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After twelve hours of sleep, Kakashi opened his eyes lazily and searched for his lover which wasn't beside him. He got up from the bed and he felt that his wounds didn't really bother him. He looked for Itachi in the bathroom but he only saw a bag of new toiletries and a set of clean clothes with a note, "After bathing, have your breakfast in the dinning room. Itachi."

(I'm lazy to write out about his bath) After his bath, Kakashi stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to place it over his waist. Then, he walked towards and took the toothpaste and toothbrush. He started brushing his already sparkling white clean teeth and finished the process spitting the water out from his mouth. He removed his towel and wore a sleeveless black shirt and a loose dark blue sweat pants. And then off he went to the dinning room…

Kakashi was expecting to spend some private moments with Itachi until he entered the dinning room where his dream tarnished. There was a long rectangular table in the room which had breakfast such as toast, eggs, ham and tea. Beside Itachi was eating, the rest of the Akatsuki members were there. Pein, Konan, Hidan, Kakuzu, Deidara, Tobi and Kisame we re happily having their breakfast and chatting. Or rather to some like Hidan, they were arguing. Every eyes turned to Kakashi who was standing at the side of the entrance and Kakashi didn't really feel good about the staring.

"Kakashi-Senpai! What're you standing for? Come in and have your breakfast." Tobi asked with a clueless face. Itachi got up from his seat and dragged Kakashi to sit beside him. Itachi took Kakashi's plate and began to fill it with foods. Then, Itachi took a cup.

"Coffee? Tea? Or me?" Itachi asked with a wide grin.

Kakashi blushed madly while others laughed, especially Tobi and Deidara. "I will have tea. Thanks." Kakashi said as politely as he could, trying to control himself to not to say 'you'. Happily, Itachi filled the cup with tea and passed it to Kakashi. While they were eating, Kakashi found out that the members didn't really observe table manners.

"Tobi! Can you just taking food from my plate instead of your plate, un?" Deidara questioned.

"Senpai. Yours look more delicious." Tobi answered while taking the sausage from Deidara's plate.

"Can all of you stop snatching food? You're all just wasting food. You know how much money you all wasted?" Kakuzu grumbled.

"Kakuzu! Can you fucking stop this money issue of yours?!" Hidan yelled at his partner.

"I hate fish! Don't ever buy fish for meals." Kisame said as he pitied the fish.

Only Kakashi, Itachi, Konan and Pein remained quiet but they were chuckling softly. Kakashi had never known that the members were like normal people. They just looked like his students when they arguing. Imagined Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke bickering over a small issue. The members just looked like them. Then, Kakashi started to giggle, loud enough for others to hear it. Before he realised it, the members gave him a same stare again. Being embarrassed, Kakashi's giggle started to disappear.

"Kakashi, what're you thinking that you're laughing?" Itachi asked with a smile.

"Err. Well… I was just thinking that… When some of you are bickering, it just looked like my students. So I started to laugh." Kakashi trying his best to explain.

Expecting a yell or cursing remark from them, Kakashi received a roaring laughter from them. Kakashi was stunned for a while but then he joined in the laughters. It could be seemed from this breakfast that Kakashi liked his new friends while the Akatsuki members liked him too. After all of them finished their breakfast, everyone looked at Kakashi again. This time with wide grins.

"What?" Kakashi asked.

"Kakashi love, newcomer had to clear up the table in their first day in Akatsuki." Itachi said boldly because of the 'Kakashi love'.

"Who create Akatsuki?" Kakashi asked again.

"I do. Any problem with that?" Pein answered.

"Then you won't have to do any clearing since you have newcomers to do that for you." Kakashi joked. Amused by his answers, Pein and the others laughed again. But still, Kakashi had to clear the table and wash the dishes. However, he won't be alone as Itachi was always around to help him. They finished it up in no more than fifteen minutes.

In these few months in Akatsuki, Kakashi liked his new friends and the others also liked Kakashi. The members were like children in the headquarter while they were serious during missions. When they didn't have any mission, they would have some horror stories telling session at night in Hidan's room or maybe some gambling sessions in Kakuzu's room. Kakashi realised that they won't that cruel as outsiders described them. And also, Kakashi had never been loved or loved someone so much which was Uchiha Itachi. He was also a partner during missions.

But Kakashi had some problems being a junior in missions of capturing beasts and Jinchuriki. He always had to relay on Itachi for help to beat the hell out of them. As for other missions such as spying or assassinating, he could manage or even loved some missions which Itachi had to disgust himself as a woman.

Finally, all the Jinchuriki were captured except for one. Naruto. Kakashi prayed and wished that Pein would not give him this mission. However…

"Itachi, Kakashi. Your mission now is to capture the nine tails Jinchuriki in Konoha. I'm sure you who he is. Now get going" Pein commanded.

"Yes, Pein-Sama." Both replied and walked out of the room. Itachi could sense the sorrow in Kakashi about the mission. He knew that Kakashi hated to see his comrades die, especially his precious students.

"Kakashi. You can don't go. I can request to Pein-sama for a replacement." Itachi said with concern. However, Kakashi wasn't reacting. He wasn't even listening. Itachi had to say his name a few times before he came back from his daze, looking at him with the blank face.

"I am saying that I can request to Pein-sama to have someone to replace you." Itachi repeated his sentence again.

"No, there's no need for you to do that. I will be fine after a while. Let's set off in about one hour." Kakashi muttered before leaving to his room. Shaking his head, Itachi walked to his bag to pack important items for the mission. After one hour, both of them met up in the living room and set off…

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