's lips danced along your neck, barely touching you.

"You have no idea how magnificent you are, do you Fraulien?" You said nothing; he brought his lips up to your ear. "If you weren't superior to me, I would love kiss you but your brother would kill me." He bit down on the tip of your ear lobe, drawing blood. You let out a cry in pleasure; he pressed his body against your towel clad form. He kissed your neck, slowly dragging his fangs along.

"Abel…" You whispered, Vincent pulled back and growled. He turned and left, shoving his hands in his pockets. Walking over to the window you looked down on the world, which was about to end… very violently.

-Vincent's View-

How dare she reject me and say his name. I walked over to Cain who was in the control centre.

"Master, I have something to report; concerning your sister." He didn't turn around or even answer me. "You must understand, she's a beautiful woman and I couldn't help myself." He turned a little and I saw his profile smile.


"She said his name, Abel Nightroad." He chuckled, I was taken aback.

"Interesting, she's stronger than I thought. The memory suppresser must be wearing off."

"I think a portion of her subconscious still remembers her love for him."

"Do not worry Nacht Gauner, after she has done her job. Then I will release her from my control and she'll be slaughtered by the AX for her crimes." I chuckled, the poor girl she had no idea what her destiny was. "Oh and Vincent…" I felt searing pain in my chest; Master's hand was clutching my heart. He squeezed it, blood pouring out of it. I clutched his wrist, trying to pull him away. "This is for touching my Fraulien." He released me and licked the blood dripping off his fingers.

"I-I'm so sorry Master, I didn't know that's what you felt for her." He laughed lightly.

"Do you really think that this is over Vincent?" I gasped.

-Anastasia's View-

-Next Morning-

You sat up in your king-sized bed, today was the day.

'I hope that the Vatican has prepared some lovely toys for me to play with!' You thought happily as you looked over at your desk, where your regular glass of Methuselah blood stood. Walking over to it, you sipped it lightly, looking at the package that was next to it. On top of it was a note.

Dearest Sister,

I want you to wear this; I think Abel will like it when you see him today. If you need any help, call for Morgana. Vincent is currently being punished for what he did last night to you.


You picked up the package and opened it carefully, the dress was lovely. Pure white, with red and gold lacy trim. It dipped at the front, a long slit up the middle for your legs and gossamer sleeves. On the shoulders were some heavy looking armour but it was incredibly light. Gold shoulder pads with sharp spikes. You slipped this on and something clattered on the floor, picking it up carefully, it was a gold headdress with a large red stone, you quickly brushed your hair and fixed it in place. Everything fitted perfectly. Slipping on some socks and your white and gold leather boots you set out for the control room. He turned around and smiled.

"Wonderful! You look lovely 05. Now, we're just about to leave so let's go over to the ship." He took your arm and led you over to the docking station; the magnificent battleship glittered in the light of the sun.

"Is today the day brother? Shall the chains of immorality be cast off and a new song is sung?" He smiled as you took your seats, right next to him.

"Yes, it is and you will sing it." You giggled as he lightly kissed you. He wiped his lips and smirked at you. A throbbing pain came over your head, resting your head in your hands something flashed past your mind.

'Vincent, Morgana; restrain her.' A prick of pain, a drop of blood. Reaching up, you brushed against your neck, Cain caught your hand.

"Everything alright my Fraulien?" You shook your head.

"I-I don't know." The ship left the space station and headed down towards the Earth, the drums of battle beating in your ears.