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Team 7 had received a new mission from Hokage Tsunade and agreed to meet at the main gate of Konoha two hours later. As usual, the three teenagers were pissed off because of their sensei's habit of being late for one hour. Argument could be heard from the gate, mostly by Naruto and Sakura.

And as usual, Kakashi was standing in front of the memorial where his good friends' names could be seen. Time passed quickly, but to Kakashi, it was like only seconds. He missed his friends, especially Obito and Minato. Kakashi then turned his head and looked up to the sky, thinking back of the times when he was younger and not realising his students were going to rip him apart.

Suddenly, a soft sound of broken branch could be heard. Kakashi noticed it and took out his kunai to prepare himself.

"Who is that? Show yourself!" Kakashi demanded.

Then, a dark character appeared. At first, Kakashi thought it was Naruto playing a trick on him. However, when the character showed himself, Kakashi almost fainted from shock.

"Sensei?! I thought you are dead?" Kakashi asked with an extreme confused face.

"Well well Kakashi, you've really grown up. I will answer your question but you have to follow me." Minato said and then he walked away.

Stuck with many questions and suspicious in his mind, Kakashi couldn't bother that much. All he wanted to know now is why is his sensei alive??

Dashing towards Minato direction, Kakashi ran by his side. Even though Kakashi's eyes were staring him from head to toes, Minato didn't look back at Kakashi. Not even once. They just continued to run until they saw a cave which was far away. For no reason, it started to have thunderstorm and both of them were drenched like soaked papers.

Once they went into the cave, Minato took off his Hokage cloak and hung it over a rock to let it dry. Kakashi was trembling with cold but he ignored the coldness as he really wanted the truth. When Kakashi was about to open his mouth to ask, Minato, with his eyes closed, showed a signal to tell him to walk forward to him. Kakashi did what he signalled as he had complete trust in his sensei.

When Kakashi was standing right in front of his beloved sensei, Minato looked at Kakashi with his eyes opening slowly. Kakashi then had another shock of his life in the same day. Minato's eyes were crimson-coloured and there are black spots. Those eyes… They looked exactly like Sharingan. No wait, they were indeed the Sharingan.

Minato smiled and it was the most evil grin which Kakashi had ever seen in Minato. "Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu!" Minato said after forming several hand seals. This jutsu sends multiple balls of fire at the unprepared Kakashi. Within the fireballs, there were shuriken hidden in them so Kakashi were stabbed and slashed by the shuriken.

Knowing his life was in danger, Kakashi fled with blood oozing from his wounds. No doubt, the attacker chased him like a predator was chasing its prey. This went on for several hours when Kakashi was always attacked. He was too weak to fight back due to the loss of blood. Kakashi collapsed onto the ground, he tried to get back up but he could no longer run. Kakashi could feel his eye sting with sweat and blood. He had been running so long he hadn't properly clean any of his wounds. He grabbed a patch of wet muddy grass and started to crawl with all his strength he had left.

The mud felt like saltwater soaking into his wounds, it hurt like hell. Kakashi staggered a moment before he fully gave up, knowing he couldn't escape. The sound of heavy footsteps coming towards him struck Kakashi with fear.

"Well Kakashi, finally you gave up. You know what, you can never escape from my clutches." Minato said monotone and then he formed some hand seals.

Smoke appeared around Minato, covering him totally. Within seconds, the smoke then faded away slowly and revealed the figure. Kakashi's eyes stared wide open at the character. He cursed himself in silence that why is he so stupid to fall into the trap. Minato, his sensei, could never be alive! Appearing in front of Kakashi was Itachi, the missing nin of Konoha who killed his entire clan except for Sasuke. Itachi was well known for his emotionless face. With that, he knocked out Kakashi completely with a kick towards his chin and the unconscious guy flew and crashed through a huge tree.

Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu - Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique

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